Brentor is a place that inspires artists and craftspeople.  It is home to creative people of all ages ……..

The Arts are represented in Brentor by great many activities.  These range from organised events such as Brenstock, concerts and arts events in the Village Hall and plays put on by the Brentorians, to small events and activities in local houses.  There are talented individual artists and designers working in homes and studios in the village and musicians who play indiviually or with local bands and orchestras.  Local artists and craftspeople use a variety of media, including clay, textiles, oils and watercolour.  We are home to published writers and artists with much more than a local reputation.

Groups of local people get together in the village to create films and videos and people sing in local choirs.

There are also a number of arts-related local groups that regularly meet in the Village Hall or in local houses, with interests in painting, needlework, books and film.  When village events are held, such as the Mistletoe Fair, Village Fayre and Brenstock,  local people come together to create craft items for sale and as decorations for these events.

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