The Brentor Band of Hope Banner

The Brentor Band of Hope Banner

An article has been sent to the website about the restoration and preservation of the Brentor Band of Hope Banner that was donated to the Tavistock Museum when then chapel was closed down. You can read more about it on the Brentor Band of Hope Banner page. Unfortunately the name of the person who sent the article and pictures to the site wasn't included so please get in touch and let us know your details so we can give credit to the author!

Mystery house

This mystery photo was sent to our website by Sue Swanborough and was featured as picture of the month in August.  She acquired it recently but so far has had no success in locating where it was taken.
The reverse of the photograph is inscribed  ‘St Barbara, Brentor, Devon, August 1932’,  but no house called St Barbara is listed in local censuses.

Alvin Diaz has been researching the photograph and thinks that he has located it.  He searched local directories which led to two names – Mary Cooke Allen and Frances Ann Powell – both listed as resident at St Barbara.   Mary Cooke Allen is also listed in the 1921 census as residing in St Barbara and the house appears to be in the Rowden House locality.

Is it still there, in a different name – or has it been rebuilt?  Do you know?

If you recognise the house please contact the editor at

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