Electoral Canvassers

Electoral Canvassers

It is that time of year again when canvassers will be calling on all properties within the council area who are required to, but have not yet returned, a Canvass Form with regard to Electoral Registration. The Canvassers will be trying to make contact with those households who have not supplied information that we have requested under Electoral Registration legislation. 

The canvassers will be carrying ID and will be delivering forms and not taking information at the doorstep, unless it is offered to them.

Stop the closure of the mobile library service

Save Devon's Mobile Libraries

Image: Devon County Council

The campaign to save Devon’s mobile libraries from closure by Devon County Council has now reached more than 4000 online signatures and hundreds more paper signatures, with support from a whole host of celebrities and authors including Stephen Fry and Michael Morpurgo.

To sign the petition online  https://www.change.org/SaveOurMobileLibrary

This petition calls on Devon County Council to keep the mobile library service running in Devon, especially here where we have many very rural and isolated areas which really benefit from its service.

Please sign and share this petition to help save our mobile libraries before the final decision is made by county councillors in the next few weeks.

The campaign to save the mobile library service has attracted national attention and support from Stephen Fry and Michael Rosen:

Authors join online campaign to save ‘vital’ Devon mobile library services

If you would rather sign the petition in person then please visit the Brentor Village Hall on Saturday 2 September during the Summer Fete and Produce Show between 9:30 and 3:00

Foresty Plan Consultation

Lydford Forest Consultation

Consultation period ends on 13th October

Forestry England are working on a new forest plan for their land at Lydford, Brentor and Burley Down. The plan will define the long-term vision for the woodland and sets out how management of the land will acheive this over the next ten years.

Forestry England are keen to get as many comments as possible on the draft plan that has been published here https://consult.forestryengland.uk/ to get the am appropriate balance of views and opinions. The plan can be accessed by selecting "Lydford Forest Plan questionnaire" where feedback and comments can be left. The questionnaire will be available until the 13th October.

You can contact Forestry England by emailing them: westenglandplanning@forestryengland.uk

Parish Cemetery Maintenance

Parish Cemetery - New bench and new contractor

Over the winter period the Parish Council have been advertising for a new contractor to mow and maintain the Parish Cemetery. It has been difficult to find someone willing to take the work on for a number of reasons but we are hopefully about to conclude negotiations with a local company to carry out the work.

During the annual inspection the Parish Councillors noticed that the bench and noticeboard were in a state of disrepair. Both have been replaced using donations to pay for the new bench and noticeboard. The bench is already in place and the new noticeboard is being manufactured and will soon be in place.

Thanks to Cllr Fraser for her hard work sourcing, ordering and installing the bench and removing the old one.

Photo ID now needed when voting

Don't forget your photo ID when voting

A change in the rules relating to voting now means that you must show photographic ID when voting.

Acceptable forms of identification are:

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Blue Badge
  • Older Persons Bus Pass
  • Defence Identity Card
  • Biometric immigration Document
  • PASS Card (Identity card bearing
    the Proof of Age Standards Scheme

If you do not have any of these documents you can apply for a free Voter ID document. Full details are on the poster and at www.electoralcommission.org.uk

2023 Mayoral Awards – Nominations Open

Press Release

The following press release has been issued by West Devon Borough Council:

West Devon Mayoral Awards Now Open

Issued: 23 January 2023

Nominations are open for the 2023 West Devon Borough Council Mayoral Awards, which recognise deserving people providing valuable contributions to the community.
The Borough Council is looking for outstanding people who deserve public recognition for their unpaid work or contribution. Whether an individual, group or an organisation, the Council wants to hear about them.
The Mayoral Awards have now been running for a fantastic 25 years. They have celebrated the outstanding achievements of a wide range of people who have done something significant to benefit the Borough.
Some past winners have enhanced the reputation of West Devon nationally, while others have contributed hugely to the conservation and protection of the Borough’s beautiful natural environment.
The four categories this year are:
• The West Devon Mayoral Award for Under 18s
• The West Devon Mayoral Award for Over 18s / Organisation
• The Mayor’s Green Award
• Long Service Award
The Long Service Award, which was introduced for the first time last year, recognises those who have worked behind the scenes, contributing to their community over a number of years.
The Green Award covers a wide range of environmental or sustainable areas, such as recycling, improving biodiversity or green transport. If you know someone who is ‘green fingered’ or doing their bit to combat climate change, this award is a great way to celebrate their achievements.
Nominations close on Friday 17 February 2023.

Mayor of West Devon, Cllr Caroline Mott, said: “With life difficult for many it is even more important for us to value and recognise those who strive to make a difference in their communities.

“Please use this opportunity to nominate someone who has made a difference in the Borough so that they may be considered for an award. It is always a joy to read through the nominations even though it is a difficult task to name a final winner.

“All those nominated will receive a certificate to recognise their endeavours with the winners invited to receive their award after the Hub Committee meeting on Tuesday 7 March 2023."

Judges will include the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and two other Councillors. The winners will receive their awards at a ceremony planned for Tuesday 7 March 2023 at the Council Officer, Kilworth park, Tavistock.
If you know someone who you think is deserving of an award, you can complete a nomination form, giving us details of why you think they should receive one.

To access the nomination forms and for more information visit: https://www.westdevon.gov.uk/mayors-awards

Drainage maintenance

Brentor Lengthsman

Unfortunately our Parish Lengthsman will be out of action with immediate effect for 8 to 10 weeks due to sudden illness.  Work had only started in the Parish so there are likely to be areas where the drains are not working properly during periods of heavy rainfall, especially now that all the leaves are off the trees.

Should this be causing flooding near you,  I would advise that you call MY DEVON on 0345 1551004 and ask for Highways, this will connect you to the emergency helpline who will be happy to help.

Let’s Talk Pre-Teens

Let;s talk Pre-Teens

The South Devon and Dartmoor Community Safety Partnership have been working with a wide range of partners to produce a toolkit to support parents of pre-teens (9-12 year olds).  This has been developed as a result of the resounding success of the Let’s Talk Teenagers programme that has seen 2497 engagements with parents and carers so far.  FREE online sessions through the Let’s Talk programme for parents and carers of pre-teens are available this month.

The Let’s Talk program is designed to increase parent and carers knowledge around the key risks whilst giving simple tools and techniques to help them support their child.  As a partnership we acknowledge that parenting can be really difficult, especially in such challenging times.  We want to get these resources to as many parents as possible and we need your help!  We would be really grateful if you could share the information included in this email with all your contacts and communities so we can reach as many parents and carers as possible.  From the 2nd of January we will be running a social media campaign through Devon County Council so if you have social media please share the posts.

Tickets are free and available at Let's Talk Pre-Teens.

The topics covered will be as follows:

Tuesday 17th January 2023

  • Biology
  • Difficult emotions
  • Substance misuse

Tuesday 24th January 2023

  • Relationships
  • Exploitation
  • Pornography
  • Societal Stereotypes

Tuesday 31st January 2023

  • Physical risks
  • Safety planning
  • Mental health
  • Self-care

Cost of Living Advice

Cost of Living Special – how and where to find support this winter

West Devon Community and Volunteer Services have produced a factsheet with lots of advice to help during the cost of living crisis. You can read it by clicking the button on the right.

There are several sections:

1. Foodbanks and transport
2. Warm spaces
3. Money, Debt and Benefits Advice
4. Funding for Individuals
5. Funding for Groups

As well as the factsheets there is lots of information on their website, In Touch Tavi, click here to visit this excellent resource.

Brentor Car Park charging proposal

A site meeting about the proposed introduction of charges at Brentor Church car park was held on Monday 18th July.  It was attended by Andrew Watson (Estates Officer) and Richard Drysdale (Communities Officer) of Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA), Helen Harris, Rob Harris and Christopher Pancheri from Brentor PCC, Gary Hunt (Chairman of Brentor Parish Council (BCC), Terry Pearce of WDBC and BCC, and two other councillors from Brentor Parish Council, Caroline Mott , and Philip Sanders representing Devon County Council (DCC) and DNPA. Carol and Colin Sergant represented the bell ringers. (more…)

The Growing Communities fund

The Growing Communities Fund has just been launched by Devon County Council and is intended to support proactive, effective, measurable, and sustainable actions to enable individuals and communities to build self-reliance and community resilience, reduce food and fuel inequalities and improve mental health and wellbeing and respond to the climate emergency.
A wide range of groups and organisations can apply including ‘host’ organisations. The Growing Communities Fund will provide grant awards of between £500-£1000 and £1000-£3,000 (though we will enter discussions with applicants who have exemplary or innovative projects).   The grants of between £1,000 and £3,000 will be reimbursed upon receipt of an end of project report outlining what the funds paid for and the impact and outcomes. (more…)

Cost of Living payments

Millions of people on means-tested benefits are receiving the first of two cost of living instalments totalling £650 from 14 July 2022, as part of a £37 billion government package to help families with cost of living pressures.

The first £326 instalment for qualifying low-income households in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland by their usual payment method continue to the end of the month. For those eligible, the rest will follow in a second instalment in the autumn. (more…)

USO Broadband survey

Full Fibre to the Property Broadband has now arrived in Brentor village. Unfortunately only a relatively small proportion of properties in Brentor are able to make use of this facility, the  majority still need alternative methods with poor speed and/or reliability/cost issues.

In order to encourage OpenReach to complete coverage of the whole of Brentor Parish, over the coming weeks, one of your Parish Councillors will be visiting you with a short list of questions about the availability of broadband in your home and what your broadband requirements may be. The information you provide will be collated and used to try to improve the broadband service to all homes in our Parish. OpenReach have already installed a dedicated fibre from Tavistock to Brentor – we are now working to get OpenReach and/or Airband to extend coverage to the whole of Brentor.


Transparency Code and Annual Return

Annual Audit Documents 2022-23

Notice of Public Rights
Accounting Statements
Annual Governance Statement
Bank reconciliation
Expenditure over £100
Annual Internal Audit Report
Register of assets


Notice of Public Rights
Accounting Statements
Annual Governance Statement
Bank Reconciliation
Expenditure over £100
Internal Audit explanation of variances
Register of Assets


Notice of exercise of public rights

Accounting statements
Annual Governance statement  
Bank reconciliation
Expenditure over £100  
Internal audit  
Explanation of variances
Register of assets

Notice of exercise of public rights
Accounting statements
Annual Governance statement
bank reconciliation
Expenditure above £100
Internal Audit
explanation of variances
Register of Assets

Notice of date of commencement
Rights to view accounts
Accounting Statements
Annual Governance Statement

Expenditure over £100
Bank Reconcilliation
Annual Internal Audit Report
Analysis of variances
Register of Assets

Notice of Conclusion of audit
Accounting statements
Annual governance statement
Declaration of status of published accounts
Notice of date of commencement

Expenditure above £100
Bank Reconciliation 28.03.17
Explanation of variances
Explanation of variances(2)
Internal audit
Register of Assets

Accounting Statements
Bank Reconciliation
Significant variances
Explanation of significant variances
Annual Governance statement
Internal Audit Report
Expenditure above £100
Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 (c.2)
Notice of date of commencement period
Declaration of status of published accounts
Notice of conclusion of audit