Flooding across Brentor and Devon

Although the wet winter resulted in some flooding the recent thunderstorm dropped unprecedented amounts of rain and hail on the area in a very short space of time. This led to flash flooding in many places as culverts and drains were quickly overwhelmed and properties were inundated, the speed in which the water rose left little time to protect properties.

Devon County Council have requested that Parish Councils collate from local residents the following information:

  • The date and location that the flooding occurred
  • If any properties were flooded internally (and the addresses of these properties, if known)
  • Any key roads which were affected
  • Photographs (if possible)
  • Any other information you feel would be relevant.

Any information submitted will be used for data collection purposes only. Details of flooding to individual properties will only be recorded on Devon County Council’s flood risk database and will not be disclosed in any public document.

Please inform residents affected by internal property flooding that they can use the Flood Online Reporting Tool (FORT) to report their flooding to us: https://swim.geowessex.com/devon/

To make a report to the Parish Council send an email including the information above to brentorpc1@gmail.com which we will then forward on to Devon County Council. The flooding will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting so please include any information that you think may be of use to the Parish Council.


Flood damage in West Blackdown