The Parish Council

The Parish Council is a small local authority. Its Councillors are elected for four years at a time. Vacancies occurring between elections are filled by by-election (if requested) or co-option. Each year, the Councillors choose a Chair from amongst their number. There is also a Vice-Chair and a Clerk, who is the Proper Officer and the Responsible Finance Officer of the Council.

Parish Councils have a number of formal powers and can do things either by providing them itself, or by helping someone else (such as a charity or volunteers) financially to do so. Parish Councils have the power to improve the quality of community life by spending sums of money on things which, in its opinion, are in the interests of the parish or its inhabitants.

Councils are also the focal point for local consultation on matters such as the strategy documents of other public organisations, including the Borough and County Councils and the Dartmoor National Park Authority and on planning applications. The Parish Council can represent the village’s views to other authorities.

How much does it cost?

Parish Council funds are a tiny part of the council tax. The annual budget for Brentor Parish Council is currently £15250. The Council does not receive any general government grant. The accounts are strictly audited every year by an internal auditor and appropriate documents sent to the external  Auditor as required.

Who controls the Parish Council?

You do! You elect its members every four years (provided that there are more nominations to be a councillor than there are places). Members of the public are also encouraged to come to Council meetings and participate in the public session.

The current Parish Council was elected in May 2023.  You can get in touch with any of the Councillors via the Parish Clerk if there is something which you think the Parish Council should be addressing.

The Councillors are:

  • Cllr Gary Hunt (Chair)
  • Cllr Robert Dawson (Vice-Chair)
  • Cllr Sue Fraser
  • Cllr Jo Pullinger
  • Cllr Tim Sheppard

All Parish Cllrs are also members of the Planning Committee.


Brentor Parish Council Meetings

13th March 2023

10th April 2023

15th May 2023

12th June 2023

10th July 2023

7th August 2023

11th September 2023

9th October 2023

13th November 2023

11th December 2023