The Brentor Parish Cemetery

The Cemetery opened in 1902 as the Bible Christian Cemetery.  In 2006 the Tavistock Methodist Circuit, having sold the Brentor Methodist Chapel and the lower unused section of the cemetery, decided that they no longer wished to maintain it.  They offered it to Brentor Parish Council or stated that they would close it completely.   As closure would have been a significant loss to the Parish, the parish council agreed to purchase the cemetery in order to keep it open.  The purchase was completed in May 2007.The Parish Council acts as the Burial Authority and has the legal responsibility for administration and maintenance of the Cemetery.  It is the intention of the Parish Council to run the Cemetery to a high standard with a minimum financial burden upon the Council Tax payer.

All applications for the purchase of graves, burials, the interment of ashes and the installation of headstones and memorial tablets must be made to:

The Clerk to Brentor Parish Council
Mrs Caroline Oxenham
1 Abbotsfield Crescent
PL19 8EYTel:  07846 573678 or 01822 481415   (Answerphone available)

Cemetery Charges

with effect from 1st February 2021