The Church in Brentor Village

Logo and visual identity | The Church of EnglandThere has been a church in the village of Brentor since the 12th Century

Today, we are friendly and community-oriented, with a monthly prayer group and a thriving family festivals association. Brentor is part of the Anglican Communion, in the diocese of Exeter, and has strong links with the parishes of Mary Tavy, Peter Tavy, and St Eustachius in Tavistock. There are two churches in the parish – Christchurch, in the village centre, and St Michael de Rupe, on Brent Tor, one of the most iconic churches in England. The Church in Brentor organises events throughout the year, from Lent Lunches to Mothers Day to Harvest Festival.

The Church in Brentor has their own website. Click here to visit the site.