How to hire the Hall

The hall hold up to 70 persons seated or 120 persons standing.

There are three booking sessions per day:
8.00am – 1.00pm      1.00pm – 6.00pm       6.00pm – midnight

1   First consult the Village Hall Events Calendar (CLICK HERE)   to find out when the Hall is available.

2   Make a provisional booking by telephone or e-mail.  Bookings are handled by Helen de Carles, contact her by telephoning 810412, or email

3   Confirm the booking – you must obtain a booking form from the Booking Secretary – or download a booking form. Then return a signed copy with the full hire fee (the Table of Charges is available as a pdf below) no later than five days after making a provisional booking.

Locking the Hall door
Please don’t force the door and damage the lock!  It’s easy to open and close.......
1 Push the door firmly until it is fully closed
2 Gently lift the handle to engage the bolt - no need to force it!
3 Insert the key and gently turn it fully until the lock engages
4 Remove the key
5 Gently test to see that you have locked the door

Heating is provided by overhead infra-red radiant heaters. This is charged in addition to the hiring fee. There is a coin-in-the-slot meter for heating, which accepts £1 an £2 coins, situated in the entrance foyer cupboard.  The cost is usually between £2 – £5 per session according to weather conditions.

There is parking for up to 9 cars (including a dedicatd space for disabled persons’ parking) in front of the hall.  Additional cars should be parked with care along the lane in front of the hall or elsewhere in the village.

Stage Lighting and PA (sound) system
The Brentorians theatre group own a set of professional stage lighting and a portable PA system for use in the hall.
Charges for these start at £25.00 per session for the lighting and £5.00 for the PA system.  Contact Colin Dawes 811079 for more details.

Marquee hire
Brentor Village Hall owns two marquees.

One is a 12m x 6m commercial-quality marquee jointly owned with Lamerton Parish Council.  It can have window panels on two sides and has no flooring (although this can be purchased elsewhere).  Erecting this marquee is a specialist and physical task that must be supervised.  It is available for hire, on the Village Hall site only, for £250 per hiring of up to three days (for Brentor residents providing a team of at least six persons to assist with erection and dismantling) or £500 for non-residents (again providing a team of at least six persons to assist with erection and dismantling).  Since this marquee is joinly owned it is essential to book the marquee well in advance.

A smaller, lightweight marquee, 8m x 4m, is also available for hire and costs £200 for residents and £400 for non-residents (again providing a team of at least six persons to assist with erection and dismantling).

There is a 30-amp power supply in the grounds of the Village Hall to provide outside power to the marquees.

Both marquees can only be dismantled and packed away in dry conditions - hirers must be aware that plans for dismantling will always be subject to the weather conditions.

For further details contact Sheryl Burroughs on 870554 and Helen de Carles on 810412.

Key Holders
Sheryl Burroughs - 870554 and Helen de Carles - 810412