Updated October 2019

This detailed study has been carried out by Irene Cradick.  It has been painstaking work and our thanks must go to her for the enormous effort that she has made to correlate all this information.

If you live in our parish you will probably be able to find out details of the people who lived in your house in the early part of the 20th century.  Enjoy your search!

Brentor in the 1911 census differed substantially from now. Many households that would consider themselves part of Lydford were in the Brentor enumeration district and West Black Down was part of Mary Tavy. For the purposes of this study all the houses in Brentor and West Blackdown are included.

The use of an M in the number indicates that they were in Mary Tavy.  The head of each household is given in bold and in alphabetical order for their family, children living elsewhere are included with their family.  People in the household with another surname eg lodgers, visitors etc are shown in alphabetical order by their surname.  Much work was done linking these people with 1939 records but it may be useful to consult the 1939 study.

I hope that you have as much pleasure reading this as I did researching it.  Please let me know if there are additions and corrections to be made – email  irene.cradick@btinternet.com .


No Postal address Names R A Sta Info Occupation Born
81 Burn Lane ALFORD Henry Boa 21 S General Smith Devon Coryton
Henry ALFORD, 21, born in Coryton, was a general smith boarding with the Rice brothers, Roger and Samuel, in Burn Lane. It has not been possible to prove the family link between Henry and the Rice brothers or Stanley Alford but it cannot be a coincidence that in 1917 the Rice brothers were also employing a third Alford, 22 year old Sidney Cole Alford born in Tavistock, the son of John and Anna Alford, who in 1911, had been apprenticed to his brother in law, William James Burridge Stawt at Horsebridge. A six month exemption from service, April 1917-September 1917, was granted, as his employers R&S Rice had been unable to find a replacement smith and they had a lot of work on order.
81 Burn Lane ALFORD Stanley Boa 20 S General Smith Cornwall Calstock
Also boarding with Roger and Samuel Rice was Stanley ALFORD, 20, the grandson of their sister, Elizabeth, who had married Edward Alford of Calstock in 1857. Elizabeth’s second son, Stanley’s father, was named Robert Rice Alford and his brother, Roger Rice Alford.

In April 1913 Stanley travelled on the ARABIC to Portland, Maine. On 23 September 1914, Stanley Parken Alford, a Methodist blacksmith, 5’9″, brown hair, blue eyes, fresh complexion, with varicose veins in his right leg and scars on his left knee, signed up in the Divisional Cavalry in the Canadian Army. Though giving information that he had lived in Canada since 1912, he had actually sailed from Liverpool on the ARABIC, arriving in Portland Maine on 13 April 1913, with the intention of going on to Alberta. He married Flora Elizabeth Mary Jervis in Eltham Kent towards the end of 1918 and having reached the rank of Corporal, he returned to Canada on the OLYMPIC on 18 July 1919 on his dispersal draft.

Flora sailed to join her husband on 24 October 1919. On 18 December 1924, they travelled with their two sons, Edward Jarvis 4 and Robert Stanley 18 months on the MINNEDOSA to Southampton. He went to Calstock to see his family and she went to Worthing with the children, presumably to see hers. Stanley returned to Canada on 3 March 1925 on the MARBURN, with his wife and children travelling in May 1925. The family, which included Edward J 16, Robert S 13 and Audrey 8, left Quebec on board the EMPRESS OF BRITAIN bound for Southampton on 6 August 1936. They intended staying at 1 Millbrook Villas, Parkwood Rd in Tavistock. Stanley died in Gibbons, Edmonton, Alberta in 1971 aged 81.

84 Langstone Cott ANSTEY Bertie Stone H 30 M Chauffeur Devon Topsham
84 Langstone Cott ANSTEY Clara W 28 M 4:1:1 Surrey Horne
84 Langstone Cott ANSTEY Elsie May D 3 Somerset Dulverton
Bertie Stone ANSTEY, was the son of a house carpenter: Henry Thomas Anstey 1857-1897 and his wife Harriet Hannah Pearce 1856-1940. They had five other children: Sydney Robert born 1880-, Laura Beatrice born 1884, later Kirby, Eva Maud 1886-1955+, later Hoskin, Henry Edgar 1887-93 and Robert John Pearce 1892-1950 , an inspector of postmen in 1939. In 1881 the family was living at Strand Hill, Topsham and in 1891 Dinneford St, Thorverton. By 1901 Bertie had left home and was a groom, boarding with the coachman, at the Cravenhurst Stables, Grange Road in Eastbourne. As a young man he clearly saw that his future lay with motorcars. He had married Clara Illman in Godstone in 1907. Elsie May was born on 4 March 1908, married insurance agent Charles J Blanchard in Exeter in 1934 and died there in 2001. Their eldest son, Frederic Sidney was born on 6 February 1912 and died in 1987. Douglas F was born in 1916 and youngest son Raymond Philip was born on 15 October 1922 and died in 1973.  Bertie served as a private in the Royal Army Service Corps. M2/167535 and was entitled to the Victory and British War Medals. In 1939, Bertie and Clara were living in Elmside House in Exeter and described as butler and cook, respectively, both unemployed. Bertie died 8 November 1963 in Exeter leaving £228. Executor: Raymond Philip Anstey civil servant. Clara died in 1964 and is buried in Higher Cemetery, Exeter.
M74 SW Cottage AUTHORS James H 45 M Railway Signalman Devon Exeter St Thomas
M74 SW Cottage AUTHORS Lily W 45 M 24:1:1 Devon Culmstock
Late in 1886, James AUTHORS had married Lily Wright in Barnstaple. By 1891 they were living in Victoria Road, Chard with their young son. James was working as a Railway Signalman, a job that took him to Lydford Station where they were living in the Cottages in 1901.  James and Lily’s only child was William James, born 9 September 1887. He followed his father into service with the LSW Railway and in 1911 was a senior clerk living with his new wife, Rosa Sarah (Viney) 1888-1952, in Swanwick, Hants. They had two daughters: Barbara 1912-2000 and Rita Joyce 1917-1989. His employment record shows that he was promoted and moved each year until he transferred to Tavistock on a slightly reduced salary of £85 a year due to sickness. The following year it was returned to £90pa. In August 1919 he became salaried, Class 5, at £200 with frequent bonuses, before being transferred to Okehampton in May 1922. He died in 1971.

In 1939 his father James, born 1 February 1866, was retired as a railway signalman, living at Fern Cottage in Crediton, Devon with Lily who had been born on 2 May 1865. It was here that he died on 22 October 1942, leaving £2,170. William, a relief railway clerk, was his executor. Lily died 13 years later at the age of 90, leaving £2,226 Her executor was also William James, by then a retired Railway Stationmaster.

28 Cottage BALSOM William H 30 M E Farm Labourer Devon Tavistock
28 Cottage BALSOM Florence Louise W 29 M 4:2:2


Devon Lamerton
28 Cottage BALSOM William Geo Newcombe S 3 Devon Brentor
28 Cottage BALSOM Martha Jane D 2m Devon Brentor
William Henry BALSOM born 15 May 1881 was the eldest son of James Balsom, general labourer, and his wife, Martha Buckingham, of Lamerton. In 1891 the family was living in Dolvin Rd, Tavistock. William married Florence Louise Newcombe in 1906. Born on 21 June 1882, she was the daughter of George Newcombe 1826-1889 and his wife Jane Doidge Medland 1840-1917 who was living with them at the time of the 1911 census, aged 71 (see Newcombe below). William Balsom was granted a conditional exemption from war service from April 1916, following an application by Mrs Willcock of Wastor Farm as he had sole charge of the cattle and the discharge of other duties on the farm. In 1939 he was a working bailiff, living at Little Dartmouth in Dartmouth with wife, Florence and son Walter, a tractor driver on a farm. William died in Exmouth in 1958. Florence died in Newton Abbot in 1963.

Born on 2 February 1908, William George Newcombe married Lillian P Holman, born 28 September 1904, in Exeter in 1934. In 1939 he was a general labourer/EUDC heavy worker and they were living at 10 Rill Terrace in Exmouth with Lily Holman and (probably her) four children. William died in Exeter in 1976.    Martha Jane, born on 3 February 1911, married Reginald A Palmer, a bricklayer, early in 1937 in Totnes. In 1939 they were living at 14 Halsdon Road, also in Exmouth, with three children, possibly Reginald’s from an earlier marriage, as Martha’s own children were not born until 1944: Kathleen J and 1947: William R A. Not far away at number 17, lived George Palmer, another bricklayer, and his family. Martha Jane died in Exmouth in 1997.    The third Balsom child was Walter John, born on 5 August 1915. In 1939 aged 15, he lived with his parents, working as a farm labourer – tractor driver. He died in Exeter in 1982.

M53 Blacknor Park BARNES Harriet H 77 W Isle of Scilly St Mary’s
Harriet BARNES was the widow of John 1834-1906, a shipwright turned builder, born in the Scilly Isles. John and Harriet married in Madron Cornwall on 5 August 1857. Her maiden name was Mumford. They had two children Arthur Howard born 1860 and Harriet Amelia born 1865. They lived in various place in Devon, including Egg Buckland before settling at Wortha before 1901, when both John and his son-in-law, Frank Boney, were described as living on own means. Harriet was living at Blacknor Park when she died on 9 March 1918, leaving £2021, with probate granted to her daughter Harriet Amelia Boney, wife of Frank Henry Boney (see Boney below).
104 Manor Hotel BATCH(E)LOR Ernest Ser 25 S Hotel Boots Suffolk Felixstowe
Ernest Le Bern BATCHELOR, the son of Thomas Augustus and Blanche Batchelor was baptised at Kessingland, Norfolk on 30 August 1885. He was living in Suffolk with his parents and three of his four brothers in 1891. After the death of his Cornish born father, Thomas Augustus, in 1893, Ernest moved to Plymouth where he was living with his maternal aunt and family, working as an office clerk with a carrier in 1901. His mother Blanche Le Bern Batchelor remarried in 1902, becoming Mrs Websdale and producing a half sister for him. In 1916 Ernest married Annie Medland in the Tavistock area. Annie was the daughter of William 1868-1945 and Mary Ann Medland 1867-1945 (see Medland below). Ernest and Annie were living in Rochford, Essex when they had their two daughters, Freda Le Bern in 1920 and Muriel B 1921-1996. They were living at 16 Southsea Ave, Leigh on Sea, Essex when Ernest died at Southend Hospital on 27 April 1938 leaving £290. Annie was a widow when she was named as administrator for her father William Medland’s estate of £409 when he died on 21 June 1945. Her mother Mary Ann had died earlier that year. They were living at Briar Cottage at the time.
Most of the BATTENs in Brentor in 1911 were descendants of Daniel 1803-73, an agricultural labourer from Tutcott, and his wife Elizabeth 1808-73. They were first recorded as living at Rickards Tenement, Lamerton in 1841 with four of their children: Rachel 8, Daniel 1836-42 Elizabeth 3 and Mary 5 mo. Eldest son William 11 was staying in Welcombe with James Moore, his wife Grace and their family. Would these have been his grandparents? By 1851 Daniel and Elizabeth were at Long Ham, Bridestowe with William 21, Elizabeth 13, Daniel 8 (below), James 5 (see his widow Eliza below), John 3 (below). Rachel 18 was working for the Squires family and Mary 10 for the Watkins family. They were still at Longham in 1861 with Daniel described as a farmer and Daniel, James and John doing farmwork. Eldest son, William moved to Tenby where he was a Jeweller, having married a local girl Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ A Rowe. Rachel married Francis Phillips in 1857. Mary married Charles Cook in 1860 (see John Daniel Cook below). By 1871 Daniel and Elizabeth were at Burcom, farming 50 acres. Two years later they had both died, within months of each other.
78 Woodpark BATTEN Daniel H 67 M Farmer Devon Brentor
78 Woodpark BATTEN Emlin W 74 M 25:0:0 Devon Bratton Clovelly
Second surviving son, Daniel BATTEN married Mary Jane Hobbs in 1864 and was working as a miller at Westfor Mills, Lamerton in 1871 and Ford Mill in 1881. Maria died in 1882, and on 15 July 1885 Daniel married Emmeline (spelt variously and sometimes Emma) Spear, the daughter of Martin Harvey, a shoemaker. This was a second marriage for her as well. Previously she had been married to John Thomas Speare, a farmer of 131 acres in Bratton Clovelly, with whom she had four children. Twenty years older than her, he had died in 1883. Emlin died aged 86, in 1922 and, like his parents, Daniel died the same year, within months of his wife, aged 78.
M58 West Blackdown BATTEN Eliza H 54 W ?:6:5 Grazier Devon Mary Tavy
M58 West Blackdown BATTEN James S 22 S W Grazier’s son Devon Mary Tavy
M58 West Blackdown BATTEN Mabel D 20 S Devon Mary Tavy
M58 West Blackdown BATTEN Edie D 14 Devon Mary Tavy
81 Burn Lane BATTEN Bert Boa 16 S App to general smith Devon Mary Tavy
Third son, James Moore BATTEN married Mary Maunder 1849-81 (see Maunder below) early in 1869. They had five children: Charles 1869, Ellen 1870, William 1872, Elizabeth J 1874 and Mary L 1877. In 1881, James had a temporary housekeeper while Mary and eldest son Charles were staying with her parents: William and Mary Maunder. Mary died within the same quarter as the census, aged just 32, {possibly in childbirth, after son James who died in 1881 – needs verification}. Their daughter Ellen 1870-1956 married Nicholas Charles Dowrick 1864-1939 in 1899 and was living in Plympton in 1911 with her gardener husband and two children, Wilfred Charles and Winifred Mary. They had returned to the Tavistock area by 1926 when Winifred married labourer Samuel Pennington. Their first child, Muriel was born locally before the young couple moved back to Plympton, while her parents continued to live in Brentor. Nicholas died there in early 1939, while Ellen was registered at 1 Moorside (see M99 1 Moorside 1939), not far from her half brother and sister, Albert and Edie Batten at West Blackdown.

James married Eliza Jane Warne 1857-1926 in 1888. She was the daughter of Absalom 1831-82, a copper miner, and his wife Emma 1836-61. Eliza was actually born in Calstock, though she lived in Miners Town, Mary Tavy from an early age and all the rest of the family were born there. Her mother Emma died in 1863 and her father married Louisa in 1864.  Eliza’s half brother Absalom, a copper miner like their father, died in 1916 leaving his widow to administer his estate of £2,744.

James and Eliza had five surviving children born between 1889 and 1907: James Moor, Mabel, Myra, Albert and Edie. All were living with them in 1901. James died in 1907.  Eliza Jane died on 30 May 1926.     Private James Moor Batten (51327) of the 9th Battalion (Service), Devonshire Regiment, born on 1 March 1889, died of his wounds in France on 13 October 1918, aged 29 and was buried in Mont Huon Cemetery, Le Treport.     Mabel married Albert Doidge and had two children Albert and Agnes. She died in 1956.     Myra, born 23 September 1891, was working in Buckland Monachorum for the Sargent family and went on to marry Albert Harris, a general farm labourer eleven years her junior in 1927, and had two children: Albert Fred James Moore born 13 August 1928 and Myra J. born 1933, later Mrs Paul living in Plymouth. In 1939 the family were living in Tuel Cottages, Tavistock. Myra died in 1969.     In 1911 Albert or Bert, was lodging in Burn Lane where he was an apprentice smith. Albert Batten also enlisted and served as a farrier in Mesopotamia. He survived an attack on his ship in transit. In 1939 Bert and his sister Edie, both single, were living in West Blackdown. He was a postman and smallholder. He is remembered as the Brentor village walking postman in the 1950s.

77 Higher Woodpk BATTEN John H 63 M Farmer Devon Coryton
77 Higher Woodpk BATTEN Ann W 65 M 29:3:2 Devon Thrushelton
77 Higher Woodpk BATTEN Lena Rachel D 28 S Domestic on Farm Devon Brentor
In 1867, youngest son, John BATTEN married Ann Bonato or Bonnetta, the daughter of Edward and Grace: she had been baptised on 30 March 1845 in Kilkhampton in the Stratton district. John and Ann, his first wife, had six children between 1867 and her death in 1879: Mary Jane, Edward, John Henry (see below), Daniel, Annie and Louisa.

In 1882 John married Ann Baker 1845-1936 in the Bible Christian Chapel in Bannawell St, Tavistock. She was the daughter of William and Hannah Warren of Thrushelton and previously had been married to James Baker, a carpenter, who had died in 1878. There was one son of that marriage, Harry Baker, born in 1875, and Ann had worked as a laundress to support him. In 1891, John, a farm labourer and Ann were living with John’s son, Daniel, also a farm labourer, and Lena and Beatrice, the two surviving children of their own marriage. In 1901, John’s recently married daughter, Louisa Grace, the wife of Herbert Thomas Sloman, a coachbuilder in Plymouth, was staying with them. She was living on her own means and had had a son, Horace Herbert in 1903. Louisa Grace died in Dartford Kent in 1960. John died in Tavistock in 1916.

Lena had been working for the Andrews family in Buckland Monachorum in 1901. Soon after the 1911 census she married William Edward Lording 1882-1944. They had four children between 1912-20: Douglas James, Frank Hartland, Doris Mary and John William. In 1939 Lena and William, Metropolitan Police Reservist, were living at 1 Southfields Close in Uxbridge, with their daughter, Doris Mary, later Webb. When Lena Rachel died on 10 February 1943, at 25 The Larches, Hillingdon, Middlesex, leaving £896, William was described as a retired police sergeant. It is likely that her mother Ann Batten had been living with her when she had died in 1936 aged 91. William Lording died the following year on 9 May. His son, Douglas James Lording, a coppersmith RN, and William Hagley, police sergeant, administered his £1,289 estate. John and Ann’s daughter Beatrice Hannah married William Newman, who worked in the Electrical Cable industry, in Uxbridge in 1925.  In 1939 they were living at 4 Austin Waye, Uxbridge next door to the Webb family.

53 Cross Trees SB BATTEN John H 40 M Farm Labourer Devon Brentor
53 Cross Trees SB BATTEN Elizabeth W 38 M 17:5:5 Devon Bridestowe
53 Cross Trees SB BATTEN Bessie D 15 S Domestic Servant Devon Tavistock
53 Cross Trees SB BATTEN William S 11 School Devon Coryton
53 Cross Trees SB BATTEN Edward S 5 School Devon Brentor
53 Cross Trees SB BATTEN Arthur S 11m Devon Brentor
John Henry BATTEN was the son of John and Ann Bonato (see above). In 1893 he married Elizabeth Ann, the daughter of William and Penelope (Penhalipy) Medland (see Medland introduction) of Woodmanswell, a farm of 30 acres. In 1891 Elizabeth Ann was working as a dairymaid at Rowden House.  After the death of their parents, her brother Heber was living with, and working as a farm labourer for, their uncle George Medland at Rowden, Mount Tavy in Tavistock. Heber married Bessie Bellamy of Little Dernaford, Moortown on 22 May 1917 at the United Methodist Church.

John Henry Batten had been posted for service on 29 January 1916 and was allocated to the Royal Veterinary Service, where he served as a groom in England for the remainder of the war. He was admitted to hospital in Lancashire on 28 October 1918, suffering from influenza and ottoroea (a discharge from his [right] ear) and was discharged from hospital on 17 January 1919, declaring that he had never been ill previously, but ‘now feeling very well and no trouble from ear’.

John Henry and Elizabeth Ann had six children between 1894 and 1912.  Annie worked as a domestic servant for farmer Mr and Mrs Hearn in Sydenham Damerel in 1911. She married William J Bray in 1926. They had one son, William H in 1928and were living in Brentor in 1939.     Bessie Medland born 12 January 1896 married William H Blackmore (see Blackmore below) in 1917 and had one daughter, Phyllis born 1921.  In 1939 Bessie and William and daughter Phyllis, later Ostler, were living in Sutton Bingham, Yeovil where William worked as a gardener. Bessie died in Taunton in 1976.     William John died in 1918, aged 19.     Edward James born 16 July 1905, married Hilda May Doidge, born 27 March 1908-1986, the daughter of Richard and Fanny Doidge (see Doidge below) in 1932, their daughter June was born in 1934. In 1939 Edward was head gardener at Blatchford Garden, Cornwood, and was living there with his wife and daughter. Edward died in the New Forest in 1980.      Arthur Russell born 28 April 1910, married Alice B Davey in Tavistock, in 1939, when he was a general farm labourer; later that year they were living at Bellwistor in Lydford. Arthur died in Tavistock in 1984. Youngest daughter Lena Mary was born on 9 March 1920 and married lorry driver Alfred John Clark locally in 1932. In 1939 they were living at The Bungalow, Lydford. Lena Mary died in 1969, aged just 57 and Alfred died in 1993. Parents Elizabeth Ann died in 1924 aged 51 and John Henry in 1943 aged 72. In 1939 he had been working as a farm labourer and living at Wood Park Coryton with his eldest daughter, Annie and her husband, William Bray.

56 Brinsabatch BATTEN William Henry H 59 M Highway Surveyor District Council Devon Tavistock
56 Brinsabatch BATTEN Elizabeth Ann W 56 M 25:7:4 Somerset Yeovil
56 Brinsabatch BATTEN Elizabeth Alice D 24 S Dairy Work Devon Tavistock
56 Brinsabatch BATTEN Mary Adelaide D 20 S Devon Tavistock
56 Brinsabatch BATTEN William Charles S 18 S E Farmer Devon Brentor
56 Brinsabatch BATTEN John Henry S 14 W School Devon Whitchurch

Elizabeth Ann Perkins 1854-1941, mother of Elizabeth Alice Batten 1887-1977 and John Henry Batten 1897-1916

Charles Clark Perkins 1827-1885 father of Elizabeth Ann Perkins

The ‘Brinsabatch BATTENs’ were not closely related to the ‘Bridestowe BATTENs.’ William Henry was born on 2 February 1852 in the Tavistock area, the son of William 1819-97 and his wife Harriet Broad 1821-52, who had married on 10 December 1851. William married a second time, to Susanna Watkins, on 27 September 1876.  In 1861, 1871 and 1881, William Henry was living at Brinsabatch, a 100 acre farm with his father, and then his stepmother. On 14 June 1886 in Wakefield Yorkshire, he married Elizabeth Ann Perkins, born 8 August 1854, the daughter of Charles Clark Perkins 1827-85, and his wife Elizabeth Palmer 1828-1909. Although both parents were born in the area, Charles’ work as a railway contractor took the Perkins family all over the country.

In 1891, living at 6 Trelawny Terrace, William Henry was the District Surveyor and in 1901, at 1 Church Park Villas in Whitchurch, he was described as a Road Surveyor. William Henry and Elizabeth Ann had seven children between 1887-97: Elizabeth Alice, Mary Adelaide, William Charles and John Henry survived childhood: twins Ellen Maria and William Charles 1888 and Harriet 1889 did not. Ellen was one day old and William 10 hours old when they died. Harriet was 8 hours old.

Elizabeth Alice Batten Eggins 1887-1977

John Jasper Eggins 1892-1967 husband of Elizabeth Alice Batten 1887-1977

Elizabeth Alice 24 March 1887-1977 married John Jasper Eggins late in 1918. Earlier that same year, on 27 March, he had been awarded the Military Cross for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in Hamel, France. As a 2nd Lieutenant in the Machine Gun Corps he had shown coolness and skill in a difficult situation. Five children were born between 1919 and 1926 in Torrington: Elizabeth Alice, William John, Jasper Vivian Rodd, Muriel Vanessa and Douglas. In 1911 John Jasper born on 21 August 1892 had been a teacher-student, born in Bristol, living at home with his parents in Camelford, but by 1939 he had followed his father in law into the profession of District Surveyor of Roads and was living at Lakewood, Mines Road, Bideford with his wife, Elizabeth Alice, two of their children and his mother in law, Elizabeth Ann. John Jasper died in 1967 and Elizabeth Alice, ten years later in 1977.    Mary Adelaide 24 July 1890-1982 married Londoner William Disney Atherton Roe 1886-1969 in 1915. They had one daughter Eileen A born in 1917. In 1939 William and Mary Adelaide were living at Denham, Rosehill Ave in Woking, Surrey, where William was an electrical engineer for the GPO. Like her sister, Mary had reached her 90s when she died on 19 May 1982. She had been living at 12 Humber Lane, Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot and her estate did not exceed £25,000.      William Charles 25 April 1892-1951. Soon after his brother John Henry died, William Charles Batten was granted a three month exemption from active war service from October 1916-December 1916, with a conditional exemption granted in February 1917, as he was a single man farming 100 acres. He married Annie Louisa Watkins in 1919 and they had three sons between 1920 and 1929: William John, John Henry and David W. In 1939 he was a farmer and special constable living at Westcott in Tavistock with his wife, Annie Louisa, and their three sons, including William John, who was training in the family profession as a chartered surveyor and John Henry who was farming with his father. By the time William Charles died on 5 September 1951, he was living at Brinsabatch Farm. Probate for his £514 estate was granted to his widow Annie Louisa and son William John, a municipal engineer.       Acting Corporal (5002) John Henry Batten 1897-1916 of the 1st/4th Battalion (Territorials), Devonshire Regiment had enlisted in Tavistock and died of pneumonia on 17 September 1916 in Mesopotamia (Iraq) aged 20. He was buried in Amara Cemetery.

William Henry of Glendower, Whitchurch died on 22 June 1926 with effects of £3,346. Probate was granted to his wife, Elizabeth Ann, who died in 1941.

31 Rose Cottage BEAVEN John Boa 73 W Mason Wall Builder Devon Sourton
In 1901 John (Oswell) BEVAN, one of the eight children of Richard Bevan and his wife, Mary Oswell, had been lodging with Emma Dawe and her daughter Ida, in Brentor Village. Also there, were John Doidge 72 and Frank Doidge 57, described as relatives of Emma Dawe. In 1871 and 1881 John had been a mason living in Milton Abbot with his wife Louisa, who died in 1882. Prior to this, he had lived with his family in Bratton Clovelly. John died in 1925.
M55 West Blackdown BELSON George Boa 40 S 51 Surgeon Medical Jersey St Helier
M55 West Blackdown BELSON Fanny Boa 30 S 42 Spinster Ire: Carrickfergus
George De Veulle and Frances Lavinia Isobel BELSON, brother and sister, were lodging with Mary Ann Cowling and her family in 1911. They had been living with their widowed mother, Mary Elizabeth Belson in Guildford Surrey in 1901 and in Oxford in 1881, when George was a student. Mary died on 8 November 1903 at Mount Esk, Guildford, leaving £508. She had been born in St Helier Jersey in 1838 the daughter of William Symons MD and his wife Margaret, both born in England. On 3 February 1857, when she was 19, she married 26 year old RN lieutenant Henry George Belson. Henry had been born on 9 April 1831, the son of Henry Faye Belson and his wife Ann Harwood of Rochester, Kent.  He had joined the navy in 1845 and his adult service began in 1851, with his service record aboard a number of ships available in the National Archives. The 1861 census shows him aboard HMS BRISK in Simon’s Bay, Cape of Good Hope. Previously he had been at 3 Brereton Villas, Alexandra Rd, Bedford but was living at 5 Rolle Villas Exmouth when he died on 20 March 1876 aged 42, having achieved the rank of Commander or Captain. Probate was initially granted to his son George de Veulle Belson with effects of £17,344. A later grant of probate was to his widow Mary Elizabeth with effects under £16,000.

George had been born on 17 February 1860 in St Helier and baptised on the 14th of the following month at St Mark’s in St Helier. His sponsors, or godparents, were George Belson, William Ernest De Veulle, Anne Maria Belson and Eliza Ann De Veulle and his father’s occupation was doctor. George’s medical qualification of 12 September 1888 was recorded in the New South Wales Australia Government Gazette in Jan-Feb 1898. George De Veulle Belson of Brentor, surgeon died aged 51 on 26 May 1911. Probate for his effects of £6,780 was granted to Frances Lavinia Isobel Belson spinster and John Pope solicitor on 16 June 1911. Fanny, who had been born on 23 September 1869, was living at Raleigh House, Longton Road, in St Thomas Exeter in 1939 and died on 16 December 1948 at 5 Longbrook Terrace, Exeter, leaving £5266. The other sister was Violet Mary born on 30 July 1864 in St Helier and baptised on 4 August with no godparents named, perhaps indicating a speedy ceremony. Her father’s occupation was given as Commander RN and their other brother Lionel Philip Lodfino Belson was born on 28 October 1867 and baptised three weeks later, with godparents: Edward Mourant Esq, Mrs Mathilda Mourant, Lionel Pedley Symons and Mrs Jane Coode. He attended Westminster School 1882-5, spent time in New South Wales, with his steer mark or brand of conjoined letters recorded in the New South Wales Government Gazette on 27th February 1890, and he was an assistant school teacher in Frome in 1901 and Forest Hill London in 1911. He died in Wells, Somerset in 1939, aged 71.

40 Park House BENNETT Rev George Vis 24 S Minister, Nonconformist Sheffield Hanley on Trent
Rev George BENNETT was staying with the Squire family at Park House. It has not been possible to pinpoint him to find further information.
44 Poplar Cottage BENNETT Richard H 45 M Market Gardener Devon Sticklepath
44 Poplar Cottage BENNETT Alice W 43 M 22:4:4 Devon Stoke Damerel
44 Poplar Cottage BENNETT Mable D 21 D Devon Brentor
44 Poplar Cottage BENNETT Elsie D 19 D Devon Brentor
44 Poplar Cottage BENNETT Margaret D 18 D Devon Brentor
44 Poplar Cottage BENNETT Horace S 2 S Devon Brentor
In 1901 Richard BENNETT was a platelayer with the SWR, living in a four roomed dwelling listed between Windsor House and Gill House, with his wife, Pamala Alice and daughters Mabel Emily Rose, Elsie Marion Pamala, Margaret Edith Alice. In 1891 their home was described as 2 Fishers Cottages. He had married Pamela Alice Cook in 1888. She was the daughter of Richard and Pamela (Guscott) Cook (see Cook below). Richard was the son of Solon Bennett 1836-99, wheelwright in Sticklepath, and his mother, Suzanna 1838-1917 was the daughter of John Hatherly, smith.

Between 1911 and 1913 the family moved to Australia. In 1913 Elsie Marian Pamala was working as a waitress in the Queens Hotel, Highgate, Perth, Australia and her mother Pamala Alice lived nearby at 420 Beaufort Street. In early 1916 oldest daughter Mabel married Peter Joseph O’Reilly in Australia, a tram conductor born in Rosscarbery, Cork, Ireland in 1890. He enlisted on 21 March 1916, giving his wife’s address as 420 Beaufort Street. 5’6″ tall, he was fair complexioned with fair hair and hazel eyes. He disembarked in Plymouth, before going to Folkestone for onward travel to France where he served for 18 months before a shell wound to his right elbow necessitated treatment in Cardiff. He was invalided home in September 1918 and needed further medical attention to his arm on the journey home. In 1921 the couple were living at 337 Lord Street, Perth, possibly with her family, as in 1925 that was the address for Richard, Alice and Elsie. Richard was a labourer and Elsie continued to work as a waitress. Richard and Alice both died in 1956. In 1963 Elsie continued to live in Lord St and was working as a waitress. She was 80 when she died. In 1921 Peter O’Reilly was described as a soldier but by 1925 he had resumed his former occupation as a tram conductor and the couple were living at 78 Wright St in Perth. They continued to live there with their daughter Pamela Mabel 10 January 1917-4 December 2005, who was an accountant, from 1943 onwards. Their son was Bernard Joseph 24 July 1922-20 October 2003. Peter died on 15 April 1970. In 1972, Mabel and Pamela moved to 42 Hendon Way, North Beach, Stirling. Mabel died on 23 December 1977.     Margaret married Charles Smith 1882-1943, a carpenter in 1917. In 1919 and 1925 they were living at 14 Mary St in Perth. They had three children Irene Margaret 1917-93, Richard Henry 1922-94 and John Solon 1924-94. Margaret died in 1978 aged 86.    Richard and Alice’s son Horace Richard S C Bennett, born 29 May 1908 was much younger than his sisters. Australian records show him listed as part of the Army Citizen Military Force during the Second World War. With his next of kin being his wife Mavis. In 1949 he was a watchmaker and Mavis Clarice, a saleswoman, living at 66 Fairfield Street, Mount Hawthorn, Curtin, Western Australia. 1963 and 1980 records show them living at 64 Fairfield Street.

M77 L&SWRCotts BEVAN Thereza WH 27 M 10:4:4 Labourer on farm Jersey St Brelades
M77 L&SWRCotts BEVAN Gwendolyn P M D 7 Cornwall Penhallow
M77 L&SWRCotts BEVAN Olga EM D 5 Devon Barnstaple
M77 L&SWRCotts BEVAN Lionel PW S 4 Devon Lydford
M77 L&SWRCotts BEVAN Roy S 2 Devon Lydford
(Annalina) Thereza BEVAN, born in St Brelades, Jersey 18 September 1883, baptised Annalina Theresa Huard Le Masurier, was the daughter of Philip Marett Le Masurier, a mariner/fisherman and his wife Anna Virginia Huard. She was a general servant when she was 17 and at 18 married William Thomas Bevan, a 24 year old soldier serving in Jersey, on 26 October 1901, in the parish church at St Brelades. The 1901 Census shows him as part of the Devonshire Regiment stationed at St Peter’s Barracks, giving his birthplace merely as England. In 1902 he was stationed in the British Military Barracks at Imtarfa, Malta. In 1911 William Thomas 1876-1943 was staying with his parents-in-law in Jersey. He was born on 12 December 1876, his place of birth was given as Okehampton and his occupation was railway porter for L&SWR Co, which would explain why they were living in the L&SWR Railway Cottages. They had a lodger, Percy Goss (details under Goss).

William Thomas was one of the 13 children born to railway platelayer James 1848-1914 and Frances Bevan 1850-1926. Unfortunately it has not been possibly to find Thomas’s military record though he was a driver in the Devonshire Regiment RASC T2/9761 during the First World War and was awarded the British War Medal and Victory Medals. 1923 street directories indicate that Thereza was known as Annalina and a greengrocer and tea dealer at 39 Fore St in Budleigh Salterton. Thomas died in Devon Central in 1943, and during the following year Annalina married Sidney Street 1894-1961. Sidney worked on the ferries back and forth to Jersey and while at work he had a heart attack and died in Jersey in 1961, where he was buried at St Brelades. Annalina died in Newton Abbot in 1972 aged 89.

Thomas and Annalina Thereza’s children were all enthusiastically named: Gwendolyn Prescovia Marguerite 1903-82, Olga Edna May 1906-1997, Lionel Philip William 1907-85 and Roy Arthur James 1909-81. Their youngest son Eric Francis Huard Bevan was born in Tavistock in 1920. The children’s birthplaces indicate that the family moved around a bit before settling in Brentor.

Gwendolyn born 21 August 1903 in Penhallow Cornwall, married Harry Powlesland (20 August 1895-2 May 1978) in the Wesleyan Church in Budleigh Salterton on 15 December 1921. Harry also lived in the L&SWR Cottages (see Powlesland below). Harry and Gwen had four daughters and two sons, also all given at least three Christian names. Virginia Phillippa Huard 1924- who was a midwife in Budleigh Salterton in the 1950s (Burnside, Halse Hill Lane) and later became a Health Visitor in Cornwall before retiring to Budleigh Slaterton. Pauline Thereza Ruth (Omand) 1927-2009: June Noeline Ann (Curwood) born 1930, Jeanette Gwendolyn Frances (Boud) 1937-2007 and Edwin Harry James Huard born 1941 married Pauline Angela de Bono. Harry served in the Devonshire Regiment 2356/200699 in World War One and in World War Two in the Home Guard in Budleigh Salterton.  Like his father in law, his records have not survived. Their youngest child Stefan W A was born early in 1944 and died soon after. Harry was described as a working master builder/ heavy work in 1939, when he was staying with his brother in law, Philip Poitier, a plumber, at St David’s, Exeter Rd in Okehampton. He was living at Byculla, 6 Stoneborough Lane, Buddleigh Salterton when he died on 2 May 1978, leaving assets valued at just under £20,000. Gwendolyn was still living there when she died on 26 December 1982, leaving estate to the value of £32,358.     Olga, born 28 May 1905 in Barnstaple, married Channel Islander Philip Lawrence Potier, a 20 year old plumber, in a ceremony at St Andrew’s, Jersey on 18 December 1924 when she was 19. They had four daughters: Veronique Philippa Huard, born 17 September 1925 at St Brelades, Jersey, who emigrated to Australia on 15 April 1949. Berna Irene Ollivier born 3 February 1930 in Devon and lived in Jersey. Paulette Doreen Olga born in Devon on 24 February 1935 and moved in Australia and Theresa Annette was born in Devon on 11 August 1937 and lived in Jersey and died there in 2014.

In 1939, as we have seen above, Philip was staying with Harry Powlesland in Okehampton: whilst Olga was at 24 Jocelyn Road in Budleigh Salterton with their children. He served as an auxiliary fireman in WW2 in Exeter and Southampton. It would appear that the marriage ended in the next few years as Philip married Amelia Taylor in 1947, returned to Jersey and later went to Australia where he died. Olga married Henry Cooper and then she married Victor Anthony Harding 1900-1979 in Bristol in 1957. In 1979 she married Henry Harrison in Australia, where she died in 1997.     Lionel was born on 28 April 1907 in the Tavistock area and married Mildred Hetty Staddon in 1927 in St Thomas, Devon and Minnie Waterhouse or Jones in 1947 in Devon Central. In 1939, Minnie had been living at The Lodge, North Street in Wellington with her first husband. They were the Master and Matron of an Institution, which appeared to have been for elderly people. Lionel appears to have been a masher residing in the Long Street Public Assistance Institute in Williton, Somerset in 1939. Lionel and Mildred had two daughters Gillian and Maureen A Bevan 1928-2017, later Johnson. From 1952 until his death on 1 June 1985, he lived at 68 Waverly Road in Exmouth and during that time he worked in car hire. His wife Minnie died on 16 September 1979.      Roy, born on 11 January 1909, married Margaret Louise Ryan 1911-1970 in 1939. He served in the Army during World War Two. Their children were Michael T born in Devon Central in 1951 and Melanie. Then Roy married Nancy Emmeline Bristow 1921-2009 in 1974. He was an RAC driving instructor and died in 1981.      Eric, 1920-1999, married Margery Jeanne Fardo 1914-66 in 1940. They had four children: Sancha Audrey Patricia born 1941, twin sons Anthony Arthur and Huard William (Bill) in 1947 and Eric Kingston Bevan in 1956. Eric married Joan Minnie Shoolbred-Scott 1913-2000 in Croydon on 16 March 1968. He died on the Isle of Man in 1999.

48 Holeyeat BICKELL Daniel T K H 44 M Farmer Devon Milton Abbot
48 Holeyeat BICKELL Maud I W 34 M 11:2:2 Devon Lamerton
48 Holeyeat BICKELL Prudence Mth 75 W Cornwall Trewenn
48 Holeyeat BICKELL Ida P D 10 Devon Sydenham
48 Holeyeat BICKELL Margaret J D 9 Devon Sydenham
Daniel Thomas Kinsman BICKELL born 10 May 1866, was the son of Daniel Bickell 1836-1909 and Prudence Parnell 1836-1923 of Holeyeat. Daniel and Maud Ida nee Sleeman, born 19 June 1876, were married on 6 February 1900 in Tavistock Parish Church. In 1901 they were farming at Bartons in Sydenham Damerel, but returned to the family farm after the death of Daniel snr in October 1909. (He left effects to the value of £1,037 Resworn £1,137).  In 1851 Daniel snr had been living at Holeyeat, a farm of 255 acres, with his widowed father Thomas Kinsman 53 born in Lamerton, unmarried brothers, Thomas Kinsman 27, John 25, William 18, Samuel 13 and unmarried sisters, Maryann 23 and Elizabeth 21. They had all been born in Milton Abbot. Through the marriage of his older brother, Richard Parnell, Daniel Thomas Kinsman was related to the Minhinnick family of Wortha Mill and the Post Office. In 1911 Richard and Beatrice Bickell were farming Walreddon in Whitchurch with their son, also Richard Parnell Bickell.

Daniel’s mother, Prudence was living at 7 Woburn Terrace, Plymouth Road, Tavistock when she died on 12 September 1923, leaving £473 to be administered by her farmer son, Daniel Thomas Kinsman. In 1939 Daniel, a retired farmer, and Maud had Margaret A Piper, born 13 August 1924 in Plympton, living with them at Woburn Terrace. She was probably Margaret’s daughter. Daniel’s death notice in the 13 May 1950 edition of the Western Morning News read BICKELL: On May 11, at 7 Woburn Terrace, Tavistock Daniel Thomas Kinsman Bickell, dearly beloved husband of Maud Ivy and devoted father of Ida and Maggie (deceased), aged 84. No flowers, by his request. Funeral service three pm. Tavistock Parish Church. Monday May 15. His wife Maud Ida continued to live at 7 Woburn Terrace until she died on 26 February 1952. Her daughter Ida Prudence was granted probate for her £2,257 estate. Ida had married Charles Henry Piper in 1921.  In 1939, Charles 1893-1966, a dairyman, and Ida were living at 28 Clifton Place, Plymouth. Born on 21 May 1900, she was living in the Bedford Nursing Home when she died on 10 Aug 1995. Early in 1924 her sister, Margaret Jane, also married a Piper, Arthur John George, a general dealer. Their marriage was brief, as she died on 4 February 1933, leaving £625. They were living at Glencoe Villas, Clearbrook in Yelverton.

68 Liddaton Cottage BICKLE James H 55 M Platelayer on R’way Devon Marystow
68 Liddaton Cottage BICKLE Jane W 45 M 5:0:0 Devon Lifton
68 Liddaton Cottage BICKLE Sidney S 17 S Apprentice to Grocery Devon Brentor
68 Liddaton Cottage BICKLE Sidney John GS 5 Cornw: Gunnislake
James BICKLE, born 18 October 1853, was the son of James, a labourer, and Susan Bickle of Marystow. After his father’s death, James was a miner living with his mother in 1871. He married Ann Maria Tredennick in 1877. In 1881 when James was working as a labourer on the railways, they were living in Lydford with their two sons, William and John. Sons Richard, James Henry, Thomas and Albert were born before 1891 when James was a railway packer and they were at Mill Cottage, Coryton. Sidney, the youngest, was born in 1894. By 1901 they were living at Liddaton with James, a platelayer on the railways. Ann Maria died in 1904 and in 1905 James married Jane Greening, born 27 December 1864 (see her parents Edward and Philippa Greening below). His grandson Sidney John was the child of his son James Henry who had been widowed by 1911. James Henry and his wife Amy Grace Dawe had married in 1902. James was working in Glamorgan in 1911.  James lost two sons in the war: Thomas and Albert.

Thomas Bickle was a Private in the 9th Battalion of the Devonshires and is buried in Lijssenthoek Cemetery in Belgium. He is commemorated in Marystow. Thomas had married Mary Jane Hitt in 1904 and they had six children, including George Henry born after his father’s death, on 26 October 1917 in Belgium. Sadly George Henry was killed in France on 6 June 1944.

Private Albert Bickle (M/274278) of 1015th Motor Transport Company of the Army Service Corps was killed in action in Mesopotamia (Iran) on 20 July 1918 aged 31. A warehouseman, living in Penge, South East London in 1911, he had enlisted in Harrow, North London.

In 1939 James and Jane were living at Liddaton Green with Eileen T Bickle (later Box), Sidney John and Hilda’s daughter, born 14 November 1926. James was described as retired old age pensioner GWR.  He died on 16 March 1940, his estate of £355 was left to his widow, Jane, who died in 1958, aged 93.

In 1939 Sidney was a grocery manager living at 6 Duke Street in Tavistock, the present day site of Boots the Chemist. He was living at 17 Bannawell St on 30 April 1959 when he died. The executor for his £1,546 estate was Robert James Bickle, storeman, 1904-77, eldest son of his brother Thomas (see above).

Sidney John, born 28 Dec 1905, married Hilda M Couch 1906-35 on 27 May 1926 in Tavistock Parish Church. They had five children between 1926 and her untimely death at the age of 29 in 1935: Eileen T, who became Box, Doreen P 1928-2009 who married Jack Bass, Ivy L, Vera B and James. Later in 1935 Sidney John married Freda Rowland 1909-1946. They had six children before her death in 1946 at the age of 37: Gladys Muriel, Carmen, Edward, Ivor, Hazel and Frances. In 1939 Sidney John was working as a general farm labourer, living at Collacombe Down, Tavistock with his second wife, Freda, and seven of his (soon to be) eleven children. In 1950 Sidney John married Mary Ann Green or Spicer 1920-75, from Newcastle Upon Tyne. Sidney John died in 1971.

75 Bowden Hill BICKLE Richard H 84 S Farmer Devon Milton Abbot
The lives of unmarried Richard BICKLE and his family were intertwined with the Littlejohns and Brimacombes over many years. In 1841 and 1851 Richard was living with his parents, William 1785-1854, a tailor/farmer, and Elizabeth Pillow 1791-1870 at Hillhead in Milton Abbot. In 1851 William Littlejohns 1829-, a Manganese miner, was lodging with neighbours at Park Cottage. In the summer of 1852, Richard’s sister, Sarah Ann 1821-76 (who had been a servant in Launceston in 1851) and William Littlejohns were married. Their daughter Sarah was born in 1854 in Maristow and Elizabeth Jessie in St Ives in 1856. After her husband William Bickle’s death on 13 April 1854, Elizabeth and her son Richard continued living at Hillhead until 1870, when Elizabeth died on 23 February. Their neighbours in 1861 and 1871 at Hillhead were the Littlejohns family with young Sarah listed as a servant in her uncle’s house in 1871. History repeated itself, as William Brimacombe, a miner, was lodging with the Squire family at neighbouring Ley Cottage.  [See Brimacombe below] William and Jessie were married in 1873. Sarah Ann Littlejohns died in 1876, but it has not been possible to pinpoint the date of William Littlejohns’ death. Some time after 1881, when he had been farming 47 acres and employing 2 men at Hillhead, Richard moved to Bowden Hill, where he and the Brimacombe family were to live for over 30 years. William Brimacombe died in 1912 and his wife Jessie in 1914. Her uncle Richard died in 1919 aged 93 and probate for his estate of £382 was granted to his great niece Kathleen Brimacombe, spinster.
102 Was/Tor Cottage BICKLE Thomas Worden H 33 M Blacksmith: Employer Devon Lydford
102 Was/Tor Cottage BICKLE Elizabeth Ann W 33 M 3:1:1 Devon Coryton
102 Was/Tor Cottage BICKLE Harold G(eorge) J(ohn) S 2 M Devon Lydford
Thomas Worden BICKLE, born 22 October 1878, was the son of John, a blacksmith in Lydford and his wife, Eliza. They were enthusiastic in the naming of their children: Harry Absolom, William, Worthy Worden, Martha Angela, Thomas Worden, John Ethelred and Anthony Garnet. Eliza was a Worden and her father was Absolom. Worthy Worden Bickle was an easy research subject: in 1891 he was working at Ford Mill for William and Susannah Batten before moving to London and then Canada.

In the summer of 1908 Thomas married Elizabeth Ann Walters, born 20 November 1878, who was the daughter of George and Mary Jane Walters (see Walters below). Harold appears to have been their only child. The Kelly’s County Directories list Thos W as a blacksmith in Lydford between 1910-1923. In 1939 the family were living at Hendwell Farm, Plympton with Thomas listed as dairy farmer, invalid and Harold, born 31 August 1908, as the dairy farmer. Harold George John married Lucy Elizabeth Ellis 1910-1956, a poultry maid living on her family farm, Coombe Farm in Roborough, in the summer of 1946.  They do not appear to have had any children. Thomas died in 1965. His wife survived him, dying three years later aged 90. Harold was living at Widewell Farm, 63 Lulworth Drive, Roborough when he died on 23 April 1985 aged 76, leaving £28,655.

17 Rose Cottage BLACKMORE William Henry H 47 M Signalman L&SW Railway Devon Fremington
17 Rose Cottage BLACKMORE Eliza Jane W 43 M 20:5:5 Devon Bideford
5 Bakery BLACKMORE William Ser 19 S Bakers helper Devon Brentor
17 Rose Cottage BLACKMORE Charles Frederick S 17 S Worker on Farm Devon Barnstable
17 Rose Cottage BLACKMORE Harry Sidney S 16 S Worker on Farm Devon Brentor
17 Rose Cottage BLACKMORE Stanley S 12 S School Devon Brentor
17 Rose Cottage BLACKMORE John S 10 S School Devon Brentor
In 1901 William Henry BLACKMORE and his wife Eliza Hill were living with four of their five sons in Brentor Village. They had married late 1890 in Barnstaple, but were living at 2 Park House at the time of the Census in 1891.

By 1911 their eldest son William born 27 July 1892 was living and working at the bakery. William Henry had moved to Clapton Gate by October 1916, when William Henry Blackmore jun, who was still living at the Bakery in Brentor, named him as his next of kin. Private William 218028 was 5’5″ tall and 133lbs when he was called up on 20 October 1916 in Plymouth, initially to the Devon Regiment. He was transferred to the Bakery division of the Army Service Corps, until certain medical conditions meant that he was no longer fit for bakehouse duties. He was transferred to Woolwich Dock as a porter and loader. He lost a day’s pay when he was admonished for being absent from a parade thereby causing another soldier to perform his duty. On 17 April 1917, he was married, by Vicar Apps in Brentor, to Bessie Medland Batten, daughter of John and Elizabeth Batten (see Batten above). Their address subsequently was Bowden, Glenville Rd, Tavistock. In 1939 William was working as a gardener and living in Sutton Bingham in Yeovil with wife Bessie and daughter Phyllis, (later Ostler) born in 1921, and other children.     Charles Frederick was a railway porter living at 3 Railway Cottage in Falmouth when he joined the Royal Garrison Artillery (53431) on 17 November 1914, also giving his father, William of Clapton Gate, West Crewkerne, Somerset as next of kin. Charlie was 21 years and 180 days, 5’9″ tall and had a tattoo RFA EFB with a heart. On 17 September 1916 he married Phoebe White in Falmouth. Unfortunately damage to records means that details of his postings were lost. He was living at 8 Churchill Way, Peverell, Plymouth when he died on 25 January 1931, leaving £198 to his widow, Phoebe.     Harry Sidney born 28 February 1895 was a member of the Royal Field Artillery Territorials, before signing up as a driver in the Royal Artillery (865583) and becoming Shoeing Smith Harry S Blackmore. Again, detailed records of his service are no longer available. In 1930 he married Alice Tett in Chard in Somerset. In 1939 they were settled at Horse Shoe Cottage, Drimpton, Beaminster, Dorset where he was a master blacksmith. They were still in Drimpton, but at Forge Cottage, Chard Road when he died on 14 November 1976, leaving an estate of £11,684.

Without second names to distinguish them, it has been more difficult to identify Stanley and John but it is possible that John was born on 22 April 1900 and married Maude E Richardson in 1927 in Bromley. If this is the case, they were recorded at 145 London Road, Sevenoaks where John worked as a gents’ hairdresser and served as a Special Constable for Kent in the Second World War, dying in May 1971.

M53 Blacknor Park BONEY Frank Harry Sil 51 M Farmer Devon Plymouth
M53 Blacknor Park BONEY Harriet Amelia D 46 M 23:2:2 Devon Plymouth
M53 Blacknor Park BONEY Leonard GS 22 S Farmer Devon Plymouth
M53 Blacknor Park BONEY Wilfred GS 20 S E Engineer (Motor) Devon Plymouth
Frank Harry BONEY and Harriet Amelia Barnes were married in Plymouth in 1888. (More details can be found in Brentor 1939 M109 Blacknor Park) In 1891 they, and their sons Wilfred and Leonard, were living with her parents, retired builder John Barnes from the Scilly Isles, and his wife Harriet Mumford, at Old Road Laira in Egg Buckland. By 1901, the extended family was living at Wortha, Blacknor Park, with Amelia’s parents. Both her father and Frank described themselves as living on their own means in 1901. John Barnes died on 21 April 1906 leaving £1,797 to his wife, Harriet. She died on 9 March 1918, leaving £2,021 to her daughter, Harriet Amelia. The family continued to live at Blacknor Park where Frank died 12 February 1947 and Harriet on 17 July 1947. Administration for both was granted to Wilfred Stanley John Boney, engineer. Frank left £765 and Harriet £860.

Their son Leonard Frank Courtney Boney, who was born on 20 March 1888, married Alice B Medland in 1915, the sister of James Medland of South Brentor (see Medland below). They had three children: Howard, Sybil and Leslie. Leonard died in 1970.

Private Wilfred Boney 273702 received his discharge from the Army Service Corps on 31 August 1917 at Woolwich Dockyard, as he was no longer physically fit for War Service. He was 26 years 7 months, 5 feet tall, had a fair complexion, blue eyes and dark hair. Campaigns, Medals and Decorations: Home from 4 December 1916-31 August 1917 as part of his 1 year and 1 day service. He was attested 31 August 1916, called to the Reserve 1 September 1916 and mobilised 6 December 1916 but a medical condition from childhood led to his discharge. This had not been considered sufficient, previously, to grant him an exemption, when he had described himself as a motor engineer and repairer of agricultural instruments in Brentor. Wilfred married Dorothy M Rollin in Plympton in 1923. In 1939 he was recorded as living at Wortha Engineering Works, which was next door to Blacknor Park, where his parents, brother Leonard and his wife Alice, were living. Wilfrid was described as an engineer (agricultural). Also living at the works was his assistant Olive Northcott. His wife Dorothy was living at Laurels, Crownhill in Plymouth with others, in the house next door to her parents and siblings. He was living at Fortywinks, Wortha, when he died on 28 June 1965, leaving £850.

5 Bakery BRIMACOMBE John H 72 M Retired baker Devon Coryton
5 Bakery BRIMACOMBE Mary Ann W 70 M 49:6:5 Northants Towcester
5 Bakery BRIMACOMBE Alfred John S 33 M E Baker Devon Brentor
5 Bakery BRIMACOMBE Blanche Dil 32 M 12:1:1 Devon Peter Tavy
5 Bakery BRIMACOMBE William GS 11 Devon Peter Tavy
7 Winsor Hse PO BRIMACOMBE Charles Boa 68 W Naval Pension Devon Coryton
John BRIMACOMBE and his brother Charles (lodging at Windsor House) were the sons of William Brimacombe 1814-1886, shoemaker turned farmer, and Margaret Friend 1817-1886 of Coryton. Altogether William and Margaret had nine children between 1839 and 1858: John, William (married Hannah Bennison and after her death in 1871 moved to America and married Sarah Coyle), Charles, Elizabeth Ann (Trant of Coryton). Thomas 1846-1884 (also went to Michigan, America), Richard, Margaret Orinthia 1850-1872, Harry 1856-1925 (married Mary Grace Peake 1855-1903) and Alfred Friend who married Elizabeth Ann Westlake in 1881 (see Westlake below). Both parents died within months of each other after nearly 50 years of marriage. Eldest son, John and his brother, youngest son, Alfred Friend were the executors for their father’s estate and John acted for his mother’s £52 estate.

Brother Charles was recorded as a Ship’s Corporal Ist Class, single, on board the ROYAL ADELAIDE in Plymouth in 1871. In 1881 he was described as a married Ship’s Corporal “borne on the books of HMS DAPPER (in Dartmouth) but not on board on the night of the census.” A just description, as he was home with his wife Alice Jane and her mother, Jane Deadman, at 25 Drew St, Brixham that night. In 1891 they were living in Paignton and he was a retired RN Petty Officer and in 1901 they were living near Torquay. After Alice Jane’s death in 1902, he moved to be near his brother, John, and his family. Not far away, in Lifton, lived his brother, Alfred Friend Brimacombe 1857-1943. It was at his home, Whiteley Farm that Charles died on 10 September 1914. (See Wilton below). They were later living at Spry Farm in Lifton from 1917 to at least 1939.

John was the eldest of the shoemaker’s nine children. He married Mary Ann Williams from Towcester, Northamptonshire in 1862. Like his father, he also began as a shoemaker, but between 1886 and 1891 he became a grocer, before moving in to bread production. John and Mary Ann had six children: Flora B 1865-98, Laura Ann 1867-1955, Charles Richard 1871-1934, William Henry 1874-1940, Margaret Orinthia 1877-1922, Alfred John 1878-1958.        Flora born 9 May 1865 went to Michigan America, where her uncle William lived, and uncle Thomas had lived. She was married to William Gorman. Eldest daughter Geraldine died young. 1892-5. Their daughter Hazel born in 1893 went on to become a school teacher and married Theodore Dawson in 1918. Flora died on 16 March 1898 aged 32.       Laura Ann 1867-1955 married Albert Victor Wilton 1864-1943 on 14 August 1886 in St Michael’s Church, Brentor. Their son Arthur Victor was born on 2 December 1886. It was not a successful marriage, as it lasted only 2 years, with Laura emigrating to America on 12 November 1888, leaving her young son with his grandparents. The divorce must have been completed in 1895 because on 1 November 1895 she married Gustave Bauer 1862-1944, becoming stepmother to his daughter, Lillian. Her first husband Albert married Selina Ellen Case early in 1896 and they went on to have eight children. Laura Bauer died in San Diego on 3 September 1955. Her son Arthur Victor Wilton was living with his grandparents for the 1891, 1901 and 1911 census but travelled to America at various times to be with his mother. Both Charles Richard 1871-1934 and William Henry 1874-1940, went to America. Margaret Orinthia was named after her aunt who had died aged 22 in 1872, five years before she was born. Margaret’s husband, Frederick William Redstone, a shoeing smith of Bannawell Street in Tavistock, was the nephew of the Rice brothers (see Rice below) through his mother, Jane Ann Rice 1840-91. He seems to have earned the respect and trust of the family, acting as executor for some of them. As well as the Brimacombes and Laura’s son Arthur Victor Wilton, his cousin Flora Lillian Redstone, Margaret’s daughter, was staying with grandparents, John and Mary Ann in 1911. Margaret and Frederick had four other children as well as Flora (see Redstone below).  

Alfred John, 13 Oct 1878-1958 married Blanche Rowe on 4 April 1899 in Peter Tavy Parish Church. They had two sons William Charles born 1899 and Tom born in 1915. Alfred was granted a conditional exemption for active war service from July 1916 when he was 38. His application stated that he had two children and was a partner in a bakery business, which had two motor vans and kept a boy. He had advertised for a man for six weeks and had received no applications. A six month exemption was granted to baker William C Brimacombe, (his son) from October 1917-April 1918. However on 8 January 1918 William signed up in the Royal Air Force/Royal Navy and served on the PRESIDENT 11 until his service ended on 31 March 1918. In 1939 Alfred John  was described as a baker and grocer, living in Station Road (see Brentor 1939: 139 Station Road) with his wife Blanche and their younger son, Tom, aged 24, born on 2 February 1915. Their son William Charles born 1 September 1899 was a Baker and Special Constable, living at Nutshell (see Brentor 1939: 52 Nutshell) with his wife Ida and children.  Tom married Daisy M Trigger in 1948. She was originally Daisy Stephens (see Stephens below), the daughter of William and Mabel Stephens. Alfred was living at The Laurels in Brentor when he died on 6 July 1958 at Gwyntor in Tavistock, leaving effects of £5,377. His wife Blanche survived him, continuing to live at the Laurels until she died on 1 June 1961 at Freedom Fields Hospital in Plymouth. His parents, John died in 1913 and Mary only survived until 1915, when she died at 3 Bannawell St, Tavistock, the home of her daughter, Margaret Orinthia Redstone 1877-1922.    

Hannah Mabel Brimacombe (see Maunder below) was a niece of John’s sister Elizabeth Trant of Coryton and daughter of their brother William.


75 Bowden Hill BRIMACOMBE Elizabeth J   Niece Nie 56 M 36:4:4 Cornwall St Ive
75 Bowden Hill BRIMACOMBE William  Her husband Nep 58 M Farm labourer Devon Milton Abbot
75 Bowden Hill BRIMACOMBE Kathleen Her daughter Nie 25 S Devon Brentor
75 Bowden Hill BRIMACOMBE Francis      Her son Nep 34 M Farm Waggoner Devon Milton Abbot
75 Bowden Hill BRIMACOMBE Mary          His wife Nie 33 M 8:3:3 Devon Tamerton Folliot
75 Bowden Hill BRIMACOMBE Harold       Their son Nep 6 School Devon Plymouth
75 Bowden Hill BRIMACOMBE Walter        Their son Nep 5 Devon Plymouth
75 Bowden Hill BRIMACOMBE Reginald   Their son Nep 2 Devon Buckland
The intertwined lives of William BRIMACOMBE and his family with Richard BICKLE are described in the Bickle family story above, as they were living with him at Bowden Hill. It has not been possible to identify William Brimacombe prior to his marriage in 1873. William and his wife, Elizabeth Jessie Littlejohns, known as Jessie, married in 1873 and had four children:

Frederick George 1874- known as George, was married to Alice Hodge, the sister of John and William Hodge (see Hodge below). They were living with their four children in Barton Cottage, Chillaton in 1911.

Francis 1877-1949 was a cowman living with his wife Evelyn Mary Hill, known as Mary 1878-1964 at Boarshill in Kingsbridge Devon in 1939. Their children were Harold Francis 28 May 1904-91, who married Winifred Harris in 1931. In 1939 they were living in Edgcombe Terrace in Tavistock with one child, probably their son, Harold Frederick, 4 November 1933-5 July 2016. Harold Francis was working as a Dairy Farmer. Walter Thomas 14 January 1906-1971 died in Warwick, Reginald John 1 May 1908-2001, married Violet Mary Wakeham 1911-83 in 1936, in the Kingsbridge area. They had two daughters: Doris M born 1936 and Gladys M 1939. The 1939 register shows the family at Waterhead, Aveton Gifford, Kingsbridge with Reginald working as a horseman on the farm, with his younger brother George William born 24 December 1913, who also married a Violet M, but this was Violet Muriel Rendle 1914-68. They had married in 1932 and had five children Leslie T 1933-, Douglas G 1934- Edward F 1936-, Marjorie E 1938- and Kenneth W 1945-.

Annie 1879-1899 and Kathleen born 28 July 1885-1945 who was living at Parkview, Chillaton in 1939. William died in 1912 but it has not been possible to find Jessie’s record.

51 Cottage BRITTON Harriett H 61 W Devon Milton Abbot
51 Cottage BRITTON Frederick S 22 S Tin Mine Labourer Devon Brentor
Harriett Daw BRITTON was the widow of Samuel Britton 1853-1910, a farm labourer, born in Exeter. Frederick Samuel was the youngest of their nine children. Mary Jane 1870-93 and Emily 1872-1950 (see Uren below) had been born in Tavistock, William John 1874-1906, Thomas Henry 1876- and Phoebe Ann 1878- were born in South Sydenham. Robert George 1881-, Ellen Charlotte 1885-1957 (see Harold Britton below), Bessie Alberta 1886-1946 and Frederick 1889- were born in Tavistock.

Phoebe Ann, a servant in South Sydenham in 1901, married Gilbert James Pearce in 1901. In 1911 they were living at 29 Bannawell St, Tavistock with their only son Alfred Ernest aged 8. Gilbert, a cycle engineer, died the following year. Alfred Ernest married Ivy M Ball in 1931 and was a motor mechanic in 1939 and an ARP ambulance driver in the war. He died in 1995.

Bessie Alberta, a servant in Milton Abbot in 1911 married Frederick John Alford, later in 1911. In 1939 they were living next to the Police Station in Fore St, Tavistock with their son Walter Frederick, a mason born in 1913. His father was a labourer heavy worker. Bessie was a widow, as Frederick had died on 3 January 1944, and living in Tor View, Milton Abbot when she died at 42 Bannawell St on 14 July 1946. Her sister Ellen Charlotte, wife of Orlando Edgar Otto Edwin Holwill administered her £259 estate.

Early in 1913, Harriet Daw died aged 61 and on 9 April 1913 Frederick Samuel Britton, a machinist, travelled on the OLYMPIC to New York on his way to Sudbury, Ontario.

50 House BRITTON Harold Nep 8 Devon Brentor
Harold Edwin Orlando Holwill BRITTON, born on 16 November 1902, was the son of Ellen Charlotte Britton (see above). She married O.E.O.E. Holwill (Orlando Edgar Otto Edwin) known as O-E,O-E on 12 December 1905. They lived in Bannawell St, Tavistock after their marriage in Brentor. Harold was recorded on the 1911 census as the nephew of Emily (Britton) and Albert Uren (see Uren below) in South Brentor, living next door to his grandmother and uncle. Emily and Albert had married in 1895 in Tavistock and had one child Phoebe Edith in 1896. Her birth and death were recorded in the AMJ quarter of 1896. Harold, who had been born three years before, did not go to live with his parents after their marriage. Perhaps he had been adopted by his childless aunt and uncle. In the summer of 1928 he married Mary Rose Palmer. In 1939 Harold, farmer and agricultural worker, was living at Woodmanwell with his wife, Mary, 1906-2000 and children Donald Edwin 1929-2002 and Lavinia Mary 1933-2016. Harold was living at 13 Witham Park in Tavistock when he died on 9 September 1981.

The Holwill family was living at 4 Trelawney Road when Orlando HOLWILL 306732 began his war service in May 1916, having spent eight years in the Devon Volunteers. His exemption certificate expired on 31 December 1916. It was stipulated that the certificate should not be renewable, or open to variation. However, his employer applied for a further application but this was refused, although it was stipulated that he should not be called up before the end of February. He was employed by Chas M Boo(th?) of 7 Duke St, Tavistock, who listed a number of the jobs on the books and stated “It is already impossible to keep up with urgent demands of the above kind with such a depleted staff and this man “Holwill” is doing the work of two men by motoring the others to and from distant places in this scattered neighbourhood and working all day at his trade.” Many titled clients were included to add weight! His personal details included two children: Florence Lillian born 22 July 1907 and Leslie Edward born 7 July 1910. (Younger children Doris May and Cyril were born in 1917 and 1920.) Orlando was classed as a sapper, rather than private, when his capability was registered as plumber proficient in June 1917. He was transferred to the Tank Corps at Wareham on 18 January 1918 and appears to have remained there for some time, as he had upper dentures fitted in Wareham on 6 June 1918. He embarked at Southampton for Havre on 2 October 1918. ‘Dispersal’ was in February 1919. Orlando, a plumber, Ellen and younger daughter, Doris May were recorded at 4 Trelawney Road, Tavistock in 1939.  Ellen Charlotte Holwill continued to live there until her death on 6 April 1957. Administration of her estate of £439 was granted to (her daughters) Doris May Treloar (wife of Donald Hugh Treloar) and Florence Lillian Davey (wife of William George Davey). Her husband O-E, O-E had died on 23 September 1951. Probate for his estate of £2,347 was granted to his widow Ellen and (son) Cyril Holwill, master plumber.

M68 West Blackdown BROOK Henry H 42 M Platelayer Railway Devon Bridestowe
M68 West Blackdown BROOK Martha W 42 M 17:6:6 Devon West Down
M68 West Blackdown (BROOK Sydney J) (see below) S 16 S 3F Earrant Boy Devon Mary Tavy
M68 West Blackdown BROOK Stanley W S 12 W School Devon Mary Tavy
M68 West Blackdown BROOK Edith M D 7 Devon Mary Tavy
M68 West Blackdown BROOK Dorothy D 5 Devon Mary Tavy
M68 West Blackdown BROOK Leana D 3 Devon Mary Tavy
M68 West Blackdown BROOK Flossie D 2m Devon Mary Tavy
59 Rowden House BROOK Sidney John Ser 16 S General Labourer Devon Mary Tavy
Henry BROOK was the son of a farmer, Thomas Brook 1837-1910 and his wife Susanna Millman 1843-1921. In 1891 Henry 23 was living at home in the four roomed farm in Veale Down, Bridestowe with his parents, brothers and sisters, Rhoda, Richard, John, Maria, Jessie, Louisa and Clara Ann. Henry and Richard worked on the family farm with their father. Henry married Martha Ley in 1894. Martha was one of the twelve children of William and Eliza Ley: at least eight of them were daughters. William Ley was an agricultural labourer in West Down. In 1911 his wife Eliza was visiting her daughter Mary Jane in London, where she lived with her coachman husband at 1 West Hampstead Mews, NW London.

In 1901 Henry, a platelayer with the railway, and Martha, born 4 July 1868, were living with their eldest sons: Sydney and Stanley in a three roomed home in West Blackdown. By 1911 the family had grown.

Sydney John, the eldest son, although marked on the form by Henry, was not at home on census night, as he was working as a general labourer for John Jackman (see Jackman below). In 1920 Sydney married Sybil E Bond. Between 1921 and 1930 they had six children:  Sidney, Phyllis, George, Leonard, Ronald and Derek.   Stanley Brook, born in 1898, joined D Company of the 1st Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment as a private (203488). He died on 27 October 1918 aged 20. By this time his father had died and his mother was living in Southgate, Lydford. His grave is in the south part of Brentor United Methodist Chapel, which is now Brentor cemetery.    Edith Maud married Harry Atherton in 1929, and their son Peter was born in 1931. In 1939 Edith and her son Peter were living at Fairway in Tavistock with her mother, Martha. Edith may have died in Plymouth in 1949.     Dorothy Amelia married Claud Pine in 1934. Their daughter Freda was born in 1935.     Flossy May married Melville J E Cooke in 1935. He was the son of John Daniel and Bessie (see Cooke below). They had three children between 1939 and 1947: Margaret, Frederick and Ruth. In 1939 they were living in Colmar in Tavistock with their eldest child. Flossy died in 1993, Melville in 1997. Martha may have died in Plymouth in 1953.

110 Moorcroft BROOKER Ada Carey Ser 27 S General Servant (Domestic) Kent Staplehurst
Ada Carey BROOKER was working for the Ramsay family. Born in 1879, she was the youngest of the twelve children of Thomas Carey Brooker and his wife Agnes. He was a painter and decorator, born in Gravesend, the son of William Carey Brooker, a sawyer. The middle name of Carey seems to have been of such importance that it was given to almost all, or all, of the children. In 1939 Ada was living at 38 Mitcham Lane, Streatham, London. It is likely that Ada died, unmarried, in 1954 in Chatham, Kent.
96 Lydford S Cotts BROWNING Richard H 49 M Station Master Devon Bridestowe
96 Lydford S Cotts BROWNING Annie W 51 M 19:0:0 Surrey Albury
Richard BROWNING was the son of John Browning 1823-1901, a quarry labourer, and his wife, Mary Jane Sleeman 1828-1908. He was living with them in 1871. By 1891 he had joined the railway as a railway servant and was lodging at 4 Albert Terrace in Egg Buckland. He had married Annie Gloyn in 1891 in Guildford. In 1901 they were living at 8 Hyde Park Terrace in Plymouth, where Richard was a railway signalman. By 1911 he had been made station master. At that stage, there were no children of the marriage. He died in Tavistock in 1939.
74 Broad Park BUSSELL Carl Ser 17 S Working on Farm Devon Broad Clyst
Carl BUSSELL was the son of Tom, an agricultural worker, and his wife, Ann. On 4 August 1915 Gunner Carl Bussell 37755 began service in the Egyptian Theatre of War, with the Royal Garrison Artillery. He was awarded the Victory, British and 15 Star medals. In 1921 he travelled from Bombay to Plymouth on the MALWA, which had originally left Melbourne on 19 November, giving as his occupation: Arab and Kurdist Wares. He must have found it difficult to settle after his experience living abroad, as on 27 April 1922 he left on the BELTANA for Australia, giving labourer as his occupation. On both occasions he gave his parents’ home: Forces Cottage, Broad Clyst, Devon as his address. He died in Victoria, Australia in 1945, aged 51.
32 Bonnaford Farm CASTLE Mary Maria D 38 M 8:0:0 Assistant in Dairy Devon Brentor
See the Squire family story (below) as Mary Maria ‘Minnie’ CASTLE born on 22 February 1872, was a Squire before marriage. She married William Henry Castle in 1902. Born in 1869, he had been a carpenter lodging in Burn Lane with Roger and Samuel Rice in 1891 and 1901. In May 1919 he travelled on the TESTA from Bombay to Plymouth as a mill foreman, aged 50, married but not accompanied by his wife. In May 1923 he sailed on the MANTOLA from Madras to Plymouth as a mill man, aged 54, still married and unaccompanied. In 1939, Minnie, a retired confectioner, was living at Bearwood, Brentor with her widowed brother James E Squire, a retired farmer, born 13 March 1880 and her widowed sister Amy E Rice, (see Rice family) a housekeeper, born 12 October 1878.  Minnie’s husband, William, a retired mining engineer, born 15 April 1869, was not present, as he was living at Holmleigh, Whitchurch Road, Tavistock, which is where he died in 1942. Minnie Castle died on 1 Feb 1945, with probate granted to her sister, Amy Elizabeth Rice, and brother, James Ellis Squire, farmer.
88 Burnville Cottage CLEGG Hartley Boa 24 Chauffeur Lancs Crompton
Born on 2 June 1886, Hartley CLEGG, boarding with the James Medland family, was the son of John, a cotton spinner or minder and Sarah Ann. He was baptised on 4 July 1886 and grew up in Oldham with his younger sister, Hannah. In early 1913 he married Violet M Tout and on 30 July 1913, their son Eric Hartley was born in Newton Abbot: Eric went on to become a Petty Officer in the Royal Navy. When Hartley Clegg signed up in February 1915 in Grove Park London, he gave his address as 7 Tidwell Terrace, Longbrook St, Exeter, the same road in which he was living when he died in 1953. He gave his occupation as motor driver and with the rank of private (M2/047568) he joined the 15 MAC Unit of the Royal Army Service Corps MT as a driver. He was on home service from 1 February 1915 until 25 July 1915 when he embarked for France on the DUCHESS OF ARGYLE as part of the Expeditionary Force. He was demobbed from the Fovant Dispersal Unit on 14 May 1919, with only one blemish on his record. He had forfeited three days pay when absent from his car on convoy duty from 12 noon-12.15pm. In 1939 their son Eric was home on leave with his parents at 11 Park Road, Longbrook. Exeter. Hartley gave his occupation as motor driver mechanic; public service vehicle. Hartley died, aged 67 in Exeter in 1953.
112 Prescombe COLE James Henry H 49 M Farmer Devon CudlipptownPTavy
112 Prescombe COLE Susan J W 47 M 20:2:2 Devon Lamerton
112 Prescombe COLE James Henry S 10 S School Devon CudlipptownPTavy
112 Prescombe COLE Sybil Cowling D 7 S School Devon CudlipptownPTavy
James Henry COLE was the son of James Cole, a farmer, and Tamzin Phillips, who had married in 1866. James Henry gave his birthplace as Cudlipptown: in 1871, when he was 6, they were living at Coles Farm, Lydford and in 1881 at Prescombe. In 1888 he married Susan Jane Palmer, a pupil teacher at the CE School. She was the daughter of Charles Palmer 1829-1901, a sawyer who became a grocer and then a farmer, and his wife Susan Hartop 1829-1896. In 1851, just before their marriage, Charles had been a sawyer lodging with Susan and her brother John Palmer on their farm at Hillltown in Lamerton. In 1891 and 1901 after James had retired, he and Tamzin were living at 4 Parkwood in Tavistock, and in 1911 after his death Tamzin was living on private means at 8 Millbrook Place, Tavistock. In the 1911 census Tamzin recorded that in her 44 year marriage she had had 3 children, 2 of whom were still alive.

In 1891, though married, Sarah Jane, born 8 January 1862, was staying with her family in Launceston. Her occupation was recorded as schoolmistress. James Henry and Susan Jane lived at Cudlipptown in 1901, the birthplace of their children, and in 1911 at Prescombe where James had lived as a young man. Their visitor on the night of the 1911 census was Edith Palmer, who was probably related to Susan Jane, as her maiden name was Palmer. James Henry died on 21 October 1912, only months after his mother, Tamzin. Administration of his estate was by his brother, Walter John Cole, and his brother in law, Charles Sawyer.  In 1939 Susan Jane, giving her occupation as schoolmistress retired, was living at Burnshall Farm, Peter Tavy with both of her children: James Henry, a farmer rearing, and Sybil Cowling. When she died on 5 May 1940 Susan was still living at Burnshall and her estate of £184, was administered by her son, James Henry Cole. Sybil, born 18 Aug 1903, died in 1968 and the following year James married Jessie Bellamy 1904-96, who had grown up on nearby Wedlake Farm. James Henry born 3 March 1901, died on 24 September 1979, leaving an estate valued at just over £60,000. He was buried with his sister in St Petroc’s churchyard, Lydford.

87 Burnville House COLLINS Mabel Amanda Ser 28 Servant Domestic Devon Newton Abbot
Mabel Amanda COLLINS was working for Frank and Mary Ward in 1911 (see Ward below). She was the daughter of Jonathan Collins 1852-1912, a farmer from North Warne, Mary Tavy and his wife Elizabeth Ann Rich 1853-1927. Married in 1876, they had nine children altogether, but only seven survived to 1911. In spite of their local roots, Mabel was born in Newton Abbot in 1882, the only one of the family to do so. Jonathan died in 1912. Mabel Amanda, who may have been born on 15 December 1882, married Edward C Fry, a general labourer in Tavistock in 1912 and was living with him at 13 Buckingham Place, Plymouth in 1939.
15 Cottage COOK Richard H 76 M Naval Pensioner Devon Hartland
15 Cottage COOK Pamela W 71 M 50:4:3 Devon Brentor

Richard Cook born 1835 and his wife Pamela Guscott 1840-1918

Richard COOK was the son of Robert Cook 1806-71 and his wife Mary Bartholomew 1806-51 who had married in Hartland on 29 January 1827. In 1861, the newly married couple (1860) Richard and Pamela were living with her parents Elizabeth and James Guscott, an agricultural labourer, in Westcott, Milton Abbot, with her brothers James (10) (see below) and Thomas (1), and sister Betsy Ann (6). Richard, who had been baptised on 22 November 1835, was also an agricultural labourer.

On 1 November 1862 Richard joined the Royal Navy, giving his date of birth as 1 August 1837. The 1871 census shows Richard as a stoker in the Royal Navy. The family was living in Devonport and there were three children: Mary Elizabeth 1861-1906, Edith Lavinia 1863-1943 and Pamela Alice 1867-1956, who married Richard Bennett, a railway platelayer (see Bennett above). By 1891 Richard was a naval pensioner and they were living in Rice’s Tenement, West Black Down with their youngest daughter Rosa Annie 1873-1948, who went on to marry Harry Louis Doidge (see below) and also their grandson, Fred Blake, the son of Mary Elizabeth, the daughter who had died before the 1911 census, and her husband, also Frederick Blake. In 1901 Richard and Pamela were living in Ford Cottage, Coryton, Richard was farming and Pamela’s niece, Florence Guscott, was working for them as a domestic servant. Florence was the daughter of Pamela’s brother, William Guscott, and she was living with her (remarried) mother and stepfather Williams (see Williams below) in 1911. Pamela died in 1918.

14 Cottage COOKE John Daniel H 36 M Bootmaker* Own acct, at home Devon Lydford
14 Cottage COOKE Bessie W 29 M 6:1:1 Devon Sourton
14 Cottage COOKE Melville John Rich S 6m Devon Brentor
John Daniel COOKE 18 Mar 1875-1943 married Bessie Rich in 1904. He was the son of Charles Cooke and Mary Jane Batten and grandson of Daniel and Elizabeth Batten of Brentor (See Batten intro above). Their son Melville who had been born on 9 October 1910, married Flossy M Brook (see Brook above) in 1935.  They had three children between 1939 and 1947: Margaret, Frederick and Ruth. In 1939 they were living at Colmar in Lydford with their eldest child, Margaret, and Melville was working as stone quarry labourer.

After Bessie’s death in 1912, John Daniel married Sarah J Martin in 1914. John Daniel was living at Pentyre Cottage on the corner of Darke Lane in 1939, giving his occupation as boot repairer and auxiliary postman. When he died on 7 November 1943, he was still living at Pentyre Cottage. Probate was granted to his son Melville John Rich and Edith Mary Vousden, the wife of Charles Edward Vousden. Edith, born 6 March 1916, was John Daniel and Sarah’s daughter. In 1939 the Vousdens had been living in Erith, Kent. After the death of her first husband Charles, Edith married Alfred E Bridgman in Tavistock in 1949. They were living at 6 Sunshine Terrace in Tavistock when Alfred died on 14 August 1985, and Edith died almost one year later on 10 August 1986, aged 70. Melville was 86 when he died in Plymouth in 1997. Flossy had died in 1993.

100 LSC Tor View CORBETT Walter H 73 M Retired Grocer Bedfordshire Dean
100 LSC Tor View CORBETT Elizabeth W 75 M 47:3:3 Devon Turnchapel

James Corbett 1867-1941 son of Walter and Elizabeth Corbett

Born in Dean, Bedfordshire, Walter CORBETT changed address and profession in every adult census. In 1841, 1851 and 1861 he was living in Dean with his father Robert, a grocer with a farm, his mother Fanny or Frances, and initially his baby brother William 6 months and grandmother Sarah 83; subsequently, with his sister Elizabeth or Bessie, who was nine years younger than him.          In 1871 he was a railway clerk, married and living in Masbro, Rotherham with his Plymouth born wife, Elizabeth Brent Nicholls 1835-1933, and three young children: Harriett Frances 1864-1961, James 1867-1941 and Ethel 1869-1953. In 1881 they were living at 22 Clifton Bank, Wellgate, Rotherham and Walter was an iron foundry clerk. Their son James was working as a solicitor’s clerk but went on to become a

Leonard James Corbett OBE 1897-1983 grandson of Walter and Elizabeth Corbett

railway clerk.  He married Emma Mary Vowles in 1886 and they had six children, including Leonard James Corbett 1897-1983, a rugby union international who represented England from 1921-7 and captained the team. He played nine first class cricket matches for Gloucestershire. His work in factory supervision and management of the weapons establishment led to the award of the OBE. By 1891 Walter was a commercial brush traveller based at 190 North Road in Plymouth, his wife’s home town, with their daughters, Harriet and Ethel, both described as governesses. In 1901 Walter and Elizabeth were running a grocery and retailing beer in a pub in Torquay, before retiring to Brentor. The country air was good for them: Walter died aged 85 in 1923 and wife Elizabeth in Plymouth in 1933, aged 97. Daughter Harriett was also 97 when she died.

M55 West Blackdown COWLING Mary Ann H 60 W ?:8:5 Farmer Devon Brentor
M55 West Blackdown COWLING Rosina D 31 S Farmer’s Daughter Dairy work Devon Mary Tavy
M55 West Blackdown COWLING Charles S 26 S 3F Farmer’s Son Working on farm Devon Mary Tavy
On 9 February 1872 Mary Ann Doidge 1848-1918 married Henry COWLING 1850-1888. Born on 10 December 1848, she was the daughter of John Doidge, a copper miner and his wife Mary, who died in 1866. Henry, born 9 January 1851, was the son of Robert Cowling, also a copper miner, and his wife Joanna Bennallack. In 1881 Henry and Mary Ann were living in North Blackdown. Henry was a railway packer. They had five children living with them. Joanna, his mother, lived alone nearby. In 1887, Henry, who had in earlier years worked as a copper miner, went as a gold miner to Mysore India, where he died on 3 October 1888. His brother, Frederick, worked as a gold miner in New Zealand.

The 1891 census records show that Mary Ann was farming and living at Bridge Cottage, with her children John (see below) a mason’s apprentice, Harry – a railway worker, William G, Rosina and Charlie, all at school. Also living with the family were Mary’s mother in law, Johanna Cowling and Mary’s niece Mary E Doidge (5) (see Doidge below). Mary Ellen was the daughter of Mary’s sister, Emma; she had been born in Bodmin Workhouse and was raised by her aunt. When Mary Ann Cowling died on 5 February 1918 probate for her £815 estate was granted to her son Charlie Cowling, a farmer.

Altogether Mary Ann and Henry had eight children:

William 3 April-16 May 1872,   John 1873-1940, (see his household below.)   Henry/Harry 15 Mar 1875-1923, continued his career in the railways, rising to the rank of stationmaster at the age of 35. He was living in Totnes in 1911 with his wife of 12 years, Ethel Elizabeth Barnicoat and their four children: James Maddock, Ethel Barnicoat, Henry and Mary. Henry became stationmaster at Princetown. He died aged 48, from complications after being kicked by a horse. His son, also Henry/Harry was killed in action over Brest on 15 February 1941. Sergeant Cowling (526616) of 217 Squadron of the RAF was 33 when he died and is commemorated on the Walkhampton war memorial and in the St Eval Church Book of Remembrance for air and ground personnel who lost their lives while serving at RAF St Eval.

William George born 27 September 1877.   Rosina 9 June 1879-1954 (in Plymouth), married Richard Cole in 1913. They had two sons John and Richard A, born 1 May 1918. In 1939 Richard was a mason living at The Firs, St Germans, with his wife, Hannah, a music teacher, and his mother Rosina, a widow.   Frederick 5 Mar 1881- 15 Mar 1882   Frederick 22 May 1882- 24 Mar 1885 (Family Bible) and    Charley 31 Jan 1884-1 Jan 1976, married Amelia Ellen Hoskin nee Hannaford 1887-1985 in Kingsbridge in 1921. She had one son Ronald 1911-1976 from her previous marriage to Hawtry Charles Hoskin 1878-1918, who had died of pneumonia in France on 14 November 1918, when he was serving as a private in the Army Service Corps, though he had been in the Royal Navy when younger. Charley and Amelia had one daughter Mary Ann 1924-2009. Charley was living at Little Brownston, Modbury, Ivybridge when he died on 1 January 1976, leaving an estate totalling £28,575. Ellen continued to live there until her death in 1985.

M56 Woodford House COWLING Mellony H 39 M 15:4:4 Devon Milton Abbot
M56 Woodford House COWLING Harry S 14 W School Devon Mary Tavy
M56 Woodford House COWLING Frank S 11 School Devon Mary Tavy
M56 Woodford House COWLING Olive D 9 School Devon Mary Tavy
M56 Woodford House COWLING George S 7 3F School Devon Mary Tavy
John COWLING 8 May 1873-30 Sep 1940 married Melleny (also recorded as Melory) Greening 1872-1945 (see Greening below) in 1896. In 1901 the family lived at Woodford House, West Blackdown, which was close to the station and to John’s mother Mary Ann. John was a Stone Mason employing men. On the night of the 1911 Census, John was not at home. He was listed in the Canadian census of 1911, with Ernest Martin (see Martin below), also of Brentor, at St Thomas, Elgin West, Ontario. They had sailed in March 1911 on the SCOTIAN from Liverpool to Halifax. It was probably not his first trip. He was recorded at Niagara Falls on 19 July 1911 returning to London, Ontario through New York after a holiday in England. He was described as 5’5″, a stonemason with brown hair and blue eyes. The local newspaper reporting the loss of the TITANIC on 15 April 1912, records that well known residents of Brentor, Messrs J Cowling and E Martin, had intended crossing the Atlantic on this ill fated vessel, but through illness in the former’s family, delayed for a fortnight, to which they owe their lives. It is reported that John also went to Canada in 1914 with Christopher Postlethwaite, son of the doctor. Robert French Smith, the Vicar’s son, also lived in Canada, probably prior to the 1911 Census. John Postlethwaite, another son of the Doctor, went to Australia on 19 March 1911.

John and Mellony’s son, Harry or Bombardier John Henry Cowling (75452) of the 177th Siege Battery, 3rd Siege Battalion, Royal Garrison Artillery gave his occupation on enlistment as stonemason. He was sent to France in April 1916, suffered during a gas attack in April 1918 and died of wounds on 5 October 1918 aged 21. He was buried in the Templeux-Le-Geurard British Cemetery (Somme).      Harry’s younger brother, Frank or William Francis COWLING, of Woodford House, was born on 17 September 1899. He was an apprentice engineer when he enlisted in the Royal Naval Air Service (as Francis William), subsequently moving to the Royal Air Force, on 16 March 1918, as an engine fitter. He was described as 5’4.5″ tall with light brown hair, blue eyes and a fresh complexion. He was allocated to PRESIDENT ll, which was the accounting base for RNAS and covered ships and boats too small to have their own paymaster. In A1 condition, Frank 252810, with the rank of AM3, served with Unit 209TDS. After 11 months and 12 days service as a fitter or engineer, he was demobbed on 28 January 1919 at Fovant, with £13 7s due to him. Frank was shown in the 1920 and 1923 football team photos. In summer 1939, he married Harriet Christina Gloyn, eleven years his junior, known as Christina. She was the daughter of gardener Frederick and Mathilda Gloyn of Lower Watervale (see Brentor 1939: 66 Lower Watervale). The 1939 records show Frank and Christina living at 16 Dolvin Road, Tavistock, with Frank as an agricultural engineer. Their daughter Christine was born in 1941. Frank died in 1978.     Melleny Olive 29 Dec 1901-82 married Frank Doidge (see Doidge below) in 1925. They had three children: Melleny L, Johanna and John Cowling. She is shown in the 1923 football photo with her brother and husband. In 1939 Frank was a jobbing mason and they were living in Wortha Cottage, (see Brentor 1939 M105 Wortha Cottage) with their three children, near her parents, John (incapacitated) and Melleny at Woodford House (see Brentor 1939: M104 Woodford House). Also staying with the Cowlings at that time was Florence Dorothy Eslick nee Greening 1895-1972. Florence was the daughter of John and Martha Greening and the grand daughter of Richard and Susan Greening. She had been living in Streatham London with her parents in 1911 and her father was probably Melleny’s cousin. Florence married Stanley Eslick 1896-1968 from Fitzford Cottage, Tavistock in St Anselm’s Church, Streatham on 16 October 1919. Both Florence and Stanley were living in Chatham Kent when they died.       George was born on 21 January 1904 and was a lengthman on the railway when, in the summer of 1939, he married Eileen Mary Blackler Saunders in Newton Abbot (see Brentor 1939: M90 The Hawthorns). They had two sons: the delightful Victor R born in 1941, who married Julie Coombs in Pontypridd in 1971 and was living in the Cirencester area, and Martyn J born in 1945. Vic is the expert on this intricate Cowling/Doidge family and is always so helpful. Eileen was the daughter of Frederick Samuel James Saunders 1883-1947 and his wife Mabel Ethel Hayman 1879-1957. George was living at Woodford House when he died on 14 September 1961, leaving £2,862 to the care of his widow Eileen, who died forty years later in 2001, in the Teignbridge area. John Cowling died on 30 September 1940: probate for his effects of £328 was granted to Francis Cowling, agricultural engineer (his son). His wife Melleny Cowling died in 1945. Their daughter Melleny Doidge died on 27 October 1982.

33 Nutshell CROCKER Richard John H 33 M Carpenter Cum’land Millom
33 Nutshell CROCKER Jessie J H W 33 M 5:1:1 Devon Brentor
33 Nutshell CROCKER Alice Dorothy Mary D 4 Devon Brentor
Like his younger sister, Edith, Richard CROCKER was born in Millom, Cumberland, though his family was originally from Mary Tavy. His parents Joseph and Mary Jane Crocker had travelled north before his birth, and after the birth of his brother James W. Joseph was working in Millom as an iron miner and they were living at 118 Newton St, Millom in 1881 next door to Thomas Ward of Mary Tavy. Richard was baptised on 28 March 1878 in Millom. His mother Mary Jane and grandmother Jane or Jennie Crocker were staying with his aunt, Mary Gill at Glenfield in 1891. He had returned to Devon by 1906 when he married Jessie Jane H Rice, the daughter of Edward Kinsman Rice and his wife Mary M (see Rice below). Their only daughter Alice Dorothy Mary was born in December 1906. Almost immediately after the 1911 census, the family moved to Canada where they were recorded in the 1911, 1916 and 1921 censuses in Calgary, Alberta. Richard worked as a carpenter in the building trade.
109 Edgemore CURTIS Ada Mabel V 37 W ?:1:1 Cambs Cambridge
Ada Mabel CURTIS, nee Browne, was staying with Thomas and Janette Doidge in their nine roomed house, Edgemoor, near Lydford. She was the widow of Albert Edward Curtis, who had been born in Waterlooville, Hampshire, the son of George Curtis, a gardener. They had married 1896 in Sheffield, where he was practising as a Surgeon: Registered Medical Practitioner. In 1901 they were recorded as living at 1 Penistone Road Sheffield with their only child, Geoffrey Edgar aged 1. Sadly, Albert was to die in Manchester Lunatic Asylum in Cheadle, Cheshire in 1907. Ada was living at Craven Court, Knyveton Road in Bournemouth when she died on 31 July 1956, by which time Geoffrey was a railway officer. Leaving an estate of £321, she died in St Leonard’s Hospital near Bournemouth, Dorset: it had been built during the Second World War to look after the injured American and Canadian military forces flown into nearby Hurn airport. Built to house 1000 troops, recently it had one twenty two bed ward and out patient services, but has now been closed and redeveloped with housing.
19 Little Park DAVEY Phillipa H 34 M 14:3:2 Domestic Devon Tavistock
19 Little Park DAVEY Elsie May D 13 School Cornwall Calstock
19 Little Park DAVEY Lillian Alexandra D 8     School Cornwall Calstock

George Thomas Davey 1876-1931

Phillipa Westington Rice Davey 1877-1951

Phillipa Westington DAVEY nee Rice was the daughter of John Rice, a foreman mining engineer in Calstock and his wife, Elizabeth. In 1897 she married George Thomas Davey, a slate quarry labourer. Initially, they lived with her widowed mother in Calstock, but in 1904 George went to try his fortune in Canada, leaving Phillipa with their two surviving young children. Her mother probably died in 1908. On 18 August 1912 Phillipa, Elsie and Lillian set sail from Plymouth on the SICILIAN bound for Montreal where they were re-united with George. In 1921 the couple were living in Coleman, Ontario with their three younger children: Violet 7, James 4 and Dorothy 2. Elsie had married Ernest Stanley Congdon in 1917.

65 West Liddaton DAVEY Flossie Amelia Ser 15 S Domestic Servant Devon Lifton
Flossie Amelia DAVEY, born 1 February 1896 and baptised on 22 March 1896, was working for the Maunder family (see Maunder below) at West Liddaton. She was the daughter of Richard and Emma Davey. She became a Hayman on her marriage to Edward in Holsworthy late in 1914. In 1939 they were living at Ford Cottages in Holsworthy. Edward was listed as incapacitated. Flosssie died on 17 December 1976 in Bude Cornwall, aged 80.
104 Manor Hotel DAVIS Jane Ser 41 S Chambermaid Hotel Devon Tavistock
Jane DAVIS was probably Mary Jane Davis born in Calstock in 1867, baptised 8 July 1870, the youngest of four children of Ann Davis, a widow. Their father was Edward who had died by 1871. In the census of 1881 Mary Jane aged 10 was shown as a copper mining girl, as was her 18 year old sister, Elizabeth.
113 HigherWatervale DAW Daisy H 28 S B on LWM Private Means Devon Tavistock
113 HigherWatervale DAW Gertrude Sil 27 M 2:1:1 Private Means British Columbia
113 HigherWatervale DAW Spenwyn Nep 18mo F on LWM Devon Plymouth
Ethel Daisy DAW was born in 1878 (making her slightly older than the age she admitted to, on the census): the daughter of John Jarrett Daw, a draper, and his wife, Selina Lark. The 1881 census shows the family, with five of their six children, living at the drapery warehouse in Barley Market Street, Tavistock, where five men, five boys and nine female assistants were employed. John Jarrett, on his death in 1897, left an estate initially of £5,526, resworn as £6,908. In 1901 Daisy was living with her mother Selina at Waterfield House in the parish of St Michael, Brentor.

By 1911, of the original six children, only Daisy and her brother William Henry, the husband of Gertrude and father of Spenwyn were still alive. In 1911, he was a Staff Surgeon on HMS IRIS in Torbay. Clive Aslett’s book War Memorial gives an account of his career and inclusion on the Lydford War Memorial. He and Gertrude went on to have four more children: Patrick Kelvin 1912-67, Almeric Ian 1917-1944 (awarded the MC) and twins Elga Betty 1920-75 and Elmina Margaret 1920-80, known as Darky and Fairy.

William was living at Watervale when he died in Devonport on 14 November 1926, leaving £1,850.

In 1939, Ethel Daisy, giving her date of birth as 9 April 1880 and her occupation as poultry keeper, gardener, was living at Watervale with her nephew Wilfred E Cooke, born 1897, a radio dealer and his wife, Amy Cole from Sampford Spiney. Wilfred was the son of her older sister, Marion Wyre Daw, who had married surgeon Ernest Wilfred Cooke in 1896 and went to live in Shrewsbury. Ethel Daisy, spinster of Watervale, Lydford, died on 14 June 1954, leaving £1080. (see Brentor 1939: 61 Watervale)

After time in Curacao, Spenwyn Henry Nuttall Daw, born 14 July 1909, a clerk, returned on the SIMON BOLIVAR in 1931, to live at 6 High Park Rd in London EC3.  In the 1930s he is shown on the electoral register in Twickenham with his mother Gertrude: in 1932, 1933 and 1936 they were at 4 Greencroft Road, with brother Patrick Kelvin living with them in 1933 and 1936. He married Ethel C Barnes in 1935. In 1939 he was a clerk at the racecourse, living at 23 Springfield Rd, Walthamstow, wife Ethel who was SRN and a CMB nurse and twins Alison M and Rosalind A, who had been born on 12 February 1937. In 1942 son Spenwyn J was born in Devon. In the 1960s the parents were living at 328 King Charles Road, Surbiton with Spenwyn J and Rosalind, now Lawrence. Spenwyn was living at Seawaves Cottage, 6 Seawaves Close, East Preston, Sussex, when he died on 26 April 1994, leaving an estate under £125,000.

His mother Gertrude Chancey Nuttall, was born on 25 May 1884 in Canada, where she was recorded in the census of 1891 and 1901. She travelled to England sometime before 1908, when she married William in Tavistock. After living in Twickenham with her sons, Gertrude, born 25 May 1889 was in Surbiton, Surrey with Margaret E Daw born 24 February 1920, later Wyatt, probably her daughter Elmina (Fairy?). Also with them was one other person, with a closed record. Gertrude died in Surrey in 1961.

30 Cottage DAWE James H 58 M Wall Mason Builder Devon Northlew
30 Cottage DAWE Emma W 54 M 35:5:2 Devon Derryton
30 Cottage DAWE Ida Frances Evelyn D 18 S Devon Brentor
James DAWE‘s parents George and Harriet Dawe moved with their family from Northlew to Mary Tavy, probably West Blackdown, before James was 11. George worked as a labourer and a wood ranger. Harriett, a milliner or straw bonnet maker, lived in East Stonehouse with some of her children after she was widowed. James married Emma Doidge in 1876. Their son James born in 1879 is shown below. Emma was the eldest daughter of John and Elizabeth Doidge and the sister of John George (see Blanche Doidge below), who were living in Brentor in 1891. John Doidge was living with his daughter, Emma Dawe, after the death of his wife in 1895 and before his death, aged 72, in 1901. James probably died in 1925 and it is likely that Emma died in about 1936.  Ida 1893-1927 married Wilfred John Hodge in Brentor on 5 July 1912 (see Hodge below).
27 Cottage DAWE James H 32 M Wall Mason Devon Brentor
27 Cottage DAWE Ethel Jane W 26 M 4:4:4 Devon Mary Tavy
27 Cottage DAWE Lucy Maud D 4 (20/07/07) Devon Brentor
27 Cottage DAWE Elsie Muriel D 2 (12/12/08) Devon Brentor
27 Cottage DAWE Wilfred Lloyd George S 1 (12/12/09) Devon Brentor
27 Cottage DAWE Winston James S 3m (28/12/10) Devon Brentor
James DAWE, born 20 March 1879, was the son of James Dawe and Emma Doidge (above): the other of their two surviving children. He married Ethel Jane Gill on 24 January 1907 in the Bible Christian Chapel, Bannawell St, Tavistock. Ethel, who had been born on 28 March 1885, was the daughter of Joseph Gill and his wife Mary Crocker, and the sister of Edith Maud, Elsie May and Winifred J (see Gill below) who were living at Glenfield and a first cousin to Richard J Crocker (see Crocker above). In 1901 Ethel had been staying with Mary M Rice (butcher) and her family in Gill House, Brentor. James and Ethel had two more children, Ida Joan born 14 September 1913 and Frances Barbara born 19 April 1918. On 4 December 1915, James signed up for the duration of the war. He was called up on 14 July 1916, initially with the Royal Berkshires, serving in the Labour Corps and then in the Devonshire Regiment until he was demobbed on 22 March 1919. Staying at the rank of Private, his character was deemed to be good throughout his service.

In 1939 James and Emma were living at Rose Cottage, with their daughters,    Lucy Maud who had married William John May, a builder’s labourer, in 1934 and      Elsie Muriel, who was single. Their daughter      Ida Joan was a cook, living next door in Ash Cottage. There was a child staying with her but it has not been possible to identify whom this was. Ida went on to marry Thomas H McDonald in 1943. They had one son, Terence J, born 1950. Ida died in 2005. The magnificently named Wilfred Lloyd George married Marjorie Lillian Miller in 1933. Their son Michael was born in 1936. They were living at Norwell Cottage in Tavistock with their child and Elizabeth J Dawe, born in 1852, who could have been his father’s sister. After Marjorie’s death in 1942, Wilfred married Doris E Jane in Launceston in 1944. Wilfred died in 1990, aged 80. His brother      Winston James had died in 1922 aged 11.      Frances Barbara married Reginald B Mills in 1955 and died in 1983, aged 65.

James was living in Rose Cottage when he died on 8 July 1942: his estate of £333 was to be administered by his widow, Ethel Jane. On her death, at the same address, on 10 October 1959 she left £932. Her executer was William John May, lorry driver, the husband of her daughter, Lucy Maud.

DOIDGE: John Thomas and George of the War Memorial and many of the Doidges in the village in 1911 were the descendants of JOHN DOIDGE 1829-1901 and his wife ELIZABETH WOODMAN 1826-95. They had seven children: Emma 1858-1935/7 (see Dawe above), William Walter Fuge 1860-1938, John George 1861-1933, Zelah 1863- (married 1887 Charles Edward Dillon: married 1905 John Adrian Ward in Canada), Richard Woodman 1861-1940 (see below) and Harry Louis 1874-1912 (see below). John George was one week old on census night in 1861 when John was a copper miner and Elizabeth was a dressmaker. In 1871 John was still a miner but occupied five acres of land at Lamerton.
1 Brentor Vicarage DOIDGE Blanche Elizabeth Ser 15 S Devon Brentor
Blanche Elizabeth DOIDGE and her sister, Eva (below) were the daughters of John George Doidge 1861-1933 and his wife Elizabeth Jane nee Metters 1861-1939 and therefore grandchildren of John and Elizabeth (above). John George and Elizabeth Jane were married in 1886. By 1891 John was a railway packer and they were living by Lydford Station, with four of their children, William Henry 4, Alice Mary 3, Frederick 1 and Louisa 8 months. John Thomas, George, Blanche Elizabeth, Eva and Ida May, all born in the 1890s were recorded in the 1901 census with Frederick and Louisa, William having died in 1895. Alice, aged 13, was working as a servant for the Spear family at Brinsabatch Farm on census night in 1901.

Stoker First Class George Doidge (K/12459) served on HMS RECRUIT, an R class destroyer. He was born on 8 January 1894 and died on 9 August 1917, aged 23, when his ship was torpedoed and sunk in the North Sea by U-boat UB-16. Like his brother John, he is commemorated on the Brentor War Memorial

In 1911 John George and his wife, Elizabeth Jane were living at Mana Butts, Tavistock, so outside this area. John, a platelayer (railway permanent way) was 50, as was Elizabeth Jane. They had been married for 25 years and had had 14 children born alive, of whom 10 were still living. Blanche (see below) and Eva were living in Brentor and six of them were living with their parents. Louisa 24 August 1890-1969 was a general domestic servant, John Thomas 1891-1916 a farm labourer, George 1894-1917 a mason’s labourer or builder. Ida May 1899-1973 was 11, Frank 1902-87 was 9 and Albert Redvers 1904-55 was 7. All of the children had been born in Mary Tavy, except Albert who had been born in Brentor.  Alice Mary 26 January 1888-1962 was working for the May family in Yelverton on census night. In 1919 she married Sydney George Penwill, a waggoner from Ermington. They had two children Audrey Sylvia Ivy, born 21 April 1920 and John G born 1923. In 1939 they were living at 1 Railway Cottages, Lydford with their grandson Peter Edward born 1938 and her nephews Albert CC Cribb born 1916 (see Blanche) and John T Doidge, also born in 1916 on 5 May, five days before his namesake uncle died in France. It is difficult to tell which of Alice’s sisters was his mother (see Brentor 1939: 86: 1 Railway Cottages). Frederick, born in 1889, went to Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. He was a barber aged 28, when he became a Catholic on 25 April 1918, in order to marry Louisa Rochou on 28 April 1918.

We have only been able to trace one of those who died: William Henry, their eldest son was 9 when he died in 1895.

In 1918     Louisa married Samuel Jacob Fone, 1874-3 Oct 1945, the son of Samuel Fone 1834- and Elizabeth 1835. He was fifteen years older than her. In 1906 he had married Emily Ellen Stratton and they had had one son, Stephen Samuel 18 May 1907-85. Emily had died in 1913. It is likely that Samuel and Louisa had two sons Samuel George 12 September 1919-97 and Francis 13 December 1925-2003. By 1939, the couple appear to have been living apart. Louisa was a housekeeper for Sidney Cary at 4 Gissons in St Thomas, Devon and Samuel was living in Brentor when he died on 3 October 1945, leaving his £124 estate to be administered by Rev Henry Edgar Owen Davies, Clerk. Louisa was living in Plymouth when she died in 1969. Private John Thomas Doidge (10134) of the 8th (Service) Battalion, Devonshire Regiment was sent to France on 25 July 1915, and died on 10 May 1916, aged 24. He was buried in the Citadel New Military Cemetery, Fricourt, France. He is commemorated on the war memorial.    Stoker First Class George Doidge (K/12459) served on HMS RECRUIT, an R class destroyer. He was born on 8 January 1894 and died on 9 August 1917, aged 23, when his ship was torpedoed and sunk in the North Sea by U-boat UB-16. Like his brother John, he is commemorated on the Brentor War Memorial,

Blanche Elizabeth was working at the Vicarage for the French Smith family. She married twice, Charley Cribb, 1885-1965 a private in the Somerset Light Infantry on 9 November 1915 and Charles Beckerleg on 2 May 1942. She had four Cribb children between 1916-32: Albert Charles (living with the Penwills in 1939), William Steven, Margaret M and Ernest John. In 1939 she appears to have been living with Charles Beckerleg at 1 Bowrish Cottage as a housekeeper. Her name is recorded as Maude Elizabeth Crith, later Beckerleg, but the date of birth 13 July 1895 was the same. Charles Beckerleg was a general agricultural labourer, 17 years her senior. Her son Albert CC was a lorry driver, living with the Penwill family at 5 Railway Cottages in 1939. Blanche died in Tavistock in 1976. Ida May born on 6 December 1899, remained single throughout her life. In 1939 she was working as a domestic servant for Mr & Mrs Reid at 20 Blakelys Ave, Ealing in London but had returned to live in Devon at 16 Clampit Road, Ipplepen when she died on 5 January 1973, leaving £619. Frank 1902-87 married Emily Mary Lashbrook 1909-75, the daughter of Oliver George Lashbrook 1878-1953 and Mary Elizabeth Medland 1874-1915 (see Lashbrook below). They had two sons and a daughter (see Brentor 1939: M96 West Blackdown).  Youngest brother,  Albie (Albert Redvers) married Daisy Worth in 1928. They were living at Rose Cottage, West Blackdown in 1939 (see Brentor 1939: M89 Rose Cottage) with their three eldest children before moving to Crosstrees Farm, South Brentor, where he died on 1 December 1955, leaving the care of his £1,733 estate to sons Alec, a carpenter, and Eric, a farmer. Daisy had died a few months before him in the summer of 1955 in Plymouth. Their children were Alec Norman George 1932-2012, Eric Fernley 1934-2017, Denise (Manning), William Raymond 1942-2015 and Wendy (Tarver).

M71 West Blackdown DOIDGE Eva GD 14 S   Devon Mary Tavy
Following the recent death in 1911 of her grandfather, Eva Jane DOIDGE, born 28 September 1896, was living with her grandmother, her mother’s mother (see sister Blanche Doidge above). Elizabeth Metters had been blind for 15 years. (see Metters below). In 1930 Eva married Francis William Henry Fone 1888-1944. He was the grandson of Samuel and Elizabeth Fone, through his father Francis William Hopper Fone, therefore the nephew of Louisa Doidge’s husband, Samuel Jacob Fone (above). In 1911 he had married Minnie Cecelia Piper 1868-1926 and they had nine children in their fifteen year marriage: Leonard Francis, Gladys Louisa, Christine Mary, Alfred Charles, William Henry, Reginald James, Olive Elizabeth, Edith May and Beryl Irene. This was quite an achievement as he served as a stoker on PRESIDENT II and AJAX beteen 31 July 1916–7 March 1919. He was described as a mason 5’5″ tall with auburn hair, grey eyes and a ruddy complexion. In 1939 Eva and Francis were living at Standon Farm, Mary Tavy with William Henry and Beryl Irene from his first marriage and four other children living with them, including Ida Margaret J 1933-91 later Bussell, and Philip D born 13 February 1938. Philip was David Philip C whose death was recorded in the last quarter of 1939. This was tragic for Francis and Eva as Francis P 1937-8 had died before the 1939 record. It has not been possible to identify the other two children listed. They may have been grandchildren. The family was still at Standon Farm when Francis died on 22 November 1944, leaving an estate of £833. Eva married William H Northey in 1950. She died in 1981.
47 Stags Head DOIDGE Richard H 43 M Roadman County & District Council Devon Tavistock Heathfield
47 Stags Head DOIDGE Fanny W 33 M 7:3:3 Cornwall Lezant
47 Stags Head DOIDGE Frank S 16


S Worker on road District Council Devon Liddaton
47 Stags Head DOIDGE Frederick S 5 Devon Brentor
47 Stags Head DOIDGE Hilda D 4 Devon Brentor Stags Head
47 Stags Head DOIDGE Stanley S 2 Devon Brentor Stags Head
M61 Tor View DOIDGE Harry GS 16 S Apprentice (Draper) Devon Coryton
Richard Woodman DOIDGE was the son of John 1829-1901, a manganese miner, and his wife Elizabeth Woodman 1826-95 and the brother of Harry (below) and John George, the father of Blanche Elizabeth and Eva Jane (above). Born and brought up at Heathfield, Richard was employed on Bate Park Farm by the Frant family in 1891. The following year he married Louisa Brook (Veal). She was the daughter of Charlotte Veal Brook Medland, wife of John Medland (see Medland family below). Louisa had been brought up by her maternal grandmother Rebecca Veal in Lewdown, but was staying with her mother and stepfather in 1891. Louisa died giving birth to their second son Frank and was buried at the Providence Chapel in Liddaton. Frank was born on 22 March 1896. Unfortunately Frank’s war records are no longer available but he may have served as a Private in the 6th Devons and later the 1st Devons (30656) or in the Machine Gun Corps (29272). Frank is shown in both the 1920 and 1923 football team photos. He married Mellany Olive Cowling in 1925 and they had three children: Melleny L born 1925, Johanna born 1927 and John Cowling born 1934.  In 1939 Frank, Mellany and their three children were living at Wortha Cottage, with Frank giving his occupation as Jobbing Mason. Richard and Louisa’s other son, John Harry, known as Harry, was brought up by his maternal grandmother, Charlotte Medland (see Medland family below). He was living with his grandmother and her husband in 1911 but has been included in this family group, by surname. It has not been possible to find information for him after 1911. Perhaps he went overseas.

The 1901 census shows Richard, a widower, living with a relation, James Dawe, in Brentor. In 1904 Richard married Fanny Colwill, born 8 January 1880, and they had three children: Frederick, Hilda and Stanley. Richard died in 1917 and Fanny in 1959. In 1939 Fanny was living at (see Brentor 1939: 40) 8 Council Houses, with Frederick R, a contractor’s labourer, born 18 May 1906. Stanley, a public service vehicle and goods driver, born 2 September 1909, was living next door at number 7 (see Brentor 1939: 41) with his wife Phyllis Bickle. They had married in 1932 and at this date had two children: Elizabeth J born 1932 and Peter 1937. There was one child recorded in each house. Their third daughter Jennifer A was born in 1946. Hilda May married Edward James Batten (see Batten above) in 1932.

16 Cottage DOIDGE Harry H 38 M Naval Pensioner Devon Tavistock
16 Cottage DOIDGE Rose W 37 M 14:3:2 Devon Devonport
16 Cottage DOIDGE Pamela D 12 Devon East Stonehouse
16 Cottage DOIDGE Lelah D 8 Devon East Stonehouse
Harry Louis DOIDGE was the youngest of John and Elizabeth Doidge’s children, and a brother to John George (see Blanche Doidge above) and Richard Woodman (see above). Born on 3 November 1872, he married Rosa Annie, born 16 November 1874 the daughter of Richard and Pamela Cook (see Cook above) on 30 December 1896 at St Michael’s Church, Brentor. They were living in East Stonehouse in 1901, when Harry was a private in the Royal Marines. Their birthplaces in that census were incorrectly recorded, the wrong way round, as Harry’s was given as Devonport and Rosa as Tavistock. Harry died in 1912 of facial cancer. Rosa Annie died in 1948 in Tavistock. Their son Richard John died as an infant in 1899.

Elder daughter, Pamela Elizabeth, “Ella” born 26 November 1898, married Edmund Stentiford Crocker, twelve years her senor, in 1921. He had enlisted in The Royal Marine Light Infantry in 1904 and served in Plymouth, where he may have served with Harry just before he was invalided out of the service, or he may have just met Pamela. Their son Donald H E was born in 1925 and daughter, Lelah Gwendoline Yvonne, in 1929. Lelah Gwendolen died in 1991, three years before her mother Pamela, who died in the Ashwood Nursing Home, Plymouth Road, Tavistock in 1994. In 1939, Rosa had been living at The Haven, Broadbank, Plympton St Mary with the Crocker family. Edward worked at a food factory. Their son Donald may have married Clarice S A Terrell or Cook in the Tavistock area in 1949.

In 1926 Lelah Florence, born 28 March 1903, took advantage of the 1922 Empire Settlement Act to emigrate to Canada. The British Government assisted ‘suitable persons’ to move to the colonies, especially the Dominions. In the 1920s they spent £6m helping 400,000 to emigrate, 130,000 of these went to Canada. She left Southampton on 24 July 1926 on the EMPRESS OF FRANCE, arriving in Quebec on 31 July. She settled in Kimberley, British Columbia and married George Smith Leech on 27 October 1928. She died in Kimberley in 1984. The two sisters, after thirtyeight years apart, met up again in Tavistock in 1964 when Lelah returned for an extended holiday with her husband.

M55 West Blackdown DOIDGE Mary Ellen Nie 25 S Gen Dom Servant Devon Mary Tavy
Mary Ellen DOIDGE was the daughter of Emma, the sister of Mary Ann Doidge Cowling; (see Cowling above). Mary Ellen had been born in Bodmin Workhouse on 14 November 1885 and was raised by her aunt.  She married stone quarryman James Arthur Lavis 1882-1957 in 1915 and had one daughter Hilda May, born in 1917, who married Arthur Lugg in 1942 and was executor for her father’s £221 estate when he died in 1957. James and Mary Ellen were living in Crediton in 1939. Mary Ellen, who died in 1946, appeared in her aunt’s 1918 will under her married name. Her mother, Emma, ten years younger than her sister, was with her family in 1861 and 1871, in Bodmin in 1886 and could have been in the Assistance Institution in Okehampton Rd, Exeter, as a retired housekeeper in 1939, the year before she died.
109 Edgemore DOIDGE Thomas H 57 M Hatter (Dealer) Devon Tavistock
109 Edgemore DOIDGE Janette Elizabeth W 46 M 14:0:0 Hunts St Ives
Thomas DOIDGE, born 25 April 1853, was the son of Thomas 1814-85, a hatter in Tavistock and his wife Elizabeth 1816-98. Their business was located around Fore St, Lower Market St and Bedford Square. Eldest son Charles Facey went on to be a Stock and Share Broker in the City of London. Young Thomas carried on the business. He married Elizabeth Jane Lucas in 1881 and they had one son, Harry born 1883. After Elizabeth’s death in 1892, Thomas married Janette Elizabeth Brown, born 26 October 1865, the daughter of William Phillips Brown, on 26 October 1896, at St Stephen’s Islington. In 1911, son Harry was a mining student boarding in Camborne. Before 1939, Thomas and Janette moved to Bournemouth, living at 21 Strouden Ave where Thomas died in 1940 and Janette in 1943. Thomas’ estate was £2,860 and Janette’s £5,076.
89 Woodmanswell EASTCOTT William H 66 M Farmer Devon Kelly
89 Woodmanswell EASTCOTT Elizabeth W 43 M 18:5:2 Devon Bridestow
89 Woodmanswell EASTCOTT William S 18 S Devon Brentor
89 Woodmanswell EASTCOTT Richard S 14 S Devon Brentor
William EASTCOTT was the son of William Eastcott 1801-68 and his wife Susannah 1811-68 who farmed 133 acres in Kelly. In 1880 young William married his first wife, Elizabeth Ann Martin 1855-93. They had three children: Susannah (Furk) and John Henry, who both settled in British Columbia and William Gilbert born 14 March 1893. William Gilbert was a farmer of Burn Lane in 1925, when he married Lena Jessie Minhinnick 1888-1974. The witnesses at the wedding were Frank Rowe Minhinnick, Lena’s brother, and Ernest Soby soon to be Lena’s brother-in-law (see Minhinnick family below). There were two William G Eastcotts serving in the Devonshire Regiment. He may have been one of them. In 1939 William Gilbert and Jessie, born 6 May 1888, were living at the Post Office in Brentor. She was described as the Postmistress, he as a dairy farmer.  Also living with them was Mary A I Eastcott, a retired housekeeper born in 23 April 1857. This was William’s aunt, Mary Ann Irving Stevens 1857-1945, the wife of his uncle Henry 1854-1936. Jessie died at Windsor Cottage (the Post Office) on 19 July 1974, leaving an estate of £18,228. William died five years later on 15 March 1979 at Harewood House, 66 Plymouth Road in Tavistock, leaving £24,560.     John Henry Eastcott, born on 28 December 1884, was a single man, aged 30, when he enlisted in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force at Medicine Head, Alberta, on 6 February 1915. He served in France as a signalman 434913 in the 50th Battalion, with the rank of Lance Corporal. He had arrived in Canada in 1906 and had moved out west to Alberta, where he worked as a telephone linesman. After his service in the war he moved to the Langley area near Vancouver, British Columbia, where he died on 26 September 1961, aged 79, and was buried in the Old Murrayville War Veterans Cemetery.     Sadly, his family had lost touch with him and it was a great sadness to his half brother Richard, (below) who could not find him when he went to Canada. He had travelled 3rd class on the CORINTHIAN as a 16 year old farmer headed for Quebec. Giving his birth as 14 November 1897, though records seem to indicate 1896, Richard was described as being 21 years and 6 months, 5’10”, with ruddy complexion, blue eyes and light brown hair when he was drafted on 7 May 1918 at Dauphin, Manitoba. After a short time training, he was deemed to have flat feet, which meant that he would be physically unable to endure long marches, so he was discharged. In 1922 he married Marie Ruby Sumpton, having lodged with the Sumpton family in 1921. Their daughter Beatrice Marie was born in 1931.

After the death of his first wife in 1893, William Eastcott married his second wife, Elizabeth Friend, 1868-1957, early in 1895. She had worked for the family of John Banks, the Station Master at Lydford Station in 1881 and for the Bickell family at Ford Mill in 1891. The 1911 census records the survival of two of her five children. Richard 1896- (above) and Beatrice Ann, who was a Nurse Domestic looking after the Warde children in Newton Abbot in 1911. When she was 22 Beatrice married Walter Charles Snook of the 1st Somerset Light Infantry in the summer of 1917. Less than a year later, on 21 March 1918 he was presumed dead, killed in action. His widow received his outstanding pay of £28 6s 4d the following year. In 1920 she sailed to Montreal in search of better prospects: She had £20, had bought her own ticket and was heading to Montreal where she had employment. She stayed in Canada and America for the rest of her life living in various places including Florida and Vancouver.

Of Elizabeth’s other children, George Arthur had died in 1908 aged 8, Mary Elizabeth 1898-9 and Ethel Margaret 1899-9. William Eastcott died on 23 January 1927 at 35 Brook St, Tavistock, leaving an estate of £3,500. Survived by his wife, Elizabeth: the record of probate described his son, William Gilbert, as a sub postmaster.

105 Manor Hotel Fm EDDY William H 70 M Gardener (Dom) Devon Lydford
105 Manor Hotel Fm EDDY Mary W 68 M 47:5:3 Devon Sampford Courtney
105 Manor Hotel Fm EDDY William Dimond S 32 S Company Secretary Gas Manufacture Devon Tavistock
William EDDY worked on the land all his life: the son of a farm labourer, he worked on farms including Bedford Farm, Tavistock, where he was bailiff. In 1864 he married Mary Dimond. Their early married life was spent in 14 West Bridge Street, Tavistock where Mary was alone with two of their children, Mary Katherine 6 and Thomas Friend 1 month at 1871 census time and 13 Duke’s Cottage in Dolvin Road with all three children and Mary’s mother, Catherine Isaac, aged 73, in 1881. Catherine had remarried prior to 1861 and died in 1882. In 1896 Kate or Mary Katherine married Welsh farmer Henry Robert Ballinger and went to live with him at Cwmcarvun in Monmouthshire, where they had three children. William and Mary’s older son Thomas Friend became a teacher, and then a Head Teacher in Northamptonshire. William died in 1923 and Mary in the summer of 1932. It was only a few months later on 27 December 1932 that William Dimond born 1878, of Hillside, Whitchurch died at Tavistock Hospital, leaving £481, to his headteacher brother who had retired, possibly childless.
1 Brentor Vicarage EDGAR Doris Mary Vis 21 S Kent Chatham
Doris Mary EDGAR who was staying at the Vicarage in 1911, was born in Chatham in 1889. On 20 June 1914 she sailed on the AQUITANIA from Liverpool to New York with Captain Leonard Backler, an Engineer Commander in the Royal Navy and his wife, Florence Charlotte Keen (born 1879 Rochester, married Enfield Middlesex on 6 April 1909) and their two sons Leonard 4 and Charles Lionel 2. The last residence for all of them before sailing had been Worple Rd in Wimbledon, the home of Captain Backler’s sister. In 1911 though, the family had been living at Ingledene, Glanville Rd, Tavistock. Doris gave as her next of kin her father, Captain Edward James Edgar of Wedderley, Dousland, Yelverton. He had also been an Engineer Commander in the Royal Navy. He had married Annie Elizabeth Simmons in 1889 and they had two children.

Doris had travelled to Canada to marry Torquay born Stanley Ben Stedham, a mechanical engineer. The wedding took place on 6 July 1914 in Esquimatt, British Columbia, Canada. Their first child, John, was born in 1916 and travelled back to Liverpool with his mother on the MINNEDOSA on 14 June 1919. Daughter Jean was born in 1920. At the time of her father’s death in 1927, Doris Mary was recorded as the wife of Stanley Ben Stedham in US. But by 1939 they were back in England with both children, living at Silvermead near Egg Buckland, with Stanley being an engineer and company director, mostly brickmaking. Doris died in 1968 and in 1970 Stanley married Elsie Bourke Collins.

43 The Cottage FREEMAN Ruby Brereton GS 7 Devon Tavistock
Ruby FREEMAN, born 25 September 1903, was the daughter of John George and Caroline Lang’s eldest daughter (see Lang family below). Ethel Lang had married George Frederick Freeman, a furniture salesman, in the summer of 1901. In the 1911 census they were living in Southsea with their two sons, George Edward born 1902 and Jack Evans born 1907.

Ruby married Gordon A Sanders in 1929. They had one daughter Rosemary Ethel born in 1930. Unfortunately, Arthur Gordon of 2 Abbots Road, Plymouth died on 19 February 1938, leaving Ruby to administer his £540 estate. In the summer of the following year she married Sidney William Boatfield. Sadly, on 21 March 1941, as a result of enemy action, her daughter Rosemary, aged 10, died at her home, 10 Warleigh Road, Mutley, Plymouth. Ruby and Sidney had one son, Richard B born in 1942. Private Sidney Boatfield was serving in the Somerset Light Infantry when he died at Folkestone on 29 May 1944. He is buried at Ford Park, formerly Plymouth Old Cemetery (Pennycomequick). Ruby married again, in 1946, to Louis A Wilson. She was 74 when she died in 1978.

79 Burnlane FRIEND Elizabeth Aun 74 S Devon Bridestow
Elizabeth FRIEND lived for many years with her widowed mother Grace in Bridestowe before coming to Brentor to live with her widowed niece, Mary Thorne. Elizabeth probably died in 1919 in Okehampton district.
61 Lower Whitstone GALE Samuel H 46 M Farm Labourer Devon Bratton Clovelly
61 Lower Whitstone GALE Harriet W 46 M 26:8:8 Devon Northlew
61 Lower Whitstone GALE Sarah D 10 School Devon Newquay
61 Lower Whitstone GALE Florence Elizabeth D 6 School Devon Milton Abbot
61 Lower Whitstone GALE George S 4 School Devon Milton Abbot
61 Lower Whitstone GALE Frances D 22 S Devon Thrushelton
Samuel GALE was the son of William Gale, also an agricultural labourer and Mary. In 1884 he married Harriet Crocker Balsdon, born 6 March 1866, who was also the child of an agricultural labourer. Birthplaces and census returns indicate that they moved around frequently for work, in 1891 they were living in Moorhouse, Lifton, and at 2 Bedford Cottages in Tavistock Hamlet, in 1901.

In 1911, eldest daughter, Mary E, born 1886 was in service with Arthur and Peggy Stanbury in Sydenham Damerel. Frances was with her parents for each census in 1891, 1901 and 1911. It is possible that in Okehampton in 1916 Frances married James Pike Dymond who was an 18 year old Stoker 2nd Class on the BELLERPHON in 1911. Born in Okehampton in 1892 he was a Stoker 1st Class on HMS Tiger K8441 during the war. William was shown as being eight months old in 1890 and was a farm labourer working for Albert and Emma Ackford at Dippertown, in 1911. William John Gale, born 13 July 1892, in Leworthy, whose mother was Harriett Gale of Lower Town, Coryton, was recorded as being a Royal Navy Leading Stoker serving aboard HM Submarine ‘K17’. His death on 31 January 1918 was described as being ‘killed or died by means other than disease, accident or enemy action.’ He drowned through a collision in the North Sea with HMS FEARLESS. The K class submarines were described as impressive but spectacularly misconceived, with 5 of the 17 either foundered or sunk in collision. Fred, in 1911, was aged 18 staying at the Royal Sailors Rest in William St, Devonport. Annie was 25 when she died in 1923. Sarah, born 28 Aug 1901, married John Beer Endacott in 1923 and went on to have ten children in all, five sons and five daughters. In 1939, she and John, a railway cortage clerk, were living at 1 Oakleigh Villas in Tavistock with all their children. Her mother Harriet and brother George, a general labourer, born on 5 February 1907, had their own household within the house. Nothing is known of Florence Elizabeth after 1911.

Samuel was living in Wood Parks, Coryton when he died at Tavistock Hospital in Tavistock on 16 August 1935 leaving an estate of £325. Harriett died in Tavistock in 1942.

54 South Brentor GERRY John H 52 M Shoemaker Devon Coryton
54 South Brentor GERRY Ann W 50 M 13:3:3 Devon Mary Tavy
54 South Brentor GERRY Ivy Miriam D 12 School Devon Coryton
54 South Brentor GERRY Cecil John S 11 School Devon Coryton
54 South Brentor GERRY Dora D 9 School Devon Brentor
John GERRY was the son of John, an agricultural labourer, and Elizabeth Gerry of Earland or Ireland, Coryton. In 1885 he married Helena Bate, who died the following year. In 1891 he was a widower, living with his sister Eliza in Coryton. He married Ann Roberts in 1897 and they are recorded as living in South Brentor in 1901, with children Miriam Ivy and Cecil John. John died in 1918. Miriam Ivy, born 8 September 1898, married farmer John (Jack) Bickle Symons 1897-1963 (see Symons family below) in 1938. In 1939 the couple were living at West Liddaton with his parents, William and Mary Ann. Jack died on 15 March 1963, leaving £5,367. Probate was granted to his widow, Miriam Ivy, of 5 Laburnum Cottage, Brooklands, Tavistock where she died on 7 January 1982.

Cecil John, born 3 March 1899, was an RDC worker living in South Brentor in 1939, next door to his sister Dora Launder. In 1941 he married Gladys M Wattam. Their son, Peter John, who was born on 23 June 1941, died in 2001. Cecil of Hollyhut, Brentor died at 5 Laburnum Cottages, Tavistock (possibly his sister, Miriam’s house) on 10 December 1965. Administraton of his estate of £1013 was with his son Peter John Gerry, railway fireman, and his sister, Dora Launder, widow.

Dora who had been born on 15 February 1902, married Alfred Richard Launder in 1928. Their daughter, Marion A born in 1934, was living with her mother in South Brentor in 1939. She married Gerald W Yeo of Crediton in 1953 in Tavistock. They were living in Falmouth between 2003-10. Alfred died on 22 November 1962 at Mount House Lodge, leaving £112. Dora was 79 when she died in Falmouth in 1981.

95 Lydford S Cotts GERRY Harry BiL 49 S Packer Permanent Way GWR Devon Coryton
Harry GERRY was the brother of John Gerry (above) and Mary Jane Walters. (see Walters below). In 1901 and 1911 Harry was staying with his brother in law George and sister Mary Jane Walters. He had lived with his parents in Coryton until they both died in the 1890s, and had then moved in with his sister and her family. In 1939 he was living at 22 Tracey St, Plymouth where he was described as a retired platelayer. Harry died in Plymouth on 24 January 1940, leaving an estate of £1,025 to be administered by Frances Maud Thomson, the wife of Sidney Reginald Ley.
The other John Gerry in the village, and his brother Richard, were born in Virginstow, the eldest sons of John Gerry 1819-91, a farmer of 157 acres at West Bradaford, and his wife Jane Downing 1829-1910. They had had four sons and a daughter: including John (below), Richard (below), Thomas, Mary and William. By 1891 John had left home and Thomas was described as the head of the household: a corn and coal merchant, with brother Richard. John and Jane had retired, Mary was their housekeeper and William, a tailor. The father, John, died in 1891 and in 1894 Thomas married Margaret Ann Jones. In 1901 they were recorded as the Master and Matron of the Union Workhouse in Launceston and in 1911, still childless, in the same position at the Taunton Workhouse. After the death of her husband, Jane moved with her daughter to 24 Knighton Road in Plymouth, where she was a dairy keeper and Mary Ann, a domestic servant. Mary Ann, born 12 May 1866, married Frederick William Northcott, a pneumatic platedriller at HM Dockyard, twelve years her junior. They had at least two children: Gwendoline, born 12 June 1902, and Kenneth W born 1908.  Her mother Jane died in 1910. In 1911 the Northcott family was living at 5 Ann’s Place, Stoke, Devonport, where they continued to live through to 1939 when the parents were sharing the house with their daughter Gwendoline, and her husband, Leonard Widdicombe, a shipwright. Mary Ann, of 9 Ganges Road, Stoke, died on 24 March 1955, leaving £255 to the care of her husband, Frederick, a retired dockyard skilled worker, to whom she had been married for over fifty years. By 1901, William had become a Minister, described as Bible Christian in 1901 when he was boarding in a lodging house in Newquay and a United Methodist Minister when lodging in Truro in 1911. There must have been great joy, and not a little amazement when, on 15 September 1920, aged 51, he married Eliza Holdsworth in the United Methodist Church in Bramley, Leeds, with his brother Thomas as a witness. On 10 December 1937, William, of 208 Peverell Park Road, Plymouth, died, leaving £3,715 to the care of his nephew Norman Henry Gerry of Rowden Farm (below) and his widow, Eliza.
20 Broadmead GERRY John H 50 M Farmer & Coal Merchant Devon Broford Virginstow
20 Broadmead GERRY Ivor John Benjamin S 20 S Asst Farmer & Coal Merchant Broadmead Brentor
20 Broadmead GERRY Wyndham William S 19 S Asst Farmer & Coal Merchant Broadmead Brentor
This John GERRY was not closely related to John and Harry (above) and Mary Jane Walters (below), as he was the son of John and Jane Downing Gerry (above) and brother of Richard (below). In 1881 he was an indoor farm worker for Mr and Mrs Prout at Higher Chillaton Farm, Milton Abbot and in 1891, living at Broadmead, he was a cattle dealer, general merchant and farmer. He married his wife, Annie Mary Evans in about 1888, though the marriage entry is elusive. Three of the four children born to them survived: Ivor John Benjamin born 13 May 1889, Wyndham William, a year younger and Doris Annie Mary born 5 December 1900. Unusually, throughout their marriage, Annie Mary, born in Bedwelty, Monmouthshire, worked as a teacher. In 1901 the family was together at Broadmead, but by 1911 they were living apart. John and their sons continued at Broadmead as above, but Annie Mary and daughter Doris Annie Mary were living at Ash Cottage, Clawton, Holsworthy where Annie, born in Bedwelty, Ebbw Vale was the head teacher of a County Council elementary school. Her entry describing her marriage of twenty two years and details of her children were crossed through by the enumerator.     Doris Annie Mary 1901-86 married Mark Staddon, a farmer, early in 1920 in Axminster. In 1939 Doris and Mark were living at Hall Farm with two children including Mark S J, a horseman on the farm, who had been born on 12 August 1920. She died on 7 January 1986 at 2 Croft Road, East Ogwell, Newton Abbot. The year after his sister, also in Axminster, Ivor John Benjamin 1890-1946 married Amelia Elizabeth James, the daughter of John and Amelia James of Waterhouse Farm, Waterhouse, Membury. Ivor and Amelia had at least five children, including Gladys Amy, born 1922, who later married Harry Mower; Albert John, born 14 November 1923, a tractor driver in 1939; Annie L born 1928; Frances, born 1931 and Thomas born 25 June 1934. Between 1931 and 1934 the family who had been farming at Cuthays in Axminster, moved to Hole Farm in Hartismere, Suffolk. Ivor, who was living at Dairy Farm, Forncett, St Peter, Norfolk, died on 15 September 1946 in the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. His eldest children, Gladys and Albert administered his £6,588 estate.  Wyndham William 1892-1978 served in the Machine Gun Corps as a Private, 55106, winning the British War and Victory Medals. His wedding to Dora Lillian Stone 1899-1976 took place in Axminster in 1925. She was one of the eight (or more) children of William and Fanny Stone of Membury Court Farm, Membury. Wyndham and Dora had two children William J born 1925 and Fanny 1931. He was living at Senlac, Zeal Head, South Zeal, Okehampton when he died, two years after his wife, on 16 March 1978, leaving an estate of £13,110.  Annie Mary died on 17 July 1938 at Bewley, Membury. Her husband John, a farmer, administered her £11 estate. He was described as being of Bewley, Chardstock, when he died at Higher Mills, Thrushelton, within months of his wife, on 9 January 1939, leaving £2088 to the care of his son, Wyndham and a solicitor.
60 Rowden Farm GERRY Richard H 48 M Hinc on Farm (Head in charge?) Devon Virginstow
60 Rowden Farm GERRY Fanny W 41 M 17:1:1 Cornwall Launceston
60 Rowden Farm GERRY Norman Henry S 17 S E Clerk Devon Brentor

Florice Annie Symons Gerry 1892-1988

Norman Henry Gerry and wife Florice Annie Symons of West Park and previously of Rowden Farm, celebrated 60 years of marriage in 1978

Richard GERRY does not appear to be related to John and Harry (above) and Mary Jane Walters (below). Richard was born in Virginstow, the son of John Gerry 1819-91, a farmer of 157 acres at West Bradaford, and his wife Jane Downing 1829-1910. In 1881 Richard was living in Higher Grinacombe, Broadwoodwidger with his uncle and aunt, Thomas and Ann Gerry, and in 1891 he was back with members of his own family, living in St Stephens Village, Launceston, with his younger brother as head of the household. After his marriage in 1893 to Fanny Thorne 1862-1950, they moved to Brentor where Norman Henry was born on 2 April 1894. On his application for exemption from active war service, it was explained that Norman Henry worked for his father Mr R Gerry, on 130 acres, with 10 milking cows and 15 acres of corn. He was granted six month exemptions from June-December 1916, January-April 1917 and April-October 1917. He was granted a conditional exemption in October 1917. They were in possession of an agriculture voucher in October 1917. In 1918 Norman Henry married Florice Annie Symons (see Symons below) who had been born at Liddaton Farm on 25 July 1892. They had two daughters: Edith Mary later Martin 1920-87 and Frances Ruth later Squire born 1924. In 1939 Norman continued to farm at Rowden Farm, living with him was his wife, their two children and his parents, now retired.  Richard died on 10 August 1940, leaving his estate of £1,044 to be administered by his widow, Fanny, and son Norman Henry. Fanny Gerry of Rowden Farm, died on 6 Aug 1950, aged 80, leaving £265 to be administered by her son, Norman Henry, a farmer. Norman Henry died at Crelake House, Tavistock, aged 90, on 8 March 1984, leaving an estate of £155,809: his wife Florice Annie also died in the Crelake Residential Home on 22 April 1988, aged 95, leaving £175,896.

M73 Burn View GIBBS Charles George Boa 22 S Architect & Surveyors Asst Devon Exeter
Charles George GIBBS was boarding with the Wraight family at Burn View, where Robert was described as a farmer – pensioner Clr Sgt. It may be that Charles George served with the Devons 20365 until 1919, giving his home address as Stritchley, Birmingham. He was the son of John Thomas, a Brewers Agency Manager 1857-1942, and his wife Fanny Ann Emery 1858-1933. They married in 1882 in Staffordshire, which was Fanny’s home county, and where their first child was born. After that, his job took them to various locations, including Warwickshire, Exeter, Worcester and Leicester where their other children were born between 1884 and 1899, until they settled in Torquay where Fanny became a lodging house keeper, in a thirteen roomed house at 62 Belgrave Rd, and John continued with his profession. Probate for John’s £2,661 estate, in 1942, confirmed that Charles George had become an architect. The other executor was Florence Maude, his eldest sister, who had married William Boys-Stones. Fanny had died in 1933. Charles George, born 9 September 1888, died late in 1980 on the Isle of Wight, aged 92.
9 Gill House GIBBS Gertrude Vis 30 M Som Bridgewater
9 Gill House GIBBS Leonard Vis 4 Gloucester Bristol
9 Gill House GIBBS Gwendolyn Vis 1   Devon Exeter
Gertrude Ellen Dyer married Charles Henry GIBBS in the Spring of 1906 in Bristol. Their children were named Charles Leonard and Gwendolyn Gertrude. There was no information about why they were staying at Gill House with the Rice family. They are next shown on the 1921 Canadian Census having moved to Vancouver in 1911. Their third child, John H was born in Canada in 1914. The family was Presbyterian and Charles gave his occupation as Agent Jobber. Charles Leonard was 74 when he died in 1980 in Vancouver.
117 The Retreat GILCHRIST William H 55 M   Auctioneer NK
117 The Retreat GILCHRIST Susannah W 55 M NK
117 The Retreat GILCHRIST N K D 30 Nk NK
117 The Retreat GILCHRIST N K D 26 S Said to be a school teacher NK
This entry is the enumerator’s ‘best guess’ concerning a family who were actually recorded only slightly more accurately at their main home in Plymouth. William George GILCHRIST, born in July 1850, was the son of butcher Joseph 1810- and his wife Jane 1823-, of 28 Fore Street in East Stonehouse. Possibly he was an Ordinary Seaman in 1871, a patient in the Seaman’s Hospital (Late DREADNOUGHT). His wife, Elizabeth Ann Prowse, was born 1853 in Devon. They married in 1875. In 1881 they had been living at 15 Clarence St, Plymouth, with Susan born 1877 and Arthur born 1880.  William was an accountant. In 1891, 1901 and 1911 they were living at 1 Princess Place Plymouth. In 1891 with four children, Susan Blanch, Arthur James, Ada Burgoyne born 1887 and George Prowse 1890 and in 1901 with three, Susan, Ada and George. All of the children were listed as being born in Plymouth. In 1911 just the two daughters were living with them in their ten roomed house, with daughter Susan Blanche described as a former hotel keeper now living at home and Ada Burgoyne was an assistant teacher at an elementary municipal school. William had been an auctioneer’s clerk and then house and estate agent, working on his own account.

In 1911, elder son Arthur James was a civil servant: second division clerk living at 5A Niederwald Road, Forest Hill, London, with his wife Ellen Elizabeth Deacon and their son, Edward William. They had married in Plymouth in 1908. In 1901 he had been a civil servant, boarding at 37 Herne Hill, Lambeth, London. In 1939, described as married, Arthur, born 21 June 1880 was a higher education officer in the Inland Revenue, living alone at 31 Graceland Rd, Wandsworth.  Arthur died in Plymouth in 1970, aged 89.

In 1911 younger son George Prowse (9 Nov 1889-1971 Sutton) was also a civil servant, lodging at 25 Brixton Hill, SW London. On 10 April 1915 George married Gladys Ethel May Ware in Camden Church Camberwell. His brother Arthur James was one of the witnesses. In 1939, George was widowed and was recorded as living at the Office of Works in King Charles St, SW1 in the City of Westminster, where he was a civil servant – assistant controller of supplies. When their father William George Gilchrist of 1 Princess Place, Notte St, Plymouth, died on 29 November 1927, both sons were named as executors for his £10,148 estate. When Elizabeth Ann continued to live at 1 Princess Place, but died at her daughter Ada’s home, Berrator Farm, on 10 April 1929, leaving £2,274 to the care of her daughter Ada Burgoyne Minhinnick.

Ada Burgoyne, born 15 April 1886, had married Frank Rowe Minhinnick of Windsor House, the son of the Brentor postmistress, on 25 April 1921 (see Minhinnick below).  In 1939 they were farming at Berrator Farm, Buckland, Tavistock with one child living with them.  When Frank, born 27 February 1885, died at the South Devon and East Cornwall Hospital at Plymouth on 5 August 1951, they were living at 4 Yelverton Terrace in Meavy Lane, Yelverton. Frank left £7,725 to his widow Ada Burgoyne Minhinnick. Ada died in 1961. Susan born in 1877 died in 1920 aged 43.

13 Cottage GILL Mary Jane H 43 M 24:3:3 Devon Brentor
13 Cottage GILL Joseph Redvers S 11 School Devon Brentor
Mary Jane (Batten) was the wife of Henry William GILL, and daughter of William Batten 1831-1915?, the eldest son of Daniel Batten 1803-73 and Elizabeth Stone 1808-73 (see Batten above) and older brother of Daniel, James and John. The complexity of relationships in the village is shown by the 1891 census record for Baylys Cottage, where Mary Jane’s daughter Margaret Mary, born 1888, was recorded with her widowed grandmother, Elizabeth Batten born 1833, shopkeeper and farmer: and her daughter Jessie Batten, assistant born 1871, her nephew Edward Batten 21 and another two of her grandchildren Annie E Metters 10 and Frank Minhinnick 6, whilst Mary Jane and son William were staying with her sister, Elizabeth and her husband Frank Minhinnick at Wortha Mill. In 1901 Mary Jane was living at Railway Station Cottages with her three children, Margaret Mary 1888, William 1890 and Redvers 1900, while Henry was in Louisiana.

In 1916 Mary 49, Margaret 29 and Joseph 16 were living at 409 Beverley St in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They stated that they had been in Canada since 1910, but had actually arrived in Montreal on the TEUTONIC on 20 August 1911. William Henry died soon after their arrival, as in 1916 Mary was a widow. Margaret was working as a saleslady and Joseph as an office boy. On 27 December 1919 Margaret married Reginald Foxley Minhinnick, the son of John Minhinnick, 1858-1925, a builder, and Kate Baker Foxley 1857-1932, of 32 Exeter St, Tavistock. Reginald, an engineer, left Bristol on 19 October 1911 and travelled to Montreal on the ROYAL EDWARD. Margaret and Reginald may have been related through the Batten Minhinnick cousins, met in Canada or re-united in Canada. Both Reginald, born 19 January 1888, and his brother Wilfred Thomas, born 19 June 1892, signed up for the Canadian Overseas Army. When Reginald signed up on 24 April 1916, he was C of E, a clerk, 5’1″ tall with a fresh complexion, blue eyes and light brown hair. He was an active member of the 79th Cameron Highlanders of Canada and had served three years with the Royal Field Artillery. His brother was a C of E, storekeeper, slightly taller at 5’1.5″ and with a fair complexion, blue eyes and light hair and had been with the 5th Devons for three years. By 1945 voting records show him as a machinist and his wife as Mrs Minhinnick. Reginald died in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on 14 July 1956.         Voting records show Joseph Redvers continuing to live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He married Californian, Grace Flora Fowles 1895-1970 on 19 August 1922 and their daughter Marjorie Patricia 1924-1985 was born in California. In 1930, Joseph declared that he lived at Third Street Montebello in Los Angeles, was 30, had married at 22 and was a mechanic electrician, having moved to USA in 1922. His mother left Winnipeg in 1923 to move to be with her daughter Margaret Minhinnick, who was living in Los Angeles. It was there in Los Angeles, California that Mary Gill died on 27 January 1936. In 1942 Joseph Redvers completed his draft registration document stating that his date of birth was 23 March 1900, he was 5’5″ tall, had a light complexion, brown eyes and hair, lived in Los Angeles and worked for G Tourness. His next of kin was Roy W Richardson. He died on 25 December 1972 and is buried in Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier LA.      William John had already travelled overseas by the time of the 1911 census, having been in Canada since 1909. On 23 August 1913 he married Florence May Wagg in Vancouver. Born in Wellington, England in 1889, she had traveled to Canada in 1911. They had two sons, both born in Vancouver: William John on 11 May 1914 and Stanley on 10 July 1916. They decided to move to America, travelling through Seattle on 22 August 1922 (three days after Joseph’s marriage) on the PRINCESS CHARLOTTE en route to 19 Vindoq Appts, Winnipeg, Manitoba before moving on to Los Angeles. By 1930 they were at 94 Delours St, Dominguez, Los Angeles. William was a carpenter, working in house building, they owned their house and had a radio. In 1938 they began their naturalization process, which was completed in 1940. He described himself as being 5’7″ tall and having a dark complexion, brown eyes and black hair. William died in July 1967 in Lomota, CA.

41 Glenfield Hse GILL Edith Maud  H 27 S Dressmaker Devon Mary Tavy
41 Glenfield Hse GILL Elsie May Sis 19 S Nurse (Domestic) Devon Mary Tavy
41 Glenfield Hse GILL Winifred Josie Sis 15 S Devon Whitchurch
41 Glenfield Hse GILL Arnold Martin (Prob nephew) GS 2


S Devon Brentor
Joseph GILL 1862-1943 and Mary Crocker 1856-1924, the parents, were not present on census night. They had six daughters: including Ethel Jane who married James Dawe (see Dawe above), Mildred May and Barbara who were not at Glenfield House at the time of the census. Joseph was a mining engineer who was not with his family for either the 1901 or 1911 census.  In 1939 he was a retired engineer, living at Chapel Cottage, close to his daughter, Ethel J Dawe, at nearby Rose Cottage. He was living at Hedgegrow, Brent Tor when he died on 5 June 1943, leaving his estate of £34 12s to be administered by Rev Henry Edgar Owen Davies, clerk, the Vicar of Brentor.

In 1901 his wife Mary was living at Glenfield with five of her daughters. In 1911 she was visiting her daughter Mildred Mary, her husband, farmer, Thomas Cleave, and their six month old son, John, at Kinterbury Farm in St Budeaux, Plymouth. Mildred died in 1972 aged 86. In 1911 Edith was described as the head of the house at Glenfield, but this was in her parents’ absence, hence the description of Arnold Martin Gill as grandson, when it is more likely that he was Edith’s nephew or son. As there do not seem to be any Gill sons, it is not obvious who Arnold’s mother is. Their mother Mary died in 1924.

Edith, born 4 March 1884, married George Manning in 1916: he appears to have been about twenty years older than her. They had two sons James 1919-86 and Peter 1920-96. In 1939 the family was living at Pennmore View in Plymouth, where George was a retired labourer and James a picture restorer. Also living with them was her sister, Winifred J Stadden born on 11 February 1896 and her daughter, Josie B, born on 19 September 1921. Edith died in 1969 aged 86. Winifred Josie had married Harry Sherman Staddon in Devonport in 1916 and died in Bath in 1988 when she was 92.

It is uncertain whether Elsie was 35 when she died in Torquay on 11 June 1927 or whether she married John T Payton in Portsmouth in 1915. The other daughter, Barbara, was a nurse in South Kensington in 1911. She married Harry Hare in St Budeaux Parish Church on 5 August 1916: she died on 7 September 1979 aged 91. Grandson/nephew Arnold may have been Joseph Arnold Martin Gill, born 17 September 1908, married to Winifred Irene Trigger. They were living with her father at 3 Wesley Place, Plymouth in 1939. Joseph Arnold was a librarian. He died in Plymouth on 21 June 1998 aged 89.

45 Herring Arms GLOVER Walter Joseph H 49 M Publican Devon Plymouth
45 Herring Arms GLOVER Lizzie W 40 M 18:0:0 Northum’land Howden?
45 Herring Arms GLOVER Susan Mth 78 W Devon Ringmore
45 Herring Arms GLOVER Samuel S 25 S Assistant on Farm Devon Cornwood
Walter GLOVER‘s father, also Walter, had been a drill sergeant in the Marines in Deal, before becoming a publican, initially in Cornwood, Devon in 1881, then he had a spell as a farmer in 1891 before moving to the Herring Arms by 1901. Son Walter worked with him there as a publican in 1901, before taking over the licence on his father’s death on 11 September 1907, when his estate amounted to £2,295. Grandson, Samuel John had lived with his grandparents throughout his life. There is no record of Walter Joseph in 1891 when his son was 5 and living with his grandparents. It is likely that Lizzie was Walter’s second wife as they did not marry until 1893 and had no children. His parents, Walter and Susan had married in 1861 and had two other children: Susan Ann born 27 April 1864 and John Henry born 20 November 1866. Susan died in 1914 aged 81. Their son Walter was 73 when he died in 1934.

Samuel John married Lavinia Gladys Skidmore 1894-1969, a cook, in 1914. They had two children: Susan, later Brauss, born in 1917 and Walter W born in 1924. In 1939 the family was living and working at Tilberage Farm in Lewdown. Samuel died in the Launceston area in 1964.


111 Ingo Brake GLYDE Janet Katharine Gov 22 S Governess Devon Babbacombe
Governess to the Radford family at Ingo Brake, Janet Katharine GLYDE was born on 18 September 1888, the daughter of Edwin Glyde 1849-1916 and his wife Florence 1853-1932, who were financially independent. Prior to working at Ingo Brake, she had lived with her family in St Mary Church, Devon. On 28 June 1911, her family left Bristol with Janet and their other five children aged 17 to 26 to go to Montreal in Canada. These children were farmers, teachers and an engineer. On 3 January 1916, Janet married Henry Stelfox 1883-1974 a farmer, originally from England, in Edmonton, Alberta.  They had at least five children, possibly, nine. Her father, Edwin died on 29 June 1916, leaving an estate of £4,867. His widow Florence died in Victoria in 1932. Janet died on 15 July 1958 in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada.
97 Lydford S Cotts GOAD Mary Jane H 50 W 28:8:7 Devon Bickleigh
97 Lydford S Cotts GOAD Richard Henry S 28 S Railway Labourer Devon Egg Buckland
97 Lydford S Cotts GOAD Lillian Emily D 13 D School Devon Brentor
97 Lydford S Cotts GOAD Lena Kate D 8 D Devon Brentor
93 Torr Side GOAD May Ser 19 S Devon Lydford
Mary Jane Palk 1861-1912 had, in 1882 in Plymouth, married Henry Edwin GOAD 1855-1902, a railway worker. Henry was the son of William Goad 1824-97, an agricultural labourer, and his wife Mary Hardy 1826-61+. Mary was the daughter of James Palk 1835-96, a general labourer, and his wife Mary 1832-1916. In 1891, Henry was a platelayer on the GW Railway and the family was living at No 5 GWR Cottages, Ford Mill in Brentor. By 1901 he had become a ganger on the GWR. The family address was given as Lydford Station Cottages.  In 1911, Mary’s seven surviving children born between 1883 and 1903 were: Richard Henry, William James, Alfred John, Ernest Percy, Florence May, Lillian Emily and Lena Kate.

Richard 1883-1959 married Ethel Linda Hawke in 1913. It is possible that he was an Acting Corporal in the Royal Engineers Railway Unit for which he received the British War Medal and the Victory medal. Richard and Ethelinda were living at 3 Saltram Villas in Plympton in 1939 when Richard was described as a railway permanent ganger maintenance repair staff.      William 1884-1974, a station porter in Horrabridge in 1911, married Elsie Agnes Palmer in 1914. Their son Reginald who had been born in 1916 was living with them in 1939 at 11 Winston Ave in Plymouth. He was an articled clerk to an incorporated accountant, whilst his father, William James was a railway goods checker.   Alfred 1888-1971 joined the railway on 7 April 1903 and retired on 3 January 1948, his 60th birthday. He was commended in May 1909 for averting a collision and was awarded one guinea. His eyesight was good throughout, but it was noted that he had a varicose vein in his right leg. In 1939 he was living with his wife Alice at 41 Federation Road in Plymouth, next door to his sister, Lillian Emily (Curtis) and her family.       Ethel Emma 1886-7 died in infancy.

At the time of the 1911 census (Ernest) Percy 1891-1918 was a bookstall assistant living at 32 Exeter Street in Tavistock with the Willcocks family. Initially, he joined the 1st (Garrison) Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment as a private (241113) and subsequently transferred to the Labour Corps in the 801st Area Employment Company (358014). He died on active service, aged 27, on 15 November 1918 and is buried in the Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery in Egypt and commemorated on the Brentor War Memorial.

Florence or May as she was named in the census, 1893-1959 married Harry Crossman Hammett (see Hammett below) on 18 September 1913. They had two children: William Henry Edwin born 6 January 1914 and Frederick J C born 1921, after his father’s return from the army.    Lilian Emily, born 14 December 1897, married William J Curtis, a GWR driver, in 1922. They had four daughters: Mary E born 14 June 1923-80, later Skidmore, Irene 1925, married John C Howe in 1948, Phyllis born 1927 and Pamela E who married Harold Arran in Hertfordshire in 1952, later moving to Clacton. In 1939 the family was living at 39 Federation St in Plymouth, next door to Lilian’s brother, Alfred and his wife. Lillian died on 22 April 1985, when she was living at 9 Jessops, Woodford in Plymouth, leaving an estate under £40,000.     Lena Kate 1902-86 married Samuel Northey, a general labourer, in 1925. They had one son, John H born in 1928. In 1939 the family was living at 10 Woodland Villas in Honicknowle, Plymouth with Samuel’s brother, also John, a storehouseman in a seed shop. Lena was living at 239 Crownhill Road, Honicknowle, Plymouth when she died on 25 November 1986, leaving an estate, like Lillian’s, of under £40,000.

Percy’s effects were distributed among his siblings in three payments. On 23 September 1919, William, Alfred, Florence and Lillian received £1 0s 8d each and Lena (a minor?) 11s 3d. On 15 January 1920 each of these received a further £2 6s 8d. Richard received no payment until 26 April 1924 when he received a total of £3 7s 5d.

Mary Jane died at the age of 52 on 15 October 1912. Both parents are commemorated on a gravestone in Brentor Cemetery. Ernest Percy was named on his parents’ gravestone as their beloved youngest son, and remembered by his brothers and sisters with the heartfelt words.”Sleep on dear brother in a foreign land in a grave we may never see, But as long as life and memory last we shall always remember thee.”

M77 L&SWRCotts GOSS Percy Boa 22 S W Parcel porter Devon Newton Tracey
Bernard Percival or Percy GOSS was lodging with the Bevan family (see Bevan above). He was the only son of the four children of Reuben Goss 1851-1906 and Jane Seldon 1852-1901+ of Newton Tracey, near Barnstaple. Reuben was a farmer’s son, and worked with his father in law, for much of his life and Jane was a dressmaker. When he enlisted on 18 August 1917 at Exeter he had given his sister Ellen Annie as his next of kin but this was updated to reflect his marriage to Sarah Annie Powlesland on 29 September 1917 (see Powlesland below). He stated he was a porter with the LSW giving 3 Great Western Cottages, Lydford as his address. He was 27 years 1 month, and 5’8″ tall. He requested the Railway Service but seems to have been a private in the Labour Corps. His medical notes are difficult to read but hold some interest. In 1939 he and Annie were living at 25 Carrington Terrace, Barnstaple, where he was a railway clerk. Annie died in 1947, Percy in 1970, having married Eva Davey in 1948.
8 Brentor GREENING Matthew H 20 M Farm Labourer Devon Brentor
8 Brentor GREENING Beatrice Ellen W 22 M 1:0:0 Devon Bratton Clovelly
Matthew GREENING and Beatrice Ellen Prouse had at least three children after the census, Harry in 1912, Gladys 1914 and Beatrice 1916. Matthew was the son of shepherd Matthew Greening, and his wife Mary Ann Mason, who had married in 1871. The 1911 census shows Matthew’s parents Matthew and Mary Ann living at Long Cross with one of their sons, Charlie Greening, a bricklayer who, after passing his trade test, was considered to be skilled, and allotted to the 13th Works Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment (Private) before transferring to the Army Service Corps. After seeing service in France from 10 November 1916, he received his demob papers at Fovant on 15 February 1919. On enlistment he was 34 years and 3 months, 5’9.5″ tall and weighed 154lbs. Matthew snr had spent much of his life as an agricultural labourer living at Mongstone (sic) in Brentor, but by 1911 he was working for the District Council as a labourer. During their forty year marriage, they had eight children, six of whom were still alive in 1911.

Frederick John born 1874, died in 1885 aged 11.     Their eldest daughter Mellen or Mellony married John Cowling in 1896 (see Cowling above).    Their son Henry married Jessie Bickle, the daughter of John Bickle and Mary Ann Symons, who had lived in Brentor. By 1911 Henry was a Police Constable in the Metropolitan Police and they were living in South Bermondsey with their children Dorothy and Charles Henry.    John born 6 November 1885, had been working for the Rice brothers in 1901. He was married to Elizabeth E when he enlisted in the Royal Air Force 165487 on 8 May 1918.

Matthew, the youngest had married Beatrice Ellen ‘Nellie’ Prouse in 1910. She was the daughter of William Prouse and his wife Eliza Ann Poole (see Prouse below). Matthew and Nellie’s daughter Beatrice V married Archibald Stanbury in 1937. In 1939 Matthew and Ellen were living in Standard Court, Mary Tavy. He was a rockstone quarrier and general labourer. Beatrice Ellen ‘Nellie’ died in 1952 and Matthew in 1965.

67 Liddaton GREENING Edward H 67 M 44:9:7 Licensed Hawker Devon Marystow
67 Liddaton GREENING Phillippa W 68 M Cornwall Laneast
Edward GREENING 1845-1929 and Philippa Denner 1844-1921 were married in 1866. Eight of their nine children born between 1865 and 1884 can be traced.    Jane, after some years in service married James Bickle in 1906 (see Bickle above) as his second wife. John was working on a farm when he was 13. In Plymouth in 1890, he married Martha Millman, ten years his senior. Their daughter Florence Dorothy was born in Plymouth on 2 June 1895. By 1911 they were living at 31 Oakdale Road in Streatham SW London, where he was a caretaker. It was a twelve roomed house, so may have been what he was caring for. They continued to live there through 1918, when Florence married Stanley Eslick on 16 October at St Anselm’s church Streatham. Stanley, originally from Tavistock, was a Stoker 2nd Class at HMS VIVID in 1912, a Stoker on HMS GLORIOUS and had been a Stoker 1st Class and Acting Leading Stoker K16022 on HMS AJAX during the war. John was a house porter in 1918. In 1939 Florence was staying with Melleny and John Cowling at Woodford Hosue (see Cowling above). Melleny was probably a cousin.     Ernest Edward started his working life as a blacksmith, but later became a Congregational Minister in other parts of the country. He married Martha Marsh in 1900 and died in Manchester in 1933, leaving £1,674 to his widow.       After time in service, some with her sister Jane, Emma married Albert Henry Williams, a gardener, in 1902 and they were living at 3 Lower Brimley Cottages in Teignmouth in 1911. They had been married for eight years without having children.        George Henry moved to Canada in 1908 and on 5 November 1910, when 35, he made a Homestead application for a piece of landing in Legal, Alberta, that had the potential for 100 acres to be farmed. There were 40 acres of swamp, 20 acres of small trees and shrub and 2 acres of hay land, but it is uncertain whether this is in addition to the 100 acres. On the land there was an old house, which had been stripped, a hen coop and garden fence. In further information submitted, he stated that he had lived there from February until December 1911, March 1912 – 25 May, and then had continuous occupation. He had broken 5 acres in 1911 and cropped 4 of them. In 1912 he had made arrangements to have it done. He was requesting that his entry be protected: because of his brother in law’s sickness, he had to go out to work to support the family.  As an unmarried labourer aged 41, he joined the Canadian army 100762 in Edmonton in July 1915. He was 5’3″ tall with a clear complexion, brown eyes, dark brown hair and scars on his back and shoulders.  In 1921 he was living in Vancouver South and working as a labourer.       Philippa, a dressmaker, married Henry Doidge in 1902. In April 1911 they were living in Launceston with their four children: Edward, Margaret Emma, Philippa Mary and Henry James but on 17 May that year they left Bristol on their way to Canada, where they were recorded in the 1916 census as living in Edmonton, probably near her brother George. It is likely that Henry was the sick brother in law that George was helping. By 1921 there were six Doidge children, with the addition of Henry and William. Henry Doidge left Bristol as a plasterer, arrived in Canada as an engine driver and farmer: 1916 saw him as a soldier and 1921, a labourer.       William, a wall mason, married Annie Susan Hamlyn 1881-1971 and in 1911 they were living at 4 Ivy Cottages, Moretonhampstead with their son: William Clarence 1910-95. Daughter Estella Joyce was born in 1914. She married Horace Sidney Grose in 1940. They had a son and a daughter. Estella Joyce died in 1958. William was living at 8 Kinsmans Dell in Moretonhampstead when he enlisted in the Devon Territorials as a gunner on 12 July 1915. He was nearly 5’9″ tall with a fair complexion, brown eyes and light brown hair. He had served 237 days when he was discharged as being no longer physically fit for War Service. It was recorded that he was honest, calm and trustworthy. His sight had been considered good enough initially, but the sight in his right eye was poor and judged not likely to improve, as the defect was progressive. This was considered not to be due to military service as he had had it on enlistment.       Edward was a stonemason, at home with his parents in 1901 but in 1904 he married Emmie Garrish in Plymouth. In the 1911 census in Tuell Down he is recorded as a licensed hawker, like his father, but in the interim, he had been a soldier, as he had a pension as a sapper. They had three sons: Edward Richard Redver, born 28 December 1905, who married Gladys N Mettors in 1932. They had two children: Dennis E born 1933 and Glennis A born 1942. In 1939 Edward was a builders mason and they were living at Nirvana in Bolt House Close, Launceston Road, Tavistock, which was his home when he died on 19 April 1974 leaving an estate of £18,998. Edward and Emmie’s son, Jack was probably named John, but it has not been possible to trace him after 1911. Claud was born on 8 July 1911, he married Ethel S(elma?) Westlake in Tavistock in 1932. They appear to have had two children: Barbara Eileen (Hicks) born 1 November 1932-2005 and John born 1934 who married Gabrielle Doidge in 1973.

Edward senior had spent much of his life as a farm labourer: when he died in 1929, he was living in Liddaton Green, Lewdown. Administration of his estate of £236 was granted to his son, Ernest Edward, the Congregational Minister.

49 South Brentor GRIGG Ernest Boa 19 S Carter on farm Cornwall Langore
Ernest GRIGG was lodging with William Kimber (see Kimber below). He was the son of William Henry, a butcher and his wife Jane, of Advent Parish, Camelford. In the years after the census Ernest Grigg went to Nevada, California, where as an unemployed miner he received his Civilian Draft Registration on 3 October 1917. He was described as being tall with brown hair and eyes. He died in Arizona on 22 December 1934 aged 42.
29 Cottage GUSCOTT James H 60 M Farm Labourer Devon Brentor
29 Cottage GUSCOTT Mary Jane W 45 M 23:5:4 Cornwall St Newlyn
29 Cottage GUSCOTT Nellie D 16 S Devon Coryton
29 Cottage GUSCOTT Clara D 14 Devon Brentor
James GUSCOTT was the son of James Guscott 1808-85 and Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Hellier 1816-92 of Westcott, Milton Abbot, who had married in 1838. He was also the brother of Pamela who married Richard Cook (see Cook above) and William, the father of Florence (see Guscott below). Their parents James and Elizabeth were living in West Blackdown in 1881. Following the death of James sen, Elizabeth was depending on parochial relief at 5 The Court, Brentor. Next door was her son William Guscott and his wife Elizabeth Vogwell (see Williams below) and their family, which included Florence (below).

At that time James and his wife Mary Jane Rickard who had married in Tavistock in 1888, were living at 1 Stentaford. She was the daughter of lead miner turned cobbler, Robert Henry Rickard 1834-1902, also known as Henry Robert, and his wife Sarah Ann Scobie 1837-1925 who had married in St Columb in 1856.

When James died on 6 February 1928, he was living at The Court. Administration of his effects of £75 was granted to Robert Edwin Warmington, rate collector, who also administered the £173 estate of Mary Jane Guscott, who was still living in The Court when she died on 23 September 1949. (Robert Edwin was the brother of John Warmington, their son in law. Robert was described as an accountant when he went, with his wife and three sons, to Commerce Texas. Their passage was paid by his mother, Mrs E A Warmington, who was Mary Jane’s sister Elizabeth Ann Rickard.)

The two named daughters: Nellie born on 18 June 1894, had a daughter Gladys Stella, known as Stella, who was born on 11 May 1915. She married Reginald Barriball Mills, 1907-85, a butcher’s assistant, in 1934 and had one son, David F R born later that year. In 1939 they were living at Davidscott, Brentor. She married Edwin L Claringbold in 1955. She died in Petersfield Hampshire in 2001, aged 86. Nellie married William Alfred Sly, a roadstone quarrier, early in 1921 and had one son Alfred Percy 1921-99. In 1939 William and Nellie were living at the Bungalow in Brentor. Nellie died in 1978.        Clara born on 13 September 1896, married John Francis Stephens, a railway labourer from Mary Tavy in 1935. They had one son Robin, born on 17 December 1938, who was living with his mother and grandmother at The Cottage, Brentor in 1939, while his father was lodging with the Spry family at 28 Herbert Place, Plymouth. Clara died in 1972, aged 76.

The two daughters not listed, who survived to adulthood were: Emily Jane 30 Oct 1888-3 Oct 1968 who married her cousin John Warmington in 1910 in St Columb Cornwall, not far from her mother’s birthplace. They had three children: Joyce Madelaine 1911-75 (later Earrey), John James Henry 1912-3 and John Henry 1913-1990.  In 1939, the family was living at 12 Leaden Rd in St Columb. John was a carpenter/joiner. Emily died in 1968. In 1911 her sister Annie Elizabeth was working nearby as a housemaid at The White House, Fistral Road Newquay.

31 Rose Cottage GUSCOTT Florence SD 26 S Devon N Brentor
Florence Annie GUSCOTT was the daughter of William Guscott and Elizabeth Vogwell of 4 The Court (see above), who had married in 1874. Their other child was George 1875-97. In 1911 Florence was living with her mother and stepfather Henry Williams (see Williams below). In 1916 she married William Cory Cornish 1885-1982. They were living in Bideford and had four daughters: Mary Elizabeth B 1917-91, Doris Pearl 1918-2004, Vera Lucy 1920-97 and Edith Jessie May 1922-2005. Florence died in Bideford in 1925
99 Lydford S Cotts HAMMETT Theophilus H 59 W Signalman GWR Devon NK
99 Lydford S Cotts HAMMETT Mary Elizabeth D 36 S H on LWM Housekeeper (Domestic) Devon Whitchurch
93 Torr Side HAMMETT Harry Ser 29 S Devon Lydford
Theophilus HAMMETT 1851-1933 was born in Walkhampton Devon. He married Jane Crossman 1851-1905 of Sampford Spiney in 1873 in Stoke Damerel. They had nine children between 1874 and 1890: Mary Elizabeth, Thomas Heath Poplestone, Septimus William, Harry Crossman, Edwin John, Alice Maud, Winifred Jane, Stanley and Theophilus George.

After the death of her mother, Mary Elizabeth or Polly 1873-1954 took over the housekeeping role until she volunteered as a nurse in London to help the war effort. On 8 July 1916 she married Charlie Berry of Kent, who had been a Private in the army for eleven years, having served in India and Gallipoli. Twelve days after the wedding he returned to France, where he died in the Hindenburg Trench at Thiepval on 24 August 1916 aged 30 years, just seven weeks after his marriage. He is commemorated on the Lydford War Memorial. Mary died in 1961, her father Theophilus, a man described as having a Father Christmas beard, died in 1933. On his gravestone, Mary Berry is described as the widow of Charles.     Thomas Heath or Tom 1875- was a gardener in Devon and Cornwall before emigrating to Canada in 1905, where he was worked as a florist. He married Ethel Moxham Herrington 1884-1917 in York, Ontario on 21 May 1906. They had two daughters Stella born 1907 and Hilda born 1913. He made at least one trip home to Lydford Station, Bridestowe as he returned to Halifax on 14 February 1924 leaving from Southampton on the ANTONIA, a florist aged 48. He was listed as a florist, with Hilda on the voting register in York, Ontario for 1935.     Septimus William 1878-1937 was born and baptised (4 July) in Launceston. In 1891 he was a boy of all work at the Spring Hill School House, working for the Winning family and their boarders. In 1901 he was working at the Bideford Hotel; marrying Susan Katherine Farwell 1880-1923 of Dorset, in Exeter in 1902. They had one daughter, Katherine Winnifred 1903-91, who was awarded the MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for services as Headmistress of All Saints Church of England Junior School, Isle of Wight in 1956.     Harry Crossman 1879-1962 had become a chauffeur, probably for Alderman Nicholls, before he joined up in the ASC (MT) on 21 August 1916, first as a Private, 203656 and later as an acting Corporal. He was 5’6″ with Category A vision. He served in Italy and France and was demobilised on 13 April 1919 from the No 1 Mobile Repair Unit of the RASC (MT) as a Ford Driver. The two injuries sustained during the war were both sprained wrists, which he explained, occurred when the engine of his Ford backfired, when he was turning the starting handle. He had married Florence May Goad 1893-1959 (see Goad above) on 18 September 1913. They had two children: William Henry Edwin 6 Jan 1914 – 1931 and Frederick John Crossman born 1921. In 1929 he was still working as a chauffeur for Alderman Nicholls, as he is recorded driving the Daimler that took the Alderman to the opening of the Nicholls Hall in Lydford. Born on 6 September 1879, in 1939 he was described as a retired chauffeur, living with Florence, fourteen years his junior, at St Petrocks in Lydford. Both served in the ARP in the Second World War. Harry was living at Kyrtonia, 11 Mount Wise, Launceston when he died on 11 January 1962, leaving £2267 to be administered by his son, Frederick John Crossman Hammett, a company representative. Florence had died three years before on 26 February 1959, when they had been living at 1 Woodford Avenue, Marsh Mills, Plympton. Her effects of £945 had been left in the care of her husband Harry Crossman and her sister Lena Kate Northey, wife of Samuel Northey.     Edwin John or Jack, born 3 May 1881, worked on the railways, like his father, joining in March 1900 as a porter and becoming a guard working in Wales and later in Swindon until 1912. He married Emma Lobb 1882-1947 in 1904 and they had two children: Kathleen Beryl Jane born 24 November 1905 in St Austell and Theophilus Reginald born 19 December 1911 in Pontypool. In 1911, he was a railway guard, living with his wife and daughter at 1 Glendower St, Aberbeg, Monmouthshire. The 1921 Kelly’s Directory of Warwickshire shows him living at 31 St Mary’s Road, Leamington but does not list his occupation, though it was likely to be railway linked. Jack was a railway traffic inspector in 1939 when the family was living at 58 Gratwicke Road in Reading, Berkshire with one of their children, probably Theophilus, who went on to serve in the Royal Army Service Corps with the rank of Second Lieutenant. Jack was living at 318 Warwick Road in Banbury, Oxfordshire when he died on 3 October 1964. Probate for his £741 estate was granted to Albert Edward Ayres, a chief security officer, his son in law, married to Kathleen in 1932. Emma had died on 17 April 1947 when they were living at 72 St Brannock’s Road, Ifracombe. Jack was described as a retired railway yardmaster when he was granted probate for her £1,362 estate.      Alice Maud 1885-1936 travelled to Canada in April 1920, intending to enter domestic service there with the Symons family. On 15 November 1920 she married Benjamin Chauncey Weese, a widower with two sons. She died of cancer on 9 September 1936, two years after her husband. Her brother Theophilus was the informant.        Winifred Jane died in 1901, aged 13.       Stanley worked as a lad porter on the railways at Loddiswell from 1905 until March 1907 when he resigned. He was in Canada, living at 330 Main St Toronto, working as a railroad conductor when he signed up for the Canadian Mounted Rifles on 27 September 1916. He was described as single, 5’4″, with a mole by the right corner of his mouth and a scar on the back of his head. On 25 July 1918 he was recorded as being in transit through Buffalo, New York from Toronto to Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania and described as of medium height, medium build, with blue eyes and dark brown hair. His wife Edith was in Folkestone, England. In the US Residents serving in the Canadian Expedititionary Force he was described as a single (though actually married) machinist born on 14 June 1889 and living at 146 West Canton St in Boston, Mass, with a note CEF Boston to St John’s 8-8-18. His United States Draft card recorded him on 12 September 1918 as an oiler at the Beth Steel Company, with wife Edith Clara living 24 Warley Road, Brighton, Sussex, England. He had married Edith Clara Dorrell 1875-1929 early in 1918 in Eltham Kent.  She travelled to St John, New Brunswick to join him on 5 April 1919. By 1920 she was living with him, as boarders in Allentown, Lehigh, Pensylvania, where he was working as a machinist. On 19 August 1926 Clara returned to Canada on board the ORBITA from Southampton, after visiting her family in Folkestone. On 30 May 1928 Stanley sailed from New York, which was also given as his last place of residence, on the SS CARABOBO to Puerto Rico. Resident in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio in 1928, he died the following year on 19 June 1929 in Bethlehem, Northampton, Pennsylvania, just three months after Clara had died of pulmonary and intestinal tuberculosis on 16 March 1929 in Allentown State Hospital, Lehigh, Pennsylvania.      (Theophilus) George, born on 7 November 1891, was living with his brother Tom and family in 1911, having emigrated to Canada in 1908. He was working as a lumberjack. On 3 June 1915 he married Jeannie Bell Hall 1894-1955 in York, Ontario. She was from St Ninians, Stirlingshire, Scotland and had arrived in Quebec on 19 April 1913. George enlisted in November 1915, giving his home address as Snells Terrace, E Moira St, Belleville and his occupation as brakeman. He was just over 5’8″ tall, with a dark complexion, blue eyes, brown hair and a small scar on his right cheek. Little more is known about him other than that they had two children Theophilus George born 1917 and (possibly) Barbara. George died on 7 December 1965 in Belleville Ontario, ten years after Jean.

71 Liddaton HAYMAN Richard Ser 23 S Farm Labourer Devon Tavistock
Richard HAYMAN was lodging with the Worth family at Liddaton. Although his birthplace was given as Tavistock, it is more likely that he was born and brought up in Teignmouth. If this is the case, his parents were William, a labourer, and Mary. Mary was widowed by the time Richard was 5. She earned a living as a washerwoman or laundress to bring up her six children. Richard was the youngest.
73 Liddaton HEGGDON Stephen H 73 M Retired Farmer Devon Bratton Clovelly
73 Liddaton HEGGDON Mary Ann W 70 M 46:10:8 Devon Bratton Clovelly
Stephen HEGGDON or HEGGADON, more accurately, was the son of Mary and Thomas Heggadon, a farmer of 200 acres at Redstone, Bratton Clovelly. Stephen and Mary Ann had married in 1866 and early in their married life, in 1871, were at Blagrove Farm (47 acres) in Bratton Clovelly, which was between his brother John’s farm at Broxcombe (300 acres) and his brother Samuel at Redstone with 200 acres. They had three children living with them then: Stephen born 1867, Ilet 1868 and Easter (Esther) 1870. Ten years later they were farming 180 acres at Thrushelton with Thomas 1871, Frederick 1872, William John 1876 and Monta 1879 added to the family. In 1891 they were living at North Downs, Thrushelton and their children now included Hetty Beatrice born 1882, and Mary Ann 1884.

Eldest son Stephen married Annie Jane White in 1894 in Tavistock. Their only son, Cyril, was born on 25 January 1895 in Lydford. In 1901 Stephen was an assistant warden in the prison service living in Princetown with his wife and son. In 1911 when he was 16, Cyril was still at school and the family was living in the Government Quarters at Rochester in Kent where Stephen was the Principle Warden at the Borstal. Cyril’s call up and discharge papers in the Great War indicate that Stephen continued in this capacity through to Cyril’s demobilisation in 1920. This service saw him enlisting as a bank clerk living at 43 Church Road, Hackney and serving in Alexandria and Salonika. By 1939 he was a bank cashier living at 270 Upper Elmers End Road in Beckenham, Kent with his wife, Lillian Harriet. He was living at Chaseley Manor Estate in Horrabridge when he died on 15 March 1978, leaving £525. Sytephen may have died in the Tavistock area in 1942 but this could have been the farmer of the same name from Tiverton.

Ilet, 27 March 1868-1956, married prison warden George Lintern in 1895 in Tavistock. The 1911 census shows them living in the Government Quarters in Princetown with their two daughters, Veronica Hettie born 1900 and Brenda May born 1906. By 1939 George and Ilet were living at Lidwell, Stoke Climsland, where they were dairy farming.      Esther married Frederick Charles Strong, a farmer, in 1900. The census in the following year shows them living at Crebor Farm, Tavistock Hamlets. In the 1911 census they had been married ten years with one child, their daughter Ivy Esther. She later married John Gidley and her mother, Esther, by then widowed, was living with them and their daughter Imogen Esther, later Halsey in 1939. Esther may have died in Bideford in 1952.    Thomas born 13 April 1871 continued the family links with the Prison Service. In 1897 he married Sarah Newcombe in Tavistock and was living with her and their daughter Gladys Vilda Mary in 1901 in E block of the Government Quarters in Princetown. In 1907 he married Ethel Gertrude Barrell 1885-1959, presumably after Sarah’s death. By 1911 he was still in the Prison Service and they had Gladys and two children of their own living with them: Stephen born 1909 and 3 month old James Adolphus Henry. Francis G was born on 12 November 1915 and Kathleen J, 26 October 1922-1987. By 1939 Thomas was a retired civil servant and they were living at Ollivers in Whitestone, Devon with James, an agricultural blacksmith; Francis a clerk in a surveyors and valuers and Kathleen doing office work. Gladys, 16 October 1899-1970, was living at 7 Charlton Terrace in Plympton St Mary where she was an elementary school teacher. Thomas was still living at Ollivers when he died at Redhills Hospital in Exeter, leaving an estate of £1,973, administered by his sons Stephen, an assistant manager and James, an agricultural engineer.

Fred born 21 June 1872, also worked for the Prison Service, in 1901 as the horse keeper, in 1911 as a farm labourer and by 1939 he was a retired prison officer. He married Fanny Elizabeth White 1872-1931 in 1895 and they had two children: Frederick Clifford born 26 September 1895 and Olymphia Fanny born 24 May 1901-1983. Frederick Clifford served in the Royal Field Artillery during the First World War and was in Simla, Bengal, India on 25 September 1919 when he married Charlotte Sophia Turnell, a Liverpudlian who appears to have been eleven years older than him. In 1939 they were the licensed victuallers running the White Swan pub at 50-52 Market Place in Romford, Essex. Established in 1598 it was demolished in 1967. Fred C was living at 18 Wilton Street, Plymouth when he died on 30 October 1951 leaving £1,865 to his widow Sophia. Olymphia Fanny married John W Harris in 1923. They had one daughter, Mary born in 1926. In 1945 the electoral registers show them living at 44 Heathfield Square in Wandsworth. She died in Cambridge at the end of 1983. After the death of his first wife, Fanny Elizabeth in 1931, Fred snr married Mary Elizabeth May in 1934, she was twenty years younger than him, almost the same age as his son Frederick. In 1939, they were living at Windsor Villa in Princetown, where they continued to live until his death on 9 August 1948, when he left his estate of £211 to his widow Mary Elizabeth.     William John born 27 May 1876 married Lydia Frances Down 1874-1967, known as Frances, in 1903. The 1911 census shows her with her sister in law Mary at the home of the recently bereaved husband and son of Hetty Beatrice (below). She had been married eight years without children. The couple appear to have farmed initially at Whitely and later at Trebursye, where they were in 1939, where William John is described as a farmer, and in 1940 when he was buried at Launceston St Thomas on 8 May.       Monta 1879-1914 was listed in 1891 as a daughter, though he was male. He became a Police Constable, married Florence Jenkins in early 1905 and was the father of Stanley Eric, who also went on to become a Police Constable, according to his 1928 marriage certificate. Monta was only 35 when he died.        His sister Hetty Beatrice had married Alfred John Castle in the summer of 1905, only months after Monta and Florence’s wedding. Sadly, she also died young, being 29 when she died just before the date of the 1911 census.       In 1911 Mary was living in Tor View, Mary Tavy with her very recently widowed brother in law, Alfred who had been married to Hetty Beatrice, his son Frederick and her sister in law L Frances Heggadon. She may have married William Nicholls in 1912. Stephen died in 1920 and Mary Ann in 1925.

M54 Wortha House HEWLETT-COLLIER Hettie H 26 S Assistant SA Cape Town
Hettie was an assistant living at Wortha House, but as she was alone, she was described as being the head of the household. The decision to hyphenate her second name with her surname was quite confusing as in the other records she is under the surname COLLIER. Henrietta was born in Cape Town or the Cape Colony on 14 October 1884 and baptised on 6 December 1884. Her parents were Edwin Joseph Collier 1861-1946 and his wife Johanna Sophia 1864-94. He had been born in Trowbridge Wiltshire and she in Cape Colony, South Africa. They returned to Trowbridge in about 1885/6 after the birth of Hettie and before the birth of her sister, Rosa. Sophia died in January 1894 and Edwin remarried on 24 September 1894, to Laura Reynolds, who had children from her previous marriage to the superintendant of the brickworks where Edwin was the foreman. In 1939 he was a widowed, retired brickworker living alone at 4 Littlemarsh, Bradford, Melksham.

Hettie married Robert George Britton, 1876-1944, eight years her senior, on 21 March 1914. He had been born on 7 November 1876. When he enlisted in the Devonshire Regiment on 7 October 1914 he was described as being 47 years and 33 days old, and had been in the Devonshire Regt, time expired (pensioner). His earlier service had been from 2 Mar 1889-1 Mar 1910 and records show that he had attended the Queen Victoria School, the Royal Hibernian Military School and the Duke of York’s Royal Military School.  In 1914 when he signed up for one year with the 3rd Devons, unless the war lasted longer, he was 5’10” tall, had blue eyes and his hair was turning grey. He was considered fit for Home Service. Henrietta was given as his next of kin; she was living at 12 West View Terrace, Bonhay, Exeter. Within the year, he had been promoted from Private to Acting Lance Corporal, but was discharged on 25 October 1917 as being no longer physically fit for war service as he was suffering from myopia and emphysema. He was 50 years and 11 months old and had served in England throughout his wartime service.

Their children were Henrietta Peggy, 4 August 1914-1996 later Wade (their son Robin was born in 1937); George Collier, 9 October 1915-98, a wireless engineer who married Edith Keenor in 1939, and their children were Michael and June; Stuart Robert, 12 June 1917-13 May 1923 and Francis Louis, 22 August 1922-1993 who married Joan Wills: their children were Paul and Jane. In 1939 Hettie and Robert were still living at 12 West View Terrace. Robert was a male nurse retired and Hettie, a private nurse. Two children were living with them. One was their son Francis Louis, who was an apprentice motor mechanic. When Robert died of cancer on 5th Mar 1944, aged 74 years, he was described as a mental health attendant living at 12 West View Terrace in Exeter. Henrietta died in 1971.

64 Stowford Hill HIGGINS Samuel H 46 M Quarryman D Coun Devon Lifton
64 Stowford Hill HIGGINS Ann Jackman W 41 M 19:5:5 Devon Bridestow
64 Stowford Hill HIGGINS Elsie D 14 S Devon Whitchurch
64 Stowford Hill HIGGINS John Henry S 12 E School Devon Whitchurch
64 Stowford Hill HIGGINS James William S 10 School Devon Whitchurch
Samuel HIGGINS and Annie Jackman Westlake were married in 1890. They started their married life in Lifton, living with Samuel’s widowed father, Thomas. At that time, 1891, Thomas was 71 and a lime quarrier. Samuel was an agricultural labourer aged 25 and Annie was 22. Also living in the household was Thomas’ grand daughter, Elizabeth Ann aged 21, the daughter of his daughter, Elizabeth. Samuel’s mother, Ann, had died in 1877. The richness of Thomas Higgins’ accent is reflected in the 1861 Census where he is recorded as Thomas Eggins. Thomas Higgins died in 1897.

Ann was the daughter of Thomas Westlake 1838-1916, a farmer in Bridestowe, and his wife, Mary Ann Jackman 1840-1904. When she died on 26 January 1904, Mary Ann Jackman Westlake left an estate of £41. In 1911, Thomas Westlake was living in an eight roomed house in Liddaton. Although a widowed man, he recorded that he had been married 50 years and that eight of his twelve children were alive at the time.

By 1901 Samuel and Ann were living in Whitchurch, Samuel, then 34, was a railway packer for the GWR, Ann was 31 and they had four children, Thomas 1891-1947, Samuel 1894-1917, Elsie 1896-1973 and John Henry 1898-1978. Youngest son James William 1901-80 was born later that year.

Thomas born 27 April 1896, was single in 1939 when he was living at Leat Road, Lifton working as a farm labourer for his aunt Susan (Braund) Higgins, 1866-1942, the widow of his uncle James.  He may have died in Plymouth in 1947. In 1911 Samuel was 17 and working away from home as a waggoner on the Lewdown farm belonging to Solomon Bickle. Acting Corporal Samuel Higgins, (20914) of the 1st Battalion, Devonshire Regiment, enlisted in Tavistock and was killed in action in France on 23 April 1917 aged 22. He is buried in La Chaudiere Military Cemetery, Vimy France and commemorated on the Brentor War Memorial. Elsie Annie was born on 27 April 1896 and died in Central Devon in 1973.     Henry J Higgins, an 18 year old farm worker employed by Mr T Westlake on a farm of 117 acres at Liddaton was granted a six month exemption March-September 1917. John H Higgins, an 18 year old employed in agricultural work was granted a conditional exemption in October 1917. They may have been the same person. If this is John Henry, Thomas Westlake was his uncle and this was the year Samuel died. In 1939 John Henry Higgins, born 9 December 1898, an RDC labourer, was living at Homestead, Liddaton with his wife Ethel Mabel and daughter Eliza born 16 November 1922, later Doidge. They were living with George Perry Maunder and his wife Hannah, Ethel’s parents (see Maunder below). John Henry and Ethel had married in the summer of 1922. He died in 1978.   Samuel Higgins snr died in 1925, aged 60. Annie, born 25 May 1868, was recorded in 1939, as living at Stowford Hill. Her son James William, a Roadman with DCC, born 31 October 1901, was living next door with his wife Ellen R (Rhoda Ellen) and a child, probably Ronald J born 1925. James and Ellen had married in Tavistock in 1924. Samuel died in 1925 and Annie in 1949, aged 81. (Further details may be found in Brentor 1939)

90 Woodmanswell HILLMAN John H 47 M Farm Carpenter Devon Coryton
90 Woodmanswell HILLMAN Annie W 46 M 26:7:5 Devon North Petherwin
90 Woodmanswell HILLMAN Alice D 13 School Devon Brentor
40 Park House HILLMAN Margaret Ser 23 S Gen Dom Servant Devon Brentor
104 Manor Hotel HILLMAN Lena Ser 18 S Housemaid Hotel Devon Brentor
104 Manor Hotel HILLMAN Helen Ser 16 S Kitchenmaid Hotel Devon Brentor
John Parsons HILLMAN was born late in 1860 and had been a carpenter, living at 1 The Court, Brentor in 1891, when the indexes incorrectly record them as Williams. He was a gamekeeper at Woodmanswell in 1901. He came from a family of quarrymen from Coryton. Both his father and grandfather had worked in the slate mines. It has not been possible to find John and Annie’s 1884 marriage details but their seven children were: Ethel Maud born 29 March 1885, who was in service in Langstone House near the family home in 1901, married Charles Edwin Hart, a GWR Platelayer, in about 1907. In 1911 they living at Union Road, Mount Charles, St Austell, with their three children Charles William John 1907-95, Leslie George 1908-81 and Edith Margaret born February 1911. In 1939 they were living at 33 Newman Road, Saltash with two of their children. Charles continued to live there until his death in 1960. Margaret Annie, born 18 November 1886-1959, married Walter Charles Dean in 1913. They had three children: Doris born in 1915 and twins, Margaret and William, who both died very soon after birth in 1920. Walter was a sub ganger on the railway, living in Plymstock, when he died in 1922. Margaret married James Thomas Moore 1869-1954, a Police Constable 17 years her senior, in 1932. She was one of the administrators for her father’s estate of £87 when he died in 1937 in Redfern, Brentor, although his home was Monreve, West Blackdown. In 1939 Margaret and James were living at West Blackdown, where he was retired. William John A 1889-1895, died when he was only six. Florence Mary 1891-1 was one month old at the time of the 1891 census. Her birth and death were recorded in the same quarter. Lena born 1892, was recorded as Leana at birth. It has not been possible to trace her after 1911. Ellen Louisa born 24 Oct 1894-1972 was the other administrator for their father’s will. Registered Ellen, from 1911 onwards, she seems to have been known as Helen. She married Thomas Powlesland 1889-1961, a roadstone quarryman, (see Powlesland below) in 1923. In 1939 they were living in West Blackdown, next door to her sister Margaret and her husband. The year after Thomas’s death in 1961, she married Frank Gainey in Dover. She was living in Ashford Kent when she died in 1972. Alice born 16 August 1897 married Arthur Atkins in Doncaster in early 1916. They had two children: Gladys born 7 February 1917 and probably John born 1921. Arthur was listed as a colling hewer in 1939, when they were living at Rosslyn in West Court Lane, Dover next door to Frank and Minnie Gainey at Grove Cottage. Twentytwo years later Frank would marry her sister Helen.
HODGE FAMILY: James Hodge 1837-1906 was born in Sampford Peverell and Elizabeth Newton 1836-1905 in Bridestowe. Their marriage was recorded in Tavistock in 1864 and subsequently they lived at Wastor Cottage, North Blackdown and 3 Hicks Cottages. They had six children: John 1864-1941 (below), James 1867-1939? (below), William 1868-1951? (below), Sarah A 1870-, Elizabeth Jane 1874- and Alice Eliza 1878-, who married Frederick George Brimacombe (see Elizabeth Jessie Brimacombe family above) and had five children Stanley George, William, Kathleen, Edith and Phyllis Elizabeth Alice between 1904 and 1914.
M66 West Blackdown HODGE John H 46 M Stone Mason Devon Mary Tavy
M66 West Blackdown HODGE Martha W 49 M 24:8:6 Cornwall Lezant
M66 West Blackdown HODGE Alfred James S 23 S Platelayer Devon Mary Tavy
M66 West Blackdown HODGE Wilfred John S 20 S 3F Farm Labourer Devon Mary Tavy
M66 West Blackdown HODGE Clarence Henry S 18 S TNA Farm Labourer Devon Mary Tavy
M66 West Blackdown HODGE Redfers Frank S 9 3F Devon Mary Tavy
John HODGE and Martha Folley 1862-1932 of Lezant Cornwall, were married in Launceston in 1886. Their surviving children were William Charles 1886-1967, Alfred James 1888-1963, Wilfred John 1890-1951, Clarence Henry 1892-1978, Martha Alice Anne ‘Annie’ 1894-1978 and Redvers Frank 1901-87.

William Charles was born in his mother’s home town of Lezant, Cornwall on 6 September 1886 and was baptised there on 29 September. He was staying with his uncle William (below) at the time of the census. He had been employed on the railways from 1902-9. His timekeeping was poor and he was discharged when he came to work UI. He married Lillian Dawson in 1912. They had two children: Phyllis Lillian Blanche born on 27 September 1913 and Trevor Charles John on 16 December 1925. They were living at Bryn Tavy Cottage in Mary Tavy when he enlisted on 2 June 1916. Giving his occupation as engine driver, he signed up for the duration of the war in the Royal Engineers, Railway Operating Division. He was 29 years 9 months, weighed 143lb and was 5’8.5″ tall. His military career was chequered with pay grade and rank fluctuating over time. Some time after his promotion to Corporal he was reprimanded for being absent from duty from 19.00-22.00. After serving in France, he left the army on 5 July 1919 aged 33. In 1939 Charles and Lillian were living in Teign Terrace, St Thomas, Exeter. He was working as a fitter at mines, above and below ground. Charles died in Southampton on 13 September 1967. Alfred James was born on 15 March 1888. He married Blanche Seldon in 1913 (see Seldon below). They had two daughters: Betty, who married Alan Peter Russell in 1955 and Ivy Joan, spinster, who was named as Alfred’s executor for his £297 estate when he died on 21 May 1963 at 130 Pemros Rd, St Budeaux, Plymouth. In 1939 the family had been living in St Austell at 58 Robartes Hall where Alfred was a railway signalman. Only one of their children was living with them and she was at school. Alfred’s father John, a widower and retired mason, born in 1864, was living with them. WW1 records show only one Alfred James Hodge, who was in the Medical Corps.  Wilfred John born 28 June 1890, married Ida Frances Evelyn Dawe (see Dawe above) on 5 July 1912. He was a packer in the engineering department or Platelayer, on the Great Western Railway, when he was authorised to enlist under Lord Derby’s scheme in December 1915. At the time, he was 25 years 6 months and 5’3.5″ tall, living at The Court in Brentor, and he and Ida had no children. He was attested on 12 December 1915, mobilised on 2 February 1916 and posted to France two months later as a Sapper 150348/254262 in the 7th Railway Troops. In June 1916 he was transferred to the 112th Railway Company. He received an injury at the end of December 1918, which kept him in hospital until 20 February 1919 and was then transferred to 113th before being demobilised on 30 August 1919. He and Ida then had two children: Eileen Florence Z 22 April 1920-1986 and Wilfred Fernley 23 September 1921-1991. Ida died in 1927. In 1939 he was a widowed permanent way labourer lodging with the Easterbrook family at 6 Yelverton Terrace in Tavistock. He died on 11 October 1951, while living at 13 Parkwood Cottages, Tavistock, and left an estate of £451 to be administered by his son, Wilfred Fernley Hodge, a butcher. Daughter Eileen may have married Ronald Hobson in 1940 and Wilfred Fernley married Iris M Giles in 1943. Stoker First Class Clarence Henry was born on 28 November 1893 and was a porter on the GWR when he enlisted on 7 February 1916. He had dark hair, grey eyes, a fair complexion and was 5’6.5″ tall. At various times he served at HMS VIVID ll, the Stokers and Engine Room Artificers School at the Naval Barracks, Devonport, rising from Stoker Second Class to Stoker First Class over time. He served on the ARIADNE from 24 May-31 July 1917. The ARIADNE had been converted to a stokers’ training ship in 1913, and in 1917 converted to a minelayer in the Nore Command. On 26 July 1917 she was torpedoed by the German submarine UC65 and sank off Beachy Head. He served on his second ship from 17 November 1917-21 February 1919. The ERIN was a Dreadnought battleship, ordered by the Ottoman government. Nearly completed by the outbreak of war, it was seized by Winston Churchill. It mostly did routine patrols and training in the North Sea. Clarence married Ethel Mary Laskey in Totnes in 1919 after his discharge from the navy. Their sons were William and Hubert.  In 1939 Clarence was a railway parcel porter, living with his wife Ethel and two children at 1 Laburnum Cottages, Parkwood Road, Tavistock. Clarence died on 29 March 1978, leaving an estate of £11,183. Annie, born on 22 August 1894, was living at The Quarries in Exeter in 1911 and was Lady’s Maid to Isabella Bailey. Isabella was 63 and had been married to William Henry Bailey, the Registrar of Probate, for 40 years and had borne him five children: four of whom, all single, aged from twentyeight – thirtynine were living at home on census night. Annie married Henry James Downton in Plymouth in 1917. Their five children were Dorothy, Raymond, Ronald, Kathleen and Gerald.  In 1939, the family, with the exception of Dorothy, was living at 63 George St in Plymouth. Henry was a street cleaner, Raymond a light labourer, Ronald a milk roundsman and Kathleen a domestic servant. It was in Plymouth that Annie died in 1978. Redvers, born 19 October 1901, married Dorothy Eppie Robey in 1928: their children were Dorothy Priscilla P and Alan J. In 1939, Redvers, a bread baker, and his wife and daughter were living at Dennis Park, Okehampton. He was 85 when he died in Okehampton in 1987.

80 Burnlane HODGE James H 44 M Railway ganger D Mary Tavy Wortha Mill
80 Burnlane HODGE Annie W 37 M 19:4:4 D Tavistock Wheal Maria
80 Burnlane HODGE Edwin John J S 18 S Hotel Servant D Mary Tavy Blackdown
80 Burnlane HODGE Francis Harold S 6 School D Brentor Burnlane
60 Rowden Farm HODGE Florence AA Ser 14 Gen Dom Servant Devon Brentor
James HODGE married Annie Down in 1892, she was one of the twelve children of John Down, a copper miner, and his wife, Thirza Stephens, who was living with James and Annie in 1901. In 1891 Annie had been staying with her sister Jane King and her husband Willie at Forda Mill in Brentor. Their brother Freddy lived there as well. By 1901 Freddy had moved to Handsworth in London to live with his sister Ellen Finnie and her family. The King family was living in Burn View in 1901 where William was a coal and corn merchant, but by 1911 they had moved to Surrey where he worked as a farm labourer. Her sister Clara Short moved to the village, after living in Calstock in 1901 (see Short below).

James and Annie had four children: Edwin James John born 18 Dec 1892-1979 worked on the railways. He started at St Blazey as a porter on 17/- on 3 March 1913. His career took him to various places in Cornwall, before moving to Wales. In 1927 he married Edith Rosina Williams 1894-1979 in Cardiff, Glamorgan. By 1939 they were living at 19 Spring Gardens Terrace in Roath, Cardiff with their child, Eric William James 1933-2010. Edwin was a railway freight train guard and during the war he did ARP Railway Work. He died on 28 April 1979 in Cardiff. His wife Edith died about six months later. William Gilbert, born 23 Jul 1894-1976 known as Gilbert, was working as a horseman on Burnford Farm in Tavistock Hamlets in 1911. In 1919 he married Ruby May Smith 1895-1969 in Westbury. They had one daughter. In 1939 Gilbert was a railway inspector living in 48 Langton Road, Bristol. He died at 218 Bloomfield Road, Brislington, Bristol on 20 December 1976, leaving £21,978. Florence Alice A 1897-1919 was 23 when she died. Francis Harold 12 Jun 1904-1970 married Clarice Trethewey 1906-71 in 1934. He joined the Great Western Railway (91175) in 1937. In 1939 they were living at 57 Woodlands View, Looe in Cornwall and he was described as a railway porter capable of acting as a signalman. They had four children including Pamela born in 1935. He died in Roche Cornwall in 1970. Clarice died the following year.  Their father James died in mid 1939, before the registration in September 1939, which recorded Annie, a widow continuing to live at 6 Railway Cottages, Lydford. Annie died in 1947.

M67 West Blackdown HODGE William H 43 M Stone Mason on roads R&D Coun Devon Brentor
M67 West Blackdown HODGE Ellen W 35 M 11:1:1 Devon Lifton
M67 West Blackdown HODGE Hedley S 6 Devon Mary Tavy
M67 West Blackdown HODGE Charles   Nephew, son of John Boa 24 S Engine driver hauling above ground Cornwall Lezant
William HODGE lived with his parents next door to his brother John and his family, until their deaths in 1906 and 1905. William married Ellen Smale in 1899. She was the daughter of William Smale, a labourer in Lifton, and his wife Mary. Their son was (William) Hedley J born 23 October 1904. In 1929 Hedley married Sylvia Harvey. They had six children between 1929 and 1943: Florence, Desmond, Ellen, Joyce, Stanley and Mavis. In 1939 they were living at 2 Bowrish Cottages in Tavistock next door to Charles Beckerleg and Blanche Elizabeth Doidge (see Doidge above), with Desmond born 1933, (Sylvia) Ellen A later Mead born 1938, and Florence later Jankowski born 1929.  Hedley was working on a farm as a general labourer. He died in 1980 aged 75. William may have died in 1951.
3 East Place HOLLAND Mary Ser 45 S General Dom Serv Devon Aylesbeare
Mary HOLLAND was working for the Sheppard family at East Place. It has not been possible to identify her in other records.
57 Clobery House HONEY Frank H 55 S Farmer Cornwall Stratton
57 Clobery House HONEY Norah Sis 60 S Assisting business Cornwall Stratton
57 Clobery House HONEY Thomas Nep 30 S E Assisting business Devon Brentor
Frank and Norah Jane HONEY were the children of John Honey and his wife Eliza Lyle, who had married in 1833. John was a substantial farmer with 145 acres in Launcells, Cornwall in 1861, but was an agricultural labourer in 1871 when they had moved to Stags Head and he was a farm bailiff in his 70s in 1881. Youngest daughter Mary Ellen had died in 1871 aged 9. Norah, a dressmaker, lived with her parents throughout her life. In 1891 Frank had moved into Stags Head with his parents who were living on their own means. He was a farm labourer, having worked for the Ward family on their farm in Holsworthy. Following the death of his parents in about 1900, the 1901 census describes Frank as farmer. The 1902 White’s Directory for Brentor describes Frank as the Parish Clerk and Sexton. Their nephew Thomas Honey was granted a conditional exemption from active war service in April 1917 as he was farming his own land, mostly arable. The family was living at Cloberry House when Frank died on 1 June 1928, leaving an estate of £2,650 to be administered by nephew Thomas, who had lived with his grandparents, aunt and (later) uncle from an early age. It has not been possible to identify his parents. Late in 1928, about the time his aunt Norah died, Thomas, aged 45, married Winifred Vera Pinhay (see Pinhay below). The 1939 record shows Thomas, a mixed farmer, living at Cloberry, with his wife Winifred, a child, probably their son, Frank, born in 1931 and Jessy Pinhey, her mother, aged 80. They were still living at Cloberry House when Thomas died on 19 March 1949, leaving an estate of £4,860 to be administered by his widow, Winifred. Born on 3 August 1899, she died in 1971.
107 Luxalyan  Cott HONEYWILL Sydney H 24 M Coachman (Dom) Devon Ilsington
107 Luxalyan  Cott HONEYWILL Alice W 20 M 1:0:0 Devon Chudleigh Knighton
The marriage of Sydney HONEYWILL and Alice M Warren was recorded in Newton Abbot in the first quarter of 1911. He was the son of William, an agricultural labourer, and his wife, Sarah Binmore. She was the daughter of William, a clay miner, and his wife, Amelia Howard. Sidney Edward Honeywill born 2 August 1886, Alice Mary 6 November 1891 and their daughter Dorothy Alice (born Honiton 28 June 1915) were booked on the SCANDINAVIAN, leaving Liverpool on 9 April 1920 for St John, New Brunswick, intending to go on to Todmorden. Sydney gave his occupation as farmer and motor driver and indicated that this is what he intended to do in Canada. As the entry is crossed through and they do not appear on the 1921 census, it is difficult to check whether they travelled on the ship or went to Canada at all.  Though it appears that they may have had a son Donald William in Axminster 7 June 1920-1976. In 1940 he married Alice Susan E Channing born 23 May 1918-81 in Honiton, where they continued to live. Their children were Maureen born 1941 and Sandra born 1942.

In 1939 Sydney was working as a school caretaker in Sidmouth and he and Alice were living at 12 Cambridge Terrace. They appear to have had two lodgers and six school children staying with them.

Dorothy married Gilbert White, a bricklayer, in Honiton in 1933. Their daughter Heather was born on 16 February 1934, Shirley in 1936 and Sylvia in 1943. In 1939 the family was living at Hillside, Cooks Lane, Axminster. Alice probably died in Honiton in 1954, Sydney in Tiverton in 1964 and Dorothy in Honiton in 1975.

74 Broad Park HOOPER Wallace H 36 M Farmer Devon Bridestow
Broad Park HOOPER Alice W 39 M 7:0:0 Devon Broad Clyst
Wallace HOOPER was one of the twelve children of Richard Hooper 1832-1907, a butcher, and his wife Jane Ball 1835-88. Wallace had been apprenticed to his brother Thomas, a butcher, in 1891, but by 1901 he was working on the land. When his father, Richard, died in 1907 he left effects to the value of £6,348, an enormous sum at that time. His wife, Jane’s estate, 20 years before, was £252, a goodly sum, too.

Wallace and Alice Susan Setten were married in Exeter in 1904. It seems to have been a triple wedding with Alice’s sisters Hester and Eva marrying as well. Wallace was not strictly accurate with Alice’s age in the census, as she was born in 1862 (49). In 1939 Wallace and Alice were living at Palmers Farm in Okehampton where he was described as a smallholder, Their dates of birth were given accurately as 17 May 1874 for him and 29 June 1862 for her. She died in Oxford on 5 April 1957 aged 94 years. Administration for her estate of £1,071 was granted to Dorothy Emily Eva Meadows, married woman. Dorothy was her niece, the daughter of her sister Hester. Wallace died only months later on 1 October 1957. They had been living at 226 Abingdon Rd in Oxford. His estate of £786 was also administered by Dorothy, who lived in Oxford, with husband, Arthur.

94 Rossmoyne Hse HORSLEY Olive Vis 44 S Private Means Nor’um’land  N’onTyne
Olive HORSLEY, the daughter of Cuthbert 1822-1890 and his wife Susannah Swanston 1830-1906, was born on 6 May 1866 and baptised at Christ Church, Newcastle upon Tyne on 17 June 1866. At census time, Cuthbert was invariably absent, but in 1871 the enumerator described Susannah as being wife of engineer in steam vessel (husband at sea). Entertainingly, some one else has added the comment “well an engineer wouldn’t be required in a sailing vessel would he, silly?“ In 1891 and 1901 Olive was described as a hairdresser’s assistant. In 1939 she was living on her own means and staying at Montrose, a boarding house at Ventnor, Isle of Wight. She was a spinster living at 28 Sunvale Ave, Shottermill, Haslemere, Surrey, when she died on 19 July 1943. Probate for her £1,232 estate was granted to Osmond Horsley, bank official, probably her brother.
87 Burnville House HOSKIN Gertrude Florence Nur 25 Nurse Cornwall Marazion
Gertrude HOSKIN was a nurse working in the home of Frank and Mary Ward in 1911. The daughter of James Henry, a grocery shopkeeper in Fore St, Marazion, and his wife Mary Phillip; she was born in early 1886 and baptised on 4 May 1886 in the Wesleyan Chapel in Marazion. Gertrude was the third eldest of their seven (of eight) surviving children. In her sister’s probate dated 1913 Gertrude is described as the wife of Percival John Cox. It has not been possible to pinpoint further information about Gertrude after this. It may be that they married and were living abroad,
25 Cottage HUTCHINGS William H 40 M Jobbing Gardener Devon Northlew
25 Cottage HUTCHINGS Emma W 46 M 18:2:1 Devon Bratton Clovelly
25 Cottage HUTCHINGS Frederick S 10 S Devon Brentor
25 Cottage JAMES Sybella D 14 S Devon Bratton Clovelly
William HUTCHINGS was born in 1867, the son of Thomas Hutchings 1836-94, an insurance agent, and his wife Mary J Gay 1841-80. He married Emma Medland in Okehampton in 1893. She was the daughter of Edward, an agricultural labourer of Brocks House, Beaworthy and his wife, Martha. In 1891 Emma was in Torquay, visiting her sister Annie M who was married to Henry Thomas Crook, a cab proprietor.

Emma’s niece, Sybilla Medland JAMES, born 18 February 1897, lived with William and Emma in 1901 also. At that time William had been a labourer in an arsenic mine. Sybilla married Herbert Giles in 1918 in Newton Abbot. Their daughter Dorothy was born in 1920 and Monica on 9 August 1926. The family was living at 59 Ilsham Road in Torquay in 1939, with Herbert working as a chaffeur /gardener and later a special constable. He died in 1955. The death of Sybilla Medland Giles was recorded in N Walsham in Norfolk in 1987 when she was 90.

Frederick Thomas E married Eva Murray in Newton Abbot in 1926. In 1939 they were living at 113 Fore St in Torquay where he was working as a gardener. They had seven children living with them at the time. There is a large number of Hutchings/Murray births in Newton Abbot, none of whom match Bernard F, born 8 September 1920, the named child living with them in 1939. William died in 1928 aged 50 in Tavistock. Emma died in Newton Abbot aged 70 in 1937. Frederick died in Torbay in 1976.

59 Rowden House JACKMAN John Northway H 46 M Land Agent & Auctioneer Devon Tavistock
59 Rowden House JACKMAN Charlotte Annie W 37 M 6:2:2   Devon Brixham
59 Rowden House JACKMAN May Northway D 4     Devon Brentor
59 Rowden House JACKMAN Edith Frances D 2     Devon Brentor
59 Rowden House JACKMAN Mary Mo 81 W     Devon Tavistock
John Northway JACKMAN was born on 23 February 1865, the son of John 1829-1906, a farmer, and his wife Mary Northway 1830-1914, who had married in Tavistock in 1864. Initially they lived at Meadwell in Kelly, which was a farm of 188 acres, where they raised John and their other children, Harry, Frank and Edith. In 1891 they were living at Park Farm in Milton Abbot, where John Northway was an auctioneer and surveyor assistant and his brother Frank, a bank clerk. In 1901 John Northway was living as a boarder at Burnville House with his cousin, Frank and Mary Ward (see Ward below). In 1871 Frank’s sister Mary (Northway) Ward, visiting the Jackmans, was described as their niece: as her mother Mary Ann Ward (baptised in Tavistock on 1 February 1820) was Mary Jackman’s sister. They were the daughters of John and Mary Northway, who had married in 1812. John Northway Jackman’s parents were living at Eversleigh in Tavistock in 1901, where John senr was an agent in manure and an insurance agent (an unusual combination!). After the death of John senr on 26 February 1907 and daughter Edith, aged 34, in 1908, Mary was staying with her son and his family at Rowden House in 1911. The daughter of John Northway, an Innkeeper and his wife, Mary she was born on 6 November and baptised 27 November 1830, she died on 29 March 1914 in Brentor.

John Northway had married Charlotte Annie Toms in 1905. She was one of the sixteen children of George Toms, a farmer in Churston Ferrers, and his wife Charlotte Kelland Parrott, who continued running the farm after his death in 1893 (leaving an estate valued at £3,383). In 1911 Pascoe Leigh Ward was staying with the Toms family. He was the son of Frank Ward’s brother, Daniel, who was also a land agent and surveyor in Bere Alston. Charlotte’s sister Alice Maud Toms (see Toms below) was staying with John and Charlotte in 1911. A third daughter was born to John and Charlotte on 8 February 1914 and was named Alice Maud, after her aunt. John Northway died on 13 November 1936, with Charlotte Annie, Daniel Ward Perkin (mining engineer) and the bank manager as executors of his £2,704 estate. Charlotte died on 4 May 1957, with her daughter, Mary Northway Jackman as executor of her £2,160 estate. Mary died in 2001 in West Devon aged 95 and Alice aged 90 in 2004 in Kings Lynn.

111 Ingo Brake JAMES Florence Lilla Ser 15 S   Nurse maid (Dom) Devon Beaworthy
Florence Lilla JAMES, the Radford’s nursemaid, was probably the niece of Thomas Allin, an agricultural labourer, and his wife Anna S of Sourton. Her birthplace in their census return was Bratton. She may have married Richard B Cook in St Austell in 1921.
104 Manor Hotel JONES Mary M Boa 40 S     N Wales Bangor
It has not been possible to locate her records: Mary JONES from Wales!
72 Liddaton JORDAN Ellen Ser 30 S   General Serv Dom Devon Yelverton
In 1911 Ellen JORDAN was working for the Westlake family and in 1901 for the Hill family, the Ironmongers, at 77 West St Tavistock but it has not been possible to locate her other records with any accuracy.
M70 West Blackdown JORDAN Charles H 37 M Farm Labourer Cornwall Lewitten
M70 West Blackdown JORDAN Ellen W 30 M 6:3:3 Devon Stowford
M70 West Blackdown JORDAN William S 6 Devon Coryton
M70 West Blackdown JORDAN Frederick S 4 Devon Lydford
M70 West Blackdown JORDAN Dorothy D 2 Devon Lydford
Discrepancies in recording have meant that it has not been possible to track the family back in time. In 1939 Charles Henry JORDAN born 2 October 1867, Ellen born 15 April 1880, William Charles 18 August 1904 and Frederick Thomas 24 March 1907 were living at Redstone in Okehampton. Charles was the farmer, William the cowman and Frederick the tractor driver, though both sons were described as partners on the farm. Charles and Ellen were living in Bratton Clovelly when she died on 19 August 1945 aged 65 and he died on 8 June 1949 aged 81. It has not been possible to trace Dorothy Jane.
34 House JOYCE Lucy Sybella Sil 38 S Cum’land Nicholl Forest
Lucy JOYCE, born 20 March 1873, was christened on 8 June 1873 and was the sister of Emma Elizabeth Postlethwaite (see Postlethwaite below) and therefore the daughter of the Rev Henry Morough Joyce and his wife, Isabella of Nichol Forest in Cumberland. In 1901 Emma Postlethwaite was not at home on census night but her sister, Dr Frank’s sister-in-law, Lucy, was with the family. In 1939 she was living at 13 Meadow St, South Westmorland with her brother, the Rev John Joyce, retired, and his wife Frances Elizabeth, both born in 1866 and married in 1909. She died, a spinster, on 19 April 1952 at the Vicarage, Calow, Chesterfield. The executor of her £159 estate was Rev Henry Robert Joyce 1912-83, clerk; the son of her brother, Rev Henry Walter Joyce  1880-1937.
9 Gill House KEMPT Nora Ser 30 S Gen Dom Servant Sydney Australia
Nora KEMPT was working for the Rice family at Gill House. This appears to be the only record available for Nora.
49 South Brentor KIMBER William J H 43 M Cowman on Farm Hants Swaythling
49 South Brentor KIMBER Mary W 43 M 12:0:0 Cornwall Langore
William James KIMBER, born 12 August 1867, was the son of John Kimber 1841-1901+, a shepherd, and his wife Sarah Ann Wateredge 1847-1901+ of South Stoneham, Hampshire, who had married in 1866. William James married Charlotte Emily Wateridge in 1886. They had five children: Betsey Wateridge 1886-, Annie Kate 1888-1960, William Walter 1890-, Florence Mary 1893-1961 and Charlotte. Charlotte Emily and baby Charlotte died in 1896. In 1898 William James married Mary Ann Parsons in Launceston. His daughters Annie and Florence were with their grandparents in 1901, while Walter aged 10 was staying with William James and Mary Ann in Swaythling. Ernest Grigg was lodging with them in 1911. In 1939 Mary Ann, born 25 September 1867, and William, by then a retired cowman, were living in accommodation at The Manor at Dorchester in Dorset. They were both in their early seventies when they died in 1941.
M73 Burn View KINGSLAND Thomas Bil 62 M Working on Farm Devon Bickleigh
M73 Burn View KINGSLAND Ann Weller Sil 62 M 28:0:0 Dairy Work Kent Wilmington
Thomas KINGSLAND was the son of John Kingsland, groom, and his wife Elizabeth, and brother of Elizabeth Wraight (see Wraight below) with whom they were staying in 1911. Thomas was a druggist assistant, living with his family in Shaugh Prior, Devon in 1851 and in 1871 in Chichester where his father was an innkeeper, before moving to London where he met and married Ann Weller Bannister on 4 September 1881. She was a dressmaker and milliner, the daughter of William Frederick Bannister, a bank messenger, and his wife Maria Martha Mary Weller, who had moved from Kent to London before 1871. After their marriage Thomas and Ann continued to live in London, with Thomas working as a druggist assistant, before moving to Hove, where he became a grocer. They were living at 11 Colleton Buildings in Friars, Exeter when Ann died in the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in 1925, leaving £125. Thomas died in 1932 aged 83.
61 Lower Whitstone KNIGHT George Boa 48 S   Shoemaker Devon South Molton
George KNIGHT was the son of Robert, an agricultural labourer, and his wife Ann Tucker. Born on 7 September 1862, he had a twin brother, James, who went to Canada in 1888.  George was a shoemaker from an early age, though in 1901 he was working as a porter at Tavistock Union Workhouse. He was a retired bootmaker living at The Stores in Tavistock with John and Evelina Rice in 1939 and probably died in 1942 aged 80.
108 Raventor LAKE John H 50 M Farm Labourer Devon Coryton
108 Raventor LAKE Ellen W 53 M 28:12:8 Devon Broadwood
108 Raventor LAKE Fred             1st S 27 S Wall Mason Devon Coryton
108 Raventor LAKE Seth             7th S 14 S Devon Stowford
108 Raventor LAKE Gertrude     6th D 16 S Gen Dom Servant Devon Stowford
108 Raventor LAKE Maude        4th D 20 M Devon Bridestowe
108 Raventor LAKE Daisy           5th D 18 M Devon Bridestowe
108 Raventor LAKE Harry           2nd S 24 M Farm Labourer Devon Bridestowe
108 Raventor LAKE John            3rd S 22 M Farm Labourer Devon Bridestowe
108 Raventor LAKE Sydney        8th S 13 S School Devon Coryton
John Kite LAKE, born in 1860, was the son of John Lake 1830-1881+, a farm labourer, and his wife Charlotte Kite 1826-1909. Charlotte made her mark on her marriage and the birth certificates of her children. John married Ellen Jane Ball 1856-1911 in 1882. She was the daughter of John Ball 1820-99 and his wife Mary Stapleton 1824-97. John and Ellen’s eight surviving children were staying with them at the time of the census. Raventor was a house with eleven rooms and is now described as five bedrooms, four reception and three bathrooms, so there was room for them all. The unusual way that the form was completed might indicate that some of the children were only visiting and that they did have homes of their own with their spouses. Fred, Seth, Gertrude and Sydney were single and probably lived at home.

Harry, born 26 January 1885, married Laura Goodman early in 1911 and was also recorded in the 1911 census as living at Stowford Hill Cottage, with his wife and her father, James Bales Goodman, a widowed estate worker aged 76. In 1939 Harry was a gardener living at the Village, Lewdown, with his wife Laura, eight years his senior, and their two children. Phyllis, who later became Searle, born in 1913, and was a packer in the milk factory. Horace, born in 1915 was a groom. John, born 1889, was probably the second child of this name, as the first was born in 1883. He had married Mary Mounce in 1909 and had completed his own return as a waggoner living at Stowford Quarry. They may have been living in Bristol in 1939, where John was a Dock Labourer, doing heavy work. Maud, born 16 April 1887, had married Darrell Parnell in 1909 and they had three children: Francis James William Darrell 1914-81, Arthur born 13 July 1916, who was a general labourer heavy worker living at 20 Chapel Street Holsworthy with his wife Evelyn (Quance) in 1939 and son Royston Owen Louis 1927-98. In 1939 Darrell and Maud were living and farming at West Greadon, Holsworthy with Francis and Royston, and Darrell’s step sister, also Maud Parnell. No reliable marriage or other details can be found for Daisy or Fred. Gertrude, born 18 December 1884, married John H Gerry early in 1914. After his death in 1916 she was married again in 1923 to John Earle. In 1939 she was living at Barton Cottages in Lewdown, with seven of her eight children: Thomas, Winifred, Elizabeth (Fish), Margaret Rose, Sylvia, Amy, and Francis Norman. In 1946, she married again, to Alfred G Davies.  Seth appears to have died in 1916, aged 20.  Sydney married Elizabeth E Day in 1921.

One can only assume that it was a family occasion that brought them all together on census day in 1911. Would it have been for the last illness of Ellen?

101 Wastor Cottage LAKE Frederick H 37 M Carpenter: Jour’mn Devon Coryton
101 Wastor Cottage LAKE Lucy W 34 M 14:3:3 Devon Coryton
101 Wastor Cottage LAKE Flossie D 11 School girl Devon Coryton
101 Wastor Cottage LAKE Nellie D 9 School girl Devon Coryton
Frederick Taylor LAKE, born on 25 August 1872, was the grandson of John Lake 1830-1881+ and his wife Charlotte Kite 1826-1909 (see his uncle John Lake above). Frederick was staying with his grandparents in 1881 when aged 8. He is likely to have been the son of one of their daughters. In 1891 he was an apprentice carpenter in lodgings in Ugborough. In 1897 he married Lucy Lethbridge, born 11 October 1876, the daughter of William, a lime quarryman, and Jane Hannah Lethbridge of Coryton. In 1901 Frederick was a police constable living in Bideford, with his wife Lucy and two children Harry 3 and Flossie 1. This was where daughter Flossie Mary Jane was christened on 3 September 1899.

In 1920 Flossie married Edwin Theodore Prowse who, born 5 May 1894, had enlisted in the Royal Navy K16030 on 2 September 1912. He was 5’8.5″ tall with brown hair, blue eyes, a fair complexion and scars on his left knee and by his right eye. As a Stoker Second Class, he spent time training at VIVID ll reaching the rank of Stoker Petty Officer over his career, which finished on 14 February 1928. He served on DEVONSHIRE, CAESAR, ORION, DUKE, TULA (ROWENA) and DAUNTLESS, with a very good character throughout. He re-entered the service on 4 October 1935 as a Chief Stoker. They had four children Theodore Sylvanus, born 1921, Douglas R 1923 and Joy P, later Wadham born 1933. Theodore was named for his father and grandfather, Sylvanus who had risen to the rank of Chief Petty Officer in his career and signed up to serve in World War 1 when he was twice awarded the RN Good Conduct medal in 1915 and 1916 and the Distinguished Service Medal in 1918. Edwin was living at 35 Church Way, Weston Hill, Plymouth when he died on 26 November 1986, aged 92. Flossie had died in 1983 in Swansea.

No records can be found of their younger daughter, Nellie. Their son George Henry Taylor Lake, known as Harry, was born in 1898. Though living with his parents in 1901, he was with his Lethbridge grandparents in Slate Quarry, Coryton in 1911. In the First World War George Henry Taylor Lake served as a Private, initially, with the Devonshire Regt 66819 before transferring to 2nd Battalion, Royal Warwicks. He served in France and Italy, and it was there that he died of wounds on 14 (sometimes given as 4) November 1918, three days after the armistice, aged 21 years. He is commemorated on the Lydford War Memorial and a Memorial Service was held in the church for him on Sunday 15 December 1918. See LYDFORD. Coryton Memorial says “35 men served and two made the ultimate sacrifice.” Young Harry was one of these.

Much later in their marriage, Frederick and Lucy had their second son: Willam Henry T born on 8 January 1925. In 1939 Frederick and Lucy were still living at Wastor Cottage, where Frederick continued working as a carpenter. Sadly, Their son William was described as incapacited.  Frederick was 80 when he died in 1953, Lucy died in 1956 aged 79 and William was living in Cornwall when he died in 1997. He may have married Pauline R Parkyn in 1967.

43 The Cottage LANG John George H 57 M Assurance Agent Devon Milton Abbot
43 The Cottage LANG Caroline W 55 M 35:6:5 Devon Tavistock
43 The Cottage LANG Bertha Jessie D 23 S Devon Tavistock
John George LANG was one of the seven children of John Lang 1819-88, a copper miner, and his wife Jane Grimblett or Gimlet 1826-81 of Milton Abbot, where John George’s grandmother, Jane, was the toll collector. John George married Caroline Evans in 1876. From 1881-1901 John George was a cellarman at a spirit store. In 1881 Caroline was a dressmaker. Before their marriage she had been a servant in Torquay. Their children, born between 1876 and 1888 were Thomas Evans, Ethel, Mary Jane L, William E, Richard Evans and Bertha Jessie. Thomas Evans had been a butcher’s apprentice before becoming a mason. Ethel married George Frederick Freeman, a furnishing shop assistant, who had been visiting the family in 1901, prior to their marriage that summer. They were living at 30 Yorke St, Southsea in 1911 with their sons George Edward 8 and Jack Evans 6. Ruby Brereton (see Freeman above) was their daughter. Ethel was 51 when her death was registered in Tavistock in 1929. Mary Jane died before she reached her first birthday, soon after the 1881 census. William married Elizabeth Wills and moved to Cornwall with their seven children. In 1901 he had been an apprentice bank clerk. Records show that he was a bank accountant in February 1921 when he sailed for England on the EMPRESS OF RUSSIA, from Manila in the Philippines where he had been living.  Richard Evans who had been born in 1884 was a bookstall clerk assistant in 1901. Bertha Jessie married Edward John Rice (see Rice below) on 22 June 1914. They had four children: Edward John born 2 June 1917 who went to Australia; Frederick Albert born 22 July 1919 who stayed in England; William George born 4 August 1922 who went to live in Mobile, Alabama and Phyllis Monica born 30 December 1924 who became Uselton and lived in Chickasaw, Alabama. It appears that Bertha may have gone to stay with William in Mobile when, as a widow, she arrived in the USA aboard the MS GRIPSHOLM, which had sailed from Gothenburg and arrived in New York on 2 December 1946, but she was living with or near Phyllis at 360A Hale St, Chickasaw when she applied for naturalisation in 1953. Born on 20 November 1887 she was described as being 5′ tall with a fair complexion, blue eyes and dark brown hair. She died, aged 91 on 19 December 1978. Their parents: Caroline died in 1931, and John George in the following year on 25 May 1932. He had been living at Glenfield, which had been the home of the Gills, and left his estate of £130 to be administered by his daughter Bertha Jessie Rice, wife of Edward John Rice and Ruby Brereton Sanders, wife of Gordon Arthur Sanders, his grandaughter.
37 Cottage LASHBROOK John H 54 M Gardener Domestic Devon Germansweek
37 Cottage LASHBROOK Mary W 54 M 35:14:12 Devon Beaford
37 Cottage LASHBROOK Catherine D 27 S Devon Brentor
37 Cottage LASHBROOK Annie D 16 S Servant Devon Brentor
37 Cottage LASHBROOK Leonard S 15 S School Devon Brentor
37 Cottage LASHBROOK Thomas Maurice S 14 S School Devon Brentor
John LASHBROOK was born in Germansweek in 1857, the son of William, an agricultural labourer and his wife, Betsy. By 1871 they were living at 2 Stowford Hill and John 14 and his sister Julia 12 were living and working at Liddaton Farm.  In 1876 John married Mary Ann Parker and in 1881 he was a manganese miner and they were living at Lower Whitson, near the Herrins Arms.  Spelling wasn’t the enumerator’s strong point.

John and Mary’s children were William Arthur 1877-1953 who married Elizabeth Lillian Stansbury, a dressmaker, in 1902. He had been visiting her family in 1901 at 2 South View Cottage in Plymouth. By 1911 they were living at 1 Railway Terrace in Oreston, near Plymouth with their daughter Violet Lillian Agnes born 1902. Subsequently she married Reginald John Davis. In 1939 William was a signalman with Southern Railway, widowed and living at 29 Birch Pond Road in Plympton St Mary. He continued to live there until his death on 20 October 1953.  Violet was the executor of her father’s £2,342 estate. Oliver George 1878-1953 (see George Lashbrook below). Samuel Henry 1 May 1879-1959, married Jane Cruze 1881-1959 on 25 March 1906 in Tavistock. In 1911 they had been living at 53 Stenlake Terrace in Plymouth but by the time he enlisted on 20 November 1915, joining the Royal Garrison Artillery 136068, the family was living in Brentor. He stated he was Wesleyan, an agricultural labourer, aged 37 years 6 months and was 5’6. He began his service on 22 January 1917. His children were Reginald Henry Edwin John born 1908, Gladys Hilda 1910 and Winifred Mary 1913. Their fourth child, Wilfred Albert, was born on 13 April 1917. Sam was in France in June 1918 when he was hospitalised for four months as a result of gassing, and was invalided back to England and transferred to Class Z Army Reserve on his demob on 11 April 1919. Sam was in the 1923 football team photo. In 1939 he was living at 3 Poole Court with wife Jane and youngest son, Wilfred, who was a lorry driver. Both parents died in the last quarter of 1959: Samuel in Tavistock aged 80, Jane in Newton Abbot aged 78. Bessie Ann 1881-1950, married Thomas Hendy in 1921 in Tavistock. She had been in service in Plymouth in 1911. Alfred John born 4 April 1882-1956, was a sawyer in Lezant in 1901. He married Annie Maria Monner in 1906. By 1911 he was a farm labourer and they were living in Lydford, with three of their children. They went on to have twelve children altogether, including a set of triplets and a set of twins. Ida Mary born 1906. Elsie Kate 1908-71 who married George Medland (1899-1929) in 1927 and Frederick Symons in 1935. Leonard 1909-71. Triplets Faith, Hope and Charity, their births were recorded in the last quarter of 1911, but later in life both Hope and Charity recorded their birthdate as 20 October 1912. The other triplet, Faith was recorded as having died in JAS 1912. Alfred G 1914-15. Maurice 4 January 1916-10 February 1990. Twins Lionel and Russell G were born 4 January 1918: Russell died in 1929 and Lionel in 1981. Reginald R 1919-28 and Norman 5 July 1922-92.

Hope married farm labourer Francis, known as Frank, Jennings in 1934, and was living with him and four children in Catsbridge, Launcestoon in 1939. If they had moved around for his job, the children were probably: Roy Francis born 1935, Edward H born 1936, Christine M 1937 and Alfred J 1938. Their last child was probably Norman, whose birth was registered in the second quarter of 1940. Hope’s death was registered in the first quarter of 1940. However, deaths have to be registered very quickly for burial, whilst six weeks is allowed for the registration of births. Both occurred in the Tavistock area.

Charity married Richard W Chammings 1913-72 in 1939 and they were living at 2 Church View, Okehampton when Richard was working as a horseman on a farm. Their son, Francis was born in 1941. Charity died on 19 June 1946 in Bratton Clovelly.

Living with Alfred John (gardener) and Annie at Whitsun Cottage, Brentor in 1939 were three of their children: Ida, Maurice (cowman) and Norman (farmwork) and some of their grandchildren: Sylvia born 1927 and Annie born 1931 both Medland, daughters of their daughter Elsie Kate from before her marriage to Frederick Symons. Aubrey David 11 Jun 1926-1977 and Reggie R 1929-1948 (probably named for his uncle who died in the year of his birth) and Pamela Lashbrook, born 1934 were the children of Lashbrook mother or mothers, but which? Florence Mary 1883-85 Catherine 1884-1946, married Charles E Launder, a farm labourer, in 1924. In 1939 they were living in North Road, Brentor with her widowed mother Mary Ann, born 19 July 1859, who died in 1947 and Dorothy Anne Lashbrook, a domestic servant, born 13 August 1916, who married Richard Henry Cocking in 1941. Dorothy may have been Catherine’s daughter, as her mother was a Lashbrook. Ernest Richard 1886-1938, was in domestic service in Whitchurch to John Nankivell, a builder in 1901. By 1911 he was a railway porter at Devonport. In 1915 he married Annie H Dowdle in Barnstaple. Annie died 23 November 1937 leaving £396. Ernest, a railway guard of 5 Signal Terrace, Barnstaple, died on 3 July 1938 aged 52, leaving £463 to be administered by Minnie Doris Lashbrooke, their daughter, aged 22. During that same quarter she married Stanley Blanchard, five years her senior, also from Barnstaple. Bertram 1887-1918, in 1911 was a mason’s labourer, living with brother Samuel and his family in Plymouth. He married in 1911 and died in 1918 aged 30. Florence Maria 1891-1891. John and Mary’s own set of twins were Emily 1895-1923 who was in service in Broadwoodwidger in 1911. She married Harold E Medland in 1918 (see Joseph Medland family below) and Annie 1895-1922.  Leonard 1896-1911 died in the summer of 1911 aged 15. Thomas Maurice 26 July 1897-1968 married Lena Jane Walters of Burnville House (see Walters family below) in 1923. Thomas Maurice, known as Tom, was shown in the 1920 and 1923 football team photos. His wife Lena was in the 1923 photo. In 1939 they were living at Pools Cottage with three of their possible five children: Maurice Rex 1 September 1923-88, Charles Leonard 1926-, Robert George 1930-62 (living at Hillcrest, he left an estate of £214 to be administered by his father, a retired gardener), Sheila 1931- and Cyril J 1934- .                    John died in 1918 and Mary Ann in 1947, aged 89.

82 Burn Lane LASHBROOK George H 32 M Waggoner on Farm Devon Brentor
82 Burn Lane LASHBROOK Mary W 30 M 10:6:5 Devon Beaworthy
82 Burn Lane LASHBROOK Florance D 9 School Devon Brentor
82 Burn Lane LASHBROOK Frank S 8 3F School Devon Brentor
82 Burn Lane LASHBROOK George S 3 3F? Devon Brentor
82 Burn Lane LASHBROOK Emily D 1 Devon Brentor
82 Burn Lane LASHBROOK John S 1 Devon Brentor
Oliver George LASHBROOK, born on 14 February 1878, was the son of John Lashbrook and Mary Ann Parker above. Living at home at the time of the 1901 Census he married Mary Elizabeth Medland 1875-1915 (see John Medland family below) in 1902. Their children were: Florence May, born on 12 August 1902 who married blacksmith Reginald Stewart Vinson in Brentor in 1925. In 1939 they were living at 1 Beavis Row in Sidmouth with four children, probably Kenneth R born 1926, Marjorie 1927-2014, Eileen J 1929-2013, and Valerie J 1937. Florence died in 1958 in Plymouth. Francis known as Frank, 28 March 1903-1941, married Violet Burden in 1930.  In 1939 he was working as a general farm labourer and they were living at Tuell Cottages in Sydenham Damerel with two children: Frederick born 1933 and Douglas R 1936. Sadly Frank died less than two years later on 6 February 1941 leaving only £46 for Violet to raise their children. William George 18 July 1908-88 married Phyllis Peard in 1941 in Gunnislake. Their daughter Susan B was born in 1945. Edward John (Jack) 2 Nov 1909-2003 married Gladys Pascoe in 1940. Their daughter was Barbara Ann 1945-2010. His twin, Emily Mary 2 Nov 1909-75 married Frank Doidge 1902-87 in 1930. He was the younger brother of Blanche Elizabeth and Eva (see Doidge above). They had three children: Albert L born 1931; Kathleen M 1938 and Peter 1945. Thomas Leonard 1 July 1911-81 married Sylvia Louise Cooke 1914-68 in 1937. Their daughter was Vera Y born in 1942. Thomas was living at 6 Richmond Terrace, Buckland Monachorum when he died on 19 May 1981 leaving an estate to the value of £20,420. Youngest daughter Mary was born in February 1913. She was living with her father George, a widowed farm labourer, in Burn Lane in 1939. He died in 1953.  That same year, Mary married Ronald Nankivell. She died in 1977 aged 64.

The child who had not survived could have been Frederick John born JAS 1905, died OND 1905.

112 Prescombe LITTLEJOHNS Bessie Ser 19 S Gen Servant (Dom) Devon Okehampton
Bessie LITTLEJOHNS was working at Prescombe for the Cole family. There were too many Bessie Littlejohns to be able to be certain which was which.
104 Manor Hotel MACKAY Florence Boa 38 W Western Australia
There is insufficient information to identify which Australian Florence MACKAY she is.
28 Cottage MANNING Florence Mable Cou 16 S Devon Lamerton
It is likely that Florence MANNING was staying with her cousins, after the recent (1911) death of her father, John Manning, a copper miner aged 56. Her mother Martha was at Widslade Cottage, Rushford with son William, his wife Annie and child Ivy Kathleen. Martha and John had been married for thirty years and four of their six children were still alive. Martha was the daughter of John and Jane Medland who had probably married just before registration began. John Medland was the son of William and Grace Cadd Medland.

Florence married James R P Blond in 1916. They do not appear to have had any children. It may be that he was the James R Blond who served as a private in the Worcestershire Regiment 10517, enlisting on 25 April 1915 and serving in the Balkans. In 1939, James was a motor driver, living with Florence at 22 Fitzford Cottages, Tavistock. James Robert died in 1954, Florence in 1957.

36 Cottage MARTIN William Henry H 67 W Carpenter Devon Brentor
William Henry MARTIN was the cousin of William Henry, Roger, Robert, Samuel and Daniel Rice (see Rice below), as his mother Sarah or Sally 1822-90 was the sister of their father Roger 1803-. She married James Martin 1819-84 in Tavistock in 1842. William Henry appears to have been their only child. In 1861 and 1871 he was living with his uncle, Roger, in Burn Lane, initially as an apprentice carpenter. He married Emma Fuge in Tavistock in 1871. She was the daughter of William Fuge, a manganese, later copper, miner, and his wife Mary. Emma had at least five other children. Emma had died in 1910 aged 71 and William Henry in 1932 aged 88. They had two sons Wm Fuge Martin (see below) and mason Ernest Henry Fuge, 6 June 1877-1943, living at home with them in 1901. On the night of the 1911 Census, Ernest was not at home. He was listed in the Canadian census of 1911, with John Cowling (see Cowling above) also of Brentor, at St Thomas, Elgin West, Ontario. They had sailed in March 1911 on the SCOTIAN from Liverpool to Halifax. The local newspaper, reporting the loss of the TITANIC on 15 April 1912, records that well known residents of Brentor, Messrs J Cowling and E Martin had intended crossing the Atlantic on this ill fated vessel, but through illness in the former’s family, delayed for a fortnight, to which they owe their lives. Ernest was listed as a farmer and mason in 1916. He had a conditional exemption certificate from June 1916, as he was single with 25 acres, 10 bullocks and 62 sheep. The military applied for the certificate to be withdrawn in August 1917 but this was refused. Ernest married Lydia Warren in 1920 and their son Ronald G was born in 1921. They were living next door to his brother William, at East Cottage, in 1939 when Ernest was described as a general farmer. He continued to live there until his death at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Plymouth on 24 November 1943, aged 65. His estate of £1,243 was left with his widow, Lydia.
35 Cottage MARTIN Wm Fuge H 39 M Carpenter Devon Brentor
35 Cottage MARTIN Mary M W 40 M 12:2:2 Devon Sourton
35 Cottage MARTIN Ivy D 12 Devon Brentor
35 Cottage MARTIN William TA S 9 Devon Brentor
William (James) Fuge MARTIN was the son of William Henry and his wife Emma Fuge (above). William married Mary Maria Voaden in 1898. She was the daughter of Thomas Voaden 1847-1929, a farmer who had moved from Sourton to Northlew, and his wife, Eliza Ellen Barkwill.

In 1901 their lodger was John H Rice who may have been related to him through his grandmother Sally Rice (see above). Their daughter, Ivy, who had been born on 5 December 1898, married Albert E Dangerfield, a district relief signalman, in 1928 and in 1939 they were living at Hoopern Street in Exeter. Ivy died in 1971. William Thomas Ashley married Lavinia Jasper in 1933 and their son Ivor W was born on 1 June 1937. Two years later, records indicate that young William was a master blacksmith, living with his family at The Retreat, Brentor. The family continued to live there until at least 6 February 1951, when William predeceased Lavinia, leaving effects of £541. In 1939 William and Mary were living at Horrathorne, next door to his brother, Ernest and his family. William was a carpenter and wheelwright, born on 11 January 1872, while Mary had been born on 19 January 1871. William died on 13 May 1953 leaving an estate of £1,139.

M62 West Blackdown MARTIN John H 61 M Farm Labourer Devon Broadwood
M62 West Blackdown MARTIN Mary J W 62 M 40:10:8 Devon Northlew
M62 West Blackdown MARTIN Harold S 18 S Farm Labourer Devon Milton Abbot
It is possible that the marriage between John MARTIN and Mary Jane took place in Newton Abbot in 1870, if she were Mary Jane Terry, although geographically it is out of the way. John was the son of James Martin 1820-1881+ and his wife Maria, also Martin 1825-1881+, who had married in Warbstow Cornwall on 2 April 1846. We can identify eight of their ten children born between 1872 and 1893: Frederick, Laura, Eva, Ethel, Maurice, Rees, Hedley and Harold.

In 1901 Frederick was a coachman, not domestic, living at 8 Courtfield Mews, Kensington, with two lodgers. It has not been possible to identify him after that. Laura married Nathaniel Pearce, twenty years her senior, in 1906. The 1911 census shows them living at Alder Quarry, Lewdown with her daughter Mary Gwendoline 3 February 1905-81 and their children Rhoda Evelyn 2 June 1907-98, later Baskerville, and Lewis Ronald 6 September 1909-77. Eva 1878-1965 married Joseph Henry Hoskin in 1903. The 1911 census shows them living at the Ridgeway, Plympton, their home until at least 1937, when Joseph, a plumber and cycle agent, died. They had had four children during their marriage but only two had survived to 1911: Dorothy born 1905 and Cyril Henry born 1910, who, with his mother, was executor for his father’s £1045 estate in 1937, by which time he was a wireless engineer. The other children may have been Charles Henry 1906-6 and William Henry 1908-9. Dorothy Winifred born 21 March 1905 married Leslie Illingworth Butler, a clerk in Holy Orders, in 1925. In 1939 they were living at The Vicarage, Skegby Road, Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, with one child. Dorothy was living at 51 Brendon Road, Watchett in Somerset when she died on 21 April 1994, leaving assets of under £125,000 in value. Ethel 29 November 1880-1969 married Sydney J Prouse in 1904 (see Prouse below) and they had at least five children: Marjorie Alice born 1906, Arthur John 1908-93, Percy E 1912-92, Kathleen Amy 1916-2010 later Colwill, Clarice Ruby 1919-53 later Veary and Sydney Eric 1922-2008. Maurice married Beatrice Jane Coe in Broadwoodwidger in 1907. They had two children Florence Marjory born 8 November 1909, who married Christopher Fellowes, a plumber and gas fitter in 1936, and Arthur Maurice, who was born on 27 August 1911, when they were living at 4 Seaton Cottages Plympton, where Maurice worked as a domestic gardener. In 1939 they were living at 21 Stone Barton, Plympton, with Arthur; this continued to be their home until at least 16 September 1955, when Beatrice, born 22 May 1884 died, leaving assets of £232. Maurice, born on 14 April 1882/3 died in Wellington, Somerset in 1973. Rees married Edith Giles in 1912. He served with the 9th Service Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment (Private 20839) and was killed in action in France on 6 September 1916. He is commemorated on the Tavistock War Memorial (although local research has linked him to someone of the same name born in Tavistock. I think that this is incorrect as war records indicate the casualty was born in Broadwood.) Hedley married Mary Grace Rickard in 1902. By 1911 they were living at Tregunnon, a nine roomed, probably farm, house in Altarnun, Cornwall, with their six children: Carrie born 1903, William 1905, Henry 1907, Clara 1908, Thomas 1910 and Stanley 1911. In 1939 Hedley, born 26 April 1883 and Mary Grace were farming at Marhayes, in Marham, Stratton. The family living with them were Horace 1913, waggoner, Francis 1917, cowman, Lionel 1920, Waggoner, Bessie 1924, who later became Colwill, like her cousin Kathleen Amy Prouse, Cecil 1927 and possibly Ruth M born 1936. Twins Winifred and Doris born 5 December 1911, were probably also theirs, bringing their children in total to fourteen, unusually large for that time. Hedley, of East Down Whitstone died on 31 May 1961, leaving his estate of £1,568 to the care of his widow, Mary Grace. Harold may have married Rosina E V Chubb in 1914 and/or been a steward on the transatlantic ships.

John and Mary Jane’s grand-daughter Gwendolen aged 2 months was living with them in 1901. Mary Jane probably died in 1913 and John in 1915.

46 Monkstone MASHFORD Robert H 37 M Farmer Devon Buckland
46 Monkstone MASHFORD Mathilda W 37 M 12:1:1 Devon Marystowe
46 Monkstone MASHFORD Olive Valentina D 11 Devon Marystowe
Robert MASHFORD was the son of John Williams Mashford 1839-1914 and his wife Valentina Peters 1842-1924, farmer at Quither Farm, Milton Abbot. Mathilda Downing was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Downing of Allerford Farm, Marystow. In 1901 Robert and Mathilda had been living next to his parents at Quither. In 1939 Robert and Mathilda were farming at Heatherford in Whitchurch, Tavistock, where they remained until at least 29 August 1963 when Robert died. His £9,568 effects were administered by his daughter, Olive and Ruth Mary Bloye, widow.

In 1925 Olive, born 25 February 1900, married Albert Rich Bellamy and had two daughters, Christine Heather Mashford Bellamy, later Baker, born 1930 and Jill V(alentina?) M(ashford?) Bellamy born 1937. The Bellamy family was living and farming in 1939 at Edgcombe Farm, Peter Tavy, a village rich in Bellamys. Olive Valentina Bellamy died in 1972.

109 Edgemore MATHER Emma Lillian Ser 22 S General Servant Domestic Cornwall Kingsand
Emma Lillian MATHER born on 26 July 1889, was working for Thomas and Janette Doidge. She was the daughter of John, a Royal Navy shipwright and his wife Georgina, who were living in Devonport in 1911. Of their nine children, only five were still alive in 1911. Emma married John Paxton in Devonport in 1916. In 1939, John, a retired police officer and Emma were living at 49 Kings Road, Plymouth with a child. Emma died in 1941.
104 Manor Hotel MATTHEWS Annie H 62 W Hotel Keeper/Farmer Devon Brentor
Anne Eliza Squire MATTHEWS was the daughter of Thomas Squire, 1805-72, a substantial farmer in South Brentor, with 140 acres in 1851, and his wife Mary Stephens Ellis 1815-63, daughter of William and Ann Ellis of Mary Tavy. Anne’s parents had married in Plymouth in 1846. By 1861 Thomas had 240 acres and in 1871 300 acres. Anne lived at home, keeping house for her father and brothers after the death of her mother in 1863 and sister Mary Emily aged 20, in 1866. Annie and her brothers were first cousins of William Squire, who had been the husband of Anne Squire (see Squire below). His father, William and her father Thomas were brothers. By 1881 Anne’s brother Thomas had taken over the farm. (He was granted probate for his father’s effects of under £3,000, on his death on 11 July 1872) and Annie was keeping house for her brother John, who was the innkeeper at the New Market Inn, 1 Duke St, Tavistock. Also living with them was their brother Jonas, a veterinary surgeon. Later that year, on 4 June 1881, at St Stephens in Shepherds Bush, London, Anne Eliza, who had been living at 54 Loftus Road, Shepherd’s Bush, married Frederick William Matthews, the son of Joseph 1823-1908 and Mary Anne of 10 Glanville Rd, Tavistock. Frederick was a civil engineer at the Iron Foundry where he and his father employed 65 men. In 1889 her brother William married Ann Cory Brown in Bodmin. In 1901 Annie was recorded as married and working as a domestic housekeeper, living at the Bedford Hotel (but not with her husband) with her brother John 1853-1904 and his wife, Kate, whose only daughter Emily Mary had died in infancy. John died in 1904. Frederick Matthews appears to have died between 1901 and 1911 but no record can be found. Brother Thomas 1851-1929 who had inherited the farm was a cattleman on a farm in 1901, and living with his daughter, Emily Louise Muzzlewhite in 1911. Annie Eliza died on 2 October 1925.

Brother Jonas, the vet, 1856-1930 married Eliza Rowe Collings in 1884. They were living together in 1891 at 1&2 Princess St in Plymouth with their three children: John Collings 1884-1958, Anne Eliza 1886-1930 and Dorothy Ethel 1887-1964, but in 1901 and 1911 Jonas was in lodgings in Tavistock at 19 Brook St and 1 Vigo Bridge. His wife Bessie was a lodging house keeper in 1891 and was visiting Arthur Collings (her brother) in 1911, while younger daughter Dorothy was a governess living in the family home at 13 Leigh Terrace in Plymouth. John Collings Squire married Eileen Harriet A Wilkinson in 1908, but in 1911 he is recorded as living at 100 Chelsea Gardens in London with his single sister, Annie Eliza, who was a professional singer. In 1921, when he went to New York for two months, he was described as an author, with his wife, living at Swan House, Chiswick.

Wikipedia says of him: Sir John Collings Squire (2 April 1884 – 20 December 1958) was a British poet, writer, historian, and influential literary editor of the post-World War I period. His poetry from World War I was satirical; at the time he was reviewing for the New Statesman, using the name Solomon Eagle (taken from a Quaker of the seventeenth century) – one of his reviews from 1915 was of The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence. Squire had been appointed literary editor when the New Statesman was set up in 1912; he was noted as an adept and quick journalist, at ease with contributing to all parts of the journal. He was acting editor of the New Statesman in 1917-18, when Clifford Sharp was in the British Army, and more than competently sustained the periodical. When the war ended he found himself with a network of friends and backers, controlling a substantial part of London’s literary press. Squire was knighted in 1933, and after leaving the London Mercury in 1934, he became a reader for Macmillans, the publishers; in 1937, he became a reviewer for the Illustrated London News. Squire is in any case generally credited with the one-liner “I am not so think as you drunk I am”. His eldest son was Raglan Squire, an architect known for his work at Rangoon University in the 1950s, as the architect for the conversion of the houses in Eaton Sq, London into flats thus ensuring the preservation of that great London Square. His second son was Antony Squire, a pilot film director (The Sound Barrier). His third son Maurice was killed in the Second War while his youngest daughter Julia Baker (née Squire) was a costume designer for theatre and cinema. She married the actor George Baker, best known for his parts, Tiberius in I, Claudius and Inspector Wexford in The Ruth Rendell Mysteries.

65 West Liddaton MAUNDER George Perry H 41 M Farmer Devon Brentor
65 West Liddaton MAUNDER Hannah Mabel W 39 M 18:4:3 London
65 West Liddaton MAUNDER William Thomas S 15 S E Devon Stowford
65 West Liddaton MAUNDER Ethel Mabel D 11 S Devon Stowford
65 West Liddaton MAUNDER Alexander Brimacombe S 5 Devon Brentor
George Perry MAUNDER, born 13 September 1869, was the son of Thomas 1847-1925, an agricultural labourer who became a farmer, and Ellen Perry 1847-1935. They were living at Higher Haye in Lamerton and in 1911, they declared they had been married for fortytwo years and all of their seven children had survived. By 1925 they were living at Higher Spring, Mary Tavy, and Ellen continued to live there until her death in 1935. Their daughter Florence, who had married Henry Bernard Rundle, was executor for both of them. Thomas’ estate was £4,961 and Ellen’s £49.

In 1891 George Perry was living with his uncle and aunt, Nathaniel and Eliza Heard and their niece Ann Collins from Perranporth, at Gregories, Liddaton. George Perry’s fourteen year lease from 1904, which included this land, is held at Plymouth Record Office. In 1893 he married Hannah Mabel Brimacombe. Born in London, Hannah Mabel’s parents were carpenter Willliam Brimacombe 1840-91 and his wife Hannah Bennison 1848-71, who had married on 16 December 1866 at Christ Church, Marylebone, London. They had three children: William 1868-1961, Charles Robinson 1869-1938 and Hannah Mabel, before Hannah Bennison died, perhaps as a result of childbirth.  By 25 February 1874 William was in Marquette, Michigan where he married Sarah Coyle 1856-1940 and had a second family. His English children were shared out among their Devon relatives. 1881 William, or Willie, was living at Ford Cottage, Coryton with his Brimacombe grandparents, William and Margaret. In 1886, when aged 18, he travelled with his father, William, to Michigan where he settled, marrying Anna Hartman in 1890 and having a number of children before his death in 1961. In 1881 Charles Robinson was living with his Bennison grandparents, dairyman David and his wife, Priscilla, at 65 Plymouth Road in Tavistock. He then moved to Marylebone, London where he worked as an ironmonger’s assistant, before marrying Jane Northey on 23 July 1894 in North Hill, Cornwall and moving to Hastings, before the birth of his daughter Muriel May on 4 May 1895. In 1919, in Hastings, Muriel married Albert Leslie Cathro, a Canadian who had served in the Canadian forces from 1914, and later she divorced him, probably by 4 October 1933, when his son Stewart Leslie John was born in Winsford Cheshire, the son of Dorothy E Wood. In 1935 Muriel married Frederick John Sharman. In 1939 after the death of her father on 4 May 1938, leaving £3,263, she was managing an ironmonger’s shop, living with her mother in Hastings. By 18 March 1958, when she died, she and her husband Frederick were living at Congdon’s Shop, Launceston, and her estate of £387 was left to her company secretary husband.

In 1881, 1891 and until the time of her marriage in 1893, Hannah Mabel was staying with her aunt and uncle, Joseph and Elizabeth Trant, at Bate Park Farm, Coryton. Elizabeth Trant was the sister of William Brimacombe (see Brimacombe above).

In 1916 Samuel Jeffery, a haulier of timber, was working for Mr Maunder. The notes record that as Mr Maunder’s son was badged, he was doing the work instead. Samuel’s exemption was revoked from 1 January 1917. Previously Samuel Jeffery had been working for Mr Cole in Coryton. (A WW1 poster urges badged men to attest but explains that from 1 March 1916 the badge certificate will be a Certificate of Exemption under the Act, as long it continues to be rightfully held and explains what they should do if they are called up). William Thomas 7 April 1895-16 September 1964 married Dorothy Eastcott Paige in 1922 in St Germans. Their son David Eastcott 26 July 1924-2001 was one of his grandfather’s executors in 1959. Their other son Alan E was born on 14 September 1920. Both sons were living with William, Dorothy and her father Thomas E Paige at Holes Farm, Burraton in 1939. William was a dairy farmer and Thomas and David did heavy work on the farm. William had retired by 1959. He was living at 3 St George’s Road, Saltash when he died at St Barnabas Hospital in Saltash on 16 September 1964. He left a £2,060 estate to be administered by his widow, Dorothy. Russell George 1897-1903. George and Hannah’s daughter Ethel Mabel born 28 July 1899, married John Henry Higgins 1898-1978 (see Higgins above) in the summer of 1922. In 1939 he was an RDC labourer, and they were living at Homestead, Liddaton with Ethel’s parents and their own daughter Eliza born 16 November 1922, later Doidge. Ethel Mabel died in 1977, the year before her husband. Younger son Alexander Brimacombe 1905-1993 married Hilda Gladys Crocker in 1932. Her father Samuel was an interesting character: married twice, he had fourteen children with his first wife, Grace Blatchford, and nine with second wife, Mary Ann Batten. They lived at Moor View in Bridestowe.  In 1939 Alexander, a farmer, and Gladys were living at Warracott, Chillaton with their children Graham born 1933 and Jennifer born 1935. At the time of his death on 23 March 1993, Alexander was living in Rydon House, 23 Springfield Road, Elburton, Plymouth.

When George Maunder died on 5 April 1959 he was living at The Homestead, Liddaton, where they had been living in 1939. The executors for his estate, worth £2,048, were William Thomas Maunder, retired farmer son, Alexander Brimacombe Maunder son and David Eastcott Maunder grandson farmers. Hannah Mabel had died in 1948

There were two branches of MEDLAND families in Brentor at this time.

Edward Medland 1827-98 and his wife, Martha Gale 1829-1906 who had married in 1848 were the parents of John 1852-1921 of Tor View, Henry 1855-1935 of Woodmanswell, William 1860-1948 of Hall Farm and Joseph 1869-1954 of West Blackdown (all shown below) and Mary E Lashbrook, 16 March 1874-1915 (see Lashbrook above). The family, at various times, lived in Inwardleigh, Bratton Clovelly and Beaworthy before moving to Brentor where Martha died in 1906. Brother Fred 1877-1858 was a caretaker in Yelverton, having lived in Brentor in 1901 with his mother, Martha, as did sister Mary Elizabeth, until her marriage to George Lashbrook in 1902.

William Medland 1800-51+, an agricultural labourer, and his wife Ann 1805-71+, were both born in Thrushelton. They had at least eight children: John 1830, Maria 1832, William 1833-1906 (who married Penelope 1835-1906), Jane 1835, James 1842-1909 (the father of James and Alice – see below),  Thomas 1845 (Metropolitan policeman – see James and Alice),   Christopher 1847-1855, George 1851- of Rowden Farm, Mount Tavy, where brother William’s son Heber stayed after the death of his parents.

M61 Tor View MEDLAND John H 59 M Farm labourer Cornwall Padstow
M61 Tor View MEDLAND Charlotte W 68 M 36:0:0 Devon Bratton Clovelly
John MEDLAND was unsure of his birthplace: giving Padstow 1911, Beaworthy 1901, Inwardleigh 1891, and Ingworthy 1881 but it is likely that it was Inwardleigh and that he is the eldest son of Edward Medland 1827-98 and his wife, Martha Gale 1829-1906 who had married in 1848 and the brother of Henry of Woodmanswell; William of Hall Farm and Joseph of West Blackdown (all shown below) and Mary E Lashbrook, (see Lashbrook above) as the family at various times lived in Inwardleigh, Bratton Clovelly and Beaworthy before moving to Brentor where Martha died in 1906. John Medland and Charlotte Brook were married in Okehampton in 1874. Although their marriage was childless, Charlotte had had a daughter Louisa Brook in 1865 from her previous marriage to Thomas Brook. Louisa was brought up by her grandmother, Rebecca Veal, in Lewdown but was staying with her mother and stepfather John in 1891. She was a dressmaker aged 25, born in Plymouth. The following year she married Richard Woodman Doidge (see Doidge above). She died giving birth to her second son, Frank. Her eldest son Harry J, born in Coryton in 1895, was living with his grandparents, Charlotte and John, in 1901 and 1911.  Charlotte died in 1919. John on 14 October 1921 and his £255 estate was administered by his brother, Henry Medland, farmer and Henry John Doidge, warehouseman (her grandson?) The spelling of Charlotte’s name caused the enumerators some difficulty over the years!
91 Woodmanswell MEDLAND Henry H 56 M Farmer Devon Inwardleigh
91 Woodmanswell MEDLAND Mary Ann W 53 M 33:0:0 Devon Inwardleigh
Henry MEDLAND was the second son of Edward 1827-98 and his wife Martha Gale 1829-1906. Henry married Mary Ann Pugsley in 1878 in Okehampton. She was the daughter of Thirza Pugsley 1830-1895 who was living with them in 1881 and 1891. Mary Ann had two sisters: Emily and Lucy. Lucy Pugsley lived with them in 1881, as did Henry’s brother, William, who she went on to marry in 1882. At that time Henry was a Farm Bailiff and the couple, with their relations, were living at Rowden, before moving to 1 Burn Lane Cottages. Their niece Lucy Southcombe was living with them in 1901; she was the daughter of Mary’s sister, Emily Pugsley and her husband John Southcombe, who were living with their other children in Lydford, before moving to Whitchurch. William’s niece, Florence, daughter of Joseph (see below), was living with them in 1911. Mary died on 20 October 1929 at Woodmanswell, leaving her estate of £208 to be administered by Henry, who was by then a retired farmer. Henry was living at 1 Station Rd when he died on 10 June 1935. Probate for his £3,139 estate was granted to William Henry Medland, farmer (probably his nephew, son of brother William Edward) and Alfred John Brimacombe, baker.
116 Hall Farm MEDLAND William H 50 M Farmer Devon Inwardleigh
116 Hall Farm MEDLAND Lucy W 49 M 29:4:4 Devon Inwardleigh
116 Hall Farm MEDLAND Florence D 28 S Dairy work Devon Brentor
116 Hall Farm MEDLAND Maggie D 20 S Dairy work Devon Brentor
116 Hall Farm MEDLAND William Henry S 11 S School Devon Coryton
116 Hall Farm MEDLAND Lena Mary D 10 S School Devon Coryton
William Edward MEDLAND born 23 September 1860, was the 4th son of Edward and Martha Gale Medland. In 1881 he was a farm labourer, living with his brother Henry, sister in law Mary and her sister Lucy, whom he married in 1882. They had four children: Florence Emily 1882-1980, Maggie 1891-1982, William Henry 8 April 1899-1979 and Lena Mary 1900-1978. They had been living at Vigar’s Tenement before moving to Eastcott, where William was described as farmer. By 1939, William Edward had retired and he and Lucy were living with their farmer son, William Henry, at Woodlands Farm in Brentor, with Lena Mary as housekeeper. Lucy born on 14 February 1861 died on 5 October 1947 and William the following year on 5 July, when he was living at Bush Park, Brentor. Probate for his estate of £7,106 was granted to his children William Henry Medland, farmer, and Lena Mary Jasper, wife of Thomas Rowe Jasper.

Florence Emily had married Tom Davy Stanbury in Tavistock in 1914. They had two daughters Florence LMM 1915 and Lena M 1919-23, both born in Tavistock. The family was living at Lower Maddaford Farm, Okehampton with surviving daughter Florence (later Cleave) in 1939, when Tom described himself as a mixed farmer. They were still there when Tom died at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital on 11 February 1945, leaving £1,107. His wife Florence, born on 7 November 1882, died in 1980 aged 97.      Maggie, born 20 December 1890 married Herbert John Friend of Bridestowe in Tavistock in 1918. They had four children: Margaret L 1919-2011 was born in Okehampton, with the remainder born in Tavistock: Betty in 1923 married William F Southcott in 1949 and Arthur R Varcoe in 1968, Edward J 1927-96 and Lena born 1928 who married Dennis J Tucker in 1954. Herbert died in Reading in 1928. Maggie died in 1957 in Exeter.     William Henry, born 8 April 1899 was farming at Woodlands Farm in 1939 (see above). It is not possible to ascertain from records whether he married. He died in 1979 and his death was registered in Plymouth.    Lena Mary, born 24 April 1900, had married Thomas Rowe Jasper in 1940. They were living at Briardene, Launceston Rd, Bridestowe when Thomas died at the Okehampton War Memorial Hospital on 9 September 1957, leaving £1,107. In 1961 Lena married her cousin, Harold Edward Medland, son of Joseph (see below). She was living at Bracken Hill, Sourton when she died on 4 December 1978, leaving an estate of £15,208.

M64 West Blackdown MEDLAND Joseph H 40 M Platelayer LSWR Devon Beaworthy
M64 West Blackdown MEDLAND Elizabeth W 36 M 16:4:4 Devon Lewtrenchard
M64 West Blackdown MEDLAND George S 11 Cornwall Tresmeer
91 Woodmanswell MEDLAND Florence Nie 15 S Cornwall Tresmeere
55 South Brentor MEDLAND Harold Ser 15 S 3F Worker on Farm Devon Mary Tavy
116 Hall Farm MEDLAND Edwin Ser 13 S E Working on farm Cornw Tresmeer
Joseph MEDLAND 8 May 1869-3 Mar 1954 was the 5th son of Edward and Martha Gale Medland. In 1881 he was working on Burden Farm, Beaworthy for the Voaden family and in 1891 on the Venn Farm for the Chapman family with his sister, Mary. In 1894 he married Elizabeth Littlejohns and it is likely that they were living in Tresmeer/Week St Mary as this was where their children, Florence, Harold, Edwin and George were born between 1895 and 1899. In 1911 only George, the youngest, was living at home. The other children were living and working with other members of the family in the village, mainly aunts and uncles, but in the case of Harold, probably a second cousin.

Florence Joanna was born on 27 April 1895. She married Arthur Lean, a farmer sixteen years her senior, in Liskeard in 1926. They had one daughter Lily May born in 1927, who married John Leslie Crapp in 1949 and was executor for her mother’s estate of £3,683 when she died, a widow, at 6 Buddock Terrace in Falmouth on 29 October 1963. Florence’s home was 16 Buddock Terrace. In 1939 the family was living at Wilton Mill, Liskeard. Harold Edward, born on 19 July 1896, was christened at Week St Mary on 9 August 1896. He married Henrietta Lugg in Tavistock in 1926 and they had one son, Gordon J born in 1928. In 1939 Harold was a dairy farmer living with his family at Watson’s, Belsford, Totnes. Henrietta died in Kingsbridge in 1960. The following year, 1961, Harold married his cousin, Lena Mary Medland Jasper, daughter of William (see above). He died in Plymouth in 1973. Joseph Edwin was christened at Week St Mary on 22 March 1898. He was working as a butcher’s apprentice for Rice & Sons when he was called up in 1916. Mr Rice stated that that two of his employees had joined up already. This was not sufficient reason for the board and Edwin’s application was refused, though he was not to be called up until 1 February 1917. He may have served in the Royal Field Artillery as Driver 212305. He married Gladys Jane Jefferies in Plymouth in 1925. In 1939 he was a butcher shop manager living at 57 Glendower Road, Plymouth with Gladys. He was living at 33 Furneaux Rd, Milehouse, Plymouth when he died on 23 September 1964, leaving £1,226 to his widow. George, christened on 4 October 1899 in Tresmeer, married Elsie Kate Lashbrook (see Lashbrook above) in 1927. They had one daughter Sylvia, born in 1927.  George died in 1929, aged 30. Another Medland grand-daughter staying with the Lashbrooks in 1939: Annie, was not his, as she was born in 1931. Elsie Kate Lashbrook/Medland married Frederick Symons in 1935 (see below).

Their parents, Joseph and Elizabeth, were living at 1 Radford Cottages, Plymouth in 1939, when Joseph was a private gardener. Joseph was still living at 1 Radford Cottages, Oreston in Plymouth when he died on 3 March 1954, leaving £396 to be administered by his widow, Elizabeth, who died in the Liskeard area three years later.

From the second Medland tree:  William 1833-1906 was the son of William Medland 1800-51+, an agricultural labourer, and his wife Ann 1805-71+ (see Medland introduction above). William jun worked on the Kennard farm in Bratton Clovelly and on Henry Jeffery’s farm in Tavistock, as a carter, before returning to Flyers Hill by 1871 with his wife Penelope 1835-1906 (born in Thrushelton) and their eldest children. They were living next to his mother Ann 1805-71+, who was farming 10 acres. William and Penelope Westington had married in Tavistock in 1864. They had six children William 1865 (see below), John P 1867, James 1868 (see below), Elizabeth 1873, Thomas 1875 and Heber or Eber 1878.  They were living in Woodmanswell in 1881 and 1891 where William was farming 30 acres, with some of their children including James, who in 1891 was a farm labourer, and Heber who was still at school. Penelope Westington was probably the daughter of Andrew Westington of Thrushelton 5 Mar 1809-9 Jan 1875 and his wife Penelope Medland 1814-1899, born in Sourton.

By 1901 William and Penelope had moved to Witson Cottage next to Witson Farm by Stowford Hill. They were both 66 and their youngest son, Heber, was a mason’s labourer aged 23. After the death of both parents in 1906, Heber was living and working with his uncle, George and wife Emeline, at Rowden Farm, Mount Tavy in Tavistock in 1911. It was from here that Heber Medland signed up to join the army on 23 January 1917. He was 39 years and 9 months and unmarried when he was accepted for the Army Veterinary Corps. His service overlapped with that of his nephew, Fred, (see below) 13 years his junior, for only a matter of months. In the Spring of 1917 he married Bessie Bellamy, born 1873, originally from Peter Tavy. After her death in 1936, he married Mary Eliza Rice in 1938. She had been living at the Peter Tavy Inn with her husband and two children in 1911. In 1939, she and Heber were living at Laurel Cottage in Peter Tavy where he was working as a gardener/handyman. He was 62, ten years older than her. He may have died later that same year

12 Cottage MEDLAND William H 43 M Plateplayer GWR Devon Woodfordham
12 Cottage MEDLAND Maryann W 44 M 23:5:4 Devon Tavistock
12 Cottage MEDLAND Fred S 20 S M Butcher Devon Brentor
12 Cottage MEDLAND Florence D 12 School Devon Brentor

William Medland and wife Mary Ann sitting outside Briar Cottage, with distinctive small window of next door, Hillcrest, in background

William MEDLAND was the eldest son of William 1833-1906 and Penelope 1835-1906 (see above for accounts of parents and grandparents) and brother of James (see below). William and Mary Ann Spearman were married in Tavistock in 1888. In 1891 they were living in Burnville Cottage where William was a farm labourer and by 1901 it is likely they were living in Briar Cottage with their four surviving children born between 1891 and 1899: Fred, Annie, Ellen and Florence May, by which time William was working as a carter on a farm. Fred Medland born September 1890, was described as a farm labourer when he joined the 4th Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment as a Private (30335) on 26 January 1917, later transferring to the Labour Corps in the 444th Agricultural Company (245574). In February 1917 he was admitted to the Boscombe Military Hospital in Bournemouth with chronic bronchitis, after an attack of pneumonia, while in billet in Bournemouth. He was subsequently tested for TB several times – all negative. He had signs of bronchial catarrh over both lungs, a considerable cough and expectoration, making him hoarse and he had lost 6 lbs. The diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis on 20 August 1917 was judged to be a result of ordinary military services exposure and permanent, requiring sanatorium treatment. On 29 September 1917 he was discharged from service in Nottingham after 1 year and 296 days service on the grounds that he was no longer physically fit for war service. He was 27 years old, dark complexioned with dark brown hair and blue eyes, 5 feet 5½ inches tall with a chest measurement of 35½ inches. He had a scar below his left kneecap and a tattoo on his right arm. His character awarded in accordance with King’s Regulations was described as Good. He died of his wounds (illness caused by military service) on 20 October 1919 when he was living in Pools Court, Brentor and was buried in what was the south part of the Brentor United Methodist Cemetery. He left £116, which was administered by his platelayer father, William. He is commemorated on the Brentor War Memorial.  Annie, born 17 July 1892, was a domestic servant with the Dennis family in Tavistock before marrying Ernest Le Bern Batchelor in Tavistock in 1916 (see Batchelor above). They were living in Rochford when they had their two daughters Freda Le Bern (later

William Medland with his daughter Florrie

Smith) on 28 May 1920 and Muriel B in 1921. Annie was a widow when she was executor for her father’s estate of £409 when he died on 21 June 1945. His wife Mary Ann had died earlier that year. William and Mary Ann had continued to live at Briar Cottage, at the time. Annie had been living at 16 Southsea Ave, Leigh on Sea when Ernest died on 27 April 1937 leaving her £290, and was still living there in 1939 with her daughters, possibly next door to Ernest’s brother, Charles and family. Ellen, born in 1895, was described as Helen when she was working for the Hill family as a domestic servant at 77 West St, Tavistock in 1911. On 3 August 1915 Helen Gertrude married Joseph James Hartley at Devizes Register Office. Their daughter Marretta was born in Devizes on 31 October 1915 and their son Jeane in Pooles Court, Brentor on 22 September 1916. It is not known what happened to Joseph, who was a driver in the Royal Field Artillery in 1916, but on 9 September 1926 Helen married Ernest George Clarke, a railway platelayer, son of Frederick George and Rachel Jane Clarke of 11 Bannawell St, Tavistock (see Brentor 1939 126 Briar Cottage). Florence or Florrie born on 20 September 1898 was working as a cook for Mrs Iris Macdonald at Littlehaven in Widemouth, Stratton, Cornwall in 1939. She was living at St Hilary Home of Old People in Bude when she died on 31 July 1966 aged 67. Administration for her £1,127 estate was granted to her niece Freda Le Bern Smith.

88 Burnville Cottage MEDLAND James H 40 M Cattle man on farm Devon Lewtrenchard
88 Burnville Cottage MEDLAND Ellen W 39 M 17:1:1 Devon Lifton
88 Burnville Cottage MEDLAND William John S 19 Labour on Farm Devon Brentor
James MEDLAND 11 December 1868-1947, was the third son of William and Penelope (see above) and brother of William (above). In Tavistock in 1893 he married Ellen Friend, one of the ten children of road labourer John and Jane Friend of Lifton. Their only son, William John, born on 13 March 1894, served as a butcher in the Great War. He enlisted in Plymouth on 21 October 1916, as a Private 218069 in the ASC and was transferred to the 67th Field Butchery. He suffered from an inguinal (groin) hernia (controllable) for which he was supplied with a truss on 23 November 1916, and slight tachycardia (raised heartbeat) that was not sufficient for rejection. He was 5’4″ tall and gave his religion as U Methodist. His only misdemeanour which earned him 7 days confined to camp in April 1918, was having a naked light in his hut contrary to set orders. He served most of his time at Aldershot, embarking for Boulogne on the GOLDEN EAGLE on 23 September 1919. He was demobilised from Fovant in January 1920 with the rank of Acting Corporal. William John married Dorothy Clara Penhye, who had been born on 9 September 1896 (see Penhye below) in 1920 in Tavistock. Their only child was Dorothy E Medland born in 1921. She married Alfred Littlehales (or Tanner) in the Autumn of 1938. The 1939 record appears to indicate a 25 year gap in their ages. Their son Roy was born on 21 December 1938. At that time they were living with her parents, William John and Dorothy at 152 Forest Road, Torquay, where William was employed as a butcher and Alfred as an omnibus driver. After Alfred’s death in Bristol in 1961, Dorothy married John T Smith in Newton Abbot. Her father William died in 1970 and Dorothy in 1991 in Newton Abbot, aged 94.

In 1939 James and Ellen were living at Hall Farm, Lydford where he was a dairy farmer. Both James and Ellen died in Newton Abbot: James in 1947 and Ellen in 1951.

55 South Brentor MEDLAND James H 30 S Farmer Devon Peter Tavy
55 South Brentor MEDLAND Alice Sis 20 S Farmer’s daughter Devon Brentor
Through their father James 1842-1909, James and his sister Alice MEDLAND were also the grandchildren of William Medland 1800-51+, agricultural labourer, and his wife Ann 1805-71+. So James and Alice were first cousins of James and William (see above). Their father James had married Susannah Burn 1851-1909 in Tavistock in 1874 and they had at least four children including Arnold John 1878-1952, James 1880-1948, Thomas 1882-1966 and Alice Beatrice 1890-1957. James senr farmed Prescomb Farm. When he died on 21 December 1909, the same year as his wife, Susannah, he left an estate of £2,545 in the care of (his brother) Thomas Medland, retired serjeant, Metropolitan Police who was living in Stoke Damerel.

Arnold John was a prison officer at Dartmoor Prison, living at 1 Farmstead Quarters at the prison in 1911 with his wife, Kathleen (Catherine). They lived at Bethany, Priory Rd, Carisbrook Isle of Wight in 1939, and were still living there on 7 June 1949 when Catherine died and when Arnold died in 1952, leaving £896 to George Arnold David Medland, railway carriage cleaner and James Thomas Edward Medland, prison officer (his sons, two of possibly five children including twins William J and Kathleen M born in 1915). James married Florence May Perkins in 1915 and they had two children: Alice May born 1919 and George Thomas John born 1922. James died on 13 January 1948 at Radge Farm, Mary Tavy leaving Florence Mary to administer his £6,535 estate. She died the following year on 11 September 1949 leaving £7,921 to the care of her son and daughter. In 1950 George Thomas John married Alice R Peters and in 1966 Alice May married Ilbert James Bearns Wakeham. She appears to have continued living at Radge Farm perhaps from the time of her parents’ deaths or before, through  to 1981, when Ilbert died there, until 2004. The following year she was registered to vote at Tavy House, Mary Tavy where she died that same year.

In 1915 also, Alice Beatrice married Leonard Frank C Boney born 20 March 1888 (see Boney family above). They had three children: Leslie L J 1916, Howard W H 1922 and Sybil A B 1924.

60 Rowden Farm MELLERS Eliza Jane Boa 12 School Girl S Africa Jo’burg
79 Burnlane METTERS William Henry Boa 8 School Boy S Africa Jo’burg
79 Burnlane METTERS Thomas Boa 6 3F? School Boy S Africa Jo’burg
79 Burnlane METTERS Mary Boa 3 School Girl Devon Brentor
It must be that Eliza Jane is a METTERS, rather than Mellers. It is too much of a coincidence otherwise. Eliza Jane was staying with Richard Gerry and wife Fanny Thorne at Rowden. She is not the child or grandchild of that marriage. The rest of the family, including Mary, born in Brentor in 1907, were staying with Mary Thorne, a widowed farmer in Burn Lane, who declared that her marriage had been childless. The Thorne link might be worth following up through certificates.

Thomas (Tom) continued living in the village, as he was shown in the 1923 football team photo. Thomas Metters, born in Germiston, South Africa married Ethel Louisa Drew 1901-81 in 1928. They had two sons: Thomas G born 1929 and William E born 1934, both of whom were living with them in 1939, when their father Thomas was a temporary warden at HM Prison Dartmoor and they were living at 20 Devonshire House, Princetown. Thomas died on 9 November 1974 and is buried at St Michael’s and All Angels in Princetown. Mary was probably Mary Evelyn born 1907, but there do not seem to be other records to fit her. The other Metters in the village was Elizabeth (below)

M71 West Blackdown METTERS Elizabeth H 77 W 51:9:5 Somerset QuantoxHead
Elizabeth Hannah METTERS was the daughter of George Exon 1804-51 and Hannah Thorney 1808-84, of East Quantoxhead, Somerset. She was baptised on 26 December 1838 in Loxton.  She married Thomas Metters in Plymouth in 1860. They had eight children. The eldest, Elizabeth Jane known as Jane, 1861-1939 married John George Doidge (see Blanche Doidge above) in 1886. Thomas 1862-c1918 was a labourer in Swansea and may have died in 1918. John born 1864 and his sister Louisa were working for the  Eastcott family at Woodmanswell in 1881 when he was 17 and she was 12. She was probably helping with their 2 month old baby Susannah. In 1891 he may have been a seaman in the Royal Navy, aboard in Plymouth at the time of the census. Louisa Ann 1867-1922, was a servant in the Vicarage in 1891, working for the Vicar Robert French Smith and his family, just as her niece Blanche did twenty years later. She married William John Dayment 1866-1933, a waggoner, in 1893 in Brentor Church at the same time that Ellen Friend married James Medland (see Medland above). They had three children William Arthur 1895-1962, a horse driver and trainer, he served in the ASC Remounts during the First World War while his family were living at 4 Fors Road, St Thomas, Exeter, Albert Henry 1896-1925, and Beatrice Louise 30 December 1897-1990 who married Thomas J H Yates, a bus driver, in 1921. Their son, Ronald born 1922 was an apprentice motor engineer in 1939. Louisa died in South Africa in 1922. William 1869-1907. George 1871-1916 married Mabel Mary Brooks on 7 December 1901. In 1911 they were living at 7 Eliot St, St Budeaux, Plymouth, with their four children: George Albany Thomas who also served in the navy, Clara, Frederick William and Evelyn. George was a Stoker Petty Officer 152084 on HMS JUPITER when he died on 18 March 1916. JUPITER was on patrol in the Suez Canal, with a home port of Port Said in Egypt. No enemy action was recorded on that day, so we may assume it was an illness or the aftermath of wounds received previously, that caused his death. Frederick 1872-1954 married Elizabeth Grace Basher of Goldsithney, Cornwall in 1902. In 1911 they were living at 4 Brenton Place, Waterloo Street, in Swansea: a two roomed house, with the four surviving of their six children: Frederick Thomas 7, Rosiena Ivy 6, Alfred Henry 3 and Elizabeth Jane 6 months. They had moved to Wales between 1905 and 1907. Frederick, who died in 1954, was working as a general labourer as was his brother Thomas (above) who lived nearby.

Elizabeth’s husband of over 50 years, Thomas Metters died early in 1911 and her granddaughter Eva was staying with her at the time of the census. Elizabeth declared that she had been blind for 15 years. She died on 8 January 1922.

7 Winsor Hse PO MINHINNICK Elizabeth H 59 W ?:5:4 Sub Postmistress Devon Milton Abbot
7 Winsor Hse PO MINHINNICK Frank Rowe S 26 S Farmer Devon Mary Tavy
7 Winsor Hse PO MINHINNICK Lena Jessie D 22 S Asst in Post Office Devon Mary Tavy
7 Winsor Hse PO MINHINNICK Margaret Maud D 21 S Shop asst Drapery Devon Mary Tavy
Elizabeth MINHINNICK 1843-1926 was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Batten of Lamerton. In 1879 in Exeter she married John Metters, a Wood Dealer. Only months after the marriage, while living in Black Down, John died, leaving Elizabeth expecting their child, Annie Elizabeth Metters who was born months later. Subsequently Annie Elizabeth married James Ellis Squire (see Squire family below). Mother and baby returned to Elizabeth’s parents’ home until 22 December 1883 when Elizabeth became the second wife of Herbert Richard Minhinnick 1840-1902. He had been an Armourer in the Royal Navy before becoming a farmer/miller at Wortha Mill, and then Postmaster. Born in King St, Tavistock on 13 October 1840, he was the son of Henry Minhinnick 1805-83 and Hannah Hanns Rowe 1813-90. He died aged 42 on 16 September 1902, leaving £288 to be administered by his widow, Elizabeth.

Herbert Richard and Elizabeth (Batten/Metters) had five children:

Frank Rowe, born 27 February 1885-1951, in 1921 married Ada Burgoyne Gilchrist born 15 April 1886 (see Gilchrist family above): the witnesses were Lena Jessie Minhinnick and William George Gilchrist. In 1939 the couple were living and farming at Berrator Farm in Buckland. Lena Jessie 1888-1974 married William Gilbert Eastcott, farmer of Burn Lane in 1925, he ran a smallholding from the post office after the marriage (see Eastcott family above). The witnesses were Frank Rowe Minhinnick, Lena’s brother, and Ernest Soby (soon to be Lena’s brother-in-law). In 1939 William and Lena were living at the post office where Lena Jessie was the postmistress, William was described as a dairy farmer and his aunt Mary Ann Irving (Stevens) Eastcott, a retired housekeeper, widow of his uncle Henry, was living with them. Margaret Maud known as ‘Dolly’ 3 February 1890-1975 married Ernest Soby in 1926. He was living at Fair View at the time of the marriage and Shell Park in 1939 and 1945. The witnesses were Richard Parnell Bickell, the husband of Dolly’s half sister and Frank Rowe Minhinnick, Dolly’s brother. Ernest was a dairy farmer fourteen years her senior. Dolly died in Moorhaven Hospital in Ivybridge on 4 February 1975, leaving £4,923. Frances Gertrude May 1892-1911+  In 1911 Frances was an apprentice draper boarding at an establishment at 1&2 Old Town St in Plymouth, which appears to have catered for 53 drapery and sales staff only, run by Mr Horlop.  Jane 1894-4

Herbert Richard’s first wife was Elizabeth (Fanny) Payne: they had married in 1867 and she died in 1880. Their children were: William Henry Batten Rowe 1869-1944 who married Alice Maud Waller and died in Canada. Herbert Richard ‘Frank’ 1871-1931 who married Mary A ‘Ada’ Westcott. In 1911 he was a general merchant living in Black Down, near the Royal Standard. Mary Elizabeth 1876-1907 married Frederick James Seccombe, She died at Shell Park in 1907, which was the home of her half sister Dolly in 1939 and her husband Ernest Soby on his death in 1945. Beatrice Fanny 1878-1957 married Richard Parnell Bickell (see Bickell family) and Florence Lillian ‘Bessie’ 1874-1905 who married John Tracy Curtis. Also, possibly, Anna Emma 1867-81 and Hannah Winifred 1868-95 who married Thomas Comber.

72 Liddaton MOUNCE Frederick Ser 19 S Waggoner on Farm Devon Coryton
94 Rossmoyne Hse MOUNCE Rhoda Ser 27 S Gen Servant Dom Devon Kidknowle
Rhoda and Frederick MOUNCE were siblings. Rhoda Mounce’s birth was recorded in Tavistock in 1882 and Frederick’s in 1891. Their parents were George Mounce, a lime stoner, and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Hannaford, of Coryton, who had eight children. Frederick was living at home with his family in 1901. An unmarried timber logger, 5’5′ tall, he was called up to the Devonshire Regiment in May 1915. 37 days later he was discharged as being “Not likely to become an efficient soldier under para 392 iii c of the King’s regulations”. This stated that within 3 months of enlistment a soldier could be discharged if he was considered unfit for medical, mental or educational reasons.

Frederick married Louisa Milford 1890-1960 in 1915 and they had four children: William H born 1915, Frederick S 1917 who married Lottie E May in 1939, Louisa J born 1920 and Ethel N P 1923-2000, who married Thomas L Kelly in 1942. On 7 December 1960, when Louisa died, she and Frederick were living at Broadtown, Chillaton, with Frederick a retired farm labourer. She left £139. Frederick died in 1967 in Tavistock, aged 75.    Rhoda had died in Totnes in 1939, aged 57, unmarried.

Their cousin, Reginald Raymond Mounce 1899-1975, the son of their uncle, William Mounce 1854-1934 and his wife Susanna Gloyne 1864-1938, was a horseman employed by Mr W G Dodd in 1917. His application declared that he was the only help on a 100 acre farm. He was granted a six month exemption from September 1917-March 1918. He married Annie Draper in Leicester in 1925 and died in Launceston in 1975.

28 Cottage NEWCOMBE Jane D Mil 71 W Devon Lamerton
It is likely that Jane Doidge NEWCOMBE, daughter of John and Jane Medland of Chaddlehanger, married George Newcombe 1826-89 in Plymouth in 1861, when he was a Royal Marine, though subsequent census give varying names for his wife and varying ages for both of them. They had six sons and one daughter, Florence Louise who married William Balsom (see Balsom above). After George’s death, Jane lived initially with two of her sons, then she lived alone, on her own means in Brentor village, before moving in with her daughter Florence and son in law, William Balsom. She died in 1917.
93 Torr Side NICHOLLS Ford James Ware H 52 M Wine Merchant & Removal Contractor Devon Mary Tavy
93 Torr Side NICHOLLS Elizabeth W 45 M 3:0:0 Cornwall Truro

Alderman Ford James Ware 1858-1936 and Mrs Elizabeth Nicholls 1837-1907 at the opening of the Nicholls Hall. He was 70 when he donated the £1700 for the hall. He lived at Torside, Lydford Station – in its day a ‘maison superior’ with train link to Exeter and Plymouth. It is thought that he was an Alderman of Exeter

Alderman Ford James Ware NICHOLLS 1858-1936 had started life in Miners Town, Mary Tavy as Frederick James Ware Nicholls, the son of George Nicholls 1831-1902, a copper miner turned farmer, and his wife Elizabeth 1837-1907. In 1881 Fred was a grocer at Ferry Hill Station in Durham, with his mother staying with him. She was declared to be married and a farmer’s wife but no 1881 record of George can be found. Similarly there are no subsequent records of either of them. Though there are death records that could refer to them in Tavistock in 1902 and 1907.

It cannot be a coincidence that Ford married Elizabeth Gilbert 1865- in the following quarter. He was almost 50 and she was 42. Elizabeth was the eldest of the fifteen children of Richard 1839-1914 and Loveday Gilbert 1846-1923. Richard began as a travelling draper, initially in Truro, then St Austell, before becoming a hawker of sewing machines in Plymouth. He tried his hand at boat building, before declaring himself to be ‘late draper’ in 1911. Their children lived with their parents at home until they were quite mature, with some of the girls, including Elizabeth, being milliners. In 1891 Fred J W Nicholls, removal contractor, was living at 12 Drake St, Plymouth, described as Farmer’s Home, with members of his removal staff. This may have been when and where he met his future wife, Elizabeth. It is likely that Alderman Nicholls bought Torr Side after the death of John Chowen in 1904. Clive Aslett’s book War Memorial tells how Alderman Nicholls had done well as a wine merchant, removal contractor and farmer and was rebuffed in his efforts to donate a hall in his name to Brentor, the parish of his home. So it is that, since June 1929, Lydford has enjoyed their Nicholls Hall. Alderman Nicholls died in the Prince of Wales Hospital, Plymouth on 9 July 1936. His £52,077 estate was left in the care of Barclays Bank, Charles Nicholls MC, mining surveyor, (first cousin, son of uncle Henry born 1841) and Edmund Dawe, Yeoman. It has been impossible to pinpoint Elizabeth Nicholls’ death, but among the business papers of Watts, Anthony, Yeo and Sagar Solicitors held at the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office is a 1955 vesting document which refers to an oath taken by Eliza Ann Nicholls concerning the death and property of her husband, Frederick James Ware Nicholls. Another document, dated 1955, linking her with his executors Barclays Bank, Charles Nicholls MC of Brenmore, Mary Tavy and Edmund Dawe of Burnshall, Milton Abbot indicated that she was living at No 10 Knowle Terrace, Walkhampton – a substantial difference to Torr Side.

112 Prescombe PALMER Edith Vis 21 S Devon Lamerton
Edith PALMER was visiting the Cole family at Prescombe and was probably related to Susan Jane, who had been a Palmer before marriage but it has not been possible to identify Edith accurately with the information available.
18 Homer Park Lodging House PARKEN William Daw H 50 M Farmer  Own account Cornwall Calstock
18 Homer Park Lodging House PARKEN Jane Amelia W 38 M 8:0:0 Hampshire Totton
William Daw PARKEN was the son of Richard, an engine driver, born in St Dominick, and his wife Mary. Aged eleven, William was working as a tin dresser. In 1883 he married Ellen Damarell 1858-99, with whom he had a son, Arthur Henry, born in Plymouth in 1890. William and Arthur were living in Brentor in 1901, when William was a coal merchant. In 1911 Arthur was a horseman on a farm in Modbury and in 1914 he married Genty Stevens in Kingsbridge.

William married Jane Amelia Harding in 1903. She was the daughter of Henry John, a civil service telegraph clerk, and his wife, Bessie Harding. Jane was born and baptised in the New Forest, her father’s birthplace. Her mother was from Barnstaple and after Jane’s birth the family moved to Exeter where her six siblings were born. When Jane died in 1919, leaving her estate of £101 for William to administer, they were living in Parkhouse. William married for the third time, early in 1921 to Ellen Hodge, who survived him. When William died, on 27 September 1939, he was living in Homer Park and administration of his estate of £1,192 was granted to Arthur Henry Parken, coal merchant, and a solicitor. Arthur Henry was living at Homer Park when he died at Tavistock Hospital on 2 February 1960. Probate was granted to Edwin Richard Parken, a pharmaceutical chemist and Arthur Brian Redmore, a bank clerk. Born 21 May 1895 in Tavistock, Edwin had studied at London University, obtaining a BSc and had been a lecturer in pharmaceuticals living in Brighton in 1939. He died in 1979 in Tavistock. Without a census entry it has been impossible to identify whether he was William’s son or nephew.

115 Watervale Farm PAUL Reginald H 40 M Farmer Devon Bere Alston
115 Watervale Farm PAUL Maud W 39 M 17:1:1 Devon Whitchurch
115 Watervale Farm PAUL Cecil Reginald S 15 Devon Whitchurch
Reginald Edward William Bray PAUL, born 24 November 1870, was the son of Joseph, a grocer, 1830- and his wife Harriett Bray 1835-. After marrying Maud Clark, born 16 December 1871, in 1893, he worked as a carpenter. She was the daughter of Henry Clark, a butler, 1836-1918 and his wife Susan Buckingham 1837-1912. By 1911, aged 74, Henry was no longer a butler, instead describing himself as a retired gardener. They were living at 6 Memorial Cottages in Whitchurch, had been married for fortyeight years and had had nine children, five of whom were alive at that time. Susan died the following year. By the time of Henry Clark’s death on 13 October 1918, he had moved to Watervale Farm to be with his daughter. His £180 estate was granted to Charles Clarke, civil servant, his son. In 1911 Charles’ occupation was described as civil servant (map keeper) Somerset House Inland Revenue.

Cecil Reginald served in the Navy fron 8 June 1914 until 19 September 1928. When he began his service he was 5’7.5″ tall, with light hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion. By the end of his service he had grown 2 inches and his complexion was described as fresh. He began his service at VIVID 1 and served on a variety of ships including LONDON, CORNWALL, MONARCH, MAIDSTONE, and CONCORD before ending his servicee on IMPREGNABLE as a Chief Petty Officer. He was re-engaged at this rank on 8 June 1936. In 1922 he had married Elsie Gwendolen May. They had one son David William born in 1925.

In September 1939 Reginald and Maud were living at Hillside in Bedford St, Tavistock where he was described as an invalid. Reginald died on 25 October 1943, still living at Hillside. Probate for his estate of £4,796 was granted to his widow Maud, who died in 1948. The Probate record describes the death of their son Cecil Reginald, on 15 September 1963, as having taken place at Whitchurch Parish Church, when he was living at Beverlac, Chollacot Estate and his estate of £3,203 was granted to his widow Elsie Gwendolen.

76 Burcombe Farm PEARCE Joseph H 52 M Farmer Devon Brentor
76 Burcombe Farm PEARCE Elizabeth Ann W 52 M 31:15:13 Devon Brentor
76 Burcombe Farm PEARCE Frederick John S 26 S Working on farm Devon Brentor Burcombe
76 Burcombe Farm PEARCE Charles Martin S 19 S Working on farm Devon Brentor
76 Burcombe Farm PEARCE Norman Joseph S 16 S Working on farm Devon Brentor
76 Burcombe Farm PEARCE Ivy D 11 School Devon Brentor
Joseph PEARCE was the son of Martin Pearce 1823- from Kerwyn Cornwall and his wife Mary Ann Southcombe 1815-1881+ from Milton Abbot. They married in Tavistock in 1848 and had another son, Martin, born in 1849.

Joseph and Elizabeth Ann Symons were married in 1879: of their fifteen children born between 1880 and 1911, names can be found for twelve of them: Francis, Winnifred, Effra Annie, Frederick John, Bessie, Maud, Lydia, Charles Martin, Norman Joseph, Ethel Florice, Rose M and Ivy. Few can be identified with any certainty in the marriage and death records:

In 1911 Francis, born 5 October 1880, was a Police Constable living at 54 Cavendish Buildings in Gilbert St off Oxford St W London with his wife Ann Elizabeth. They had been married 4 years and had one child, who was not living with them on census night. In 1939 they were farming at Burcombe, assisted by their son John F, born on 4 July 1914.     Winnifred born 29 December 1883, may have married William Tancock of Cullompton in 1908. He was a carter in the building industry. They had four children William Joseph born 1909, Bessie born 1911, Charlie 1916 and Ivy 1919. Winnifred was a widow by 1939, living with her daughter Bessie, now Chilcott in Tiverton.     Effra Annie married William Frederick Huxham Trant, on 9 November 1908. In 1911 they were living at 2 Moor View Cottages in Station Road, Princetown, where he worked as a farm instructor. They were living at 10 E Quarters, Princetown when William, a prison officer at Dartmoor Prison, signed up on 10 December 1915, requesting to join the RGA, having served 5 years in the Devon Yeomanry. He served as a gunner from 30 March 1917 until 21 January 1919. Effra died on 10 March 1921 leaving £20.     Frederick John 1885-1950 may have married Ivy Alberta Goodman 1891-1942 in 1914. Their daughter Audrey was born in 1915.     Bessie was a cook in the Rutherford household at 33 Killieror Ave Streatham Hill SW London in 1911.       Lydia was in service with the Webster family at 17 Park View, Harrogate. Doctor Frank Postlethwaite (see below) married a Lydia Pearce as his second wife in 1936. Lydia’s younger sister      Ethel Florice was also in Harrogate in 1911 working for the Body family at 48 Cold Bath Road,     Charles Martin born 6 November 1890, married Beatrice Ellen Maunder in 1913. Charles was a sawyer and they were living at Westacott Cottage in Shobrooke, Crediton, with their son Percy, born 1926, not far from the possible Winnifred above. Charles died in Exeter in 1970 aged 79.      Norman Joseph born 9 December 1895, married Sylvia Lewarne in Truro in 1921. They had six children: Jack 1922-2015, Doris Kathleen 1924-, Cyril Norman 1925, Victor H born 1926, Ronald E 1928 and Sheila Lewarne 1930. The family was living in a cottage at Thornfield Farm, Stag Lane, Plympton St Mary in 1939. Norman and Jack were employed doing heavy work, feeding stone crusher. Cyril was an assistant in the concrete block making process. On the day of the census Sylvia was a patient in the Prince of Wales Hospital at Greenbank. She made a good recovery, as her death was not until 1997. Norman died in Plymouth in 1971. Both of their daughters appear to have moved to America.

There are no accurate records of Maud, Rose M and Ivy.   Joseph was still living at Burcombe when he died on 22 August 1927 aged 68, leaving £1839. Probate was granted to his widow, Elizabeth Ann, who died in 1940.

94 Rossmoyne Hse PEARSON George H 64 W Private Tutor Lancashire Preston
94 Rossmoyne Hse PEARSON Florence D 35 S London Isleworth
George Henry Spencer PEARSON was the son of a clergyman, Henry Spencer Pearson. George was a schoolmaster in London when he married Lucia Fuentes Airgador (or Avigolor), a widow born in Spain, daughter of Joseph Fuentes, gentleman, in St Mary’s Church, Newington, London on 13 January 1875. She had two sons John and Frank from her previous marriage. George and Lucia had three children: Florence, Mathilda and Frederick. The first two were born in London and Frederick in Bradley, Derbyshire where George was a tutor, with pupils living in the house. Bradley is about 6 miles from Yeaveley where his father Henry Spencer was the vicar. Florence was baptised there on 27 July 1876, though their home address was Spring Grove, Isleworth. It could be that the pupils from abroad lodging in various houses in Brentor were his pupils. In 1901 Lucia was unwell and was in the Samuel Rutherford MacPhail Asylum in Derby where she died the following year. George Henry Spencer was living at Woodside, Woodlands Rd, Ashurst, Hampshire when he died on 4 January 1931. Probate for his estate of £936 was granted to his son Frederick Bold Pearson, gentleman and his daughter, Florence Spencer Pearson, spinster. It is likely that her death was registered in the Totnes area in 1960.
103 Vigars T’ment PENGELLY Robert Brook H 45 M Gardener jobbing Devon Coryton
103 Vigars T’ment PENGELLY Elizabeth W 41 13:1:1 Somerset
103 Vigars T’ment PENGELLY Henry Robert S 11 School Devon Brentor
The PENGELLY family had been living at Vigars Tenement in 1901. Previously, Robert had worked for the Medland family at Prescombe. Robert Brook was the son of John Pengelly 1820-84 and Fanny Jane Brook 1836-1918. In 1911, as a widow of 74, she was living in Lydford with Albert, one of her nine children. Robert Brook married Elizabeth Amelia Hulonce (also spelt Hulance and Halance) born 26 July 1867, in 1898. She had been born in Bath and was the daughter of Henry, a mason’s labourer, and his wife Eliza (Miffen?). Robert died in 1925 and Elizabeth, of Forda at the time, died on 24 February 1951, leaving an estate of £497. By this time, Henry Robert born 6 January 1900, who had married Gladys Stephens in 1931, was a blacksmith. In 1939, they had been living with Elizabeth at Vigar’s Tenement: with Henry working as a haulier and smallholder. Their son, William R had been born on 27 February 1938. Henry died on 26 June 1992.
111 Ingo Brake PENGELLY Florence Ser 16 S General servant (Domestic) Devon Lydford
Florence PENGELLY, born 30 September 1894, was the daughter of Robert’s (see above) eldest brother, Thomas Henry and his wife, Mary Ann Stanbury. In 1920 she married William Dancer. Following his death in 1938, the 1939 records show Florence as a housekeeper, living with her father Thomas Henry, a general labourer, born 22 November 1863, at Barn Park in Tavistock. She died in 1970.
89 Woodmanswell PENHALE Elizabeth Ann Boa 87 W Devon Tavistock
Elizabeth Ann PENHALE was boarding with the Eastcotts: previously she had been staying with Mary Rice and described as a widowed retired nurse. In the 1881 census she was the sister in law of John Honey Gaud, who was the head teacher at the Gulworthy Board, or Duke of Bedford, School. She had been staying with him and his family at the School House in 1881, when she was a married housekeeper.  She may have been related to his wife Eleanor Gaud nee Bickle. In 1911, Eleanor was staying with her son Henry Honey Gaud, who ran the Queen’s Head Hotel in Tavistock. Eleanor died in 1918, aged 89. Elizabeth died in 1916, aged 91.
116 Hall Farm PENHALLURICK William Ser 18 S Working on farm Devon Lydford
William PENHALLURICK, was the son of Harry Penhallurick 16 April 1867-31 October 1907, a miner, and his wife Mary Ellen Lavis, 15 July 1863-28 July 1920, the daughter of Southerleigh, Sourton farmer, John Lavis. Harry and Mary Ellen had married in Okehampton in 1892. Harry had been born in Perran in Cornwall and was working at thirteen as a stump boy. In 1891 he was living in Lydford with his sister, Emily Ellis, a widowed grocer and farmer, and six of her seven children.

In 1901 Harry was a grocer and farmer and he and Mary Ellen had their two children living with them: William and Bertha Lavinia. Also with them were Emily’s children: Thomas, a carpenter’s apprentice, Elizabeth Jane and Frank. Harry died on 31 October 1907, in Glamorgan, leaving his estate of £130 to the care of his widow, Mary Ellen. Harry’s death affected Mary Ellen deeply and on the 24 December 1907 she was admitted to the Devon Asylum, where she stayed until 29 March 1909, when she was considered to have recovered. Unfortunately she was re-admitted less than a week later. She then stayed until 30 December 1911.

In 1911 Bertha Lavinia and, a nephew, Wilfred J Lavis were living with their uncle, James Parsons and his second wife, Ida Louisa Catherine. Previously he had been married to Mary Ellen’s sister, Lavinia Lavis, who had died in 1897.  In 1901 Wilfred had been living with his uncle James Parsons, at Southerleigh, before the marriage to Ida and in 1891 with his grandfather John Lavis. In 1925 when Bertha died on her 26th birthday, James Parsons acted for her brother, William, to administer her £75 estate. Mary Ellen and Bertha are buried in the graveyard of St Thomas a’Becket in Sourton.

William Penhallurick had travelled to Portland, Maine in 1913. He was working as a carpenter when he married Amelia Jeanette Walker, a Canadian saleslady, in London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada on 15 October 1924; though his home was in Buffalo, New York, which is where they were living with son Joseph H born 1926, at the time of the 1935 and 1940 census, when William was a building superintendant. His US transit card describes him as 5’7″ with brown hair and blue eyes.

85 Burnville PENHYE Alfred H 41 M Domestic Gardener Devon Buckfastleigh
85 Burnville PENHYE Ellen W 40 M 16:2:2 Cornwall Grampound
85 Burnville PENHYE Dorothy D 14 Devon Brentor
85 Burnville PENHYE Beatrice D 12 School Devon Brentor
In 1901 the PENHYE family was living a Burnville, but recorded as Penny. This variety of spellings continues throughout. Alfred had married Ellen Allen in 1894 in Plymouth. In 1939 Alfred, born 13 August 1867, was listed as a jobbing gardener, retired, living at 23 Barton Hill Road in Torquay with Ellen, who had been born on 15 November 1968. However, her entry was subsequently cancelled.

In 1920, Dorothy Clara born 9 September 1896, married William J Medland (see Medland above, son of John). They had one daughter Dorothy E born in 1921. Dorothy Clara died in 1991 in Newton Abbot. It has not been possible to find Beatrice Ellen.

74 Broad Park PIDGEON Samuel Ser 14 S Farm Servant Devon Broad Clyst
Samuel PIDGEON was the son of Samuel 1860-1912, and Emma Jane Rowsell 1867-1900, both also born in Broadclyst. Samuel snr had been a widowed haulier when living at 89 Summerland Street in Exeter in 1901, with his three children. In 1901 he married Emma Pinn, moving back to Broadclyst where he worked as a farm labourer. They had two children, Jack born 1906 and Winifred 1908, before Samuel died in 1912, aged 52.

Samuel jun married Louisa Ellen Heathman 1897-1979 in 1920 and they had three children: Winifred G, 1921-69, later Clarke, Phyllis E 1922 later Carter and John Ernest born 1930. In 1939 Samuel and Louisa were living at Preston House in Crediton, with one child of their own and six redacted evacuees under the unpaid care of Ellen E Davenport born 26 January 1910. In 1967 Samuel died in Swindon. Louisa Ellen died there twelve years later.

58 Ingleside PINHEY John Henry Beavis Duder H 54 M Farmer Devon Blackawton
58 Ingleside PINHEY Jessy W 51 M 25:2:2 Devon Diptford
58 Ingleside PINHEY John Henry S 19 S Working on farm Devon Diptford
58 Ingleside PINHEY Winifred Vera D 11 Devon Diptford
In 1901 the PINHEY family had been living at Sturt Farm in Diptford, Jessy’s birthplace. Jessy Tarr 1860-1946 and John Henry B D 1856-1938 had married in 1885. He was the son of John Henry Pinhey 1824-1906 and his wife, Elizabeth Barker Duder 1819-1907. Jessie/y was the daughter of James Tarr 1823-1894, a miller and farmer and his wife Emily 1826-93.

Winifred Vera, born 3 August 1899, married Thomas Honey in 1928 (see Honey above). On 11 May 1938 John HBDP of Ingleside, who had been born on 28 August 1856, died at Exminster Hospital and the executors for his £914 estate were his two children. John Henry, at that time, was a farmer. In 1921 he had married Mabel Cole in Crediton.  He was living at Pax Close, Wembworthy when he died at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital on 4 October 1963, leaving his £5,950 effects to be administered by his widow Mabel, and their son Aubrey John Pinhey, farmer.  John HBDP’s wife, Jessy died in 1946. In 1939 she had been living with her daughter Winifred, son in law Thomas Honey and their son Frank at Cloberry in Brentor.

94 Rossmoyne Hse POGAN Francisco Boa 15 S Pupil Student Spain Villagarzia
This appears to be the only record of Francisco POGAN in England.
113 HigherWatervale POPE Bessie Ser 17 S Dom Servant Devon Okehampton
Bessie POPE was the daughter of Samuel Pope and his wife Eliza Ann Gliddon. They had married in Okehampton in 1886. Although Samuel had been a farm worker all his life, by 1911 he was a quarryman. They had had twelve children, including William John 1886-1952, Florence Annie 1888-1956, Samuel Wallace 1890-1, Henry Wallace 1891-1903, Bessie 1894-, Eliza A 1896-1901, Beatrice Audrey 1901-1 and Lillian May 1904-1974 but only five were still alive by the time of the census. Bessie married Charles Pearce in Okehampton late in 1911. This was not the Charles Martin Pearce living in Brentor village at the time but a soldier from St Giles in the Heath. A private in the Royal Army Service Corps M2/176085, he had enlisted in Okehampton and died in the UK on 17 July 1916. Bessie had one son, the grandly named Bernard Nimrod Kidrick Pearce, born 18 July 1918, which was two years after the date of the death of her probable husband. As Bessie Pearce, she married Charles Beckerleg in Tavistock in 1920. They appear to have had one son Charles H born 1928, who later went to Australia. She must have died by 2 May 1942 when, as a widower, Charles married Blanche Elizabeth Doidge Cribb (see Doidge above). In 1939 Charles Beckerleg had been living with a child at 1 Bowrish Cottages, Tavistock with Blanche Cripps as his housekeeper. Like Blanche, Bessie had been working in the Vicarage but in 1911, when Bessie worked at Watervale. Did their paths cross?
34 House POSTLETHWAITE Frank H 47 M Registered Medical Practitioner & Farmer Herts Hitchin
34 House POSTLETHWAITE Emma Elizabeth W 46 M 21:6:5 Cum’land Nicholl Forest
34 House POSTLETHWAITE Christopher Joyce S 16 S W Helper on Farm Cornwall Perranporth
34 House POSTLETHWAITE Paul S 7     Cornwall Perranporth
Dr Frank Postlethwaite, the village doctor, born on 13 December 1863, was the son of Thomas Norton Postlethwaite 1826-1891+ and his wife Mary Jane (Hackett) 1824-1902. In 1851 Thomas had been staying with his maternal grandfather in London. Thomas Norton was a retired Silk Mercer born in Lincoln. Young Thomas, although only 25 and unmarried, was described as a farmer of 292 acres employing nine labourers. His birthplace was given as Middlesex London, later identified as Great Coram Street. He married Mary Jane Hackett, the daughter of Thomas Hackett, a draper, at All Saints Church, Old Romney, Derby on 24 May 1854. Both he and his father, also Thomas, were described as ‘gentleman’. In 1861 the couple had four children: Mary Emily 6, Thomas Norton 4, Kate 2 and William 1 and were farming at Offley Holes Farm. By 1871 the Postlethwaite family had moved at Hazel Mount in Thwaites parish, Millom, Cumberland. Thomas was a slate merchant and three more children had been added to the family: Harry 8, Frank 7 and Elinor 5. Ten years later the family continued living in Millom. By 1891 Thomas was a retired farmer and had moved to London, where he lived at 39 Oxford Road, Willesden with his wife, Mary Jane and eldest and youngest daughters, Mary Emily and Elinor. Their son Frank was studying medicine at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, where he qualified MRCS LRCP, being one of the last to qualify for the Apothecaries Examination.

Frank married Emma Elizabeth Joyce on 14 January 1890. The following year, Frank and Emma were living at Westfield House in Trough, Cumberland. He was listed as a General Practitioner, registered MRCS, LSA England, London. This record masks the anguish of the death of their firstborn child. Thomas Norton, named for his grandfather and great great grandfather, was born on 27 November 1890 and died on 11 March 1891. He was buried in the churchyard of his grandfather’s church in Nichol Forest. Whilst living in Stapleton, near Longtown in Cumbria their second child Mary J (May) was born, in 1892 on her mother’s birthday, 25 January, followed by John Joyce (Jack) on 11 June 1893. The family moved to Perranzabuloe, Perranporth in Cornwall on 1 February 1894 where Frank had a large practice in this mining area. Christopher Joyce was born there on 29 November 1894 and Kathleen Elizabeth on 2 December 1895.

Emma Elizabeth Joyce had been born in Nichol Forest, Cumberland on 25 January 1865. Her father was the Rev Henry Morrogh Joyce, originally from Ireland and was the Incumbent of Nichol Forest. His wife Isabella was from Scotland. We can identify eleven of their twelve children: Emma Elizabeth, John, Christopher, Ada Jane, Lucy Sybella, Mary Ann, Henry Walter, Hilda M, Robert L, Ella C and Frank Postlethwaite, named after his brother in law. Amazingly, Henry Joyce was still the Vicar of Nicholforest, Penton, Carlisle in 1911 after over forty years. He was by this time 78 years old and gives the information that he was originally from Cork City. He had been married to his wife Isabella for 48 years, they had had twelve children, but only eight were still alive at the time of the census. The youngest, Frank was 20 and a student. The three of them continued to live in the ten roomed vicarage.

In 1901 Frank, Emma Elizabeth and their family were living at Piran House in Perranzabuloe, Cornwall. Frank was 37 and running his own practice from home. His wife, Emma, was not there on the night of the census. Frank’s sister-in-law, Lucy S Joyce, who was aged 28 and had been born in Nichol Forest in Cumberland, was with them on census night in 1901 and in 1911, by which time they had moved to Brentor.  Youngest son, Paul, was born on 14 January 1904. Frank had to retire early, aged 42, because of almost total deafness. He came to Brentor in August 1906 and had a smallholding. It wasn’t long before the people of Brentor discovered he was a medical man, and called on him when they were ill. Gradually he found he had a practice again. He lived in a house called Nutshell where he converted a room into a surgery and dispensary. Emma died in 1932 and in 1936 Frank married Lydia Pearce, born 8 September 1888, who was twenty five years his junior (see Pearce above) In 1939 they were living at Blue Bells, Brentor and he was described as a Registered Medical Practitioner. He died on 28 December 1943 in Bodmin, whilst living at 3 Stoke Cottages, Highampton, leaving an estate of £2,907 to be administered by Frederick William Arbuthnot, medical practitioner, and James Knight, farmer.

In July 1959 Colonel Paul Postlethwaite OBE, retired army officer, born 14 January 1904, sailed on the JAGERSFONTEIN from Capetown to Southampton, with his wife, Caroline M, born 15 February 1915. Both British passport holders, they had lived in South Africa for over twelve months and were planning to stay in the UK for five months. Their contact address was c/o Mrs Gelling, Beluncle Lodge, Hoo, Nr Rochester, Kent. Paul and Caroline Gelling had married in 1934, and had a daughter Ann Mary born 6 March 1936, in Rochester Kent. It appears that they had two other children, a son and a daughter. In 1939 they were living in Diamond Cottage in Beverly in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Paul was described as a Captain of the Royal Engineers and Deputy Commander RE Humber area. They had two children living with them. Col Paul Postlethwaite’s death notice appeared in The Times on 9 July following his death on 6 July 1988 in Nairobi, Kenya. Caroline, (who had a twin brother, Peter Douglas Gelling) died in Nairobi on 17 July 1999. Their daughter Ann Mary married Stephen Powles on 6 February 1960. They had four children. Sadly, Ann Mary died on 21 December 2010 with her dog, when they fell through ice in the River Cherwell in Oxford.

John and Christopher Postlethwaite are the second set of brothers commemorated on the Brentor War memorial.

John Joyce, ‘Jack’ was born in Stapleton, Cumberland on 11 June 1893. He was educated at King’s College, Taunton and Tavistock Grammar School. He left Plymouth on MILTIADES on 19 March 1911, when he was 17, but saying he was 18, and arrived in Sydney Australia on 27 April 1911. He settled at Burrowa, New South Wales, and later at Winton, Queensland, as a Station Hand. Trooper Postlethwaite 336 joined up at Winton on 26 January 1915 and was attached to B Squadron of the 11th Australian Light Horse regiment, 4th Light Horse Brigade on 24 March 1915. This was a composite regiment and was formed in March 1915 for recruits from the Queensland and New South Wales areas. Further training took place at Enoggera training camp, west of Brisbane and then at Fraser’s Paddock Camp, Brisbane. The squadron left Brisbane on His Majesty’s Australian Transport Ship A30 BORDA on 16 June 1915 for Egypt arriving towards the end of July. As mounted troops, the Light Horse was considered to be unsuitable for the work in Gallipoli and therefore the troops volunteered to operate as infantry. Due to the high level of casualties at Gallipoli the 11th Light Horse Regiment was broken up on 26 August 1915, with squadrons being allocated to other regiments as reinforcements. Jack’s squadron (B) became D Squadron, 5th Australian Light Horse Regiment on 29 August 1915. The various squadrons were deployed on primarily defensive actions. Jack was killed in action there on 2 November 1915, aged 22, and was buried in the Shell Green Cemetery, Anzac, Gallipoli on the same day. Out of the 152 men of Jack’s squadron who landed on 28 August 1915, by the end of November only 67 men remained. The rest having been killed or wounded. The War diary for the regiment notes that 69 men were killed or missing from the 5th Australian Light Horse Regiment that November. Jack’s effects were a cigarette case, cup comforter, pair of spurs and chains, hairbrush, pair of gloves, knife and his badge. His company officer wrote, “Your son had recently been transferred from my squadron to the machine-gun section of this regiment (5th Light Horse), a position which he quickly learnt. At all times he proved himself to be a good soldier, as able and willing to perform the many fatigue duties as he was resourceful in the firing line.” A comrade wrote, ”There were a good many of the men rolled up to see him buried; fellows from his own regt. and also from the one to which he was posted. From the Major downwards, your son was tremendously popular, and the men are very cut up at his loss. A cross bearing his name, regt., age, and date of death, was erected by his regimental comrades.”

Christopher Joyce was born in Perranporth, Cornwall on 29 November 1894. Like his brother, he was determined to see the world, travelling to Canada in 1914 with John Cowling, father of Harry. He had been helping on his father’s farm in 1911 and was described as a talented runner. Lieutenant Christopher Joyce Postlethwaite of the 12th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment died of his wounds on 9 January 1918 aged 23. He was engaged to Doris Medland from London, who requested his medals be sent to her. This was refused and his medals were sent to his sister, Kathleen.

M78 Lydford Station POWLESLAND William H 59 M Foreman Platelayer Railway Co Dvn Samp Courtenay
M78 Lydford Station POWLESLAND Sarah W 55 M 30:9:6 Devon Merton
M78 Lydford Station POWLESLAND Thomas S 21 S Farm Labourer Devon Mary Tavy
M78 Lydford Station POWLESLAND George S 17 S Farm Labourer Devon Mary Tavy
M78 Lydford Station POWLESLAND Harry S 15 S Farm Labourer Devon Mary Tavy
William POWLESLAND was the son of Thomas 30 Apr 1809-16 Jan 1891 and Catharine Vallance 1808-67. Thomas was an agricultural labourer who lived with his daughter Mary (Gale) after the death of his wife in 1867.

William and Sarah Gerry married in 1880. Sarah was one of the eight (or more) children of Leonard, an agricultural labourer, and Sarah Gerry, of Merton. In 1891 Sarah’s sister, Thirza, was staying with William and Sarah and their three children, William J 7, Sarah Annie 3 and Thomas 1 at the time of the census.  By 1901 Louisa 9, George 7 and Harry 5 had joined the family. Sarah died in 1916. William had been living at 32 Exeter St, Tavistock but died at 42 Bannawell Street on 10 June 1927, leaving £145.

Their eldest son, William born 17 October 1883, married Elizabeth Mary Bray in 1909. In 1911 he was a porter with the LSW Railway and they were living at 6 South Hill Road, Stoke, Devonport with their six month old son, Harry. Daughter Alice (later Bibbings) was born the following year on 13 August 1912.  In the summer of 1939, William married Ethel M Glover in Holsworthy and the 1939 register shows them living at Hillside, Crediton Road with his daughter Alice. William was living at 40 East Road, Okehampton when he died at The Castle Hospital, Okehampton on 15 February 1964, leaving £2,124 for his widow Ethel to administer.  Sarah Annie, born 26 April 1887, married Bernard Percival Goss on 29 September 1917. In 1911 Percy had been a parcel porter lodging with the Bevan family (see Goss and Bevan above) He enlisted six weeks before his marriage and served as a Private in the Service Corps. His medical notes for his wartime service are difficult to read but hold some interest. In 1939 they were living at 25 Carrington Terrace, Barnstaple, where he was a railway clerk. Annie died in 1947, Percy in 1970. Thomas, born 23 November 1889, may have served in the Devonshire Regiment: Private 266806. He married Helen Hillman (see Hillman above) in 1923; she had been working at the Manor Hotel in 1911 as a kitchen maid. He was a railway shunter in 1927 when he was granted administration of his father’s estate of £145.  In 1939 Thomas and Helen were living in West Blackdown and he was a roadstone quarryman. Thomas’s death was recorded in Dover in 1961. The following year Helen married Frank Gainey in Dover. She died in 1972.  Louisa Mary, born 31 October 1891, was a parlourmaid working for the Haverfield family at Clifton Villa, Watts Rd, Tavistock in 1911. Her marriage to Richard Henry Hobbs in the summer of 1915 was followed by the birth of their child Edwin Merrick R on 13 November 1915. Private Richard Henry Hobbs was serving with the 2nd Battalion of the Devonshire Regt when he was killed in action on 7 September 1916 at Vermelles in France. Louisa was a wife for barely a year before she was widowed. The family was living at 3 Dixon Villas in Yelhampton when she inherited his estate of £137. In 1911 Richard had been living in Whitchurch, Tavistock, helping his widowed mother with their market gardening business. In 1939 Louisa Mary was living at 1 Council Houses, Brentor with her sons Edwin 1915-94 a farm labourer and Gordon born 28 April 1924–2003, who had a job delivering papers and odd jobs. Louisa died in 1977. George, born 1 June 1893 married Mabel A Hurford in Tiverton in the summer of 1919. In 1939 he was a parcel porter living with Mabel A (corrected to Annie Mabel by the registrar), with her widowed father Sidney Hurford, a packer at the woollen mill, at Coldharbour, Uffculme, Tiverton. George died in 1961. Harry, born 20 August 1895, may also have served as Private in the Devonshire Regiment 266808 (2 digits after Thomas’s number above). Did they sign up together? He married Gwendolin Prescovia Bevan in Exeter in 1921. (See Bevan above). He died in 1978 in Budleigh Salterton.

M57 Brentor Stn Hse PRATT L(ouis) E(rnest) H 30 S Railway Clerk Cambridge
Lawrence Ernest PRATT used only his initials when he completed the form: it was the enumerator who completed the names, incorrectly. He was the son of Lawrence, a college servant in Chesterton, Cambridge and his first wife Grace Ellen Reeves 1851-83 from Kent. They had married on 30 May 1877 in Bourn, Cambridge. Lawrence snr’s father was Edward Pratt.

Lawrence Ernest began employment with the London and South Western Railway on 9 September 1898, on the recommendation of Mr Beach, MP. His starting salary as a junior clerk at Salisbury was £35 a year. He worked at Southampton, Waterloo, Chiswick, Chertsey and Templecombe, moving through the ranks of apprentice clerk and clerk until he was appointed to the Western District Relief Staff, with regular increases in salary until he was earning £100 a year in 1912. He was appointed Station Master at Sampford Courtney on 29 January 1920 on an annual salary of £90 with a free house etc. In the summer of 1911, he had married Isabel Lillian Bourne. In 1939 he was a Southern Railways station master and they were living at Mount Pleasant in Mount Pleasant Road, Jarvis Brook, Crowborough with their two daughters: Helen Amy 26 October 1912-96 who worked for Kent Education Committee as a teacher and Grace Margaret born 1 December 1919 who was a private secretary. The family was living at Touchstone in Mount Pleasant Road when Grace died on 5 January 1946, leaving £523. Lawrence died at The War Memorial Hospital, Crowborough on 5 June 1949 leaving an estate of £823 to be administered by Isabel Lillian Pratt, his widow. She herself died at The War Memorial Hospital on 9 October 1952 leaving effects of £1,641 to Helen who married Hubert Wilmshurst twenty years later.

M65 West Blackdown PROUSE William H 54 M Farmer Devon Broadwoodwidger
M65 West Blackdown PROUSE Eliza Ann W 52 M 33:11:8   Cornwall Whitstone
M65 West Blackdown PROUSE Mabel D 21 S Housework Devon Brentor
M65 West Blackdown PROUSE Frank S 18 S Working on farm Devon Mary Tavy
M65 West Blackdown PROUSE Alfred Michell S 16 S E (Michael) Working on farm Devon Mary Tavy
M65 West Blackdown PROUSE Wallace Frederick S 14   School Devon Mary Tavy
In 1871, William PROUSE, aged 13 was working on a farm in Boyton, the same parish in which Eliza(beth) Ann Pooley aged 11, lived with her parents, Thomas, an agricultural labourer, and his wife Grace Palmer. Seven years later William and Eliza married.  We can identify most of their eleven children born between 1879 and 1900. William was living at North Russell, Sourton when he died on 11 December 1930 leaving an estate of £2,048 to the care of his widow Elizabeth Ann. In 1939 Eliza was living with her son Albert Michael and his family at North Russell Farm in Sourton. She died in Cornwall in 1948.

William Thomas was a miner. He worked in Africa in the Gold Coast in the 1920s, travelling home in 1924, 1928 and 1931. He died in Mary Tavy in 1933. Mary Elizabeth, ‘Lizzie,’ born 3 December 1880, married Mark Neck, a slaughterman, in 1904 and by 1911 they had two children living, of the three she had had: Phyllis later Thompson 1908-78 and William 1910-79. In 1939 Lizzie and Mark were living at the rear of 22 York St, Plymouth. Lizzie died in 1952, two years after Mark. By the time of his death William was known as Van Neck. See below for Sydney. Nelly or Beatrice Ellen 24 Nov 1887-1952 married Matthew Greening in 1910 (see Greening above) They may have had one son William Matthew George Greening born 22 May 1911, who died in 1986 in the Tavistock area. Mabel born 7 February 1890 married George Vogwell, a railwayman, in 1918. They do not appear to have had children locally. In 1939 they were living in Myrtle Cottage, Lifton. Mabel died in Launceston in 1967. Francis James ‘Frank’, born 9 February 1893, married Alice Beryl Stephens of Mary Tavy in 1925. In 1939, Frank was a guard with GWR and they were living at 1 Station Cottages in Princetown, with Alice’s mother, Beatrice Stephens. He died in 1954. Albert Michael ‘Michael’, born 13 November 1894, lived at West Blackdown and was employed by his father in 1917, farming 90 acres with grazing rights over West Blackdown. Michael was granted a conditional exemption from active war service in June 1917. In 1919 he married Margaret Williams, the daughter of Henry Williams 1846-1935 (see Williams below) and his first wife Elizabeth Jane Cook 1855-1935. Albert and Margaret had four children between 1922 and 1929: William Henry, Elsie Margaret, Mary Joyce and Albert. All of whom were living with their parents and widowed grandmother, Eliza Ann, at North Russell Farm, Sourton, where Albert Michael was farming, helped by son William Henry in 1939. Also with them was William Matthew George Greening born 22 May 1911, probably his nephew, Nelly’s son. Albert Michael of Blythes Farm North Hill Launceston, died at Freedom Fields Hospital Plymouth on 9 March 1960, leaving £6,973 in the care of his widow, Margaret. Wallace Frederick died in Sourton in December 1930, aged 33 and was buried in Brentor in January 1931. This death occurred only days after his father’s death. Harry died in 1903 aged three years.

M63 West Blackdown PROUSE Sydney J H 28 M Railway packer L&SW Rly Cornwall Boyton
M63 West Blackdown PROUSE Ethel W 30 M 6:2:2 Devon Broadwoodwidger
M63 West Blackdown PROUSE Marjorie A D 5 Devon Mary Tavy
M63 West Blackdown PROUSE Arthur J S 2 Devon Mary Tavy
Sydney PROUSE, born 29 October 1885, was the son of William and Eliza Ann (above). He had been a stonemason living at home with them in 1901. He married Ethel Martin, the daughter of John and Mary J Martin (see Martin above) in 1904. In 1939 Sydney and Ethel were farming at Pepperdon Farm with the four youngest of their children living with them. They had at least five children. Marjorie Alice born 29 March 1906, married Herbert R Petherick in 1926 and in 1939 they were farming in the Tavistock area with their children: Edna F born 1927 and Richard J born 1935. Marjorie died in 2003 aged 97. Arthur John 13 January 1908- 1993, was farming with his family at Pepperden Farm in 1939. Arthur died in the Teignbridge area in 1993. Kathleen Amy born 10 August 1916, later Colwill, when she married Cyril S Colwill in 1943, was a dairy maid on the family farm in 1939.  She died on 26 September 2010 aged 94 in Buckfastleigh. Clarice Ruby known as Ruby, born 26 July 1919, married Arthur Robert Veary, a blacksmith in Aylesbury in 1947 and was living at 209 Prebendal Avenue, Aylesbury when she died at Stoke Mandeville Hospital on 18 June 1953.     Sydney and Ethel’s youngest son was probably Sydney Eric, born in 1922, and known as Eric. He married Gill N Thompson in 1976 in the Newton Abbot area. Three children, Heather, Alan and David were named in his obituary in the Western Morning News after his death on 29 December 2008.

Sydney John was living at Lower Farm, Scoriton, Buckfastleigh when he died on 30 December 1957, leaving £3,415 to be administered by his son Sidney Eric, farmer and Hubert Edward Butland, driver. Ethel, born 29 November 1880, died in 1969 in Newton Abbot.

2 Lower Town PROUT Mary Ann Sis 82 W Private Means Devon Brentor
Mary Ann PROUT had been Rice (See Rice stories below) before her marriage in 1848 to James Bennett Prout, the son of James Prout, a mining agent living at Stentabridge. James had some unusual changes of occupation through the course of their fifty year marriage. 1851 copper miner in Brentor: 1861 manganese mine agent in Ford Cottage Coryton: 1871 solicitor’s clerk in Newton Abbot: 1881 manganese miner, Rose Cottage, North Brentor: 1891 2 Gilly’s Cottage retired solicitor’s clerk. James was described as an accountant when he died in July 1898, leaving Mary to live on her own means, which was what she was doing in 1901, when she was living between the bakery and Winsor House. By 1911, she had moved into Lower Town farm, with her brother, Thomas. She died there on 23 February 1919 aged 90 years.
111 Ingo Brake RADFORD Harold Thomas H 34 M Private Means Devon Brentor
111 Ingo Brake RADFORD Crystal W 31 M 10:5:5 Dorset Parkstone
111 Ingo Brake RADFORD Mary Crystal D 8 Devon Brentor
111 Ingo Brake RADFORD Joice Emily D 7 Devon Brentor
111 Ingo Brake RADFORD Leonard S 6 Devon Brentor
111 Ingo Brake RADFORD Betty D 4 Devon Brentor
111 Ingo Brake RADFORD John Lewison S 1 Devon Brentor
Harold Thomas RADFORD, born 29 September 1876, was the youngest son of Daniel Radford 1829-1900 and his second wife, Emily Allen 1851-1916. Daniel’s mother, Elizabeth, had wanted him to go into the drapery business, but on his marriage to Louisa Vooght in 1851, he had gone into the coal business with his father-in-law, William. The fortune Daniel made through his business enabled him to do good works and bring about improved conditions in the village of Lydford and elsewhere in the county. It was through his vision and commitment that Lydford Gorge was made accessible to the public. His first link with the area was in 1871, the year before his marriage to Emily, when he bought 50 acres of land by Lydford Bridge, which was to be the site of Bridge House. Barbara Weeks tells in her excellent book LYDFORD, that by 1873 the Bridge House had been completed, enabling the family to begin their annual June-November visits. With two more children within two years, the house had to be extended. Tom, Daniel’s thirteenth and last child was born in 1876. Second daughter, Lilla, who was to marry the rector of Lydford, Revd Richard Turner, attended Newnham College in Cambridge from 1879. In 1881 Daniel and Emily were living at 48 Holland Park, Kensington, with four of the children from his first marriage and the three from the second, including HT or Tom, the youngest. The following year, through the purchase of various farms and lands, Daniel owned nearly 2,000 acres in Lydford and the surrounding countryside. The family’s next move was to Mount Tavy (later Mount House School) just outside Tavistock in 1886.

In 1891 Harold Thomas, known as Tom, was a boarder at Kelly College. His father Daniel died on 3 January 1900, leaving £105,857 to be administered by his son Alfred John Vooght Radford, gentleman: his nephew/cousin son-in-law, George Heynes Radford, solicitor and Frederick Walls, music publisher. After the death of her husband, Emily is recorded in April 1901 and 1911, as living at 123 Westbourne Terrace, an eighteen roomed house at Hyde Park, with various members of her family at different times, including her sister Edith Allen in 1911 and on both occasions her grand daughter, Hilda Mary. Emily died on 4 May 1916. Her estate of £12,469 was in the care of her stepson, Herbert George and her brother Henry Charles Allen, directors.

In 1901, in Barnstaple, after boarding with a farmer, Thomas Rowe Phillips in Lydford, Tom married Crystal Pike, born 18 May 1879. She was the daughter of William Lewison Pike 1847-1901 and his wife Jessie Anne Durell 1858-1929, who had married on 19 June 1878 in St Peter’s Church, in Parkstone, Poole, Dorset, the birthplace of their children, Crystal and Joseph. William had been a merchant and lived on his own means in Richmond House in Northam, before moving to Westleigh House, Westleigh, Bideford, where he was living when he died on 31 December 1901, leaving £5,806 to the care of his widow. Jessie Ann was living with her unmarried son, Joseph, in the fourteen roomed house, The Verne, Instow in 1911. She was living at Sentosa, Westleigh on 13 September 1929 when she died at Windycroft, Instow. Her son Joseph, gentleman, had care of her £6,118 estate.

During the First World War Tom billeted fourteen wounded Australian soldiers recuperating from battles on the Western Front, at Ingo Brake. They were farmers and horsemen from the outback and their tales inspired the Radford children. Tom was trained as an architect, but his share of his father’s fortune, enabled to lead a more leisurely life. It is believed that his only two designs were for his house, Ingo Brake, and the Lydford War Memorial. Though, during World War 2, his knowledge of architecture and skills as a photographer led to him being commissioned to record Devon churches in case they should be damaged. Of Tom and Crystal’s five children: Mary Crystal, born 2 September 1902-82 and Joyce Emily, born 3 October 1903, attended boarding school in Bideford together. The location no doubt being related to the proximity of their maternal grandmother, Jessie Ann.

Mary Crystal or Molly baptised on 3 October 1902, married Thomas or Tom May in 1942. He was a carpenter and farmer, probably from Lydford, and they lived happily together at Cross Park. Joyce Emily, baptised 30 October 1903 married Alick Gordon Kidley in 1928 and had three children: Anne J born in Axbridge in 1931, Rosemary J in 1937 in West Devon/Cornwall and Robin K born 1938 in Somerset. Alick was living at Croft Orchard, Brent Knoll in Somerset when he died on 10 January 1982, leaving effects to the value of £179,187. Joyce died in Weston Super Mare in 1983. Leonard born in December 1904 and baptised on 25 January 1905, went to Australia in 1925 in response to an invitation from his wartime friends. He becames a boundary rider and jackaroo on a 240,000 acre, remote outback sheep ranch in New South Wales. In 1930, he returned to Devon for four years and in 1934 met and courted the beautiful Gwen May. Len proposed marriage, and wanted her to return to Australia with him but Gwen, only 18, found the prospect of moving half way around the world too much to contemplate and decided to stay in Lydford to wait for Len’s return, to settle down. Len went back down under and become a stockman. After a near fatal snakebite he rode to the nearest hospital seven miles away and collapsed at its front steps. After recovering, he fell in love with the nursing sister, matron and hospital owner Ethel Mona Bradshaw. They married in 1936 in Boggabri, New South Wales and their first child, John, was born in November 1938.  Having been a noted sportsman at Kelly College, Len went on to success in the sports store business and became world surf life saving champion representing Australia and regional champion in seven different sports in the 1930s and mid 1940s. He died from a brain tumour on 26 August 1973 and was buried in Grafton, New South Wales.

Betty was 42 and suffering with TB before she was permitted to marry Louis Screech in 1949. Accounts indicate that he was an orphaned carpenter, kept on as chauffeur by Crystal after his wife’s death. However, the records are not there to support this. Louis, born in 1907, appears to have been the son of widowed Fanny Alford Screech of Brayton Cottage in Bridestow in 1911. In 1939 he was a single carpenter and painter, boarding with Mary Bickle at Cross Cottage in Tavistock. Betty’s marriage was short as she died late the following year. Phone records indicate that Louis lived at Brae Torr Cottage in Priory Close, Whitchurch from 1968, when he married Peggy L Baker, until 1984. He was in the Moralto House Nursing Home in Callington when he died on 25 July 1994 leaving an estate to the value of £233,514.

The youngest, John Lewison, born 12 March 1910, married Gladys Blithe in Tavistock in 1937. Their daughter (later Hooper) born in 1938 was named Crystal after her paternal grandmother. In 1939 John was a fitter in shipbuilding, living at Fairlight, Kingsbridge with his wife Gladys and daughter Crystal. He was living at 12 Burrows Park, Braunton when he died on 1 July 1986.

A heavy smoker, with a bad heart, Harold Thomas died on 7 December 1945, aged 68, leaving an estate of £22,944 including a bequest of 500 acres of Lydford Gorge to the National Trust: probate was granted to his widow Crystal. She died in the Tavistock area in 1967 aged 87.

110 Moorcroft RAMSAY George H 50 M Engineer Captain Retired R Navy Devon Devonport
110 Moorcroft RAMSAY Ellen Rose W 51 M 27:2:2 Devon Devonport
110 Moorcroft RAMSAY Harold George J S 26 S Mounted Police Natal SA Home on leave Devon Devonport
George RAMSAY was the youngest son of Thomas Ramsay and Charlotte Smyth. They had married in Pembroke in 1839 when he was 30 and she was 16. Their first child Charlotte died in Pembroke in 1840. Thomas, an engineer in the Royal Navy, moved around in his job: in 1861 he was living away from home and Charlotte was caring for their five children, who had been born in Somerset, Surrey, Kent and Devon.  The oldest, Robert, was following in his father’s footsteps as an engineering apprentice. In 1871, Thomas, by that time a Chief Engineer was at home at 18 Melbourne Street, Plymouth. But by 1881 he had died. Charlotte had a pension and was living with her daughter Ellen, a Governess, and son George, an engineering student.

George married Ellen Rose Jennings in 1884. In 1891 Ellen and their two sons: Harold George Jennings born in 1885 and Rodney Basil M born in 1886 were living with her parents, George and Ellen Jennings at Valletort House in Devonport. In 1901 the family were re-united and living in Saltash. On 6 March 1911, Harold George Jennings had been initiated into the Freemason’s Lodge of Harmony in Plymouth, giving his residence as South Africa and his occupation as member of the Natal Police. On 31 May 1912 he arrived in Perth, Western Australia from Capetown on the THERMISTOCLES. He married Annie Mabel Cox in Burrowa, New South Wales that same year. Electoral registers indicate that he was working as a telephone engineer in 1916, but was a civil servant living in Dalhousie, Henry Street, Dalkeith in 1925, 101 Railway Parade in 1936 and from 1943–1963 at least, he and Annie Mabel were living at 36 Roseberry Avenue in Swan South Perth. He died in Perth in 1967 aged 82. There were no further records for Rodney after 1901. George had died in 1916 aged 56. In 1921 Mrs E R Ramsay of 10 Argyle Terrace Plymouth arrived in London on the BORDA from Durban.

81 Burn Lane RANDALL Ellen Boa 81 W House Keeper Dom Devon Stokenham
Ann Ellen Gillard RANDALL was the second wife of Peter Randall 1817-64, a butcher in Slapton. They had married in 1853, two years after the death of his first wife, Elizabeth Luscombe Gillard 1822-51, with whom he had three children: Peter Gillard, Anna Maria, and Elizabeth Ellen. In 1851 Peter Gillard, 24 attorney and Philip Gillard 16 scholar were visiting Peter and Elizabeth. In 1861 Philip Gillard 25 railway officer and Elizabeth Gillard 67, farmer’s widow, were visiting Peter and Ann Ellen. In 1871, after Peter’s death, Ann Ellen was a needlewoman living with her mother Elizabeth Gillard, an annuitant in Kingsbridge. She died in 1913.
5 Bakery REDSTONE Flora Lillian GD 12 Devon Brentor
Flora Lillian REDSTONE was staying with her grandparents at the Bakery. She was the eldest daughter of Margaret Orinthia Brimacombe, daughter of the baker John Brimacombe, and her husband, Frederick William Redstone, a shoeing smith of 3 Bannawell St, Tavistock. Frederick was the son of Jane Ann Rice (see Rice below) and her husband, James William Cox Redstone, a carpenter turned bargemaster. A nephew of Roger and Samuel Rice, he had been working and living with them in Brentor in 1891. Their younger children were Fred, Hazel, Gustavus and (Laura Geraldine) Pearl. Sadly, Flora died in 1915, aged just 16.
M60 West Blackdown REDDICLIFFE William H 65 M Carpenter (Jobbing) Devon Inwardleigh
M60 West Blackdown REDDICLIFE Mary W 45 M 9:0:0 Devon Inwardleigh
William REDDICLIFFE was the son of John 1802-1875, a farmer of 360 acres and his wife Mary of Narracott, Inwardleigh. John (Reddicliff) was described as a Yeoman of Inwardleigh, when he died on 3 June 1875. The executors of his effects of under £2,000, which was resworn December 1876 as under £3,000, were Thomas King of Meeth and William Sparke of Higher Oak, both yeomen. The extended family, living with John and Mary in 1871 included son George, daughters Elizabeth and Charity and grand daughters Emelena Coombe 8 and Bessie Reddicliff 4.

In 1881 at Risdon’s Fishley, Hatherleigh, William was an unmarried farmer of 150 acres. Living with him was his mother Mary, sister Charity and niece, Clara Heale 6. In 1891 only his cousin John Wolland was living with him. In 1901 he was living at Beadon Cottage, Hennock, Newton Abbot, the home of his nephew, farmer William and his family. In Plymouth in 1902 he married Mary Trick, twenty years his junior, from his home parish of Inwardleigh. She was one of the eight children of William Trick and his wife Maria. William may have died in 1919. Mary, who had been born on 27 April 1867, was a shopkeeper, of Brookside in Tavistock in 1939. She was living at Milton Coombe in Yelverton when she died on 21 October 1941 at The Lodge, Jacobstowe. Her executor, £348, was Clara Ellen Northam, the wife of Samuel Edwin, who had married in 1930. Clara was the daughter of Samuel and Ellen Trick, so was probably Mary’s niece, or cousin.

There are many branches of the RICE family. This was the most numerous surname in Brentor in 1841 with ten different family groups, sharing little more that half a dozen male first names and occupations: mostly carpenters, blacksmiths, farm workers and shoemakers and the majority had wives named Ann. A researcher’s nightmare!

Thomas Rice, a farmer in 1841, baptised in North Petherton on 7 August 1763, and married to Grace Kinsman in Brentor in 1786. Rice children born before baptismal records, could be theirs:

William Rice, a blacksmith, 1804-1882 who married Ann Rice 1803-39. They had four children Thomas Blatchford 1827-1912 (see Thomas Rice below), Mary Ann 1829-1919 married James Bennett Prout (see Prout above), William 1833- and Edward Kinsman 1836-1927 (see Edward Kinsman Rice below). Subsequently, in 1844 William married Grace Ash Coram 1797-1869 and then Martha Sargent/Parish 1822- in 1873. Grace Coram, was a neighbouring widow, with four children of her own. Her daughter, Elizabeth, married George Squire, brother of William Squire in 1848 (see Squire below). Another daughter Catherine, married Grace’s stepson, Thomas Rice (see Thomas Rice below). William died in 1882

Roger Rice 1806-1882, a carpenter in 1841, and his wife Ann Sleeman 1804 -1858, who had married in Brentor in 1829, had seven children. Elizabeth who married Edward Alford (see Alford above), William Henry, Roger, Daniel, Robert, Jane Ann who married James William Cox Redstone (see Redstone above) and Samuel (see Robert Rice below).

Another son was Edward Kinsman Rice 1808-1887, who, on 5 April 1830, was married to Anne Jane Powell, sometimes named as Mary Jane, 1811-73. Edward was a shoemaker and in 1861 was also described as the Bible Christian Local Preacher. In 1871 he had given up shoemaking and was farming 27 acres. They had only the one son, also Edward Kinsman Rice 1847-1899. He was a butcher and farmer and married to Mary Margaret Hatch Rice, (see Mary Rice below) in 1871.

It is possible that Roger was a cousin of William and Edward Kinsman Rice.

2 Lower Town RICE Thomas H 84 M Retired Farmer Devon Brentor
2 Lower Town RICE Grace W 55 M 4:0:0 Devon Wallhampton
Thomas Blatchford RICE, 1827-1912, was the eldest son of William 1804-1882 the blacksmith and his wife Ann 1803-39 and is shown with his widowed father, brothers and sisters in Brentor in 1841. He married Catherine Coram in 1848. She was the daughter of his stepmother, Grace. They had two children: William Edwin 1849-1919, who followed Thomas’s father’s trade as a blacksmith, moving to Canada in 1861, and Thomas Henry 1854-1929 of Pulborough, Lydford, miller, farmer and general merchant.

Thmas and Catherine’s forty seven year marriage ended with her death in 1895. Thomas married again in 1906, to Grace Pearse, who, nearly 30 years younger, had been described as his servant in 1901. Her parents were farmer Thomas and Mary Pearse of Leathertor Farm in Buckland. As a young newly married man in 1851, Thomas Blatchford had been a blacksmith, living in the village initially and then in what was named Rice’s Tenement in 1861. In 1871 Thomas had become a farmer and they lived in Westford Cottage, Mary Tavy near the Railway Station. Their final move was to Lower Town where he stayed for the rest of his life, dying in 1912. Grace died in 1938.

6 Brentor RICE Edward Kinsman H 74 M Blacksmith Retired Devon Brentor
6 Brentor RICE Melinda W 70 M 51:1:1 Devon Ashburton
Edward Kinsman RICE was also the son of William Rice, (above) Brentor blacksmith, and his wife Ann. He was the brother of Thomas Blatchford Rice (above) and Mary Ann Prout (see Prout above). Their mother had died in 1839 before Edward was five. Their father was married again in 1844 to Grace Coram, a neighbouring widow, with four children of her own. In 1851 the family, including Edward, was living at Easter Place in Lamerton. In 1861, Edward, his wife Melinda Crees and their small daughter Elizabeth Ann were living in her home town of Ashburton. 1871 brought great changes to the family as they had moved to Millom in Cumberland. Edward continued to work as a blacksmith, with their address of Mains or Mines Gate indicating that it was at a mine. By 1881, their daughter Elizabeth Ann had married Joseph Russell, a local time keeper and they had a small son, James E, born 1880. By 1901 Edward and Elizabeth had returned to Brentor where they were living in a cottage near the Post Office. By 1911 Edward had retired. Melinda died in 1919. Edward was living in Station Road when he died on 16 March 1927 aged 90, leaving an estate of £309 to the care of his daughter, Elizabeth Ann, who had been widowed by that time.
39 Trebor? Cottage RICE Robert H 73 M E? Carpenter Devon Lamerton
39 Trebor? Cottage RICE Elizabeth S B W 69 M 45:3:3 Devon Bradstone
39 Trebor? Cottage RICE Samuel John S 27 S 0F? 3F? Carpenter Devon Brentor
39 Trebor? Cottage RICE William Henry B 78 W Retired Carpenter Visitor Devon Lamerton
81 Burn Lane RICE Roger H 75 S E? Carpenter & Smithing Works Devon Lamerton
81 Burn Lane RICE Samuel H 65 S E? Carpenter & Smithing Works Devon Lamerton
William Henry, Roger, Robert and Samuel RICE were the sons of Roger Rice 1806-1882 and his wife Ann Sleeman 1804 -1858, who had married in 1829, and had seven children. The family provided work and apprenticeships in smithing and carpentry for various nephews, including William Henry Martin, who was the son of Roger’s sister Sarah, known as Sally, Frederick Redstone, son of Roger’s daughter Jane, daughter Elizabeth Alford’s sons and grandsons and others who feature in the village.

Robert and his brother Daniel were staying with their uncle and aunt, the Sleemans at the time of the Census in 1851. By 1861 Robert, a carpenter, was back living with his family before his marriage to Elizabeth S B. They had three sons: William Henry, born 1867, who stayed with his uncle, also William Henry, in London in 1891, Frederick Roger, born 1868, who had became a clerk in a public car office in London by 1911 and Samuel John born 1883, listed above. A Sam Rice was shown in both the 1920 and 1923 football team photos. Robert and Elizabeth must have been a respectable couple, as they were the lodging of preference for the school master and mistress, and in 1901 Robert was the Post Master. Elizabeth died in 1922 and Robert may have died in 1929 aged 91.   William Henry married Thirza Smith in 1874 and they went to live in Brixton, London where he found work as a carpenter. In 1891 they were providing accommodation for her sister, Agnes Smith 36, a dressmaker and his nephew William Henry (Robert’s son), an ironmonger’s assistant, 24. They had moved back to Brentor after 1901, but before 1905 when Thirza died in Mary Tavy on 15 May, leaving £182 to carpenter husband, William Henry, who probably died in 1913.       Roger and Samuel never married, carrying on their father’s carpentry and building business in Burn Lane after his death. One of the Mr Rices applied for an exemption for their nephew Samuel J Wright, aged 33 and married, described as wheelwright and carpenter, foreman and general manager, who was very important to him. A conditional exemption was granted in April 1916. They applied later for an exemption for Sidney Cole Alford, aged 22, who was working for them, stating that they had not been able to get a smith and they had a lot of work on order. Sidney was granted a six month exemption from April 1917-September 1917. Roger died in 1925 and Samuel in 1933.    

9 Gill House RICE Mary M H H 64 W ?:10:6 Butchery business Devon Beaworthy
9 Gill House RICE Ewart S 23 S Butcher Devon Brentor
9 Gill House RICE Stanley S 20 S Butcher Devon Brentor
Mary Margaret Hatch RICE was the daughter of John Rice and Alice Hatch, so Rice was her maiden as well as married name. She was the widow of Edward Kinsman Rice 1847-1899. He was a butcher and farmer. They had married in 1871. His father was also Edward Kinsman Rice 1808-1887, who had been married to Ann Jane, sometimes known as Mary Jane, 1811-73, and was the brother of William Rice, 1804-1882, the blacksmith above. Edward Kinsman 1847-1899 was their only son. Edward Snr continued to live with his son and daughter in law in Gilles Cottage after the death of his wife, until his own death in 1887. The younger Edward was a cousin to William, Mary and Edward (above) and Roger Rice’s children (above). Mary Margaret Hatch Rice records that she had ten children and only six of these were still alive.

Alice Annie born 14 January 1872 married farmer Richard Burden in 1902. In 1911 they were farming at Staddon, Lew Down and had been married nine years but had no children. By 1939, Richard had retired and they had moved to The Retreat in Brentor. Alice continued to live at The Retreat until her death aged 77 in Horrabridge on 28 January 1949. Although she was described as the wife of Richard Burden (by this time 82), probate for her £361 estate was granted to her brother Stanley Russell Rice, a retired butcher. Jessie Jane H married Richard Crocker (see Crocker above). Edward John born 12 April 1876, had been an ironmonger’s apprentice in 1891, when aged 14. In 1901 he had moved to Derby where he was an Ironmonger’s assistant lodging with Mrs Sawley at 67 Otter Street, Derby. When next he shows up in records, he is a butcher living in Benow Park Road, Plymouth with his wife, Bertha J born 20 October 1887. Edward John died in 1942 aged 65. William Joseph, was a butcher living in Lewdown with his sister Alice in 1901. In April 1912 he emigrated to Canada where he married Betsy. They were living in Calgary when he returned to England to visit friends from 28 July 1920 to 22 June 1921. Fred Kinsman in the 1881 census was listed at two weeks old, as Frederick James, but when his birth was registered his name was shortened and second name changed! Like his brother William he may have emigrated as there are no further records but it is more likely that with Mary’s record of only six children still alive, that he had died. Albert Harry 1878-1906 was a butcher, like so many in his family, husband of Amy Elizabeth and father of Edward Kinsman Rice (see Amy Elizabeth Rice below). Ewart Sydney born 11 February 1888, living at home in 1911, was recorded as farming at Beechcombe Farm from 1923 until 1939 when the Register shows him living there as a stock and dairy farmer with his wife, Helen Mary born 31 May 1897. Between 1944 and 1956 he was at Harewood, Peter Tavy and from 1956 to 1958 at Hill Town Farm, also Peter Tavy. In 1958 he travelled to Canada, probably a retirement trip to visit his brother, William Joseph. He returned on 30 September 1958 on the EMPRESS OF ENGLAND leaving from Montreal and arriving at Liverpool. He gave his age as 70 and occupation as retired farmer. His death was registered in Tiverton in 1978, though his will for his £33,129 estate, describes him as living at Exhurst Manor in Staplehurst Kent. In 1911, as a butcher, he was intitiated into the Bedford Freemasonry Lodge in Tavistock, which at that time met at the Freemason’s Hall in Barley Market Street.  Stanley Russell born 18 June 1891 and living at home in 1911, travelled to Canada on 28 October 1912, six months after his brother William Joseph. He gave his mother as his next of kin and indicated that he was travelling to Calgary. He returned and married Mary Ellen Sandercock 1881-1964 of Chaddlehanger in 1923, in Plymouth. In 1939 Stanley was still a butcher and they were living in Gill House, his family home from the 1870s.  Mary Ellen died on 1 September 1964, when they were living at Lyndhurst in Whitchurch Road, Tavistock. Stanley, retired butcher, was one of the executors for her £21,779 estate. Stanley died in 1971 aged 80.

Mary Margaret Hatch Rice died on 7 August 1924 at Digbys, Exeter. Her £1,555 estate was administered by Richard Burden (her son in law) and Richard Voaden, also a farmer, probably from North Russell, Sourton.

32 Bonnaford Farm RICE Amy Elizabeth D 32 W ?:1:1 Assistant in Dairy Devon Brentor
32 Bonnaford Farm RICE Edward Kinsman GS 8 School Devon Brentor
Amy Elizabeth RICE was a Squire before marriage (see Squire below). Albert Harry Rice (above) had travelled to Headingly, Leeds, where Amy, who had been born in Brentor on 12 October 1878, was living at the time, to marry her at St Michael’s Church on 30 January 1901. The witnesses at the ceremony were her brother William George Squire, who lived in Leeds, and her sister ‘Minnie’ Mary Maria (Castle) (see Castle above). The 1901 census shows them living in a cottage near the Post Office. He was a butcher working from home. Their son Edward Kinsman was born in 1903. Sadly, Albert Harry died on 17 November 1906 aged just 28, leaving an estate of £37. In 1911, Amy and her son, Edward, were living with her mother, Anne Squire, and her sisters Anne Terrell Squire and Mary Maria Castle at Bonnaford Farm. In 1939 she was living at Bearwood in Brentor, the home of her sister, retired confectioner, ‘Minnie’ Mary M Castle and her brother retired farmer, James E Squire. Amy was described as housekeeper. Amy Elizabeth died in 1949. There are no further records of her son, Edward Kinsman, so he may have travelled to Canada, as his uncle was there.
22 Cottage ROACH William Henery H 51 M Foreman Platelayer LSWR Devon Crediton
22 Cottage ROACH Mary Ann W 51 M 31:2:1 Devon Landford
William Henry ROACH was the son of Henry, a labourer and his wife, Louisa Nicholls, of Crediton. His wife Mary Ann Spear was born In Sandford, not far from Crediton. She was the daughter of John Spear, an agricultural labourer, and his wife, Sophia. William and Mary Ann were married in 1879 and their daughter, Louisa was born on 1887 at 5 Park St, Crediton. William’s work as a platelayer took him to various places in Devon before he settled in Brentor. In 1891 they were at 6 Hicks Cottages, West Blackdown and in 1901 in Brentor village. On 28 February 1908 Louisa, who was a dressmaker of 22, married Charles Williams RN (see Williams below). The 1911 census shows Charles and Louisa living at Moor View, with William and Mary Ann in the next cottage on the list, but on 13 October 1911 William’s death certificate gives Moor View either as his home or place of death when he died aged 52. A few months later, on 7 March 1912 Mary Ann died, also 52.
M75 SW Cottage ROGERS Henry H 45 W Railway Signalman Cornwall Stratton
M75 SW Cottage ROGERS Emma Louisa D 17 S Devon Umberleigh
M75 SW Cottage ROGERS Donald S 16 S Newsboy Devon Umberleigh
M75 SW Cottage ROGERS Moyra D 12 School Surrey New Malden
Henry ROGERS, baptised on 24 December 1865, was the son of John Rogers 1837-1903, a farmer, and his wife Charlotte Yeo 1837-98. On 28 February 1891 Henry had married Alice Clark at St James’s Church in Bermondsey, with both giving their address as 23 Catlin Street. Her father was George William Clark, a builder. She had been born in 1862 in Southwark and died in Tavistock in 1907. It has not been possible to identify Henry’s death accurately. They had four children:

Alice Dorothy born 10 November 1891, who was a dressmaker staying with the Allen family at 52 Siddons Road, Forest Hill, SE London in 1911. In 1939 she was living at Serhyn, Hillhead, Stratton. Emma Louisa, born 18 June 1893 and Moyra born 18 September 1898, were living not far away at 33 Coast View, Stratton Road, Stratton, in 1939. It was here that Emma died on 1 September 1941 leaving her estate of £494 to the care of her sister, Moyra. When Moyra died there on 6 August 1946 her £1,472 estate was left to the care of her eldest sister, Alice Dorothy, to administer. Alice died two years after her sister Moyra, on 13 September 1948, at the same address in Stratton, by then named Lydford. The executor of her £2,881 estate was Hilda Beaufoy, the wife of Leroy Arthur-J Beaufoy. Leroy had been born in Wisconsin but had returned to the UK with his British born parents when a small child, to live in Eastbourne. He was a mechanical engineer at Kings College, London, under Prof Gilbert Cook, and had lived at 23 Folkington Corner from 1937-9.  He later married Dorothy B Sanderson in 1960 and died in Barnes in 1995 but it has been impossible to identify Hilda and details of their marriage. It has not been possible to track Henry and Charlotte’s son, Donald’s whereabouts after 1911.

86 Burnville ROWE Frederick H 28 M Coachman (Dom) Devon Harbertonford
86 Burnville ROWE Sophy W 32 M 9:3:3 Devon Diptford
86 Burnville ROWE Winnifred D 8 Devon Diptford
86 Burnville ROWE Leonard S 7 Devon Diptford
86 Burnville ROWE William S 3 Devon Coryton

Frederick Thomas Rowe 1883-1941

Sophy Heath Rowe wife of Frederick 1875-1962

Frederick Thomas ROWE was the son of Henry Rowe 1844-, a farmer, and Grace Bowey 1859-, both born in Halwill, Devon, who had married in 1863. In 1901, Frederick had been boarding with the Wallis family and was described as a farmer’s son. In 1902 he married Sophy Heath in Totnes. She was the daughter of William Heath, an agricultural labourer, and his wife, Sarah, of Diptford, Devon. In 1911, Frederick’s parents were described as having been married for 52 years, having had eleven children with nine still alive. Their census form was signed by their grand daughter, Daisy Annie Brooking Heath, aged 14.

In 1939 Frederick T, born 2 November 1883, and Sophy born 9 June 1875, were living at 18 Brooklands in Totnes with Vera Rowe, a grocery shop assistant, born 21 August 1916, later Tucker, and two younger children. If Sophy Heath was the mother, it has been difficult to find any birth entries for these. Winifred Mary 1903-77, married Ernest John Yelland 1894-1966 in 1927. Leonard Leslie 1904-72 married Gertrude E Potter in Rochford Essex in 1926 and died in Maidstone in 1972. William Henry, born 22 January 1908 married Margaret Mary Ford in 1932. In 1939 they were living at 8 Coldharbour, Totnes with two children, next door to a Tucker family.

Leonard Leslie Rowe, 1904-72 son of Frederick and Sophy

92 Wastor ROWE John Maurice Cou 56 M Independ means C’wall Stoke Climsland
92 Wastor ROWE Mary Ellen Cou 31 M 7:3:3 Cornwall Tregoodwill
John Maurice ROWE was the son of John Palmer Rowe 1823-1900 and his wife Elizabeth Ann Sherwill 1829-1901+, who had married on 4 October 1852. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Sherwill 1796-1878 and Elizabeth Stranger 1800-1872 (her uncle Elias’s 1855 will is of interest), who had married on 23 January 1822 in Lydford, where Elizabeth was born. Her parents were living in St Winnow when her father died in 1878, leaving under £2,000 personal effects. John Palmer Rowe and Elizabeth had three children: Elizabeth Thirza, John Maurice and Fred Wallace. Fred continued to farm at Trevego, St Winnow, Lostwithiel after the retirement of his father, who died 5 April 1900. Fred administered his £2,329 estate.

John Maurice born 2 April 1855 was living at Mount Pleasant, St Winnow, Lostwithiel with his mother Elizabeth in 1901, with both declaring that they were living on their own means. John Maurice married Mary Ellen Burden 1880-1943 in 1903 in Bodmin. Mary Ellen, born 5 March 1880, twentyfive years his junior, was probably the daughter of William J and his wife Eliza Jane Stephens of Lanteglos by Camelford. Her younger brother Richard Charles Burden, a farmer, was the executor of Mary Ellen’s £12,327 estate when she died on 18 March 1943. She had been living at Fairfield, Tywardreath, Cornwall at the time of her death. Her husband John Maurice of Becovan, St Mabyn had died on 27 December 1940, leaving his estate of £7,161 for his widow Mary Ellen to administer. In 1939 they had been living at Oaklea in Poole, Dorset, where he was described as a retired farmer. It has not been possible to identify their three children who were elsewhere at the time of the census, nor to establish how John Maurice was a cousin to Elizabeth Mary Willcock, (see Willcock below) their hostess on this visit.

69 Liddaton RUNDLE George H 50 M Wall Mason Devon Devonport
69 Liddaton RUNDLE Mary W 49 M 26:2:1 Devon Clawton
69 Liddaton RUNDLE Henry Bernard S 20 S Wall Mason Devon Brentor
George RUNDLE was the son of George 1829-1905, also a mason, and his wife Jane Glanville 1817-91, the daughter of James and Mary Glanville. Jane had been a shoe binder before their marriage in Tavistock in 1849. They had another child: Annie Glanville 1852-1914 who married Charles Jeffrey in 1876. After his death in 1878, aged 23, she returned to live with her parents; caring for her father until his death on 29 May 1905, when they were living in his retirement at the Vicarage in Chillaton. His £247 estate was administered by his son, George.

George married Mary Parsons in Tavistock in 1883. Mary Susan was the daughter of Samuel Parsons 1828-1860, a farm worker, and his wife, Mary Routley Oxenham 1832-83. They had married in 1853 and had three children; Elizabeth Ann born 1854, James  1857 and Mary Susan born in 1859, only weeks before his untimely death in 1860, aged 32. Mary, working as a shopkeeper to support her children in 1861, married Walter Abbott, 1831-1914, a railway labourer, in 1863. They had two children: Jane and Walter. Walter had two children, Elizabeth and Emma, from his previous marriage to Jane Townsend 1832-57.

George and Mary lived with their son, Henry Bernard, at 1 Cudlipps Cottages in 1891, and Liddaton in 1901. Henry Bernard served in the 4th Reserves of the Devon Regiment, Private 4268/202132. He was attested 30.11.15, Army Reserve 1.12.15, mobilised 21.2.16 and posted 22.2.16. He was discharged under para 392 (xvi) of the King’s Regulations, that is, he was deemed to be no longer physically fit for war service. His medical record states: He had always been delicate. Was proposed for discharge in Boscombe on first joining, but it was decided to see the result of military training and graduated exercises. He got on fairly well until January 1917, when he had an attack of pleurisy for which he was sent hospital in Bournemouth. He had rheumatism there as well and stayed there over 3 months. He does not feel the same man now. Is doing light work with Pioneers. He was described as being of poor physique, though 5′ 10″ tall his chest was 32″ with barely 2″ expansion. He stated that his father and one sister had died of consumption (though George didn’t die until 1936). Henry probably married Florence Maunder in 1919 and they had one son, Kenneth Rupert, born 1920. Henry and Florence were living at 3 Higher Springs, Brentor Road, Mary Tavy in 1939, with Henry working as a builder.  Florence of Higher Springs, Mary Tavy died on 1 September 1966 at Tavistock Hospital. Probate for her £4,505 estate was granted to her son Kenneth Rupert Rundle, an agricultural representative. Henry Bernard may have died in Cheltenham in 1967, possibly living with his son. Mary Susan died locally, early in 1946.

104 Manor Hotel RUSE Alice Ast 40 S Hotel Book Keeper Devon Stonehouse
Alice Emma RUSE was the daughter of Mark Samuel 1847-1930, a cabinet maker, born in Stonehouse, and Emma Selina Wills 1848-86, born in Egg Buckland, who had married in Plymouth in 1867, the year before Alice was born, making her 43. They moved to 7 Norley St in Charles Plymouth soon after they married and Mark continued to live there for over sixty years, until he died on 7 September 1930. His estate of £592 was left to (Alice) Emma, his only child, described as spinster rather than book keeper. When she died at Hooper House, Exmouth on 15 March 1944, she had been living at 16 Blackall Rd, Exeter. The executor for her £690 estate was Lillian Anna Wills Petheridge, who was probably her cousin.
112 Prescombe SANDERS James Ser 30 S Farm Labourer Corn S Petherwin
James SANDERS was working for the Cole family at Prescombe. It has not been possible to identify James accurately, if the age and birthplace given are correct.
83 Langstone House SANDY Jessie Ser 40 S Cook (in charge of property) Cornwall Lanlivery
Jessie SANDY, born on 28 February 1870 and baptised on 15 May 1870, was the daughter of John 1838-1929, an agricultural labourer, and his wife, Kitty or Kate, 1844-79. They had married in 1863 and had at least seven children before Kitty’s untimely death in 1879. John married Elizabeth Netherton in 1886, but their marriage was childless. John was 93 when he died. In 1939 Jessy was a pensioner living in accommodation at 8 Victoria Road, St Austell.  She was 87 when she died unmarried in Plympton in 1957.
106 Holmleigh  Cott SARGENT Leonard H 31 M Gardener (Dom) Cheshire Runcorn
106 Holmleigh  Cott SARGENT Harriet W 35 M 6:0:0 Devon Exeter
Leonard SARGENT was the son of Richard 1849-1908 and his wife, Jane 1851-1899. Richard was a chemical labourer who had moved from his birthplace of Plymouth to Runcorn before the birth of their first child in 1876. Jane had been born in Penzance. After her death in 1899, Richard married again in 1904 to either Edith Jackson or Edith Booth.

In 1901, aged 16, Leonard was a horse driver on the canal and on census night he was recorded as being at the boatman’s shelter in the canal wharf at Preston Brook in Preston on the Hill, Cheshire. The following year, on 18 February 1902, aged 18 years 6 months, he enlisted in the army 22055 as a driver in the Royal Field Artillery for seven years, with five years in the reserve. He was described as 5’4″ tall, fresh complexion, grey eyes, brown hair and with a small scar on his forehead. His service was unremarkable, though he was granted his first Good Conduct badge on 1.4.04 which was forfeited on 3.8.04; it was a year before it was restored. He married Harriet Hutchings in 1904, the witnesses being George and Kate Hutchings, probably her father, a butcher, and her sister. Harriet had been living with Kate in 1901, when Kate was a paper bag maker and Harriet was a shirt ironer, having been a bookbinder’s apprentice previously. Their mother was Mary Anne Channon 1841-1893, their father George 1843-1912. It is thought that Harriet died in Exeter in 1930 aged 54 and Leonard in Launceston in 1933, aged 49.

87 Burnville Hse SELDON Blanche Ser 27 Servant Domestic Devon Stowford
Blanche SELDON, born 31 July 1883, was the daughter of William Seldon 1857-1922, a farm hand, and his wife Jane Anna Rundle 1863-1926, both born in Thrushelton, who had married in Tavistock in 1882. They had five other children as well as Blanche. In 1913 she married Alfred James Hodge (see Hodge above). Blanche and Alfred had two daughters: Ivy Joan 4 Aug 1920-93 and Betty M 1924-, who married Alan Paul Russell in 1955. Jane Anna, lived to see her grandchildren, as she was a widow living at 104 Mount Gold Rd, Plymouth when she died on 24 November 1926. The executors for her £1,104 estate were her children: Ivy Seldon spinster and Leslie Seldon, a motor engineer. In 1939 the Hodge family had been living in St Austell at 58 Robartes Hall where Alfred was a railway signalman. Only Betty was at home with them, as Ivy was a student at Hockerill Training College in Dunmow Road, Bishop Stortford. Alfred’s father John, a widower and retired mason, born in 1864, was living with them.  Alfred was living at 130 Pemros Road, St Budeaux when he died on 21 May 1963. His daughter, Ivy Joan Hodge, spinster, was executor for his estate of £297. It is likely that Ivy had lived in Edmonton, London throughout her adult life, and had moved to the Plymouth area before her death in 1993. Blanche died in the Plymouth area in 1972.
3 East Place SHEPPARD Arthur Capel H 63 M Private means Som Bathampton
3 East Place SHEPPARD Sarah Theodora Berry W 35 M 5:3:2 Devon Exeter
3 East Place SHEPPARD Lancelot S 4 Glouc Fairford
3 East Place SHEPPARD Adelaide Mary D 2 Devon Brentor
As the names might indicate, Arthur SHEPPARD came from a moneyed background. Born and brought up in the Manor House, Bathampton, Somerset, he was one of the fourteen children of Philip Charles Sheppard, Esquire 1812-78, Magistrate for the County of Somerset and Borough of Bath, and his wife Mary Markham 1813-85. Their staff of seven included a butler, governess, nurse, under nurse, cook, kitchen and housemaid. As the daughters grew older, the balance moved to more maids, especially a Lady’s Maid and a Young Ladies Maid. It was surprising to find Arthur, with this background, still single, aged 43 in 1891, living at 18 Railway Terrace, Lantwitt Lower, Glamorgan and working as a colliery clerk. It has not been possible to find him in the subsequent census to put this into context. His father had died on 11 July 1878 at 16 Royal Crescent, Bath, which had been his home before he had moved to the Manor House. He was the son of Philip and Elizabeth Sheppard; born on 6 March 1812, and had been christened on 27 May 1812. His father had died by 1841 when Philip was living with his mother in Swainswick, Somerset, where they were both of independent means. Philip’s older brother Edward had visited the Manor House in 1851 and was described as a fundholder. In 1861 this description was added to Philip’s occupation.

Arthur married Sarah Theodora Berry Rudd in Cirencester in 1905. Their two children were left orphaned at a young age, as Arthur died in Plymouth in 1916, aged 68, the year after the death of Sarah in Launceston in 1915, aged 40. She was the daughter of William Rudd, termed the Elder, when he died on 29 March 1877 at Horwill Down, Newton St Cyres. Administration of his estate of under £300 was left to his widow, Adelaide Elizabeth Ann, who seems to have managed to raise Sarah on this sum. In 1881 they were living in the Stone House, Charmouth; in 1891 Woodcote, Hawkchurch Dorset and in 1901 at Haslemere, St Winnow, Cornwall. Born in Huddersfield, Yorkshire in 1834, Adelaide died in 1904, aged 70: the year before her daughter’s marriage.

It is likely that the Sheppard children were raised by Arthur’s family, possibly by his sisters, Edith Harriet 1849-1937 and Margaret 1856-1938; who continued to live at 26 Marlborough Buildings, in Bath: the family home at the time of their mother’s death on 28 December 1885, or with Major Charles Lee Sheppard 1855-1937 and his wife Alice. Their son Frederick was slightly older than Lancelot and Adelaide. Lancelot was one of his executors when he died on 8 November 1965 leaving an estate of £3,597.

Lancelot Capel, born 14 December 1906 in Cirencester and baptised on 2 February 1907 in Fairford, Gloucestershire, married Emmi Rodenstein in Bath in 1936. In 1939 they were living at Capel Cottage in the Calne/Chippenham area where Lancelot was described as a private tutor and freelance journalist. His inclusion in The Author’s and Writer’ Who’s Who in 1971 marks the production of a number of religious books about worship and spiritual leaders. He died in 1971 and Emmi Mary, who was living at 1 Church Row, Stratton on the Fosse, Bath died on 1 January 1980, leaving an estate of £45,109.  Adelaide Mary, named for both of her grandmothers, was born on 19 May 1908. In 1939 She was a book keeper living at St Andrew’s Vicarage in Taunton with her cousin Frederick Lee Sheppard and his mother Alice Grace Catherine 1852-1951, the widow of Arthur’s brother Major Charles Lee Sheppard of the Naval Ordnance Dept (see above). She died, unmarried in 1991, aged 83 in Hereford.

11 Cottage SHORT Clara H 44 W 27:4:3 Char Domestic Stoke (Climsland)
11 Cottage SHORT Ella May D 11 Cornwall Chilsworthy
Clara SHORT was the daughter of John Down 1828-96, a copper miner, and his wife Thirza Stephens 1836-1904. In 1881 Clara married William Thomas Short 1857-1900. They had four children: Francis Aubrey 1883-98, Archie Ambrose J 1885-1918, William Harold 1890-1917 and Ella May 1899-1980. In 1891 the family was living at 8 South Pentop, Greencroft, Co Durham. They had returned to the Tavistock area by 1898, when Francis Aubrey died, aged 15. Ella was born the following year and William died the year after that, leaving Clara with three children including a small baby. Living in Chilsworthy, Calstock in 1901, her son Archie 16, was a grocery shop assistant and William 11 was at school. Her mother Thirza was living in Brentor that year with Clara’s sister Annie and her husband James Hodge (see Hodge above). In 1891 Annie had been staying with her sister Jane King and her husband Willie at Forda Mill in Brentor. Their brother Freddy lived there as well. By 1901 Freddy had moved to Handsworth in London to live with his sister, Ellen Finnie, and her family. The King family was living in Burn View in 1901 where William was a coal and corn merchant, but by 1911 they had moved to Surrey where he worked as a farm labourer. Clara Short moved to Brentor before 1911. Archie died in Tynemouth in 1918.

William Harold Short was born on 31 March 1890 and baptised on 17 June in Gunnislake. In 1911 he was living at 25 Ryde Terrace, Annfield Plain, Co Durham where he was a coal miner shifter, working underground. Early in 1917 he married Flossie Hall Pilkington 1891-1978 in Bury, Lancashire. She continued to live at her family home, 42 Walmersley Rd in Bury. At some stage, probably prior to this, William had enlisted at Consett, Co Durham, joining the 11th Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry as a Private, 25762. Within months or even weeks of his wedding he was killed in action in France, on 15 April 1917.  He is commemorated on the War Memorial in Brentor, the village where his mother and aunt lived.

In Nantwich, Cheshire in 1920, Ella May, born 15 June 1899 married Frank Welch 1903-1978. They had four children: Clara Elizabeth born in 20 January 1921, Geoffrey 1925-2005, John Raymond 13 January 1931-88 and Maurice 1935-. In 1939 Ella May was a patient in the Chester Royal Infirmary, while her family were living at Council House, Cholmondeston, Nantwich. Frank, and his brother, Joe were cowmen. John Raymond, corrected as Raymond John and two other children, probably Geoffrey and Maurice were living with them. Clara Elizabeth was living and working elsewhere in Cholmondeston. She married Richard Williams in 1945. Ella May died in Cheshire in 1980 aged 80. It is likely that her mother Clara had died in 1917 in the Exeter area.

104 Manor Hotel SMALE Ann Stephens Aun 82 W Devon Mary Tavy
Ann Stephens Ellis SMALE, baptised on 16 December 1828, was the sister of Annie Matthews’ mother, Mary Stephens Ellis 1815-63. They were the daughters of William and Ann Ellis of Mary Tavy. In 1851 she was working as a draper’s assistant and living with the Pellow family at 183 Islington in Birmingham. In 1866, Ann S Ellis married John Smale at Plymouth. In 1881 he was a Greenwich pensioner and they were living at 8 Radnor St, Charles in Plymouth and in 1901 at 18 Radnor St when he was described as a naval pensioner and school drill instructor. He had been born in Jacobstow on 22 January 1826, the son of John and Margaret Smale. He served as a Serjeant in the Royal Marines and had been married before, to another Ann, born 1822 in Stonehouse with whom he had had a son, Henry Smale, born 1848 in East Stonehouse. John died in Plymouth in 1910 aged 84 and Ann Stephens died in 1923 aged 94.
1 Brentor  Vicarage SMITH Robert Joseph French H 69 M Clergyman Church of England Roscommon Ireland*
1 Brentor  Vicarage SMITH Emma W 69 M 32:4:3 London Islington
1 Brentor  Vicarage SMITH Margaret Olivia D 28 S Devon Brentor
1 Brentor  Vicarage SMITH Kathleen Mary French D 24 S Devon Brentor
Born on 14 January 1842, Robert Joseph French SMITH was a Clare College, Cambridge graduate, son of the Rev Charles Smith c1801-3 December 1841, who was the Rector of Kilnemanagh, Elphin Co Roscommon, and his wife, Olivia Meredith 1807-15 November 1873. She was the daughter of Thomas Meredith 1764-1814 of Sligo and his wife, Olivia Dorran.

Charles and Olivia had five children: Eva born 1829, married William Earle; Ann 1830 married Joseph Earle; Charles 1832, Vicar of Bamford, Derbyshire; Elizabeth 1840 and Robert 1842-1912. The family lived in the Bedford area, where Robert attended school and in census returns his mother Olivia was described as a landholder and gentlewoman. Robert was awarded his BA in 1864 and MA in 1879 and had been ordained in 1865. He was curate in Callington 1864-7; curate of St Mary’s, Highgate, 1867-74 and Chaplain in Singapore 1874-9. Robert Joseph and Emma Marriott married in Islington in 1879. After a year as Curate in West Alvington, Robert Joseph was appointed vicar of Brentor/Lamerton from 1881. In 1891 the family, which included six year old Robert Arthur, his two sisters, Margaret Olivia and Kathleen Mary, and his parents Emma and Robert Joseph, were living in the ten roomed Vicarage in Brentor.

In 1911 Robert Arthur was living elsewhere, probably in Canada, as it was there that he enlisted as a Gunner 85429 in the 3rd Brigade of the Canadian Field Artillery as Arthur Smith. He fell in action in France on 8 June 1917 and is remembered on the family grave in Christ Church graveyard. (In 1911 Blanche Elizabeth Doidge, born in Brentor worked as a general servant at the Vicarage. Blanche was the sister of John and George Doidge, also killed in the Great War and commemorated on the War Memorial.)

On 21 October 1912 Robert Joseph French Smith died in Plymouth aged 70, after 31 years as Vicar of Brentor parish. He was laid to rest in Christ Church graveyard. All members of the family, except Emma, had the name French. She was the only one known by the family surname, Smith. It is likely that they moved to the Meadows, Mary Tavy after Robert Joseph’s death, where Emma died on 20 August 1935, leaving £998, to be administered by Margaret and Kathleen. Youngest daughter, Kathleen or Kitty, died on 15 December 1947, at the King Edward VII Hospital, Windsor, leaving £1,535. She had been living at Red Gables, Farnham Common.  Margaret Olivia French Smith (Madge) married Bill Woollacott in 1935. Bill was shown in the 1923 football team photo and was the church organist and had run the Village Dance Band in the 1930s and 40s. In 1939 they were living at St Michael’s with Bill’s mother, Frances, who was aged 80 and incapacitated. Bill was a teacher of music and Madge, born 8 February 1883 was a retired nurse. She died on 29 October 1962 aged 79 at the Blackdown Nursing Home, leaving £2,124 to be administered by Beatrice, the wife of Kenneth Edwin Alfred Hughes.

70 Liddaton Green SPEAR Jane H 67 W Devon Coryton
Jane SPEAR was the widow of Richard Spear, who had been the tenant at Brinsabatch in 1901. They had married in the Okehampton area in 1877 and had one son, William, born in 1879, who is difficult to track after 1901. Jane Treeby Coram was the daughter of Joshua Coram 1808-72, who on 13 June 1842, in Plymouth, had married Mary Treeby Kinsman 1814-98, the daughter of William and Jane Kinsman, both born about 1789. Richard was the son of William (Shobbrood?) Spear (the son of Thomas and Mary James) and his wife Mary of Lezant Cornwall. Richard and Mary farmed various farms during their married life, including Godsworthy at Peter Tavy where Jane’s mother Mary Coram was living with them in 1891, Baredown at Lydford and Ellacott at Bratton Clovelly. Richard died in Devonport in 1907 and Jane in Tavistock in 1928.
32 Bonnaford Farm SQUIRE Anne H 71 W ?:5:5 Farmer Devon Brentor
32 Bonnaford Farm SQUIRE Annie Terrell D 42 S   Assistant in Dairy Devon Brentor
40 Park House SQUIRE James Ellis H 31 M Farmer Devon Brentor
40 Park House SQUIRE Annie Elizabeth W 30 M 5:2:2 Devon Brentor
40 Park House SQUIRE Gladys Annie D 4 Devon Brentor
40 Park House SQUIRE Lavinia May D 2 Devon Brentor
The SQUIRE family lived in Brentor from 1841, if not earlier. William born in Hatherleigh 1808-74 and his wife, Mary Palmer, 1814-1855 born in Bridestowe and their children Susanna 4 and William 1, were recorded in the 1841 Census as farming in North Brentor, though the farm name was not given. The following censuses show the family living at Bonnaford (in various spellings) Farm with various of their six children. In 1871 there was William Snr and William Jnr, both living and farming with their families at Bonnaford. Mary had died in 1855, but William Snr married again in 1864 to Maria Andrews. He died on 26 October 1874.          In 1865 William Jnr had married Annie Susan Ellis, from nearby Chaddlehangar. William and Annie’s children including Annie Terrell born 13 March 1868, Mary Maria ‘Minnie’ (Castle) born 22 February 1872, Amy Elizabeth (Rice) 12 October 1878 and James Ellis born 13 March 1880, all shown above. Their eldest son, William George, was listed as a draper’s assistant in 1871 and by 1911 he was a textile traveller living in Leeds, with his wife and their only daughter, Elizabeth Lavinia Annie.  It was understood that Bessie Ellis Squire, who died within a few months of her birth on 1874 was their daughter, but perhaps not. William died on 6 January 1933 at Wardrew House, New Barnet, Hertfordshire. Erroneously, in 1911, Annie completed the number of children of her marriage, which was unnecessary as she was a widow, stating five still alive, of five born. At different times brothers and nephews lived with the family before working their own farms, including at Park House/Cottage and Windsor House. Anne died in 1920.

In 1939 Annie Terrell, was living on her own at Park Cottage, where she continued to live until her death on 4 February 1945. Her estate of £888 was to be administered by her sister, Amy Elizabeth Rice.

James Ellis had lived at home at Bonnaford Farm at the time of his marriage to Annie Elizabeth Metters (see Minhinnick above) in 1905. In 1911 they were living at Park House with both daughters, Gladys Annie and Lavinia May. Sadly, Gladys died early 1927, aged 18 and Lavinia towards the end of the following year, aged 19. The couple continued to live at Park House until Annie died on 6 January 1937, leaving £204. It is probably at that stage that James moved in with his sisters, Minnie and Amy, who were living at Minnie’s house, Bearwood (see Castle and Rice above). James married Mary Taylor Hooper 1903-1950, in 1941 (see 34 Holyeat Farm below). Mary Taylor died on 6 April 1950, leaving £529. Minnie had died on 1 February 1945, just 3 days before her older sister, Annie Tyrrell. James continued to live at Bearwood until his death at Tavistock Hospital on 16 September 1956, aged 76, leaving £3,915 to be administered by Mary Joan Pinches, a widow and John Else, solicitor. Amy had died in 1949.

Mary Joan does not appear to have been related to James. In 1939 she was living at Bowden House with her husband, Horace George Pinches, a retired Lt Colonel in the RAMC. They had married in Barnstaple in 1936 when she was 27 and he was 60. Horace was living at Bearwood when he died aged 80 on 17 April 1956, just five months before James. Mary seems to have cared for both elderly men.

104 Manor Hotel SQUIRE William Bro 53 M Assisting on Farm Devon Brentor
William SQUIRE was the youngest brother of Annie Matthews (see Matthews above) and her brothers. He is a difficult man to identify in the records. In 1901 he was living at 65 Seymour Ave, Plymouth with his wife Ann Cory Squire, born 1859 in Bodmin, their daughter Mary, born 1892 in Plymouth and Annie’s sister, Maria (Brown) Jennings 1862-1925, a drapers’ assistant. William was an assistant in a gentleman’s outfitters. In 1891, Annie Cory had been visiting her parents, James Brown, a builder, and his wife, Mary at Fore St in Bodmin. Also with them was their grandson William H, an infant. Maria’s children, Frederick and Florence were also staying with their grandparents at the time. In 1911, Ann Cory Squire was boarding with the Piper family at 2 Pike St Liskeard, while William was working on his sister’s farm at the Manor Hotel. The census form recorded that she had been married for twentyone years, with two children born, with one still alive, altered to one born by the enumerator. Their daughter Mary was a drapery saleswoman staying in a huge boarding house with many other drapery saleswomen in 1911. Ann C Squire died in Tavistock in 1925.
113 Higher Watervale STEPHENS James Ser 25 S LWM Groom Domestic Devon Lydford
James STEPHENS was the son of James Stephens, 1838-1906, a cattleman on a farm, and his wife, Mary Ann Worden, 1848-1911+ They had married in 1867 and had ten children, including William (see Stephens below). According to Clive Aslet’s book WAR MEMORIAL, James had enlisted in the Royal Devon Hussars on 14 December 1914, and spent 1915 on territorial duties in Essex. When the North Devon was broken up for re-inforcements, Jim joined the Welch regiment, before joining the Labour Corps, which represented 10% of the army by the end of the war. This is probably as a result of him having been wounded. Working with horses, he served in Salonika, where he was promoted to Lance Corporal 388432. He and some friends managed to survive when separated from their company. Unfortunately Jim is thought to have contracted a dreadful disease from having eaten the diseased liver of a camel. He was discharged from the army on 3 June 1919 as sick. His condition continued to deteriorate and he died on 11 May 1925. His suffering and sacrifice is commemorated on the Lydford War Memorial.
114 Higher Watervale STEPHENS William H 36 M Farmer Devon Lydford
114 Higher Watervale STEPHENS Mabel W 30 M 8:3:3 Devon Lydford
114 Higher Watervale STEPHENS Clara D 5 Devon Lydford
114 Higher Watervale STEPHENS Daisy D 2 Devon Lydford
The 1901 census shows William STEPHENS born 4 December 1875, and Mabel (Bickle) working for John C Chowen, the surveyor and auctioneer, and Mary N Ward, his housekeeper: Mabel was the kitchen maid and William was the groom and gardener, before their marriage later that year. They had two daughters: Clara Florence, born 6 June 1906 married Walter Leslie Cole in 1938, the year before her mother, Mabel, died. In 1939, William was described as an agricultural labourer, living at Watervale Farm with his daughter, Clara and her husband Walter who was the farmer. Walter and Clara were still living at Watervale Farm when Walter died on 24 February 1963, leaving £7,279. Clara died on 28 November 1964, leaving £9,504.  Their other daughter Daisy Mary, born on 18 May 1908, married Arthur Frederick Trigger, a railway clerk, in 1931 and Tom Brimacombe, a bread and cake baker, of the Brimacombe Family, on 13 October 1949 (see Brimacombe above). Daisy and Arthur were living at 5 Nevada Terrace in Tavistock in 1939 prior to the birth of their son Donald Frederick, later that year. He was a machinist, when he was his father, Arthur’s executor, for his £3,929 estate, when he died on 22 December 1965 at 7 Chapel St, Tavistock. Arthur’s widow, Delsie M Viggers, who he had married in 1955, remarried in 1967 to Bertram Simmons. Previously Delsie Waterfield had been married to Frederick E Viggers in 1939. Daisy died in 1993.
98 Lydford S Cotts STEVENS George H 40 M Signalman GWR Devon Exeter
98 Lydford S Cotts STEVENS Laura W 45 M 16:4:4 Devon Exeter
98 Lydford S Cotts STEVENS Sidney George S 15 S NewsBoy:Smith&Son Devon Plymouth
98 Lydford S Cotts STEVENS Ethel Laura D 12 Dev Kingkerswell
98 Lydford S Cotts STEVENS Cecil Aubrey S 11 Corn Perranwell
98 Lydford S Cotts STEVENS Elsie Edith D 9 Corn Perranwell
George STEVENS, born 4 February 1870, was the son of Anthony, a shoemaker, 1838-1905 and Harriett French 1835-1906, who had married in 1867 in Exeter. Harriett had an older son, William Moore, from her 1854 marriage to James Henry Farant Moore.

George married Laura Ford 1865-1949 in 1895. She was living with her aunt and uncle, Aaron and Susan Lock in 1871. After working as a housemaid for the Bown family (architect) in Kingskerswell, she was back living with her aunt, Susan, in 1891 in Water Lane, Kingskerswell. They worked as laundresses with Susan’s widowed daughter, married daughter and grandchildren. Throughout their early marriage George worked for the GWR initially as a porter, working his way up to being a signalman.

Sidney George, born 8 March 1896, married Mary A Richmond in Bristol in 1922. In 1939 he was a railway signalman and they were living at 14 Bruce Road, Easton with their two children: Harold S born 1923 and Ivy M born 1928. The couple continued to live there until Sidney’s death on 14 June 1973 when he left an estate of £1,202. In 1939 Ethel Laura, born 16 May 1898, was living with her parents at 6 Trenowth Tce in Truro. She died in Truro in 1944, unmarried, aged 46.  Her father, George, died two years later and her mother, Laura, died two years after that in 1948. Cecil Aubrey was born on 18 February 1900. He married Alice Mary Tonkin 1902-91 in 1929. In 1939 they were living at Collurian Common, Cannonstown, West Penwith, Cornwall, where Cecil was a railway porter (trained as a station foreman and a parcels foreman). They had three children living with them: probably including twins Pamela M and Audrey M born in Cornwall in 1936. Their other children may have been Anthony born 1931 and Betty born 1934, both in Marylebone, London. Cecil died in Coventry in 1984, Elsie Edith, born 27 August 1901, was a kitchen maid at the NAAFI Seaton BRs Crownhill, lodging at Sunnyside Crownhill in Plymouth in 1939. She died in St Austell in 1991.

M59 West Blackdown STEVENS Louisa H 34 M 10:2:1 Devon Mary Tavy
M59 West Blackdown STEVENS Edna Violet D 5 Devon Mary Tavy
Louisa Warne STEVENS was living next door to her half sister Eliza Jane Batten (see Batten above). Louisa was one of the daughters of Absalom Warne’s second marriage, to Louisa Thomas. Louisa Warne married William Henry Stevens in Tavistock in the summer of 1900. In 1901 she was living with her mother, sister and niece but without her husband. It may be that her husband was the William Henry Stevens born in Plymouth in 1871, who was a Petty Officer Second Class on board the LION in Devonport Harbour. It is likely that Louisa had another daughter, Mary, born soon after the census in 1911. Sadly, she may have died soon after birth and Edna Violet died in 1918, aged 13. It has not been possible to find William Henry in the records but Louisa was a widow living at 26 College Ave in Tavistock in 1939 and died in Tavistock in 1965.
M72 Hawthorn Cottage STEVENS Essie Lambert H 56 S Poultry Farmer London Islington
Essie Lambert STEVENS was the daughter of Andrew Stevens and his wife Louisa Ann Lambert. They had had two children after their marriage in Islington in 1852: Essie and her brother, Francis Lambert, who was two years younger. Louisa Ann had been born in Stonehouse, Devon in 1813, the daughter of Francis Lambert, a Captain in the Royal Marines. In 1851, the year before her marriage, Louisa had been staying with the family of her sister Easter Elizabeth Ormsby White, who was the wife of Richard James White, a feather and flock manufacturer in Islington. Louisa and Easter’s father, Andrew, died in Islington in 1859 and in 1861, his wife Louisa and her two children were living with her brother in law and nephews at 4 Devonshire St, Finsbury. Following the death of his mother in 1858, Louisa’s nephew, James Lambert White BA (Lond) a teacher of mathematics had become the head of the household: his father was an agent for patent ventilators and his brothers were clerks. In 1861 the census shows Louisa described as the wife of William Rees, a District Auditor and Accountant, though this marriage did not take place until 10 December 1866, in Manchester in the presence of her nephew, Francis John White 1838-95 and his newly married wife, William’s daughter, Sophia Mary Rees 1841-1922. Also living with them were, Emma Rees 1836-, a governess; Essie, Francis, Emily F 1862- , Charles W 1863- and Henry G Rees 1866-.

In 1881 Essie was visiting the Whalley family in Blackburn and in 1891 she was a housekeeper at Vine Cottage in Waltham Cross, Cheshunt Herts for William H Archer, a retired toolmaker. In 1901 she and her mother were staying with Francis’ German born wife, (Johanna Franciska Caroline) Louise and their three children: George, Leslie and Eric at 10 Lockyer Road, Charles, Plymouth. Francis was visiting the home of his stepsister, Louisa Mary (Rees) White, in Romford, also there were her daughters, Emma Louise and Susan Margaret White and Francis and Louisa’s (half but called) step brother Henry Goldney, a bank clerk. Widowed Sophia Mary was visiting her cousin Gabriel Goldney in Bath with her other daughter Emily. Francis had followed his stepfather’s lead and was a district auditor. Louisa Ann died in Plymouth in the months after the 1901 census. By 1911 Francis’ sons (Francis) George was a civil engineer with Torquay Corporation, (Herbert) Leslie was a district auditor’s clerk and Eric had died in 1902, aged 10. Francis Lambert Stevens of Coronation Drive, Great Crosby, Lancashire died on 14 January 1918 leaving his estate of £1,566 to his widow Johanna Franciska Caroline Louise. Essie died in Liverpool in 1932, aged 78.

M57 Brentor Station House STREET Ralph Archibald Vis 24 S 3F Egg Merchant Devon Barnstaple
Ralph STREET 1885-1923 was visiting Lawrence Pratt at the Brentor Station House on the night of the census in 1911. Although an egg merchant at the time, Ralph had joined the railways in 1901 as a junior clerk, earning £30 a year at South Molton. Promotion to clerk came with his move to Devonport. He served at various stations with regular pay rises until January 1910, when on a salary of £70 per annum, he resigned. His career only incurred one caution for irregularity in dealing with the telegraph in July 1902. It was probably during his railway service that he met Lawrence Pratt.

Ralph was the son of James Street of Ringwood Hants 1858-1930 and his wife Emily Cory of Braunton 1855-1902, who had married in 1879. Before her marriage Emma had been a dressmaker. She was the daughter of William Cory, a master mariner, and his wife Eliza. When he died on 12 January 1877, William Cory’s effects, of under £450, were administered by his son, Robert, also a master mariner.

Ralph’s father, James Street, was a stationmaster and in 1891 the Street family were living at the Station House in Station Road Colyton and in 1901 at Chulmleigh, when Ralph was working as a booking clerk. By 1911 the family’s circumstances had changed: Emma died in 1902 and James’s parents Stephen 1827-1913, a retired farmer, and Amy Carver Hiscock 1826-1913 had moved in with the family at the twelve roomed house at 19 Barnstaple St, Bideford. Both born in Ringwood, William’s parents couldn’t remember how long they had been married, but only two of their four children were still living at the time of the census. Both parents died in 1913. Stephen, described as a gentleman, left £926 to the care of his son, James. This move to Bideford marked a more settled, though sad, time in the history of the family. Ralph died in 1923, aged 38. James, of Carvers, Abbotsham Road, Bideford, died on 27 November 1930, leaving £3,433 to be administered by his two unmarried daughters, who had lived with him throughout their lives. In 1939 it was recorded that the daughters had continued to live at 63 Abbotsham Road in Bideford with Florence described as housekeeper and May as clerk (glove factory). Florence Maude 28 March 1881-1952 was 71 when she died at 5 Dorchester Terrace, Park Lane, Bideford, leaving £2,021. May Isabel 27 February 1887-1957 had renamed their house at Dorchester Terrace, ‘Carvers’ by the time she died on 27 June 1957. Her estate of £5,157 was administered by Lloyds Bank, perhaps an indication that she was the last of the family.

4 Far View STUTELY Edwin H 54 M 22:4:4 Surveyors & Auctioneers Clerk Kent Ashford
4 Far View STUTELY Beatrice Maude D 21 S Assisting at home Devon Plymouth
4 Far View STUTELY Editha Mary D 3 Devon Brentor
Edwin STUTELY‘s father, John 1834-1912 had been a signalman when his family was young but by the time of his retirement he was a stationmaster. In retirement, he and his wife, Harriett Bennett 1835-1919, were living in Culvert Road, Hastings. They had been married for fiftysix years and seven of their nine children were still alive. They had married on 20 August 1854 in Dover Kent.

Edwin had enlisted in the Royal Engineers in 1880 as a telegraphist and had married Emily Best 1870-1926 in 1888 in Plymouth, where the eldest of their four daughters, Beatrice Maude was born on 23 August 1889. His wife Emily, born in Bodmin in 1870, was the daughter of William Best, an Innkeeper and his wife, Judith. The Stutely family lived in various parts of London before moving to Brentor. In 1911, Emily was in Ferndale, Glamorgan with her youngest daughter, Leonora Violet born 1909, staying with her sister, Anne Brown and her family.  Another daughter, Laura Annie, born 21 January 1891 in Bermondsey, had married Michael Angelo Sacheverell De La Pole Eldrid, a branch manager in insurance, the son of a clergyman. They had four sons (Sacheverell Polo) Byron (Gisburn), (Henry) Vaughan (Poole), Peter M H and Melville (Kerson De La Pole), who, serving as a pilot officer, died in 1942.

Beatrice Maude 1889-1985 married Richard Bell in Glamorgan in 1915 and had three sons: Kenneth, Eric Edwin and Douglas.  In 1925 Emily travelled to Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York on the AMERICAN with her two youngest daughters: Editha and Leonora. She died there just over a year later on 4 August 1926. Her last known address in England was 2 Carlyle Terrace, The Hoe, Plymouth. One has to ponder the circumstances of the separation from Edwin, as she gave their nearest relation in the UK as her sister, Mrs Brown of 18 Walford Road, Barry. Although described as the wife of Edwin, her estate of £133 was administered by Beatrice Maude Bell, as was Edwin’s £328 when he died on 7 October 1928 at 101 Court Road, Barry Dock, Glamorgan. Editha and Leonara settled in Poughkeepsie, New York: Leonora, aged 17, married William C Letzeisen, a baker, on 26 October 1926, within three months of her mother’s death. They had one son William Edwin, born the following year. In her naturalization application in 1932, Leonora, born on 3 March 1909, was described as being 5’4″ tall, blonde, with blue grey eyes and weighing 120lb. In 1930 when Editha was 22, she working in the Hudson River State Hospital as an attendant. Also there, working as a cook, was her 21 year old nephew, Byron: Laura’s son, who had travelled to America in May 1927.

104 Manor Hotel SYMONDS Lily E M Boa 42 W India Cawnpore
104 Manor Hotel SYMONDS Elsie F Boa 12 India Shen—
104 Manor Hotel SYMONDS Enid M Boa 8 India Cawnpore
Lillian Elsie Maxwell SYMONDS born 4 August 1872, was the widow of Charles William Herbert Symonds 1866-1910, a captain in the civil service of India. Born in Hynutal, India, Charles was educated at a school in Park Rd, Tunbridge. Charles, his brother Osborn, Lillian and Elsie were staying with Lily’s mother, Charlotte Dunbar, and Lily’s sister Clare in Inverness in 1901. They returned to India where Enid was born on 19 December 1902 and baptised on 16 January 1903 in Cawnpore, now Kanpur. Charles died in the King Edward Vll Hospital in London on 26 April 1910, leaving £404 for his widow.

In 1911 brother Osborn 1873-1937, born in Bareilly, NW Province, India, was the Portsmouth sub agent of the Bank of England, living with his newly married wife, Susie 1885-1972 in a fourteen roomed house at 25 High St Portsmouth. They were living at 10 St Helen’s Parade Southsea, when he died on 28 June 1937, leaving £164 to Susie.

Elsie Clare Dunbar married Charles Lawrence Greig on 10 January 1925 in Ootacamund, Madras. Charles was the son of Morland John and Kate Greig. He was born in Exford, Somerset on 10 July 1896 and baptised there on 4 October 1896. Charles attended Rugby School and was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery in 1916 and a Lieutenant in 1917 and 1918. It is not been possible to positively identify him or where he was living after the birth of his daughter in 1928. Their son Charles Ian was born in India 1926-2003 and a daughter Katherine Margaret, later Workman, born in London 30 May 1928-2011. In 1937 and 1938 Elsie was living with her mother, Lily, in London. In 1939 they had both moved to Cheltenham and Elsie was living a short distance from her mother at Little Paddock, Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire, with one of her children, probably Katherine. Elsie was living at 1 Charlton Lodge, Cudnall Street, Charlton King, Cheltenham when she died at the New Sussex Hospital for Women in Brighton on 10 April 1965. Her £4,045 estate was administered by her daughter Katherine Margaret Workman, a married woman

Enid Margaret Davey married George Compton 1902-88, an actor, on 8 August 1925 in Marylebone. She was staying at the Langham Court Hotel, London W1 at the time of the marriage. Her mother was a witness and her father was described as a Major in the Indian Army. Their son David Guy was born in Paddington on 19 August 1930. A biography states that It quickly became apparent that his parents–theater people soon to separate–were not the child-rearing sort, and they donated him to his elderly Scottish maternal grandmother, recently– (more accurately, 20 years before) widowed and returned to England from colonial India. Fortunately she was well off and happy to raise him accordingly.          Stagestruck in his teens and determined to become a playwright–after school and eighteen wretched months of statutory National Service in the British army–Compton followed his parents into the theater, finding work as an assistant stage manager with a local repertory company. A year later, now twenty-two years old, he had a baby daughter with the wife of the director and was unsurprisingly jobless.

The director went on to become the highly acclaimed screenwriter Kenneth Haywood Taylor 1922-2011. David and Elizabeth Jane Tillotson married in Liskeard in 1952 and went on to have four more children, including Dora, who died as an infant. David was named 2007 Author Emeritus by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. As well as his science fiction books, written under his own name, he wrote early crime stories as Guy Compton and used the pseudonym Frances Lynch for his Gothic novels.  He has lived in the USA for many years, now living in Maine.

(Enid) Margaret was an actress, with the stage name Nuna Davey. Her career flourished in the 1940s and 50s, most notably playing Mrs Rolandson in the 1945 film, Brief Encounter. She was widely believed to have married (Thomas) Gerald Cross 1912-81, an actor with a career in the 60s and 70s, but no evidence has been found to support this. In 1929 Enid Margaret Davey Cross and Thomas Cross were living at 10 Lupus St in Westminster. She travelled as Enid Margaret Davey Compton of 24 Roland Gardens SW7 on a Fyffes Line ship to Kingston, Jamaica on 20 December 1933 and returned from Demerara in the West Indies to Plymouth in May 1934 in company with other actors and actresses. In 1939 she was living at 3 Priorton Terrace, Swansea, with George Evans, an actor and John Henry Ace and his family. John was a sales agent in automotive vending machines. Phone records and electoral registers show her living at 29 Drayton Court, Kensington, alone, in the 1950s and at various addresses in Hove in the 60s and 70s. She died in Hove on 11 December 1977 as Nuna Davey.

In 1939 Lily was living at 4 Ashley Villas Cheltenham with her grandson David and a housekeeper. She was living at Dry Hill Farm in Witcombe Glos when she died on 14 December 1955, leaving £4,081 to the care of Elsie Clare Dunbar Greig, married woman, and Nuna Davey, spinster. Lily was buried in Devon.

62 Whitson SYMONS John H 61 M Farmer Devon Lydford
62 Whitson SYMONS Caroline W 61 M 36:1:1 Devon Fancy Avonwick
62 Whitson SYMONS Philip William S 36 M Farmer Son working on farm Devon Brentor Whitson
62 Whitson SYMONS Sarah Ann Dil 36 M 15:4:2 Dairy work Devon Lydford Brambleham
62 Whitson SYMONS Frederick Thomas GS 15 S E Working on farm Devon Brentor Whitson
62 Whitson SYMONS Kate Mary GD 8 S School Devon Brentor Whitson
John SYMONS 13 Feb 1850-1944 was the older brother of William (below). They were both living with their mother Patience in 1871. In 1874 John married Caroline Trant 1850-1926: the following year their son, Philip William 25 March 1875-1959 was born and by 1881 John was working his own farm. Though they do not show up in the following two censuses, it is recorded that John and Caroline had only the one child, Philip William.

In 1895 Philip married Sarah Ann 1875-1918, the daughter of Thomas Westlake 1838-1916 and Mary Ann Jackman Cole 1840-1904 (see Westlake below). She was the sister of Mary Ann Westlake who had married his uncle William (see below) in 1883. Philip and Sarah had two surviving children: Frederick Thomas 1896-1970 and Kate Mary 24 March 1902-57. Frederick T Symons was living in Lewdown and employed by Mr E B Yelland in Brentor doing farm work when he applied for an exemption from active war service. He was granted a six month exemption from April 1917-September 1917. By 1939 Frederick, born 10 July 1895, was a mason labourer living at Redfern with his wife Elsie Kate Lashbrook/Medland 1908-1971: they had married in 1935 and their son Desmond J was born on 27 February 1936. Previously, she had been married to George Medland who had died in 1929 (see Joseph Medland above). Their daughter, Sylvia, was with her Lashbrook grandparents in 1939 (see Lashbrook above). Frederick died in 1970. In 1939 John was retired and was living with Philip, who was an agricultural labourer and Kate, a housekeeper at West Walla Farm, Lamerton. John died in 1944 aged 94, Kate in 1957 and Philip in 1959. Caroline’s niece Ellen Ann Trant (see Trant below) was living with them at Whitson in 1911.

66 Liddaton SYMONS William H 56 M Farmer Devon Lidford
66 Liddaton SYMONS Mary Ann W 47 M 26:11:9 Devon Brentor
66 Liddaton SYMONS (H)Edley John S 20 S Working on farm Devon Brentor
66 Liddaton SYMONS Thomas Westlake S 16 S Working on farm Devon Brentor
66 Liddaton SYMONS Olive Irene D 15 S Dairy work Devon Brentor
66 Liddaton SYMONS John Bickle S 13 Working on farm Devon Brentor
66 Liddaton SYMONS Charles Redvers S 10 School Devon Brentor

Patience Bickle Symons 1823-1904 also known as Patience Pengelly since her mother remarried after the death of her father. She is here with her son William 1854-1944 and her grandson William 1887-1956, in about 1895

William SYMONS was the son of John 1818-60 and Patience Bickle 1823-1904 (also known as Patience Pengelly as her mother remarried after the death of her father). Patience was the head of the family from her husband’s death in 1860 until she died in 1904. It was only then that William became head of the house. In 1883 he had married Mary Ann Westlake born 5 October 1868, the daughter of Thomas Westlake 1838-1927 (see Westlake below) and Mary Ann Jackman Cole 1840-1904 and was the sister of Sarah Ann Westlake who married his nephew Philip in 1895 (see Symons above). William and Mary Ann had eleven children but it was stated that only nine were still alive in 1911. It has only been possible to identify ten of them.

Wilfred Leonard Thomas 8 August 1884-16 June 1956, was a railway worker and married Ada Florence Turner on 26 August 1907 in Brixham. They had two daughters Phyllis Maude 1909-97 and Greta Irene 1922-1982.  Available railway records show his career from joining as a lad porter at Coryton Station in November 1899, becoming a signalman in 1905, through to 1913. He received a commendation in 1911, but one of his two mistakes resulted in a goods train being derailed in a siding in 1913. In 1939 he was a railway signalman living at 28 Kingskerswall Road, Newton Abbot with his wife Ada. He died on 16 June 1956 at Southmead Hospital in Bristol. Harry 11 October 1886-1909, also worked on the railway, but sadly drowned on a Band of Hope trip to St Margaret’s Bay in 1909. William 11 December 1887-20 August 1956 was the first of the four Symons offspring to move to Canada, working first for the Calgary Fire Department before joining the City of Calgary Police Force as a detective. He had worked from April 1907-July 1908 on the railways in Cornwall. It is believed that he had lodged with the Mattocks family in London when he was working in the London police force. He went to Canada in 1909, marrying Lillian Maud Mattocks, the daughter of his London landlord, in Calgary Cathedral on 5 June 1913. Census records show them with four of their children, all born in Canada: Douglas William 1914, Katie Irene 1916, Mary Elsie 1917 and Phyllis Maude 1919. Their fifth child, Doreen Isobel was a young baby when her mother Lillian died from flu on 24 April 1928. William married Julia Ernestina Kriekle on 1 November 1933, and had two more children: Myrna Florence and William. William died on 20 August 1956 in Calgary Alberta. Elsie May born 30 August 1889 at Liddaton, went to Canada in 1910 and married Christian Frey, a book keeper in 1913. Their marriage took place after William and Lillian’s in June 1913, as they were witnesses at that wedding, while still single. They had two children: Albert 1913 and Lloyd 1915. In 1916 they were living in Calgary East, Alberta and in 1921 they were in Vancouver City, British Columbia. She died in Vancouver in 1983. Florice Annie 25 July 1892-22 April 1988 married Norman Henry Gerry (see Richard Gerry family above).  Edley John, latterly spelt Hedley, 12 October 1893-28 March 1932, went to Canada on the ANDANIA, arriving on 18 July 1914. He was a baker when he signed up in the Canadian Army on 28 April 1915. He was described as being 5’8” with a 40” chest, fair complexion, blue eyes and light brown hair. He was a Private, 446272, in the 27th Battalion. He died on 28 March 1932 of Chronic Nepharitis – liver failure, which the army accepted as being ‘Death Due to Service’. This condition was sometimes attributed to the cold, damp conditions in the trenches. His wife Maggie, lived in Calgary with their daughter Irene Mary 1925-36, probably named for her aunt Olive Irene, who died the year of her birth. Thomas Westlake 1894-1970 also served in the Canadian Army: a policeman, born on 23 July 1894, he signed up on 29 March 1915. He was 5’10” tall, with a 42” chest: he had a fair complexion, blue eyes and fair hair and no distinguishing marks. In 1921 he was a policeman, living in the Unorganized District No 218 Town of Gleichen in Bow River Alberta, with his wife Agnes Service from Scotland.  He joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on 1 May 1932 and retired as a sergeant on 31 January 1939. They had one daughter Megan Irene Elaine Service Symons 1923-79, who went on to live in the United States. Olive Irene 1896-1925 died in Brentor on 4 October 1925, aged just 29, from TB. John Bickle (Jack) 20 September 1897-15 March 1963 was recorded as John Bickle Simmons on his exemption application, when his father Mr W Simmons stated that two of his sons had already joined up at the commencement of the war. Jack was described as hardworking and was granted a six month exemption from January 1917-July 1917. He married Miriam Ivy Gerry in 1938 (see John Gerry family above). In 1939 he was living in Liddaton with his wife Miriam and his parents Mary Ann and William, by then retired. Jack died on 15 March 1963 in Brentor.  Charles Redvers 27 May 1900-23 November 1967, like Jack, was a farmer. They were the administrators for their father’s estate when he died in 1944. In 1939 Charles was living at Coryton Post Office, where his mother-in-law, Ellen Chasty was the sub-postmistress, and his wife Nellie was the PO assistant. They had married in 1932.  Charles died on 23 November 1967. Their mother Mary Ann had died in 1954 aged 91.

52 South Brentor TANCOCK Thomas H 49 M Dairy Farmer Devon Mary Tavy
52 South Brentor TANCOCK Elizabeth W 46 M 25:4:3 Devon Brentor
52 South Brentor TANCOCK Florence D 20 S Dairy work Devon Mary Tavy
52 South Brentor TANCOCK Thomas Henry S 18 S Plumbing Apprentice Devon Mary Tavy
52 South Brentor TANCOCK Sarah Elizabeth D 7 School Devon Brentor
Thomas TANCOCK was one of as many as eleven children of Thomas 1832-1906, a copper miner, and Betsy Floyd 1835-1908 of Mary Tavy. In 1886 he married (Sarah) Elizabeth Cross, the daughter of John Thomas Cross 1838-1910, a railway labourer, and his wife Sarah 1834-95.

Thomas Henry born 26 March 1893, signed up for twelve years in the Royal Navy on 7 June 1915, serving as a plumber’s mate, then a plumber, at VIVID ll and on INDOMITABLE, FOX and LUSIA before being given a free discharge on 2 February 1920. He was described as 5’1.5″ tall, with brown hair, brown eyes, a fresh complexion and was tattoed on his left forearm. His conduct was very good throughout. He married Mabel Harry in 1919. They were living at the Post Office in Milton Abbot when he died on 30 November 1938, leaving £465. Florence Annie married Alfred George Palmer, a builder, 5 September 1896-3 November 1979, in 1920 and Sarah Elizabeth married his brother Leslie W Palmer born 2 January 1902 in 1921. Their parents were John Palmer, a carpenter, and his wife Elizabeth, of Ararat, Luppitt, Devon.

Sarah and Leslie’s children included: Mavis Lillian 26 October 1926-29 February 1980 who was living with them and an older sibling at Glen View, Tavistock in 1939. She married Harry Glasson in 1948. Arthur 1926-6 was also possibly their son.

Florence and Alfred had four children: Alfred Thomas born 6 August 1921, and William J 13 July 1924, both builder’s labourers in 1939, when the family were living at Cotsvale, Harrowbeer Lane, Yelverton, with a younger child, possibly Fernley Edgar 1932-99 and also Florence Elizabeth Alice 6 July 1923-10 December 1989, who was working for the Hosking family as a servant in 1939 and went on to become Mrs Grice in 1945.  

Thomas snr was living at Glen View, Yelverton when he died on 21 September 1939, the year after his son, Thomas, and just before the 1939 register. He left £992 to be administered by daughter Florence Annie. His wife Elizabeth had died in 1924. Florence was living at Cotsvale, Harrowbeer Road, Yelverton, her home in 1939, (and Alfred’s until he died in 1979) when she died at Tavistock Hospital on 18 June 1952, leaving £244. Sarah Elizabeth born on 14 January 1903, was living at Windsor, Crapstone, Yelverton when she died on 30 April 1960, leaving her effects of £1,546 to her husband, Leslie Wilfred Palmer, builder.

104 Manor Hotel THELINDA E Ser 25 S Waitress Hotel Cornwall Bodmin
This appears to be a spelling mistake or misunderstanding as it has been impossible to find anyone of even a similar surname.
79 Burnlane THORNE Mary H 49 W ?:0:0 Farmer Devon Bridestow
It is possible that Mary THORNE was the daughter of Elizabeth Friend’s brother Josiah Friend 1836-1910 and his wife Jane Millman 1839-68 (see Friend above). Her aunt Elizabeth and the three Metters children from South Africa were living with her in 1911. She may have married one of Fanny Thorne Gerry’s (see Gerry above) brothers, possibly Charles Henry, who died in 1898. However, it has not been possible to find the relevant records. In 1939 Mary was living in the General Store and Post Office in Plympton St Mary with Ralph G and Hilda M Hockadan. She died in Tavistock in 1943, aged 82.
59 Rowden House TOMS Alice Maud Vis 28 S Devon Brixham
Alice Maud TOMS, born 14 February 1884, was the sister of Charlotte Annie Jackman, whom she was visiting in 1911. The following year she married the strangely named Thomas Symons Walter Symons, born 28 October 1888 (sometimes Walters-symons) in Churston Ferrers. In 1901 and 1911 the Walters-Symons family had been living at (Low) Coleridge, Kingsbridge where Thomas was farming in 1939, while his mother and sister were living at Montrose, Frogmore, Devon.  He was the son of Sarah Walters-Symons and had sisters Phyllis, Mary and Beatrice. It is more difficult to identify Alice Maud as time goes on as there was another A M Walters-Symons living at various times at Colliston, Montrose and Hazel Cottage, Torcoss, but some of these are Alice Margaret, who was the wife of Brigadier William Edward Walters-Symons, the younger brother of Thomas, who was recorded in the 1930s and 1950s as living at Montrose. He served as a Major in the RGA in Malta from April 1915-January 1916 and France January 1916-May 1919. He received an MC with bar. From August 1937–May 1938 he served in Gibraltar, with his wife Alice Margaret. In 1963 he recorded his oral history as a British Officer serving with the 57th Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery on the Western Front, for the Imperial War Museum. He is featured in the Sunday Times book: Forgotten Voices of the Great War.

The 1939 entry for Sarah and Beatrice at Montrose includes an Alice Margaret born 17 February 1905, whose name was corrected by the enumerator to Alice Ellen. Alice Ellen Walters, who had been born on 17 February 1902 died in Kingsbridge in 1978.

Thomas and Alice had one daughter Alice Mildred born on 12 July 1917, who married Ronald Eric George Simmons in 1939. They had two children: James Ronald 24 July 1940-13 September 2006 and Angela S A born 1949, later Lansdale. Alice Maud died in 1970, having been widowed in 1963, when Thomas, of Bank House Chillington, died at Seaway, Torcross, leaving £4,101 to the care of Alice Mildred Simmons, single woman, his daughter. This is an unusual description as her husband Ronald, who was an Acting Lieutenant Commander in the navy and mentioned in Regional Dispatches in 1940, did not die until 2005, and is likely to mean that they were divorced. Alice Mildred died in the same year as her mother: 1970, when aged 53.

63 Stowford Hill TOOKE William H 40 M Waggoner on Farm Devon Stowford
63 Stowford Hill TOOKE Jeny or Leny W 40 M 1:0:0 Corn Polephant
William TOOKE was the son of John 1827-89, an agricultural labourer, and Arminal Martin 1828-1900, who had married in 1859 in Launceston and had five children between 1860 and 1870: Agnes, Emma, William, John and Bessie. They had lived throughout their married life at Wrays Quarry, Stowford. Her name, occasionally found in Victorian times, caused the enumerators some difficulties as she was listed as Armenall, Armonal, Harmanel and Urminal with her marriage certificate giving her name as Armand and her death certificate as Arminold. She was the daughter of John, a joiner/farmer, and his wife, Emmeline (Emlyn) Martin. William’s sister, Emma, lived with her mother before living in as a servant in 1901. In 1911 she was an inmate of Plympton Workhouse. It may be that William died in Devonport in 1923 or they may have emigrated.
62 Whitson TRANT Ellen Ann Ser 49 S General Servant Dom Devon Diptford
Ellen Ann TRANT was staying with and working for her relations, the Symonds family. She was the daughter of Sarah Trant 1839-1905, who never married. In 1841 Sarah was living with her grandmother Mary T Trant, her parents Philip and Sarah, her aunt Charlotte and sister Myra aged 5 in Diptford Devon. In 1851 Philip and Sarah were living in Fancy, Ugborough, where he was an agricultural labourer. Seven of their children were living with them Myra 15, Henry 10, Joseph 7, William 5, Francis 2 and Caroline 2 months. The family moved to the Coryton area: in 1861 with Joseph 17, William 15, Thomas 13 and Caroline 10 and in 1871 with just Caroline 20, later Symons (see Symons above).

In 1851 Sarah 12 was living with her great aunt Jane Foss and cousin Joshua at Trinswell Diptford. In 1807 Joan Grant Cranch Huxham, the sister of Sarah’s maternal grandfather, John Huxham, had married Joshua Foss. Their son Joshua was born in 1809. Sarah was 15 when she had the first of her three children, Eber 1854-1941. After being a blacksmith in Ivybridge for many years, he became a grocer in Plymouth. Ellen’s younger daughter, Emily Maude Myra 1863-1953 married William Henry Tolchard 1856-1909 in 1892. His early death left Emily with five children to raise. After the death of her great aunt Jane, Sarah, with Ellen Ann, continued living at Trimswell, Diptford as housekeeper for her cousin Joshua 1809-90. He had been farming 51 acres in 1861, but by 1871 he was a farm labourer and Sarah was earning a living as a charwoman. In 1891 Sarah was working for Thomas Hodge a widowed carpenter and Ellen Ann was visiting. By 1901 Sarah and Ellen Ann had moved into Whitson Farm, the home of her sister Caroline, who was married to John Symons (see Symons above). After Sarah’s death in 1905, Ellen continued to live and work with her aunt’s family at Whitson. It was there that she died on 29 April 1930, leaving £1,016 to be administered by farmers John Symons (her uncle) and Frederick Thomas Symons (his grandson).

54 South Brentor TROSS Emma Boa 72 S Private Means Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
The first record of Emma TROSS is in 1841, aged 2, when she was living with her mother Ann 1812-60 at Trafalgar Place, Stoke Damerel. Ann was described as married. Also there, was Sarah Tross, 20, (perhaps her sister in law?) and Ann’s six children under 8: Jane, Frederick, Charles, Ann S, Emma and Henry J. All had been born in Rio de Janeiro, except 5 month old Henry, who had been born in Stoke Damerel. The 1851 census describes Ann as a widowed fundholder. During this period she had returned to Rio as youngest son Walter W was born there in 1845. Her husband is likely to have been Charles Tross, who died in Rio on 22 May 1847. Also staying with the family in 1851 was Ann Webb, described as mother in law, 67, married, wife of a retired mariner, born in Chatham Kent. After her mother Ann’s death on 27 November 1860, leaving an estate of under £200 to be administered by Emma, she moved in with her sister, Anne Sarah, and her husband at Burleigh in Deverill and Weston.

Anne Sarah married Robert Lavers Liscombe in 1857. He was a brewer employing fourteen men in 1861, having been his father’s assistant manager in 1851. His father Thomas described himself as a Master Brewer, Proprietor of Houses, Mines and Railway Stock and East India Co Stock – a man of many interests and wealth! His Last Will and Testament details his possessions, which included the Tamar Brewery and at least seventeen Public Houses left to his son Robert Lavers, as well as his properties, stocks and shares in various mines and railway companies. In 1841 the Lipscombe family had been living in the Old Manor House backing on to Trafalgar Place, which is where the Tross family were living.

Emma continued to live in St Andrew, Plymouth. Staying with her was her niece, Mabel Tross 17, born in Rio de Janeiro, the daughter of Emma’s brother Frederick Henry and his wife, Jane Sharlow. Ship records show Frederick H O Tross, a merchant based in Rio and a Miss Tross travelling between Rio and Southampton at various times. Frederick died in 1912 in Hampstead. He and his wife Jane had lived in Lancashire for a time with three children under four, two of whom were born in Rio. Mabel died in 1950. In 1901 Emma was boarding at 14 Athenaeum Street in Plymouth (which now houses a Chinese restaurant) and in 1911 in Brentor. She was living at 12 Holdsworth St in Pennycomequick, Plymouth when she died on 23 July 1921 at the Queens Gate Nursing Home, leaving an estate of £5,044.

104 Manor Hotel TRUSCOTT Mary Jane Ser 53 W Hotel Cook Devon Milton Abbot
Mary Jane Greening TRUSCOTT was the daughter of Edward Greening 1808-61, a copper miner, and his wife Fanny Rundle 1812-91.  Mary Jane, or Poll, started her career in service with the Climsaul family in Plymouth as a general servant, then she was cook for the Hubbard family in Ford Park, Compton Gifford and at Handsworth, Tavistock for the Northway family. In 1897 she married Walter Truscott, who was an auxiliary postman. They were living at 67 West Street during their marriage. Walter died in 1904 aged 48. In 1939, aged 84, she had returned to live in West Street, this time at number 29. Mary Jane died on 8 November 1943 in Milton Abbot.
50 House UREN Albert H 46 M Stoker Royal Navy Devon Yelverton
50 House UREN Emily W 39 M 16:1:0 Devon Tavistock
Albert Isaac Justhem UREN 1865-1944 was the son of Simon Uren 1833-1900, a wheelwright or rough carpenter and his wife Agnes Justhem 1841-89. After working as a farm servant for George Nicholas at Olditch, Mary Tavy, Albert joined the Royal Navy as a stoker 2nd class. In 1891 he was receiving treatment at the Royal Naval Hospital, East Stonehouse and in 1901 was a stoker on board the TRIBUNE, which was at Ireland Island in Bermuda. In 1895 he married Emily Britton, daughter of Samuel, a farm labourer, 1853-1910 and Harriet 1851-1913 (see Britton above) of Mona Butts, Tavistock. Albert and Emily had had a daughter Phoebe Edith, who had died soon after her birth in 1896. In 1911 they were living next door to Emily’s mother, Harriet, and brother, Frederick, and they had her nephew, Harold Edwin Orlando Holwill Britton, living with them. Born on 16 November 1901, Harold was the son of her sister Ellen Charlotte Britton (see Britton above) who married O.E.O.E. Holwill (Orlando Edgar Otto Edwin) known as O-E, O-E. They lived in Bannawell St, Tavistock after their marriage in Brentor on 12 December 1905. Harold did not go to live with his parents after their marriage, instead staying with his childless aunt and uncle. In 1939 Albert and Emily were living at 4 Kilworthy Cottages in Tavistock, where Albert, born 13 May 1865 was described as householder: naval pensioner. He died late in 1944 and Emily, who had been born on 26 January 1872 died in 1950.
10 Briar Cottage VIGARS Ellen H 58 W 34:0:0 Letting Lodgings Devon Brentor
Ellen Ayers VIGARS, born in 1850, was the daughter of Francis Ayers Vigars 1804-53, a miner and later an agricultural labourer, and his wife Maria Harris 1815-74. They had five children but, puzzlingly, the eldest, Mary Ann was born in Sweden in 1836. They were back in England by 1839 for the birth of the next child. Ellen’s mother, Mary Ann remarried in 1854 after the death of Francis, to Thomas Southcombe and had three more children. Mary Ann was on parochial relief and living with Ellen and her husband John Henry Vigars at Windsor House in 1891.

Ellen and John Henry Vigars 1844-1905, a railway platelayer, known as Henry, were married in 1874. He was the son of William 1819-50 and Mary Vigars 1806-. Ellen’s niece Ellen Spearman was living with them in 1881 and 1891 at Windsor House, when she was a dressmaker. It is likely that the property known as Vigars Tenement was the lettings lodgings that was the source of Ellen’s income. William Edward Medland and his family had lived there at one stage and the Pengelly family was living there in 1901 and 1911. Ellen Vigars died in 1926, aged 76.

M69 West Blackdown WALTER John H 67 M GWR Pensioner as Packer Devon Bridestowe
M69 West Blackdown WALTER Mary Hannah S 54 M 26:7:6 Charwoman Cornwall Lewannick
M69 West Blackdown WALTER Richard S 25 S 3F Stone Mason as Builder Devon Mary Tavy
M69 West Blackdown WALTER Hedley S 11       Devon Mary Tavy
Both John and George WALTER (see Walters below) are the sons of Richard Walter 1809-91 and Sarah Wooldridge 1812-72, though they were spelling their surname differently. Richard had been an agricultural labourer. He married Sarah on 28 February 1837. It has not been possible to find them in 1841, but in 1861 we can see that they had at least five children: John, George (below), Mary, Elizabeth and Eliza.

George and John’s sister Eliza lived with her brother John in 1891 and 1901, when she was a general domestic servant. In 1911, she was living with her sister Elizabeth Bray and her niece Minnie Louisa, both of whom did laundry work, while she was a charwoman. By 1939, still single, she was living with her nephew Hedley (below).

John 18441919 who had been a copper miner and Mary Hannah Evans, a dressmaker, 27 August 1857-26 June 1927 were married in 1885: their children were:

Richard was born 8 September 1885. In 1901 he had been a stone mason’s labourer before becoming a stone mason as builder in 1911. Later that year he married Emma Paddon. Their daughter Phyllis was born in 1913. On 8 December 1916 he joined the navy, beginning his training as a Stoker Second Class at VIVID ll, before serving on his final ship LION as Stoker First Class until demob on 27 May 1919. On enlistment he was described as being nearly 5’10” tall, with brown hair, grey eyes and a fresh complexion. His conduct was considered to be very good throughout. In 1939 he was living with his wife Emma at Gill Cottage and was registered blind. He may have died in Kingsbridge in 1963. William born 1887 may have died aged 15 in 1902, which would reflect Mary Hannah having only six of her seven children still living. John born 1888 may have gone to Canada, though a death for a John Walter aged 31 was recorded in 1920 in Tavistock. George Henry born 24 November 1890 was recorded as a bread baker in 1911, aged 20, living at the home of his employer Jasper Daw of Sid Vale Bakery in High Street, Sidmouth. In 1939 he was described as a Police Constable (retired) living with his wife Ellen Gerrish (married in 1918) and a child at Rose Cottage, Pickhurst Green Lane in Bromley Kent. A note in the margin indicates that he was later re-engaged by the Metropolitan Police. He died in September 1972. Eliza Maud born 12 December 1892 was a domestic servant in Milton Abbot in 1911. In 1917 she married Joseph Herbert Henry Moyse (probably known as Herbert), who was described as an apprentice fitter in the iron foundry in 1911, when he was living with his cousins, Erwin and Lilly Ann Carnow at Wilminstone House in Tavistock. The only child of a late marriage, both parents had died by 1904 leaving him orphaned at just nine years of age. He and Eliza had two children Lily E M born 1919 and Olive V M born 1927. By 1939 he was described as an engine fitter and turner and they were living with their two children in Lower Miller, Tavistock. Eliza died in 1987.  Bertie who was born on 29 June 1895, was working at a market garden in Whitchurch, Tavistock in 1911. He enlisted on 5 June 1916, being described as 5’8.5′ tall with brown hair, grey eyes and a fresh complexion. This was six months before his brother Richard but like him, he began his service at VIVID ll as a Stoker Second Class before transferring to the DEVONSHIRE, as a Stoker First Class, until he was demobbed on 30 June 1919. Like his brother Richard, his conduct throughout was judged to be very good. In 1924 he married Beatrice Maud Colston. They had two children William Frank 1925-20 February 1944 and Stanley J 19 Oct 1927-2004. In 1939 they were living at 1 West Blackdown, not far from his brother, Hedley, who was living at 4 West Blackdown. Bertie was a Range Warden at Willsworth.  Still residing at West Blackdown, Bertie died on 12 October 1946 at Prince of Wales Hospital Plymouth. He is listed as Walter otherwise Walters and administration for his estate of £729 was granted to his widow Beatrice Maud Walter, who died in 1980, thirty four years later, aged 84.

William Frank Walter is the only Second World War casualty commemorated on the Brentor War Memorial. The Memorial Register in Plymouth records that WALTER William Frank Stoker 2nd Class, D/KX., 580880. RN. HMS Warwick died on 20 February 1944, aged 18, son of Bertie and Beatrice Maud Walter of West Blackdown, Devon. Panel 90, Column 3. HMS Warwick (D-25) was an Admiralty W Class destroyer built in 1917. She saw service in both the First and Second World Wars. In January 1944, Warwick was assigned to lead an escort group operating in the South-West Approaches, guarding against attacks by German S-Boats and submarines. It was while engaged in this, patrolling off Trevose Head, that she was struck by an acoustic torpedo and sunk on 20 February 1944 by the submarine U-413. She sank in minutes, with the loss of over half her crew.

Hedley was born on 18 May 1899 and in 1923 he married Dora Whitty 1898-1973. They had two sons, Edward J born 1926 and George R born 1928. In 1939 when Hedley was working as a lengthman on the railway/trolley driver, they were living at 4 West Blackdown. An interesting account of Hedley’s war service when he was 19 or 20, was recorded some years ago. Unfortunately his service records have not survived, though a Medal Rolls Index Card lists a Hedley Walter serving in the Hampshire Regiment 45887 and the Princess Charlotte of Wales’s (Royal Berkshire) Regiment 44340. Hedley died on 19 July 1985.

John died in 1919 and Mary Hannah on 26 June 1927.

24 Cottage WALTERS George H 64 M Farm Labourer Devon Bridestowe
24 Cottage WALTERS Ellen W 56 M 27:7:3 Devon Lydford
24 Cottage WALTERS Frederick George S 21 S Farm Labourer Devon Brentor
87 Burnville House WALTERS Lena Jane Ser 17 Servant Domestic Devon Brentor
John’s brother, George WALTERS married Ellen Bickle in 1883. She does not appear to be related to the Bickle families above, as she was the daughter of John and Mary Ann Bickle of Lydford. In 1871 she was a servant living with the Holmes family at Harrowgrove Farm, Willsworthy and in 1881 at Burnville Farm with the Ward family. In 1891 the Walters family was living at 3 Gillys Cottages next to Windsor House, with James aged 3 and Frederick George aged 1. In 1901 their children were James 13, a gardener and coachman’s help, Frederick George and Lena Jane, both at school. Ellen was named as the next of kin for Frederick George in 1915. George died in 1925. In 1939 Ellen was living with her daughter Lena Jane Lashbrook and her family at Pools Cottage in Brentor. Ellen died in Tavistock in 1941.

James, born 25 December 1887, married Florence Imogen Curtice in 1909 in Barnstaple. By 1911 when they were living at 80 Hoopern Street in Exeter with their son Reginald James, James was a railway porter. In 1939 James was a district traffic inspector for Southern Railway and they were living at Old Cleave, Station Road, Okehampton with their daughter Audrey F, born 25 September 1911, a drapery shop assistant. He died in 1978 aged 90.      Frederick George was an unmarried porter with the GWRailway when he signed up on 8 December 1915 in Plymouth. He was 5’9″ and 139lbs and judged to be A1 fit. On 8 June 1917 he was appointed to the RGA where he was a gunner, only a week after his marriage to Bessie Elizabeth Pitts on 31 May 1917 in Bridgetown, Totnes. She became his next of kin, rather than his mother, with an address at 6 Western Road, Bridgetown, Totnes. He served initially at the RGA 3 Depot Citadel Plymouth before being posted to France in November 1917. On 21 February 1919, after dispersal from Fovant, he was transferred to the Army Reserve. By 1921 Gunner 163247 Walters was living in Lipson, Plymouth where his war medals were sent. Their daughter Barbara J was born in 1923. By 1939, they were living at 12 Tyding Walk, Plymouth, where he was a railway guard and 16 year old Barbara was an apprentice. Frederick died in 1973 in Plymouth. In 1923 Lena Jane married Thomas Maurice Lashbrook ‘Tom’ (see Lashbrook above). She was living at Hillcrest, Brentor, which had also been the home of her son in 1962, when she died on 15 June 1977, leaving an estate to the value of £8,560.

95 Lydford S Cotts WALTERS George H 57 M Ganger Permanent Way GWR Devon Bridestowe
95 Lydford S Cotts WALTERS Mary Jane W 58 M 38:6:6 Devon Coryton
95 Lydford S Cotts WALTERS Florence D 37 S Asst Teacher County Council Devon Coryton
95 Lydford S Cotts WALTERS Alice Eliza D 17 S School Devon Coryton
George WALTERS was the son of George 1807-86 and Eliza Walters 1813-93 of Bridestow. He had two brothers William born 1847 and James born 1852. The latter became the rural postman in Lydford. In 1872 George Walters married Mary Jane Gerry (see John & Harry Gerry above). Their six children were Florence born 1872, Margaret 24 August 1874-1961, Sampson Henry 17 August 1876-15 March 1953, Elizabeth Ann 20 November 1878-1968, Beatrice 1887- and Alice Eliza 10 July 1893-1974. George died in 1916 and Mary Jane in 1919.

It has not been possible to find further records of Florence, or Beatrice after her marriage.

Margaret married William Thomas Blithe or Blythe in early 1904, their daughter Dorothy M W was born in 1906. In 1911 they were living at Lower Mills, Peter Tavy and William was working as a quarry carpenter. By 1939 they had moved to Glebe Cottage, Mary Tavy with their daughter Dorothy, and her son, Dennis H Rice, born 1937. Dorothy had married Harold Frederick Rice early in 1937 and they went on to have two daughters: Doris, in 1940 and Sheila M in 1944. Harold was living at 2 Standard Court, Mary Tavy when he died in 1976 leaving £1,013. Sampson followed his father into railway work, starting as a porter at St Germans and by 1914, was a platform inspector. In 1901 he was recorded at Keyham Railway Station as the signalman on duty at the time and in 1911 he was a foreman porter with the GWRailway, when he was boarding at 20 Trafalgar Place, Stoke, Devonport. In 1917 he married Ivy Clara Elizabeth Chubb. In 1939 they were living at 132 Sweet Briar Lane, Heavitree in Exeter. Sampson was described as a railway stationmaster, retired, while Ivy was a shopkeeper and dealer. They continued to live there until Sampson’s death in the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital on 15 March 1953. He left £835 to the care of his widow. Elizabeth Ann married Thomas Worden Bickle in the summer of 1908 (see Bickle above). Harold George John born 31 August 1908 appears to have been their only child. In 1939 the family was living at Hendwell Farm, Plympton with Thomas listed as dairy farmer invalid and Harold, as the dairy farmer. Elizabeth died in 1968, aged 90, three years after her husband. Beatrice married Evan Thomas in 1910. Alice Eliza married Cyril Dawe in 1915. He was an assistant manager at Pearl Assurance. They had two children Ronald G born 1915, who went on to be a schoolmaster in Hatfield, and Lorna V born 1916, who married Arthur W H Canning in 1938 and was living in Barnet in 1939. Alice and Cyril were living at 2 Mosslyn Ave in Plymouth in 1939. Alice died in 1974.

M55 West Black Down WALTERS Jessie Vis 49 M 19:0:0 Devon Stoke
Visiting Mary Ann Cowling in West Blackdown in 1911, Jessie WALTERS was the daughter of Philip Taylor, a Royal Marine, born in North Tawton in 1840 and his wife Jessie Webber of Exeter. They had married in 1860. In 1871 Jessie was living with her grandmother, Charlotte Webber, in Exeter. In 1881 and 1891 she was a housemaid in the household of William Honey, an independent gentleman and his daughter, Marion in Russell Street, Tavistock. Jessie had married George Henry Walters in Tavistock in 1893. George Henry was a platelayer with the LSWR, and they were living in Brentor in 1901. In 1911, George was in Swanage, probably at his parents’ home: Church Hill, Swanage with his sisters, Elizabeth Jane Kentfield, and Mary Emily Northover and her daughter Emily Mary. One of the parents was probably still alive but elsewhere, or recently deceased, as initially, George described himself as son, which was changed to head. The 1871 census lists the three siblings at Sunny Dale, Swanage with their parents: James 1836- a coast guard, and his wife Mary 1835- and states that the children were all born in Ireland. In 1911 the census shows Elizabeth was born in Dublin, Mary in Achills, Ireland and George in Swanage, which could reflect James’ work postings.  George Henry of 2 Gordon Villas, Swanage, died on 27 July 1920, leaving £381. Probate was granted to Arthur Henry Kentfield, hairdresser. Jessie may have died in the Tavistock area in 1914.
87 Burnville House WARD Frank H 61 M Surveyor & Auctioneer Devon Milton Abbot
87 Burnville House WARD Mary W 64 M 19:0:0 Devon Plymouth
Frank WARD 1850-1928 was the son of Daniel Ward 1801-61 and Mary Ann Northway 1820-93, who had married in 1847. She was the daughter of John and Mary Northway who had married in 1812. In 1851 Daniel was a surveyor, living at Uppaton with his wife Mary Ann, Frank aged 10 months and son John 3. Ten years later, as well as being a surveyor, Daniel was farming 115 acres and employing three labourers. Son Daniel and daughters Ann and Mary Northway had been born, cousin Mary Ward 1826- was staying and John Caddock Chowen 1828-1904, was a surveyors clerk lodging with them. John Chowen lived with members of the family until his death. In 1871 his brother Henry Llewelyn Chowen, also a land surveyor, was staying with the family. Henry continued to work as a land agent until his death in Yorkshire in 1900. Daniel died within months of the census, on 12 August 1861, with effects under £1,000 left in the care of his wife. Mary Ann continued farming at Uppaton, assisted in farming by Frank, whilst John was a surveyor.

Frank’s brother, John and his wife Lucy had three children: Edward John 1880-1941+, Nelly Watson 1883-1960 and Kathleen Frances 1886-1941. Initially, after their marriage, they lived in Stoke Damerel, then Yealm Cottage, Newton Ferrers where John continued to work as an auctioneer, an occupation which Edward continued after his father’s death on 10 September 1910, leaving £9,208. Edward later became a lieutenant colonel in the army.  Brother Daniel married Mary Eliza Willion in Brighton in 1884. Living at Hewlett Cottage, later House, in Bere Alston, they had eleven children between 1886 and 1903. (See 97 Burnville: Ward for more details of this branch). Sister, Ann Northway, married Henry Rundle Perkin of Gulworthy in 1876. They had seven children, of whom five survived until 1911.

By 1881 Mary Ann Ward and her family had moved to Burnville House where she continued farming. Melanie Greening Cowling (see Cowling above) was housemaid there in 1891. In 1892, the year before his mother Mary Ann’s death on 29 October 1893, leaving  £3,032 to be administered by Frank, he married Mary Harvey 1847-1930. By 1901 there had been substantial changes in the household: John C Chowen, after over 30 years as a lodger/partner, had moved to his own home, Torr Side, accompanied by Mary Northway Ward (Frank’s sister), who was his housekeeper. John Chowen, the son of John Chowen 1794-1855 and his wife Mary Ann Caddock 1797-1862 of Marystow, died on 26 November 1904, leaving £1,215 to be distributed by Frank. At Burnville in 1911, Frank and Mary had staying with them: his niece, Nelly Watson Ward, (John’s daughter), Frank’s cousin, John Northway Jackman, surveyor’s assistant (see Jackman above) and a young lady from Plymouth, Edith E Clerk.  By 1911 Frank’s sister Mary Northway Ward was living with her sister, Annie Perkin and her family at Gulworthy. It was there that Mary died on 17 September 1923 leaving £204 to be distributed by Frank. He was, obviously greatly respected by his family for so many to have requested his services as executor. Frank died on 4 December 1928 at Burnville, leaving £39,959 for his widow May to administer. His obituary in the Exetor and Plymouth Gazette, was headed BRENTOR’S LOSS and described him as the senior partner in the well known firm of auctioneers, Messers Ward and Chowen. When she died two years later on 3 December 1930, probate for Mary’s estate of £68,172 was granted to the Midland Bank.

48 Holeyeat WARFIELD Hilda M Ast 21 Domestic Assistant Somerset Ashill
Born on 18 February 1892, Hilda May WARFIELD was employed as a domestic assistant for the Bickle family at Holeyeat. She was one of the thirteen children of farmer James Warfield 1857-1937 and his wife Louisa Durman 1862-1944. Married in 1883, James and Louisa lived at Rapps Farm, in Ilton, Ashill, near Ilminster throughout their married life. Ashill was Louisa’s birthplace. Of their children, born between 1883 and 1901, only Violet Olive died in infancy, with most living into their eighties and nineties, including Annie Selina, the eldest, and Hilda May, who both lived to be 97. James died on 14 February 1937, leaving his £3,514 estate to be administered by his widow, Louisa. In 1939, Hilda was living with her mother, Louisa, and brother, farmer Roland James, at Rapps, Ilton in Somerset. Louisa died on 18 January 1944, appointing her son, Arthur Tom, a farmer, and Hilda May, spinster, as executors for her £2,851 estate. Hilda was living at Vaughan Lee House, Orchard Vale, Ilminster in Somerset when she died on 24 January 1987.
109 Edgemore WERNTHAL Evelyn Grace V 38 S Malta
Evelyn Grace WERNTHAL, known as Grace, was staying with Thomas and Jannette Doidge in their nine roomed house, Edgemoor near Lydford in 1911. She the daughter of Adolph Ludwig Wilhelm 1835-84, a military bandmaster in the 1st Battalion of the Royal Irish Fusiliers, born in Germany, the son of Andres Wernthal. He had married Charlotte Jane Henfrey 1836-93, the daughter of William, in Clerkenwell on 4 April 1864. The different birthplaces of their daughters indicate the extent of his postings: Florence was born in 1865 in Portsea, Eleanor in Gibralter in 1867, Augusta 1869 and Grace 1872 in Malta and Ida in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1874. In 1881 they were at Sunnyside, St Martin in Guernsey. It would appear that Augusta died in infancy. Adolph, based in Aldershot, died in Murree in the NW Provinces of India, now Kuldummah in Pakistan, in 1884. He left £525 for his widow. Charlotte died on 17 July 1893 in Eastbourne.

In 1939 Grace, as she was known, was of independent means and living at 18 Strouden Ave in Bournemouth with her sisters Ida Gill and Hannah Trickey, and her niece Victoria Trickey. When Grace died on 17 October 1946 at 77 Heavitree, Exeter, her home was still at Strouden Ave. Her £1,982 estate was left to her sister Ida Gill to administer. Ida had married William Thomas Gill in 1900, but had been widowed by 1911, when she was staying with her sister Florence Trickey and her family in Bexhill. She may have died in 1961 in Bournemouth.

It is believed that the Wernthal family was related to Charles Eldicott born on 3 June 1899. Fostered by the Daw family in Peckham, aged 1, he was in the Foundling Hospital, London in 1911, birthplace unknown. He went on to become a military bandmaster, like Adolph, and died in Bournemouth on 3 January 1968.

72 Liddaton WESTLAKE Thomas H 73 W 50:12:8 Farmer Devon Thrushelton
72 Liddaton WESTLAKE Thomas S 49 S Farmer’s son Devon Bridestow
Thomas WESTLAKE was the son of John Westlake 1811-64 and his wife Elizabeth 1813-84, born in Brentor, who were farming Puppincott Farm in Thrushelton when he was born, but by 1851 they had moved to East Liddaton where they were recorded with fourteen people in the house. As well as the couple and their five children at the time; John Martin, William, Thomas, Elizabeth and James, were two servants and four visitors, including John and Elizabeth Martyn, both aged 80 (Elizabeth’s parents?) and John’s father Thomas Westlake 77 and William Martyn 70 (an uncle?).  Elizabeth continued to live at East Liddaton after John’s death on 10 December 1864, until her own death in 1884. In 1881 her grand daughters, (Thomas’ daughters, Elizabeth, Harriet and Grace Ann) were living with her. Her son, Thomas, had married Mary Ann Jackman Cole 1840-1904 in 1860 and they lived and farmed at Brambleham, Bridestowe while their children were growing up. We can identify some of the twelve children recorded by Thomas: Elizabeth Ann Cole, Thomas, Mary Ann,  Harriet Ann, Ann Jackman,  Samuel,  Robert,  Grace Ann and  Sarah Ann.

Thomas’ sister Grace 1843-1938 worked with them as a dairymaid in 1861. In 1866 she married Samuel Gilbert in Plymouth. By 1891 Thomas had inherited East Liddaton and his son, Thomas, was farming there with his sisters, Harriet Ann and Sarah Ann. Staying with them was Ann Cole 74, who was probably their maternal grandmother. By 1891 Thomas and Mary Ann had moved to Whiteley in Lifton where he was farming with the assistance of his son Samuel, who had married Bessie Barribal in 1890. They lived with their two children Mary A and Thomas at Whiteley with the older Thomas and Mary Anne, probably until Mary Anne’s death in 1904. By 1911 Samuel and Bessie had moved to United Mines, Gwennap in Cornwall, where he worked as a farm labourer. Two of their four children had died by this time. Samuel’s brother Thomas was farming alone at East Liddaton in 1901, describing himself as a farmer’s son, but in 1911 his father was living with him. Thomas senr died 1916 and Thomas jun 1931.

Through the daughters’ marriages, the Westlake family became related to several of the village families.

Elizabeth Ann Cole 14 June 1860-10 December 1946 married Alfred Friend Brimacombe 1857-1943 (see Brimacombe above) of Coryton on 15 November 1881 and had six children, the youngest three of whom were born in South Petherwin, where her sister Harriet was living. But by 1911 they were back in the area with their six children, farming at Whiteley Farm in Lifton, her father’s old farm. In 1939 they were living at Spry Farm, with their daughter, Hilda Vera, who had married Arthur Victor Wilton, her father’s great nephew: her first cousin, once removed (see Wilton below). In 1944 when Alfred died they were still living at Spry Farm. Elizabeth died two years later on 10 December 1946, leaving an estate of £2,268.  Mary Ann 5 October 1863-1954 married William Symons (see Symons above) on 7 July 1883 and had ten children. In 1939, retired, they were living with their son John B and his wife, Miriam I at West Liddaton, close to the Homestead. Harriet Ann 5 October 1865-1951 married John Squance on 8 June 1891 and they moved to South Petherwin in Cornwall where they had four children, Florence born 1893, Thomas John 1895, Ethel born 1897 and Sidney Marven 1901. Ann Jackman probably married John Earland in 1906 in the Okehampton area, but he is not the wheelwright living in Wandsworth in 1911.  Sadly Robert Jackman died aged six in 1877. Grace Ann, born 4 December 1872, married Richard Herbert Stephens, a porter with the GWR in Tavistock in 1895. In 1901 they were living in Lydford Station Cottages with their children Edith M 4 and Herbert S 2. Born in Liskeard on 11 September 1872, Richard had started his railway career at Germans, St Austell and Marshmills as a porter. Early in his marriage, it would have appeared that he had prospects, as he became a signalman in 1896 at Lifton, but there were signs of unreliability over the years with minor mistakes that could have caused problems, absence without leave; oversleeping, thus causing delays to a goods train; a couple of mistakes with points, one of which had a train running through them. Allowing two pigs to be carried free of charge, may have been a favour for a friend or member of the family but the final straw came on 11 July 1905 when he came on duty in an intoxicated condition, which resulted in his dismissal. By 1911, Grace and the two children were farming at Kingford Farm in Tavistock Hamlets. She was married and describes herself as being the head of the house, doing housework and dairy work as a dairy farmer, worker, changed by the enumerator to employer. Edith was an assistant dairy work, (changed to farmer’s daughter). Herbert was still at school. Grace was employing two men on the farmer: William Jeffery, 37, a waggoner from Chagford and William Evans, 19, a cattleman from Devonport. It would appear that Richard died in Liskeard and was buried on 22 November 1914, aged 42.

The following year, Grace and William Jeffery were married in Plymouth. In 1939 they were living at Grace Cottage, Fore Street in Okehampton. It is likely that William died in 1949 and Grace in Wood Green, Middlesex in 1954, where she may have been staying with her daughter Edith. Edith, born 5 August 1897, married Walter S Firmager in Hackney in 1922 and after his death in 1928 married Charles H Bilham, a motorman on the electric railway, in Godstone Surrey in 1930. The 1939 register shows them living at 20 Ringslade Road, Wood Green, Middlesex with two children. Edith undertook ARP duties in the war. She was in Launceston when she died in 1976. Grace’s son Herbert Stanley acquired the second name Victor, though this is not shown on his birth registration and he tended to hyphenate the Stanley-Stephens as he got older. The 1939 register records that he was single and had been born on 5 January 1899 and was a catering supply manager: travelling. He was a retired lieutenant in the Devonshires having served in France from 27 July 1918 and retired from service on 2 March 1921, after which he was living at High Street, Launceston. He was in Bournemouth when he died in 1978. Sarah Ann 1875-1915 married Philip William T Symons (see Symons above) in 1895 and had four children, the two surviving children were Frederick Thomas and Kate Mary.

104 Manor Hotel WESTROPP Mary Boa 68 W Aust NSW Sidney
104 Manor Hotel WESTROPP Ja*** Boa 34 S India Thanna
It may be that Mary Russell WESTROPP and her daughter Ja(ne Mary) were staying at the hotel prior to moving to The Torrs, Yelverton where Mary died on 13 August 1911, leaving her estate of £2,002 to the care of her daughter Jane Mary Russell, spinster. If this is the case, Mary Russell Rogers was the widow of Robert Gibbings Westropp 1820-74. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 14 October 1820, Robert had enlisted as an ensign in the 106th Regiment of Foot on 25 August 1854. He was posted to the East Indies from 1858-65 and became a Lieutenant on 1 April 1862 and a Captain on 2 June 1865. He married Mary Russell Rogers in Mallow, Cork, Ireland in 1870. They had two children, Jane Mary Russell 1872-1935 and Richard Gibbings 1873-1954, before he died in Sunderland on 29 May 1874. His widow Mary was living in Mallow at the time.

Jane was living at 110 South Farm Rd, Worthing when she died on 6 May 1935 at The Groomsbridge Nursing Home, leaving her estate of £2,558 to the care of her brother Richard, described as a retired Captain in HM army. From 1914-33 he, with his wife and various members of his family, travelled to and from Egypt as a bank manager or director of the National Bank of Egypt. In 1930 he had been awarded the OBE and in 1934 he had retired but still visited Egypt. He and his wife, Mary Helena, were living at the Orchards, Court Road, Maidenhead when he died on 25 February 1954, leaving £25,123.

M79 Lyd Station Hse WHITFORD Frederick George H 38 M B on LWM Station master Glos Cheltenham
M79 Lyd Station Hse WHITFORD Ida Martha W 33 M 10:3:2 Devon Okehampton
M79 Lyd Station Hse WHITFORD Frederick Thomas S 6 Surrey Wimbledon
M79 Lyd Station Hse WHITFORD Winifred Ida D 4 Surrey Wimbledon
Frederick George WHITFORD‘s father, Thomas, 1836-1903 began his career as a gentleman’s servant to Edward Witts, the curate of Stanway, where Thomas was born. He then became a footman to James Henry Legge Dutton, 3rd Baron Sherborne, Gentleman, Magistrate. After Thomas’s marriage to Elizabeth Jane Howell 1837-1908 in 1869 in St George, Hanover Square, he became a lodging house keeper at 9 Royal Parade, Cheltenham.  In 1881 he was butler to Baron Sherborne at Sherborne, with Elizabeth living nearby at Northleach, raising their five children. After the death of the 3rd Baron, Thomas became butler to James St Vincent, 4th Lord de Saumarez in Grosvenor Place, Knightsbridge. This title was created in 1831, for the prominent naval commander, Admiral St James Saumerez, of the island of Guernsey. In 1901 Thomas and Elizabeth were living at Cottage Number 30 in the village, next to Sherborne Park, where Thomas was again butler. He died in Plymouth in 1903.

The Hon R H Dutton recommended Frederick George born 15 March 1873, for employment on the LSW Railway in January 1890. He began as a junior clerk at Basingstoke at £30 a year. With periods at Southampton, Devonport, Okehampton, and Wimbledon he rose to the position of clerk with the related salary of £100 pa by 1906. His appointment as stationmaster at Lydford came with a free house but the salary was £85, until 1917 when he was back to £100 a year. In 1902, in Okehampton, he had married Ida Martha Wellington, born 15 May 1877. She was the daughter of Stephen Wellington, the postmaster and accountant at Okehampton. His wife had died in 1880, leaving Stephen with nine children to raise, including new born Martha A. The eldest child Anna, was an assistant in the Post Office, Thomas was an organist and Lena a telegraphist. In 1901, after the death of her father, Ida was a sorting clerk telegraphist in South Mimms, Hertfordshire.

Frederick and Ida’s eldest son, Frederick Thomas was born on 18 May 1904 in Wimbledon, where his parents were living at 149 Florence Road. He joined the railways as a junior clerk on 22 March 1922 at Bow at a salary of £55 pa, rising to £100 pa in 1924. On 4 October 1939 he married Elvey Lily Day in Surrey. He died in 1996 aged 92. Winifred Ida and Mary Elizabeth were twins born in Wimbledon on 14 August 1906. Mary Elizabeth was baptised on 2 September 1906 and died soon after. Winifred’s baptism did not take place until 17 July 1907. In 1939 Frederick, Ida and Winifred were living at 20 Capel Lane, Littleham, Exmouth. They were living at 40 Capel Lane when he died on 17 February 1955 leaving £572 to his widow, Ida Martha who died in 1973. Winifred died in Exeter in 1988.

92 Wastor WILLCOCK Elizabeth Mary H 61 W 38:3:3 Farmer Devon Beaworthy
92 Wastor WILLCOCK Florence Lilian D 37 S Devon Whitchurch
92 Wastor WILLCOCK Dorothy Lilian Ethel GD 14 S Huntingdonshire

St Ives

Elizabeth Mary Rowe had married Walter WILLCOCK 1847-1910 in 1873. He was the son of John Roskilly Willcock 1808-82 and his wife Mary Ann Bone 1814-85. They farmed 140 acres at Anderton Farm in Whitchurch with their three sons, until John’s retirement by 1881 and death on 8 October 1882. Mary Ann left Anderton Farm, which was farmed by her son, John William, after her husband John’s death and went to live with her son Walter in Brentor. She died there on 2 February 1885. Throughout their married life, Walter and Elizabeth lived at Wastor, farming 120 acres and raising their three children. In 1916 Mrs Rowe was employing William Balsom (see Balsom above) on the farm. In the application for exemption from active service, she stated that he had sole charge of the cattle and the discharge of other duties on the farm, for which he received a conditional discharge. Elizabeth Mary Rowe Willcock was living at Hazeldene, Blackall Road, Exeter when she died on 3 March 1924, with administration of her £1,179 estate left to Florence. Florence Lilian 17 February 1874-1964, having lived with her parents until their deaths, was living at 13 Blackall Road in Exeter in 1939. She had a young lady and three older ladies living with her. They could have been lodgers. She died unmarried in Exeter in 1964. Maurice John Rowe 1877-1953, attended the Prospect Bible Christian General Education College in Shebbear. He married Emily Mary Mason in London in 1896. They had two daughters: Dorothy Lillian Ethel, born 1897 and Evelyn Ethel born 1905. Maurice John Rowe Willcock, draper, was one of his father’s executors with Henry Cornish Knapman, estate agent and Walter’s widow, Elizabeth Ann, when he died on 11 July 1910 leaving £3659. On 2 April 1911, Maurice, Emily Mary (incorrectly recorded as Ethel Mary) and Evelyn Ethel Marion were staying with his brother Walter Wilkie Willcock and sister in law, Ethel Mary, at 18 Leighton Gardens, Kensal Rise NW London, while elder daughter Dorothy Lilian Ethel was with her grandmother and aunt. These must have been farewell visits as, within the week, they were on the TUNISIAN travelling from Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia arriving on 14 April 1911, on their way to Toronto, where Maurice planned to be a farmer.  The 1921 Canadian census confirms their 1911 arrival. Maurice died on 27 August 1953 in Parksville, British Columbia. Reginald Augustus Fouty was responsible for dispersing his £328 estate in England. Walter Wilkie born 16 November 1882, was a pharmacist who had been married to Ethel Mary Way for two years in 1911. He signed up for service 169690 in the RAF on 22 May 1918, giving his wife E M Willcock as his next of kin. In 1939 they were living at 161 Gloucester Road, Bristol where he was described as a retailer of fancy goods, station(ery?) with Ethel having house and shop duties. When he died on 1 June 1944, leaving £4,114, they were living at 181 Gloucester Road, Bristol. Ethel Mary was living at 88 Belmont Road, Bristol when she died the following year, on 27 July, leaving £7,253.
21 Moor View WILLIAMS Charles H 26 M AB Royal Navy Devon Brentor
21 Moor View WILLIAMS Louisa W 24 M 3:1:1 Devon Crediton
21 Moor View WILLIAMS Doris Mary D 2 Devon Brentor

Charles Williams 1885-1952 Broompark and Broadmead

Doris Mary Williams 1908-99 with her mother Lousia Roach 1886-1971 says on the back ‘for daddy’

Charles WILLIAMS was the son of Henry Williams (below) and his first wife, Elizabeth Jane Cook. He was born on 6 March 1885 at Broompark and his mother died when he was ten years old. Louisa was the daughter of William and Mary Ann Roach (see Roach above), and she was born on 7 July 1887 at 5 Park St, Crediton. In 1891 she was living with her parents at 6 Hicks Cottages, West Blackdown and in 1901 she was a domestic maid at Poplar Cottage for Elizabeth Kingsland, (see Kingsland above) her daughter Elizabeth Wraight (see Wraight below) and her family. On 28 February 1908 Louisa, who was a dressmaker of 22, married Charles Williams RN at Tavistock Registry Office. Each stated that they had lived in North Brentor for 22 years. Charles had signed up for 12 years on 6 October 1903 with his DoB erroneously recorded as 6 October 1885. He was just under 5’3″ when he enlisted, with dark brown hair, hazel eyes and a fresh complexion. By the time he left the Navy he was 5’5.5″. He served on a number of ships including NORTHAMPTON, ROYAL OAK, IRRESISTIBLE, DEFIANCE, IMPREGNABLE and ILLUSTRIOUS, and he extended his service until 23 May 1919, becoming a leading seaman, which increased his pension. Their daughter Doris was born on 17 May 1908. She married Ernest Jarman on 15 April 1933 and they had four children Mavis A 1935-, Shirley 1937-2007, Doris E 1943- and Eric 1945-2007. In 1939 Louisa, born 7 July 1887, was listed as being married and living at Broadmead with Nora Evelyn Duke, the wife of a bank chief cashier from Bromley, and their children. Charles was not there at that time. He was living at Broadmead Cottage when he died on 4 March 1952, naming Ernest Jarman, motor engineer to administer his £1,551 estate. Louisa died on 20 December 1971 and Doris Mary on 5 January 1999.

Charles Williams on the right

83 Langstone House WILLIAMS Daisy Reed Ser 15 S Tweneymaid Devon Whitchurch
Daisy WILLIAMS was the daughter of John Williams, a platelayer with the GWR, born in Lewdown and living in Whitchurch. His wife, Mary had been born in Mylor in Cornwall. Daisy married Daniel Robertson in Plymouth in 1917.
31 Rose Cottage WILLIAMS Henry H 66 M Farm Labourer Devon Syd Damerel
31 Rose Cottage WILLIAMS Elizabeth W 61 M 12:0:0 Devon Tavistock
31 Rose Cottage WILLIAMS John S 16 S Worker Devon N Brentor

George Williams 1880-1942+ and his wife Jessie A Holloway 1882-1932 in New York

Henry WILLIAMS 1846-1935 was the son of John Williams 1808-78, an agricultural labourer and his wife Susan 1811-55. Henry worked on farms in the Sydenham Damerel area, with his brother George, as ploughboys and as a shepherd, until his marriage to Elizabeth Jane Cook 13 April 1853-95, which took place on 20 November 1872 (see Cook above). After the marriage Henry became a platelayer, living first in North Blackdown, then in Brentor village. He and Elizabeth had ten children, William Henry 1874-1952, Eliza 1875-1959, Jessie 1877-1950, George 1880-, Ellen 1881-1956, Charles 1885-1952, Amanda 1887-1966, Florence Kate 1891-1968, Margaret 1892-1972 and John 1894- before Elizabeth died in about May 1895. Henry married Elizabeth Vogwell Guscott 1849-1920 (see Guscott and Prouse above) in 1898. Henry died in 1935 aged 90.

William Henry married Katherine Rowe Reed 1867-1948 in Tavistock on 31 October 1901. By 1911 they were living at Calstock where William was a market gardener, with three children: John Henry 8, George 5 and Clara Jessie born 18 March 1908. Clara was living with her parents in 1939. She had married her first husband, William John Samuel Leverton in 1927 and they had five children, all living in the extended family at Treliske Cottage, Truro, where her parents continued market gardening: probably William H A born 1928, Richard J 1929, Peter George 24 March 1931-2008, Gwendolen J 1933 and Margaret 1936.  Clara married Jack Eddy in 1955. Eliza 6 September 1875-1959 married William Henry Nankivell, a granite mason in 1902. In 1911 they were living at 19 College Ave, Tavistock with their two children, William Henry 1902-80, later a painter and Winnifred Gladys 1909-94, later Bailey. A second daughter Vera D was born on 16 November 1916. In 1939 William and Eliza were living at 33 Crelake Park in Tavistock with their daughter, Vera, and her husband Reginald C Williams, a diesel engine driver. Jessie 16 November 1877-15 February 1950, married Frederick Gawman in 1911. They had two children both born in Devonport, Hilda J on 27 August 1911 and Frederick H in 1914, but he died within months of birth. Frederick, born in 1886, enlisted as a private in the 6th Battalion, Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry, in Exmouth. He was killed in action in France on 30 January 1917. In 1938 Hilda married Charles J Frost, a shopkeeper. In 1939 they were living at 30 Brook Street, Tavistock, now a Grade ll listed bulding, as it has an early 19th century curved corner shop front with moulded cornice and pilasters, dating from c1830. This was a short walking distance from 1 Millbrook Place, Parkwood Road where her mother Jessie lived, until her death in 1950, which occurred at 30 Brook St. George 5 January 1880-, worked on the railways and in construction: in 1901 he was a platelayer for the Great Western Railway, lodging with the Rule family in Walkhampton and 1911 he was a labourer navvy working on the New Lock at Portsea, lodging with the Holloway family at 45 Gloucester Road, Portsea. In 1912 he went to America and by 1920 he was in Hall St, Queen’s, New York, married to Jessie A Holloway 1882-1932, with two children Edward George 1915-94 and Violetta E born 1918. His brother, John (below) was living with them. Their third child, Ernest was born in 1923. In 1930 the family, with John, were living at 73rd Street in Queen’s, a home that George owned and records show he was naturalized. By 1940 George was widowed, but still living at 73rd Street with his two sons and his brother, Jack. His 1942 draft registration card indicates that he was working for a construction company, continued to live at 73rd Street and the person most likely to know where he was at any time was his daughter Violetta, now Rouhel, who was back living at 73rd Street. Ellen 29 April 1881- 26 February 1956, married James William Rice in 1908. The 1911 census shows them living with his mother Eliza at her farm, Wheatley Farm in Lewdown. They had two children: John F born 1913 and Ivy M born 18 June 1918. In 1939 Ellen and James were living in Lewdown, where he was a general labourer, while Ivy was a farm labourer at Manor Farm in Peter Tavy. In 1942 she married Douglas C Say and in the 1960s she was living in London, and Broadstairs Kent in 2003. When Ellen died at Gwynntor, Bannawell Street, Tavistock in 1956, she was a widow living at Little Cott in Brentor and left her estate of £181 to be administered by Charles John Frost, the husband of her sister Jessie’s daughter, Hilda (above). Charles 1885-1952, (see Charles Williams above).  Amanda 7 November 1887-1966, married Sydney James Westlake 1886-1953, a mason, at St Michaels, Brentor on 27 August 1910 and in April 1911 they were lodging with the Westlake family, possibly his brother, at 5 Somerton Terrace, St Elfride’s Road, Torquay.  When Sydney enlisted in the ASC, he was 29 years and one month old and 5’5″ tall: he gave his home address as 20 Kenwyn Road, Torquay, which was changed to 133 or 113 Babbacombe Road Torquay. He served in Woolwich from 31 May 1916-8 January 1917 and in Salonika from then until 28 September 1919. It is likely that they had four children: Winifred Amanda 31 August 1911-1969, Thomas Henry 3 August 1914-1976, Eileen Mary 19 September 1916-1980 and Robert Sidney 1922-2007. In 1939 Sidney, Amanda and Eileen were living at 5 Somerton Terrace, Tormoham where he was employed as a bricklayer in building and Eileen as manageress of the chain library. In 1941 she married Frederick G Friend. Winifred became Kirby and moved to the US. Florence Kate 18 October 1891-1968, was a servant working for the Trimnell family in Eversley Avenue Torquay in 1911 and married John George Middleton in 1920. They had four children: Arthur John 1922-89, Charles Henry 1924-2003, Phyllis M E 1925- and Daisy Muriel, who died shortly after birth in 1929. In 1939 the family, probably including Phyllis, lived at 2 Downleigh, Lewdown, next door to John’s mother, Mary Jane Middleton at No 3. John was a general labourer, Arthur a pharmacy student and Charles a gardener/handyman. Margaret 1892-1972 married Albert Michael Prouse 1895-1960 (see Prouse above) in 1919. They had four children: William Henry 1922-86, Elsie Margaret 1923-98, Mary Joyce 1925- and Albert George 1929-82. All of whom were living with their parents and widowed grandmother, Eliza Ann, in 1939 at North Russell Farm, Sourton, where Albert Michael was farming, helped by son William Henry. Albert Michael died on 9 March 1960, leaving £6,973 in the care of his widow, Margaret, of Blythes Farm, North Hill, Launceston. John‘s birth date is confusing: if he is the son of Elizabeth Cook, she died around May 1895. There is a John Williams birth in Tavistock registered in JFM 1895, which could be his 13 December birth but in 1894, which would fit with the census ages. Consistently, he gives it in documentation as 1896, which would mean that he couldn’t be Elizabeth Cook’s son. American documentation indicates that he went to America in 1919 and lived with his brother George and his family from 1920-1940. However his draft registration document in 1942, shows that he married Dorothy S Mager, on 2 October 1940. A carpenter throughout, his card shows that he was employed at the Queen’s County Savings Bank in Main Street, Flushing, New York. He is recorded as having made one journey home: in December 1923 he travelled on the American Lines’ MINNEKAHDA from New York to Plymouth, giving his destination as 58 West St, Tavistock, stating that he was a carpenter and a permanent resident of the US.

M73 Burn View WILLSON Sellsby H 55 M Engineer Manager of Peat Works Hunts St Ives
M73 Burn View WILLSON Kate Alexandra W 48 M 26:4:4 Hunts Fenstanton
M73 Burn View WILLSON Mabel Florence D 22 S Hunts St Ives
M73 Burn View WILLSON Stanley William S 9 London Kentish Town
Sellsby WILLSON was the son of a well to do farmer, William Willson and his wife Susannah, who had 300 acres, employing seven men and seven boys at Wales End, Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire. Born in 1854, Sellsby married Kate Alexandra Odams, in late 1884. Born 7 March 1865, she was the eldest of the nine children of Robert Elliott Odams and his wife Mary of Fenstanton. In 1881 he was described as a brewer maltster and spirit merchant, farmer of 115 acres employing eighteen men and a boy. When he died in 1909 he left an estate valued at £1,165.

Sellsby and Kate had four children: Emily born 1886, Florence Mabel born 1888, Robert Sellsby born 1889 and Stanley William born 1902. In 1891 Sellsby was a self employed surveyor, living at Lyd Cottage, Lydford Station. Daughter Florence was staying with her maternal grandparents, the Odams. In 1901 the family was living at 78 Caversham Rd, Camden Town in London and Sellsby was a civil engineer. Son Robert was away at Bedford County School and Kate’s sister, Ida R Odams, was visiting. In 1911 they were back in Brentor, living at Burn View with Sellsby working as engineer manager of the Peat Works. By 1939 it is likely that Sellsby and Kate were both living in Churchfield Road, St Ives, Huntingdon near the Rectory, although Sellsby’s name is redacted. He died on 12 July 1944 at St John’s Hospital in Peterborough, by which time they were living at 17 Queen’s Walk, Peterborough. His estate of £2,325 was left to the care of his daughter Ethel Mary Moore (the wife of Frank Moore) and his son, Stanley Willliam Willson, farmer. Kate died the following year.

Emily was staying with her aunt Ida R, then Chapman, and her family at Bridge Terrace, St Ives in 1911. In 1913, in Ely, she married John William Seekings, a carpenter, and travelled with him on the MAURETANIA from Liverpool to New York, where they intended to go on to Manitoba, Winnipeg. The 1911 Canadian Census shows John staying with his brother Robert in Manitoba and states that he had first come to Canada in 1907.  Mabel Florence or Florence Mabel as her birth was registered. Unfortunately this is too common a name to pinpoint her, in spite of the unusual surname spelling. She may have traveled to Canada. Robert Sellsby, born 10 August 1889, is likely to have been in Canada by 1911 as he is not listed in the census that year. On 27 November 1915 he enlisted in the Canadian Overseas Expeditientary Force. He was 27 years and 3 months, 5’8.5″ tall, with a dark complexion, grey eyes and dark brown hair. Living at 242 Queen’s Ave, London, Ontario he described himself as a farmer and gave his father, Sellsby Willson of Lydford, Devon as his next of kin. On 29 June 1917 he married Dorothy May Richard in Bayswater, London England. This marriage was short as on 23 June 1923 Robert was a widower, and a sales clerk aged 31, when he married Edith Wayman 1903-76 from England, in Toronto, Canada. He died in 1971 in Tottenham, Ontario. Stanley William born 31 July 1901, married Elfrida Bellamy in 1928 in Huntingdon. In 1939 they were farming at Park House Farm, Norman Cross, Hunstanton. He died on 31 July 1977 at Wheelgates, 16 Folksworth Rd, Norman Cross, Peterborough, leaving £34,991.

5 Bakery WILTON Arthur Victor GS 23 S E Baker Employer At home Devon Brentor
Arthur Victor WILTON born 2 December 1886, was the son of John Brimacombe’s daughter Laura Ann, who married Albert Victor Wilton on 14 August 1886. (see Brimacombe above). The marriage was shortlived as, on 12 November 1888, Laura emigrated to America, leaving her small son in the care of his grandparents. In 1895 she married Gustave Bauer, becoming stepmother to his daughter, Lillian, but they do not appear to have had any more children. On 17 November 1903, when he was sixteen, Arthur arrived in New York on the Cunard liner CAMPANIA from Liverpool. He must have liked being in America because on 15 March 1909 he applied for naturalization. At that time he was a laundryman aged 22, 5’6″ tall, weighing 157lb with a dark complexion, black hair and brown eyes. He was living at 535 Hall Street in Los Angeles, California. He was willing to renounce his allegiance to King Edward VII and declared that he wasn’t an anarchist. But by the time of the census in 1911 he was back in Brentor working for his grandfather in the bakery.  In October 1912, when he was 25, Arthur sailed on the Cunard liner CARMANIA from Liverpool to New York: giving his grandfather, John, as his next of kin. He returned on the same ship in March 1913.

Arthur had been attested on 24 February 1916 giving his mother Laura Ann Bauer in Los Angeles as his next of kin and he was assigned to the reserve the following day. Working as a partner in the family baking firm with his uncle, Alfred Brimacombe, the essential nature of his work was recognised in a six month exemption being granted to him from June-December 1916; then he was exempted until 1 February 1917. Hundreds of people were supplied with bread, making it impossible for Alfred to carry on the business alone. It was noted that if it were not for the business he would have joined up long before. He had had to get up at 2 am to bake the bread before attending the Tribunal. On 16 January 1917 he married Hilda Vera Brimacombe, his mother’s eighteen year old first cousin from Lifton, the daughter of Alfred Friend Brimacombe and his wife Elizabeth Ann Cole of Spry House, Lifton. He was mobilised on 31 January 1917 and assigned to the Mechanical Transport Depot of the Army Service Corps at Grove Park, Lee as a driver. He left Avonmouth for Basrah in Meopotamia in March 1917 and served there until he returned to be demobbed on 29 April 1920. Their only daughter Sylvia L E was born in 1921; she married Roy R Bailey in 1943 and became Mrs Hill in 1949.  In 1939 Arthur and Vera were grocers, living at Spry Farm in Lifton with her parents, (his great uncle) Alfred and Elizabeth Ann Cole Brimacombe. Arthur died at 24 Priory Park in Launceston on 26 June 1962 aged 71. Vera survived him and continued to live at Cherrytrees, 24 Priory Park until her death on 5 November 1983.

38 Ivy Cottage WOOLLACOTT Frances A H 52 W Devon Devonport
38 Ivy Cottage WOOLLACOTT William F S 21 3F No occupation Devon Plymouth
William Frazier WOOLLACOTT, born on 16 July 1889, was a postman of 27, just over 5’6″ tall, living at Ivy Cottage when he enlisted in the 3rd Devons in Exeter in 1916. As a Private 43216, he served: Home 28 July 1916-17 January 1917. France 18 January 1917-16 February 1917 Home 17 February 1917-25 April 1917, when he was discharged as being no longer physically fit for war service as he was suffering from (Albinism) Nystagmus, which affected his vision. He was entitled to the Silver War Badge 185181. In 1901 Frances had been living at Ivy Cottage with her husband, William 1848-1908 a Royal Navy pensioner and young William. The death in 1908 was registered as William Edward J but no information has been found for the family prior to 1901. In 1935 Bill married Margaret Olivia French Smith (see Smith above) daughter of Rev French Smith and sister of war casualty Robert Arthur French Smith. William was living at St Michael’s in 1939, when he was listed as a teacher of music and Margaret was a retired nurse. His mother Frances, who was incapacitated, lived with them. He still lived at St Michael’s when he died in 1940. Margaret Olivia was in Blackdown Nursing Home when she died in 1962. Frances died in mid 1940, aged 82, just before her son.
71 Liddaton WORTH Richard H 40 M Farmer Devon Walkhampton
71 Liddaton WORTH Ann W 40 M 9:2:2 Farmer’s wife Devon Walkhampton
71 Liddaton WORTH John Sampson S 8 Devon Walkhampton
71 Liddaton WORTH Robert S 5 Devon Walkhampton
Richard WORTH was the son of John Worth, the Walkhampton grocer and his wife Eliza. Richard began his working life as a gardener, but following the death of both parents in mid 1892, he took over the running of the shop with the help of Mary Head, who had been his parents’ housekeeper. In 1902 he married Ann Gill the daughter of Sampson Gill, a Walkhampton quarryman, who died in 1899, and his wife Emlin.

On 31 January 1913 the family sailed on the Aberdeen line ship, THEMISTOCLES from Plymouth to Australia. 650 passengers and 140 crew were embarking on a fiftyfour day journey. Using assisted passage, they were heading for Brisbane. Richard gave his occupation as coachbuilder. In 1925 the family was living at Mooloolah, Landsborough, Wide Bay, Queensland, with John not far away at Glenview. In 1928 they were all living at Hartley, Braun St, Deagon Sandgate, Lilley, Queensland where the men were all described as dairymen. On 27 October 1928, John Sampson, born 26 March 1903 married Mary Kathleen Elizabeth Hapgood. Electoral records show them living at 44 Orchid Street, Enoggera, Queensland, from 1949 until 1980, when John, who had been a labourer, was on his own. He had served in the Australian Army from 1940 -7.

On 15 July 1931, Robert, born 12 March 1906, married Alice Doretta Fox. In 1972 they were living at 94 McInwraith St, Everton Pak, where Robert was a storeman and in 1977 they were living on the Meldale Estate, Caboolture, Fisher, Queensland. He had also served from 1940-7, but in the Citizen Military Forces. Richard died in Queensland in 1944.

M73 Burn View WRAIGHT Robert Alexander H 54 M Farmer Pensioner London Mid’sex St Giles
M73 Burn View WRAIGHT Elizabeth W 58 M 29:4:2 Devon Shaugh Prior
Robert Alexander WRAIGHT was born on 25 November 1856 and baptised on 24 May 1857. He had served as a boy soldier in the 2nd Battalion of the Scots Fusilier Guards, before becoming a Colour Sergeant in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. In 1891 Robert and Elizabeth were living in Wrexham Military Barracks with two of their children, John aged 7 and Richard aged 1. In 1901 his wife, Elizabeth, (they had married in Plymouth in 1882) was at Poplar Cottage near the Herrings Arms and Stag Head with her mother Elizabeth Kingsland (the widow of John, a Publican – who was living on her own means), in Brentor with their younger sons, both born in Wrexham, Wales: Richard Stanley in 1890 and Robert Trevor in 1893. Other than the 1891 Census, there is no record of their other son John born 1884 unless he was the John A Wraight who died Tavistock in 1912 aged 29. Robert Trevor died in 1909 aged just 16 and is buried in Christ Church graveyard. When his father Robert Alexander died in 1917, they were living at 1 Canal Road, Tavistock.

After Robert’s death, Elizabeth aged 66 went to Canada on the GRAMPIAN arriving in Quebec on 19 June 1920, where she went on to stay with her son, Stanley, a carpenter and his wife, Alice in Edmonton, Alberta, where they were recorded in the 1921 census. In 1923 she was recorded in transit in Vancouver, British Columbia, she was 5’1″ tall, with brown hair, blue eyes and a medium complexion. She had been in E Monton, Alberta, naming her friend Mrs T Bell and stating that her son Stanley was in Calgary. In 1940, a Stanley Wraight, a mechanic, was living in Peachland, Yale, British Columbia with Mrs A G Wraight, widow.

26 Cottage YEATMAN Arthur William H 29 M Engine Driver or Traction Driver Mine Winding Engine Dorset Pulham
26 Cottage YEATMAN Bessie W 30 M 7:3:3 Devon Thornbury
26 Cottage YEATMAN William George S 6 Devon Tavistock
26 Cottage YEATMAN Olive Elizabeth D 4 Devon Tavistock
26 Cottage YEATMAN Winifred May D 1 Devon Brentor
Arthur William YEATMAN, born 28 August 1882, was the son of an agricultural labourer, George Yeatman and his wife Charlotte Perris of Dorset. In 1898 Arthur was a farm labourer when he signed up to join the navy for a twelve year term from his 18th birthday. At the time he was 15 years old, 5’2.5″ tall, with light hair and grey eyes. He joined up on 17 February, serving on the BOSCAWEN until 18 June. He was discharged invalided, from Portland on 9 December 1898. His naval career had lasted less than a year. When he was 19, Arthur was a general labourer at the steam plough works in Dorchester. He married Bessie Hopper in 1904. She was the daughter of Thomas, an agricultural labourer, and Elizabeth Hopper. Arthur died in Exeter in 1913 aged 31. Bessie may have married Robert Rawlinson in Exeter in 1918.

Though Arthur’s naval career was short lived, his yearning for the sea was passed on to son William George, an errand boy born on 7 February 1905 who joined the navy on 18 May 1920, for a twelve year term from his 18th birthday on 2 February 1923. On his enlistment he was only 4’10.5″ with light hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion. His service on a variety of ships, including the IMPREGNABLE, CONQUEROR, DURBAN, CAPETOWN and DEFIANCE, was with very good conduct and moderate – satisfactory efficiency. His service ended on 31 December 1928 and he re-enlisted on the following day on the TITANIA, serving on a number of other ships, reaching the rank of Acting Leading Seaman by the time his service in the navy ended in 1945. In 1943 he had married Rose Elizabeth Bouchard previously Francis 1902-71, who worked in a café in Southend on Sea, this was her second marriage. In November 1949 he was recorded as working on the CITY OF AGRA, which sailed between Liverpool and New York. By this time, aged 45, he had grown to 5’6″. In 1954 William George, now aged 49 and 5’7″ tall, was working on the CITY OF BIRKENHEAD sailing from Liverpool to New York. He was QM&AB and had been at sea for six years. He died in Southend on Sea aged 91. Olive (Mary) Elizabeth born 25 January 1907 married Victor G Broom in Exeter in 1931. Their son Ronald was born in 1932 and in 1939 they were living at Marsh Barton Cottage in Clyst St George, with her mother in law and their son. Victor was an agricultural worker.     Winifred May, born 19 July 1909, married Ernest J Stoneman, a farm labourer, in Honiton in 1929. Their daughter Dorothy M was born in 1930. In 1939 they were living at Shermoor Cottages in Broadclyst, Devon, a few miles from her sister.

23 House YELLAND John H 41 M Black Smith Cwl Pancrasweek
23 House YELLAND Rachel W 40 M 19:1:1 Devon Brentor
23 House YELLAND Maud D 18 S Devon Brentor
John Henry Thomas YELLAND, born 18 July 1869, was the son of a farmer of 15 acres, also John and his wife Norah J Yelland. He married Jessie Rachel Batten, born 3 December 1870 in 1892. Her parents were William, a grocer, and Elizabeth Batten. In 1891 John was a smith, boarding with the Rice brothers in Burnlane. They were described as carpenters and builders. Also living with them was their nephew, Frederick Redstone, 16, an apprentice smith, born in Tavistock. He was the son of the Rice brothers’ sister Jane Ann 1840-1891, (see Rice above) who had married James William Cox Redstone, a carpenter turned bargemaster, in 1862. Frederick Redstone went on to marry Margaret Brimacombe, (see Brimacombe above) the daughter of the village baker, and was the father of Flora Redstone (see Redstone above).

In 1939 John and Rachel were living at Moorland View, where John was described as a retired blacksmith. Rachel died in 1942 and John on 26 September 1951. He had been living at Moorland Cottage but died at his daughter Maud’s home, Rose Cottage. His estate of £1,017 was to be administered by his daughter Maud Mary and her husband Samuel Friend, a road stone quarryman. They had married in 1923 and had four children, Harold J who died soon after birth in 1924, Vincent Thomas G born 1 November 1925 who married Audrey Lucas and died in 1986 in the Plymouth area, Margaret E J born 1927 and Millicent Mollie born 10 May 1930, who married Leslie A Murrain and lived in Westmoor Park, Tavistock before her death in 2006.

42 Tor Park YELLAND Edwin Benjamin H 46 M Farmer Devon Bridestowe
42 Tor Park YELLAND Kate W 35 M 11:1:1 Devon Whitchurch
42 Tor Park YELLAND Elsie Willcock D 6 Devon Milton Abbot
Edwin Benjamin YELLAND, born 6 April 1864, was the son of William and Mary Yelland. In 1891 he was working with his brother John and wife Annie on their family farm, Cobhamweek, in Bridestowe. In 1881 they, with their elder brother William David and sister Bessie B, had been working for their widowed mother Mary on her farm. In 1871, their father William had been farming the 160 acre farm described as Coombe Week, built up from 25 acres in 1851. William died on 20 March 1881, less than two weeks before the census, leaving a personal estate of £828 to be administered by his eldest sons, William David and John.

Edwin married Kate Willcock in 1900. She was the daughter of John W Willcock, Yeoman of Anderton in Whitchurch and the grand daughter of Joseph Willcock, a small farmer. Her aunts, Mellen (Roskilly) and Amelia were shopkeeper and sub postmistress respectively in Whitchurch, living together throughout their lives. Probate of Mellen’s estate in 1928 was granted to Kate’s father, John, and her sister, Essie Marion Willcock. Essie and her brother Walter Joseph, the butcher, lived together throughout their lives and died within a week of each other in 1956, in their 80s.

In 1901, Edwin and Kate were farming at Torr Park with Edwin employing people. Kelly’s Directories for 1902-1914 described him as a farmer at Tor Park. In 1917, Edwin was employing Frederick T Symons (see Symons above), who was granted a six month exemption from April 1917-September 1917 to work on the farm. In 1939 Edwin and Kate, born 26 September 1875, were living at Yellands, where he was described as a retired farmer. Edwin died on 1 March 1942. Probate for his estate of £3,621 was granted to Walter Joseph Willcock butcher (brother in law), Walter Godfrey Buckingham, accountant and Frederick John Yelland, farmer (his nephew, son of his brother John, of Cobham Week Farm). These were the same executors used for Kate’s £3,352 estate when she died on 29 January 1946.

In 1930 Elsie Willcock Yelland, born 18 March 1905, married Joseph Spry. In 1939 they were living in Liskeard, where Joseph was working as a farm bailiff. They had two children Joseph born 17 June 1931 and Elsie Margaret, later Butler, born 4 April 1934. Elsie Willcock was living at 39 Chestnut Terrace, Lamerton when she died on 19 June 1991, leaving an estate of less than £125,000.


Other local men applying for exemptions
Davey, Montacue Rabbit Trapper 39 C2 6 month exemption June 1916 – Dec 1916 Conditional exemption – June 1917 Claimed he trapped 10 – 12,000 rabbits a year. Only trapper in the district. Work was of National Interest. Between March and June 1917 he caught 2,500 rabbits on one farm. In the Summer he helped farmers with the harvest.
Gilbert, Lewis Farmer and Licensed victualler 26 C2 6 month exemptions

Oct 1916 – April 1917

April 1917 – Oct 1917

Oct 1917 – April 1918

Ran the Herrings Arms. Claimed great financial difficulty if he had to leave the business. Also ran a Dairy.
Reed, George Hunt Servant 24 Exempted April 1916 – July 1916 Lived at Stowford Hill Cottage. Married. Joint Hunt Master of Lamerton Hunt applied on his behalf. George Reed was one of six employed, five of whom were at the front and two were wounded. If he was called up the Hunt would have to stop.


Local men named in the 1920 and (successful) 1923 football teams.
Francis Holwill born 5 June 1901, eldest son of Walter, commemorated on the War Memorial. The family were not living in the village in 1911 Charles Launder John Ward,