Brentor Parish Council  Procedure for Planning Applications

Approved and adopted at 16th January 2012 meeting

  1. Planning application(s) are received by the Clerk from the planning authority (WDBC or DNPA) who give an average of three weeks for the Parish Council to submit their comments.
  2. If planning authority deadlines allow, the Clerk will submit the applications for consideration at the next Full Council meeting. Members will be notified of the applications received via the meeting agenda which is issued three clear days prior to the meeting. All plans received can be viewed online, in hardcopy form by prior arrangement with the Clerk or prior to the commencement of the meeting.
  3. If no Full Council meeting is forthcoming, planning applications will be dealt with by the Planning Committee. The Clerk will notify all Members of the Planning Committee in order to arrange a meeting (to be convened in accordance with the Local Government Act 1972) and giving the planning authority, application reference number, proposal description and location of proposal. All plans received can be viewed online, in hardcopy form by prior arrangement with the Clerk or prior to the commencement of the meeting.
  4. All meetings of the Planning Committee are public meetings (Local Government Act 1972).
  5. The Planning Committee shall have delegated authority to comment upon planning applications and submit them to the planning authority on behalf of the Parish Council.
  6. If the nature of the application(s) is deemed a major development by the Clerk and all Members of the Committee, a Full Council meeting may be requested to consider such applications. The Clerk will arrange such a meeting in accordance with the Local Government Act 1972.
  7. Where necessary, the Clerk will request an extension to the comments deadline from the relevant planning authority.
  8. The Clerk will advise the Committee/Council of any written (including e-mail) representations received from parishioners concerning applications to be considered.
  9. The Clerk will be in attendance at all Planning Committee meetings, will prepare the minutes and submit the Parish Council’s comments on applications to the planning authority. Should the Clerk be unable to attend, a Member will take notes and record the comments made. These will be passed to the Clerk for preparation of the minutes and submission of the comments to the planning authority. The minutes of any Planning Committee meeting will be submitted to the next Council meeting for approval.
  10. There is no statutory obligation for a Parish Council to visit the site of the planning application(s) though Members may find it useful to report back to the Committee/Council meeting where the application(s) is due to be considered. Members to liaise with each other to arrange a suitable time to undertake site visit(s).
  11. Should a site visit be undertaken, Members are to arrange them as they see fit. Members must remain impartial and not give their opinion on the application to anyone they meet whilst on the site visit.
  12. Though planning authorities rely on Members local knowledge when commenting upon applications, it is important that comments must be material planning issues. The Clerk will advise if comments are not.
  13. The Clerk will keep all Members informed of any suitable planning training.