Brentor, sitting as it does on the edge of Dartmoor, is a wonderful place to spot wildlife.  This page displays photographs of wildlife in our parish.  All photographs have been taken here by our local photographers.  Click on the photographs to enlarge the image.

If you have photographs of local wildlife that you would like to display on this page please contact the Editor, Colin Dawes, by email at .

The butterflies seen in Brentor are varied due to our situation near to the moor and to other diverse habitats such as woodland and gardens.
Photographs below by Colin Dawes unless otherwise stated.

Other insects and spiders
Insect life abounds in this area. We have a diverse range of habitats, from dry moorlands to rivers.  Local farming uses few pesticides, and our fields and hedges abound in a wide range of plants that are food sources for insects.

Brentor has a wide range of habitats for birds, from open moorland to woodlands and gardens.  Here’s just a few of the birds that can be seen in our parish.