Summer camp
Focusing on families and young people from Brentor, Mary Tavy and the local area, summer camp is held in Brentor, over a weekend during the school holidays. Children, who must be accompanied by at least one parent or close relative, strengthen friendships and forge new ties, through a weekend filled with games, activities, shared meals and of course music and song around the campfire. The weekend gives parents the chance to relax, share responsibilities, and enjoy camping with other families. The camp is an extension of the church workshops which are held for young people during the year.

Church workshops
Mothering Sunday, Easter, Harvest and Christmas are events in the church calendar when young people have an opportunity to come together and offer thanks and praise for the gifts that they enjoy. Led by parents, the children meet in the village hall after school, and complete a range of craft activities or rehearse a short text to use in church.
We actively encourage Mary Tavy pupils and their parents to join in our workshops and camp as there is nothing similar in Mary Tavy and of course the children are all at school together.

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